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13 Warning Signs Your Body’s Out of Balance

Jordan: Hi. I’m Jordan Rubin with Ancient Medicine Today,
brought to you by We’re going to teach you that food is medicine
and also how to know if your body’s out of balance. In fact, 13 warning signs your body is out
of balance. Sometimes we just wonder if something is wrong. How do you know when to go to the doctor? How do you know when you should get checked
out? What are the warning signs and what could
they mean. Number one, white tongue. Now in traditional Chinese medicine a white
tongue means many things, but often it has to do with digestive insufficiency or an overgrowth
of Candida. So you know if you’ve been on medication,
if you’ve been treated with chemotherapy, etcetera. You could have thrush which is white could
be green and brown. I’ve had it, it’s awful. If you got a white tongue something is imbalanced
and you want to like a nice pink tongue that looks really good, and most people don’t look
at their tongue all that much. But if you have kids you can tell kind of
something is brewing on the negative side if their tongue is white. Excess facial hair. Now this is for women. I know this is kind of a troubling topic but
if you’ve got hormone imbalances, particularly PCOS, you could have excess facial hair and
that can be remedied by balancing your body particularly on the carbohydrate side and
making sure your thyroid and adrenal are in good shape. We’ll talk about that in a moment. Irregular periods, people should be regular
with their time of the month, with their menstruation. A lot of women, journal, write it down. You want to do that because if you were having
extended periods of time without your period that could be an issue. So if you have an irregular period some are
real heavy, some are real light that could be an underlying issue. Usually, it has to do with too many toxins
built up or an endocrine system imbalance. Allergies, seasonal, environmental, food sensitivities,
if you’ve got allergies it’s a sign of something worse. We want to get to the root cause but when
you’re coughing, sniffling, sneezing, it’s not a cold, it doesn’t go away, constant nose
running, red itchy eyes, allergies could be the thing. You want to make sure to get to the bottom
of that. We’ll tell you in a moment. Belly fat. Folks we talked about beer belly, we talked
about the battle of the bulge. The bottom line is, when your belly or abdomen
has fat in it called visceral fat. You can measure your belly button, around
by the belly button, the more girth you have, the greater risk of all causes of death. This is not a joke, this is serious. Fat is another organ, and visceral fat is
hormone disrupting. It can cause toxicity, increase the risk of
diabetes, cancer, and of course, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. It’s no joke, let’s get rid of that belly
fat so that we can live a long healthy life. Brain fog. Now some people forget where their car was
parked, or forget where their keys are, or forget their kids’ names. Folks, brain fog is usually the sign of something
internal. You need to check it out. Constipation. Well, medical textbooks even shown in schools
today say that, a bowel movement every three days is normal. It may be normal but it’s not healthy. Minimum of one, better two or three a day
is best. Constipation is usually defined by, I think
two bowel movements or less per week, but many people have issues with constipation
where it is dry, they have to strain, they’ve got hemorrhoids. Constipation is not simply localized. It’s a systemic issue. If you have a rash, break out in hives, and
this happens regularly. That’s the sign of a body imbalance. Joint pain. I’m not talking about playing five matches
of tennis and having a little tendonitis or tennis elbow. I’m not talking about having some soreness
from an exercise or sporting event, but chronic joint pain, even episodic joint pain is a
sign something else is going on. Sleep trouble. If you’re not falling asleep easily, if you’re
not staying asleep, and if you’re not waking up relatively easy, that means you’ve got
sleep trouble. That means you’re imbalanced. And it has to do with a lot of things, but
often it relates to what you eat and your night time blood sugar and insulin levels. You should be getting into that EMF sleep,
dreaming, etcetera. If you’re waking up and you’re a man to use
the bathroom that’s another issue altogether with your prostate. But sleep troubles indicate an imbalance. Thinning hair. This can be a lot of reasons, certainly genetic
can be part of it. But if not it could be a thyroid issue, it
