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23andMe HEALTH RESULTS | Whats my autoimmune disease?

hey you it’s Evie 🙂 alright you guys so a lot of you actually wanted me to do this Health’s DNA kit I already did the ethnic background ancestry what’s my background kind of video it was I was surprised so if you want to check that out it’ll be in the corner here wherever you see a little circle and a little eye pop up you just have to click on that and you will see that video so this health not not all the kits do it but I will show you a little a little tidbit that I found out that you can do because to be honest I wasn’t really impressed with the house hard I paid another extra hundred dollars for for 23andme just a quick little background a major reason why I wanted to do this was because one I have an unknown autoimmune disease trying to figure that out so yeah you don’t want to take the test too seriously but it’s in your genes you know it’s in your blood so I think that can be very helpful with the doctor some people can’t handle looking at it was a sickness doesn’t stuff but in my case I I think it’s really important because I’ve been trying to figure out been through so many tests years of this stuff so I just you know anything that helps figure it out I ad so the main thing I want to do is find out this autoimmune disease my mom had MS she had MS and that’s an autoimmune disease and when I popped up for her it was really sudden and it brought her down really fast if you’re new around here you might not know that and we found out very late that she had 11 days exactly before she passed away she was Stage four pancreatic cancer she was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I didn’t take that one too seriously because she had fibromyalgia along with MS and a lot of those symptoms are a lot alike they mimic one another so it’s really easy to for a doctor to diagnose you with several when it could just be one or two of them my father has leukemia he was diagnosed a couple years ago but he is in remission and doing great there’s no cure for that blood cancer but right now he’s doing great and he better you better stay okay my father on my dad’s side he passed away of lung cancer a year ago his mother my grandmother Roberta that I’ve talked about here she had dementia Alzheimer’s my grandmother on my other side my grandma Evie did when I was named after she had emphysema asthma I could go on and on cervical cancer and three women on that side yeah I had breast cancer my mom’s dad enlarged heart and my mom was 10 when she lost her dad to a massive heart attack he was only 34 or 37 I once ate 37 my uncle bill passed away 40 a heart attack there’s there’s a lot of health issues that run in the family so I felt this was really important to do hopefully figure out my other stuff good I don’t want em sspeak out like it did for mom because there’s no cure for that either there’s medicines to help prolong it so that’s what I would want to do thank you guys I’m having a problem trying to record the screen as I go along so I’m gonna move over and try to have everything here for you now when I get on 23andme it tests these variants okay and we can get in the whole science of this I can go in more depth of it if you want to if you need help with that but when you clerk 23andme and you would go through the house it’ll test all these different variants for different diseases Alzheimer’s and everything now as I went through the variants I found it kind of weird that and good but everything tested fine nothing popped up so I did some more digging and I found out when you go with 23andme or any of those DNA kits you can actually download the raw data file and with that raw data file data data whatever all the informations in there okay like if you were to go print this out it’d be like three thousand pages at 1,700 to three thousand pages so what you do is you download that and now you bring it somewhere else now this is the website I use okay there’s ones that one this one’s free it had some in there and I’ll show you what I found it was a little at first but I’m glad I found it because now I’m gonna print it off and we’ll share it with my doctor cuz that’s a sin your genes that’s a part of you it could help it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get it so these different ones go through them and they show you your higher risk and which ones are less likely the warning and bad you know those are the ones you want to be able to check out and it even shows you some vitamins it shows you which medicines you’re likely to have a reaction to or which ones might be best for you so I’ll show you what some of what I got I won’t go through everything and bore you guys but I’ll show you what I some of what I found I this one says hopefully I get the right ones popped up if not I’ll read you what I find okay this is this one says bad 4.5 because it has like a scale and it comes up with your different genes which is letters and numbers and there’s a whole science behind that and I probably could link that down below for you guys if you want to dig into that a little bit better and this one says 3.8 percent higher increased risk for Alzheimer’s doesn’t mean I’m gonna get it but it just shows I meant higher increased risk for it no the one I found out that was a little alarming to me but not a surprise was that I carried both genes that are common for those that have MS this whole gene is highly correlated with other gene there is 3 times higher risk of multiple scoliosis which is MS and it’s associated with the CT genotype and then I have another gene that’s a risk of multiple scoliosis I definitely gotta bring that into the doctor and so I’ll show him that maybe look into the MRI for the brain because right now the only things you can really do to test ms right now check for a brain lesions and it would come up on the MRI scan and also testing your spinal fluid but those are the only two I know of right now and they can you actually come back make it up too which is scary but that’s like many other things like Lyme I have an increased risk for celiac disease higher frequency of a trail I believe it’s the heart populations I can’t see the name almost site goes for I don’t know what that word is for c67 70 of the MTHFR which is 10 20 % efficiency and processing Baalak acid so they’re like they they show you certain vitamins you could be lacking on this one says i have higher risk of coronary heart disease okay and then i also carry another gene that decreased risk for Alzheimer’s which is good so I’m wondering if one gene came from my mom and one gene came from my father this one says blonde hair blue eyes is four times more likely part of the 88% not to maintain weight loss unless you performed high-energy exercise go figure right two times increased risk for cervical cancer and breast cancer which I I figured that would be up there more increased risk for asthma i I have asthma although I do like hardly ever use inhaler now two to four times higher risk of Sun sensitivity a higher risk of Tourette’s syndrome my oldest brother actually has Tourette’s I seen one that came out for gout too and my brother other brother Dustin has gout but we all have different fathers so they must maybe they carried that gene from mom bad bone density you have the risk of a lie or LT I don’t know what that means oh it means increased susceptibility bone mineral density variations possible increased risk of a neuroblastoma not sure what that is a higher risk of RA which is rheumatoid arthritis better response to paroxetine as treatment for depression so that’s what I was talking about a lot of autoimmune illnesses and stuff popped up for that and the other one says warning higher cancer risk and that’s probably because there’s so much cancer in the family a ridiculous amount so that’s mainly what I wanted to cover with you guys here it’s sucks not being able to record the screen I was able before by thinking no one’s like charge and my broke ass has got to work with what I can do so I I hope that helped answer some of your questions like I said I I didn’t really care for the 23andme house one because it seems so wishy-washy and they only check for certain variants there’s so many but you can to search through all the stuff unless you do a kid so if you can find a cheap kit it you don’t even have to buy that pay an extra hundred dollars for the health one just get your regular one then you can download the raw data data whatever upload it to another don’t know how to do it you want me to do more in-depth like step by step let me know and I’ll show you that I think it’s really good to know that try not to take overly too seriously you know I know some people really panic over those things I think your parents them doing the kit can be so much more helpful yet because I’m female I don’t get a lot of information from my dad’s genes cuz don’t get his Y chromosome but once we get his test results which should we come in really soon then I can find out more I guess what I found out more was of my mom so if you like to see guys give it a thumbs up and let me know your thoughts on it did you do one do you want to do one I say don’t waste your money getting 200 other kits to cheapest get that data and if you need help retrieving that let me know and I’ll help you okay alright you guys I love you guys I hope you’re doing alright if not hang in there and I will see you really soon but if you wanna see some crazy and also you should me friends even though we got no money for sure itself finding everything started with them we just stopped


