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Month: December 2019

Luka Family and Friends 💟 Doctor in Training 💟 Baby Learning Cartoons For Kids

Doctor in Training Elsa is sitting in the clinic Luka pushes Spiderman with a wounded leg in Elsa gently manipulates and cleans Spiderman’s leg wound Luka has a phone call and hurried drives the ambulance away Oh no, Max gets…


Oil Pulling ||Benefit For Skin Health ,Teeth|| By Shilpa Shetty Secret || Best Morning Habbit

What is oil pulling How its benificial How it makes you look younger & energetic As you Know celebrities look younger than the are Even in their 50’s they look like 25 . How ?? They do some magical pratices…


Suicide & Mental Health: Veterans Should Not Have to Die to Get the VAs Attention

Nicole: Hey, it’s Nicole from, and I want to talk to you today about suicide and mental health, and I realize these are heavy topics. This has been on my content calendar for several months. I’ve been planning to…

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