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जानिए कितनी खतरनाक है ब्लड प्रेशर की मेडिसिन I How Dangerous Is Your Blood Pressure Medicine

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode we were talking about “Normal Blood Pressure” And as I told you that the so called normal blood pressure is not normal rather its an average BP reading One of the senior Dr. B. M Hegde (Padma Bhushana) I remember one of his very interesting saying so let me quote his saying to make you understand my point He said, as the average BP reading is 120/80 so if it exceeds then you are a High BP patient If its lower than that, then you are a Low BP patient Similarly if we research on an average height of all the males in India Average height for males is 5 feet 2 inches Let’s assume this figure as an average height Which means 5 feet 2 inches is normal height Males who exceeds this height or having low height than this are abnormals If we compare this finding with BP, then people who have 5 feet 2 inches height they have high BP And the people having lower than than are having Low BP Let’s talk about Amitabh Bachahan, 6 feet 2 inches in hi height (Indian Film Actor) He will be under super High BP category Talking about treatment? Immediately cut off his leg up to 1 feet, so that he comes under normal category That is the only treatment. Upnext we have Jaya Bhaduri (Indian Film Actor), 4 feet 8 inches in her height, low BP person Talking about treatment? Place Amitabh Bachchan’s cut off leg to her You would have never thought about the effects of the medicines given to you for the BP The first medicine of blood pressure was Beta Blocker It reduces the heart rate , means low down your HR Just imagine if a snake comes then what would be my BP? My BP and HR will rise immediately and I’ll run away from this place But the person who has taken Beta Blocker, his HR will no rise So slowly he’ll get up & will walk away slowly Which means “Fight and Flight” syndrome of our body isn’t working For example if a place is on fire then everyone will run because of High BP But the person who takes Beta Blocker, his HR will not rise So he’ll walk away slowly like a normal person, which means on a typical speed What is the safest speed of yours to drive your vehicle? In Mumbai speed of 50 km is safe for you What is there is system installed or a medicine given to your vehicle so that it runs only on 50 km speed only Which means when you’ll start, it will run on 50 km only till the time you stop it will remain on 50 km only Is it safe? No, because we use 1 gear and after little speech we change the gear When we have traffic we drive in low speed but when we don’t have traffic we increase the speed Similarly our BP gets change as per the situation When we run than our BP rise, when we sit or walk slow then we have low BP When we lay down then its extremely low It means that Beta Blocker set your BP into a typical speed Which is very risky for your heart and health There is another medicine of BP, i.e Diabetics It normalize the BP, firstly chances of Heart Attack exceeds and secondly Up to 8% your Sugar rise and 12 % cholesterol Which means to cure one disease, you get 2 more disease complimentary You’ll visit the surgeon and after diabetics he’ll start the medicine for Cholesterol and further for the sugar as well And you’ll be caught in a such web, keep a notice that person suffering from diabetes have problem of BP And BP patient suffers from diabetes as well Since both are co-related and once you take medicine of any of them, another one will definitely rise So once you are caught in a spider web then you caught till your last breath So what you should do? Completely follow the raw diet Increase the K i.e Potassium factor and this will increase by eating raw vegetables If you eat the food as its is served by the god Eat 4 inches of cooked food only Eat the man cooked food as per the lenght of the tongue, an organ given by the god We have 4 inches lenght of our tongue whereas we have 5 feet of height Why do you we have 4 inches lenght for this organ, because you have to eat the tasty or cooked food You should only eat 4 inches of man cooked food and rest of the time Follow monkeys, if you eat what monkey eat There will be no heart attack, heart problem and nor disease at all There is a place in Andaman where everybody has low BP but sill there is no problem Where is that place ? We will discuss upon this topic as its quite interesting So we’ll elaborate this and will see you in the next episode and will have more discussion related to heart We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us To meet us you have to subscribe to our channel Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe to our channel Get all the health benefits at home & support us in our motive Our motive is that maximum number of people get the health benefits from us. Also don’t forget to share and like our videos as much as possible Thank you


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    AASHISH KAUSHIK September 10, 2019

    Blood pressure is the massive propoganda of big pharma giants .
    Before 25 yrs normal BP was 140/90 than 120/80 now 130/90 .
    BP medicine sales contribute 15% of their revenue.

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