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Month: August 2019

Study Food Science in University College Cork, Ireland – Spanish speaking students

Hola, mi nombre es Mairead Kiely, soy la Directora de la Ciencias de Alimentos y Nutrición en la Universidad de Cork en Irlanda Aquí en UCC ofrecemos programas en tecnología de alimentos y salud nutricional y estamos encantados de dar…

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The Ultimate Ab Rollout Progression (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX..COM. Today, we’re going to cover one of the best ab exercises, and I’m going to show you the progression whether you’re starting out as a rank beginner or whether you’re truly advanced, on how…


Hypocritical oaths — medicine’s dirty secrets | Charlotte Blease | TEDxFulbrightDublin

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Lorcan Walsh True fact about George Clooney. Story begins with a guy named Gerald Barnes. Now, Barnes lived to work. Every day he received patients into his office like he was receiving visitors into his home.…


Stability Ball Roll Out | Dr. Brian Damhoff, DC MS | Naperville Chiropractor

Hey guys it’s Dr. Brian Damhoff, Elite Performance Institute, today I’m going to show you a core stability move that you roll out on it’s kind of similar to a stir the pot exercise but what I’m going to do…


Respiratory Distress: ABC Assessment , Diagnosis & Examination – Emergency Medicine | Lecturio

hi we’re going to be talking about how to approach respiratory distress in the emergency department so whenever we think about respiratory distress we’re thinking about a patient who comes into the emergency department who’s having a very hard time…