could be a nutritional issue, and certainly there are ways to encourage thicker, more
healthy hair. Anxiety, if you have anxiety fairly often
that indicates a body imbalance. And here’s a big one, are you always cold? There are women that I know, some men too,
that are literally covering themselves up with blankets at work, at home, while everyone
else is just hanging and fine. Husbands and wives typically operate at different
temperatures. I know I always like it cold, my wife runs
a little colder. But if you’ve got cold clammy hands, if you
always feel cold, or if you’re always hot that could indicate a body imbalance. So now I’ve told you all the bad news, but
what do you do to determine what’s going on and overcome the imbalance? Number one, do a gut check. You may want to get a digestive analysis or
you can just try to track digestive issues such as gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion. Track, how often infrequent you have bowel
movements, that’s a good way to do a home gut check. You can get allergy or sensitivity testing. There are many ways to do that, Alcat, Elisa
testing. Look online for holistic allergy testing,
find a doctor of functional or anti-aging medicine near you, and they will be able to
see what you’re sensitive to. This is a big one, if you want to balance
your body you’ve got to avoid certain foods. Avoid excess carbohydrates, avoid unbleached
and white flours, avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners, I believe you should avoid pork
and shellfish. I think you should avoid damaged fats, high
Omega-6 oils, trans-fatty acid rich foods. Avoid those and what you should eat? Think of good fats, you want good saturated
fats from coconut, and grass-fed butter and dairy, you want good fats from olives, olive
oil, avocado, macadamia nuts, and almonds, those are omega-9 fats called monounsaturated. And you want omega-3 fats from fish. You want them from chia, from flax, and from
healthy animal foods. You also want colorful foods for their antioxidant
levels and consume some high-fiber foods while you’re at it, but make sure to cut out some
of the excess carbs because a lot of these imbalances are caused by that. Try acupuncture, the Eastern medical treatment
that is truly amazing to help energy, blood, and life-force flow through your body. Find a local acupuncturist near you. Nowadays you can look online and see what
type of use they get can be very, very helpful for issues or maintenance of good health. What are the best exercises for you? Now a lot of people like to lift weights,
curls for girls, all that good stuff, the gun show. But bottom line folks, as we age we got to
realize that there are certain exercises that make us healthier. Planking for example, get that core strength
going. A lot of people like Pilates, yoga, barre
or gyrotonic, these are exercises that strengthen your body. Jumping on a mini trampoline is amazing, walking
on the beach, flat out walking. Sitting all the time causes you issues and
can cause imbalances in your physiology. Balancing herbs and oils. Essential oils are so great, diffuse them,
use them topically, and consume them. Today I have water and I put five drops of
organic lemon essential oil, makes the water taste good and it brings about balance through
detoxification. Lavender is a great oil, frankincense is a
great oil, and herbs are awesome. You can even do a search at to find
the best herbs to balance the body. I bet you’ll be surprised, some of them are
right in your cabinet. Conquer infection and parasites. Sometimes your body is out of balance due
to your microbiome being imbalanced. You’ve got the wrong bugs in the wrong place
and the right bugs, they’re not even there. Maybe you’ve been on a lot of antibiotics. Maybe you’ve been in a foreign country and
picked up some parasites. You can conquer infection and parasites using
powerful herbs and spices, probiotics with SBOs, good fats, and essential oils. Again, if you’re interested in conquering
parasites, candida, and bacteria visit I guarantee you we have a great article for
you. Balance your electrolytes. This usually means more potassium, more magnesium,
more calcium, and less sodium. Consume electrolyte rich beverages, cultured
whey, coconut water, various fruits and vegetables, they all are rich in electrolytes. And if you do consume a lot of salt, cut it
down, and consume better salt, Celtic sea salt, real salt, Himalayan salt, the high
mineral salts are much, much better for you. Supplement correctly. Get on a good organic multivitamin, consume
