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Welcome to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. I’m Ken Tamplin and we’re about to check out 20 of the longest notes ever sung in
recorded history. With that said we did do a video on 25 of the most epic screams. So we’re trying to stay focused on melodic values so notes actual notes
sung instead of scream or growl, though there is some kind of funky stuff going
on in here we’ll explain that a minute but as starting at the very top at number 20 comes in is Jeff Buckley. Now Jeff Buckley just has this utterly
amazing passionate wail at the end of the song “Grace”. It’s 14 seconds long and
unfortunately we lost Jeff back in May 29th of 1997 I believe it was from a spontaneous swim that he did in the Mississippi River while waiting for his
band. So we no longer have Jeff but we certainly have his scream, this is “Grace”
coming at you at number 20. Check it out. Coming in number 19 is legendary Barbra
Streisand. Now Barbra has won I think as many if not more Awards than any singer
alive in many different categories. She’s won ten Grammys, she’s won five
Emmys, she’s won nine Golden Globe Awards, one Tony, and four Peabody Awards .I kid
you not and here is her absolute epic belt coming in at nineteen point two
five seconds. Check it out. Landing the number 18 slot is Sebastian
Bach from Skid Row. Now Sebastian wasn’t the original singer for Skid Row, Matt
Fallon was but when Matt left the band I guess Jon Bon Jovi’s parents saw him as
a wedding singer at a wedding that they attended and recommended him and he got
the gig, that’s pretty cool. Later after sort of the disillusionment of
the group around 2003 he tried out for Slash’s band Velvet Revolver but Slash
said it sounded a little too much like the Skid Roses so they went with Scott Weiland instead. Nonetheless we have this incredible belt wail from Sebastian in
“I Remember You” coming in at 20 seconds. Check it out. Rocking it’s way to number 17 is
Rob Halford from Judas Priest. Now Rob’s always been known for his belty, waily screams and his amazing stamina, longevity and power not the least of
which we see here in “Painkiller”. Now I did a version of this myself I’ll put it
in description tag and check it out, see how I stacked up but at 21 seconds the
end of “Painkiller” is just slain check it out. Sliding its way into number 16 is Lizzy
Hale from Halestorm. Now this concert’s pretty interesting because she does this
solo wail at 21 point 1 3 seconds and the band actually filled in for another
band that backed out of this concert called Cambria which was warming up for
Ronnie James Dio. Now apparently this was the last show Ronnie ever performed. Check it out. Now what would a best vocal anything be
without Dimash somewhere in the mix right. Coming in at number 15 is Dimash
and his operatic 22 second belt. Looks like his younger years actually and one
of the things I think I like about Dimash as much as I like his musical
and vocal abilities, is his kindness and his desire to unify people. I just think
that’s really cool and the world needs a lot more of that so with that said let’s
check out Dimash. Controlling the number 14 slot is Axl
Rose N Guns and Roses. Now Axl has some pretty interesting vocal influences.
He says he loves Elton John and Christina Aguilera with a deep love for
Lynyrd Skynyrd which is pretty awesome. 22 point two one seconds for his opening
of “Welcome To The Jungle” and this is kind of later on in his career but let’s
check this out. Next up at number 13 is Melba Moore.
