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13abc: Ask the Expert- 9/11/19

RYAN SZEPIELA IS HERE WITH ANSWERS TO SOME OF YOUR QUESTIONS. I AM A PARENT OF A FRESHMAN COLLEGE STUDENT, AND I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT HIM. HE JUST SEEMS SO STRESSED OUT AND UNHAPPY. HE SEEMS TO BE VERY ANXIOUS AND NOT SLEEPING WELL, AND I AM NOT VERY CLOSE TO HIS LCOGELE H -OW CAN I HELP HIM? This is a tough one. College is a tough time – for both parents and students. However, not all of it is normal college stress or homesickness. Many mental health issues tend to present in the 18-22 year old age group – including depression and anxiety. As many as 45% of college age women and 36% of college age men have experienced anxiety or depression that make it difficult to function. There has been a large emphasis on Mental Health Awareness on college campuses around the country, and there are many resources available including psychiatrists and individual and group counseling. I would encourage you to talk with your son and discuss what he is feeling and help him know what resources that are out there to assist him whether it is academic services, on-campus services, or a doctor at home. I HAVE PAIN ON THE OUTSIDE OF MY GHRIT HIP ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM LAYING ON THAT SIDE TRYING TO FALL ASLEEP – IT IS KILLING ME! WHAT CAN I DO FOR THIS SO I CAN GEMET SO SLEEP? It sounds like you are describing a condition called greater trochanteric bursitis or an irritation and weakness of the muscles of the hips. Start by doing some good stretching and maybe trying an over the counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. If this does not work you should talk to your healthcare provider – they may recommend an injection, physical therapy, or prescription anti- inflammatories to help this improve. MY 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER JUST FINISHED HER COMPETITIVE GYTIMNAS SCSSOEA SN.HE HAS BEEN HAVING ACHES AN PAINS IN HIS KNEES AS WELL AS HER SHOULDER ALBND EOW – SHE WANTS TO ROLL RIGHT INTO PREPARING FOR NEXT SEASON – SHOULD SHE HAVE A BREAK? In short – yes! Your daughter should definitely have a break – most literature surrounding sport specialization shows that teenagers that specialize in a single sport are 70% more likely to suffer an injury during their playing season than those who play multiple sports. Your daughter should have at least 3 months free of gymnastics per year and at least 1-2 days off per week while she is training. Most teenagers get a week or two over the holidays and maybe a couple of weeks in the summer. While she is taking these breaks from gmanstics she can do other activities and sports, but the break will allow for physical healing!

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