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🔴ドイツ振動医学による花粉症アレルギー編|Hay fever allergy by German Oscillatory Medicine.

It is a healing video channel that can experience the frequency which is said to increase self healing power by listening with earphones. This sound source contains frequencies of bands that can not be heard much. Early disabled people can expect effects by vibration from the earphone. After exiting, please take enough moisture.
Please turn off the fluorescent light. To obtain the effect of this video please listen for at least 5 minutes. All videos are posted on the official page “428 Hz Hybrid Sound”. We are waiting for requests. Please register your channel. Thank you very much.


  1. Sara Straub
    Sara Straub May 13, 2018

    The music send the same for all of your tracks. Is the sound one can't hear different?

  2. eri tsuchiko
    eri tsuchiko March 3, 2019

    こちらに無いかと検索し、見つけて聴いたら、瞬く間に鼻症状が消えました! 目も少ししたら和らぎました! とってもありがたいです😂

  3. 柴田蘭子
    柴田蘭子 March 5, 2019

    聴き始めた、とたんに 鼻詰まりと鼻水が、楽になり ストンと根付けで グッスリ眠りました ありがとうございました😊

  4. 萩也
    萩也 March 21, 2019


  5. 江口勲
    江口勲 July 3, 2019



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