Melba was a street singer from Harlem who made her way all the way to the lead
role of Hair on Broadway which is super awesome. Here is her hairy 23.15 second long note. Crushing the number 12 slot is Maynard
James Keenan from the band Tool with his iron lungs killing his 25 second wail. Check this out. Next up at number 11 is Vanessa Amorosi. Now Vanessa hails from Australia and was singing at the 2000 Olympic Games
with her song called “Heroes Live Forever” and she holds on to a twenty five point
two two second note. Let’s check this out. Alright closing in on the top ten is
Rachelle Farrell. Now Rachelle was known for her longevity and stamina in fact
she often quotes herself as saying that she performed four sets a night, six
nights a week of jazz standards and classics, that’s a lot of singing if you ask
me but she also goes on to saying a really cool quote let me read it to you
specifically in her own words she says “Singing is much affords you the
opportunity to present a song from the inside out. The songwriter translates
emotion into words but it’s the singers job to translate the words back into
emotion”. Well said let’s check out her 26 second belt. Here it is. Making its way to number nine is
Florence Welsh. Now Florence and the machine actually started out as a joke
not a real band name but it’s no joke that Florence is quite the machine. Check
out her 27 second long belt. Here it is. I just love this next clip coming in at
number eight is tenor Tim Waurick of the barbershop quartet Vocal Spectrum. Now
the barber shop quartet actually started out just as a one-time educational thing
for a local high school and they went on to win three of the most prestigious
barbershop quartet awards you can get. Let’s check out this tenor bender at 29
seconds long here it is. Stealing the number seven slot is Eric
Adams from Manowar. Now in fairness there’s a lot of really great metal
screams out there but this beast comes in at 30 seconds long is just amazing. A
side note Kurt Cobain in the last interview he did before he committed
suicide went on to saying something interesting. He said Nirvana will never
be even 1/10 as good as Manowar and I have a very hard time living to that
fact. It’s like whoa that’s kind of crazy. The other kind of interesting side note
is the bassist Joey DeMaio, his original name is Joey Hellman you guys probably
remember that… is the sole heir to the famous Hellman mayonnaise estate. So
with that said let’s check out this beast. Cruising in at number six is Stacy
Francis. Stacy was an X-Factor finalist in the very first season but that’s not
where her career started. This young preacher’s kid out of Brooklyn had a
band called Ex-Boyfriend and they had a number three hit on Billboard. It was
called “Why Can’t You Come Home” I believe it was and the rest is history but she
has a 31 second belt we have to check out, here it is. Coming in at number five is Bruce
Dickinson from Iron Maiden. Now you gotta love Bruce. I mean he is a
captain of a commercial airline. Astraeus Air flying around Boeing 757s
while he’s not doing Iron Maiden that is or maybe even while he’s doing Iron Maiden,
flying himself around. Second I love the kind of funny little personal stories,
he’s got many but one of which is back in a school that he was in that he
didn’t like the headmaster in the faculty, I guess he pissed in the beans
that was served to them for food. Speaking of not pissing off Bruce, I guess he also pissed on a mixing console at some venue in 1983 I think it was
because he didn’t like the sound of the mix and also he’s a fencing expert and
went on to compete, it was taught in 1989 by Errol Flynn’s stunt double how to fence
and actually represented Great Britain. So with that said let’s check out Bruce’s amazing scream coming in at 41 seconds check it out. Rocking the number four slot is Gianni Luminati from the band Walk Off The Earth. Now this is an extraordinary band
and Gianni’s not the only singer in the band and he’s not the only instrumentalist in the band either. I want to read you guys some of the stuff
this guy plays. He in addition to singing and playing guitar, he plays bass guitar,
ukulele, drums, percussion, banjo, mandolin, cello, glockenspiel, kalimba, harmonica,
keyboards, double bass and the list goes on amazing. Now some of you guys might
remember the goatee version that they did back in 2012 I think it was where
they got a hundred and seventy five million views for that cover in just
four months. They went on later to play The Ellen
DeGeneres Show where all five members played one guitar at the same time so with that said let’s check out this 45-second epic scream here it is. Coming in at number three is Sigur Ros.
Now Sigur is an interesting guy as he sings in Icelandic and English mostly
and has developed his own language called hope landok which is kind of like
jazz scatting it doesn’t really mean anything but it’s gonna cool and here is
his long note at forty five point one seconds. Alright we’ve made it to number two
with Dean Frankel. Dean’s a pretty interesting character because he holds
the record in overtone singing which is really interesting. It’s that multi-timbrel, multi-harmonic, multi-polyphonic, sounding singing. Kind of like playing a
jew’s harp or those little flutey things (sounds) things we used to play with as a kid. You remember that. Anyway and his amazing at 56.9 second note check this out. The moment we’ve all been waiting for
coming in at number one and according to the Guinness Book of World Records for
the longest note ever held by a human being goes to Richard Think at two
minutes one point zero seven seconds. Don’t hold your breath anytime soon that
records gonna be broken but I want to point out he was a previous record title
holder and had to come back and defend his title and here it is and with that
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to sing. You can find it here at Ken Tamplin Vocal and let’s check out Richard Fink with the longest note ever held by a human
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    Gotta say, while I watch this video, I love the way you explain things and how you demonstrate them as well, thanks for the content Ken! Love from Argentina!

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