a high quality omega-3, take a green superfood supplement which is really good for balance. Vitamin D is typically really, really important
as well, a probiotic with SPOs, take some enzymes if you have digestive issues, and
get on a good bone broth protein or collagen supplement to help strengthen your connective
tissue. Intermittent fasting is a great one. If your body’s out of balance, cut down the
time in a day that you eat. Fasting is a scary word but we’re talking
intermittent fasting. Eat for a shorter period of time to accelerate
cleansing. I will give you a trick right now that will
shock you. Write down the foods you eat today, all of
them. Including beverages, including candy, including
gum, we kind of leave that out sometimes. Tomorrow eat all the same food but do it in
half the time, so if you’re going to eat today for 16 hours you start at 6 a.m. and finish
at midnight, that’s actually longer than 16 hours isn’t it? This is going to be about math, so that will
be the last math question I ask you. Cut that down to 8, you can eat the same food
in a shorter period of time, and you’ll have better health, absolutely awesome. Intermittent fasting also known as daily cleansing
is a great way to bust cravings, to improve digestion, to reduce inflammation, and improve
sleep. Carb cycling. Lower your carbohydrates five days a week
and then a couple of days treat yourself that’s also known as a re-feed. But try to lower your carbs but instead of
feeling deprived know that it’s going to be, Taco Tuesday. Maybe you’re going to have a Spaghetti Saturday,
you can do it. But make sure to not be on a consistent high
carbohydrate level because that’s not good for your body, your brain, or other things. Here is a quick recap. Thirteen warning signs your body’s out of
balance. A white tongue, excessive facial hair particularly
in women, irregular periods only in women, allergies, belly fat, thinning hair, always
cold or always hot, clammy hands, sometimes I’ll touch somebody’s foot and I will feel
like I’m putting my hand in a freezer, not normal. Brain fog, for getting things too often could
be an imbalance, constipation, you got to get your bowels moving, your plumbing has
got to work for you to be healthy. Rashes and hives that last for extended periods
of time, that’s a sign of imbalance. Joint pain, sleep trouble, and anxiety. And what do we talk about doing? Do a gut check, see what’s going on inside. You’ll be glad you did. Allergy and sensitivity testing can pinpoint
foods that cause you trouble even if you’re not aware of it. Foods to eat? Good fats, antioxidants, get fiber in your
diet, high quality proteins, lower those carbohydrates, get rid of the chemicals and start feeling
better. Acupuncture is a great way to balance the
body, find a local acupuncturist or doctor of Oriental Medicine near you. Best exercise for you, it’s not about building
the external muscles, build the core, build the inside. Exercise is critical. You’ve got to do it. Move it, or lose it. Balancing herbs and oils. Essential oils and herbs should be used every
day to balance the body. Get rid of infections, parasites, bacteria
yeast, and virus. You can do it naturally. Electrolytes, more potassium, more calcium
or magnesium, and less sodium, and when you do consume salt make it the right kind. Supplements. Get your multis, get your omega-3, get your
green foods, get your protein from bone broth and collagen, and make sure that you are supplementing
with real food supplements. Intermittent fasting, shorten the time window
when you eat. Most people aren’t hungry for breakfast anyway. You were just told that’s the most important
meal of the day, by the cereal companies incidentally. Skip breakfast, yes skip breakfast, eat over
a shorter window, watch the pounds come off. Watch your body come alive. And carb cycling. Don’t get off carbs, don’t always go low-carb
and moan and groan about it. Cycle, maybe a few days you’re on lower carb
then you treat yourself. That’s the best way to do it. That protects your body. That brings you into balance. You know how else you can get into balance? By checking out nearly 2,000 articles teaching
you how to use food as medicine at And by the way, Ancient Medicine Today is
here to give you the latest, cutting-edge information, brought to you by Dr. Josh Axe
and myself Jordan Rubin or both of us. We are here to help you transform your health. So subscribe to this channel today, and if
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might find information that can transform their life. I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today,
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