  1. Nik's World
    Nik's World September 14, 2018

    Prometheus is another great source to give you a great run down on your entire SyNps & gives you back all the risks

    Thank you for the link.

    FIBRO MOM September 14, 2018

    Whew.. So much info squeezed in one video. I hope this helps someone. Hope you all are doing well and thank you for waiting so patiently for this video. Have you done this test before? Have a great weekend 💗💗💗 xoxo, Evie.

  3. Laclu Lola
    Laclu Lola September 14, 2018

    Evie – It's multiple SCLEROSIS, not multiple scoliosis. Just wanted you to know. 😋❤️

  4. Dying Slowly-
    Dying Slowly- September 14, 2018

    Thx for sharing. Interesting

  5. Marie Langemeier
    Marie Langemeier September 14, 2018

    Neuroblastoma is a rare childhood cancer. My daughter was diagnosed with it in Oct 2001 when she was 3 & passed in June 2005 10 days before she turned 5. It's pretty aggressive for most. Those diagnosed under 12 months usually have way better luck.

    I was kinda shocked to hear that one on your list. I actually replayed it twice to make sure that's what you said.

  6. Pam Cyr
    Pam Cyr September 14, 2018

    I had 23 and me done 3 years ago as part of a lupus study and it was free, but the health data was limited. Can you tell me how you downloaded to that other site for more info?

  7. syvilla lipski
    syvilla lipski September 14, 2018

    Can you please explain how the get the other test or info

  8. Lynn C
    Lynn C September 15, 2018

    I need help on how to upload my 23andMe. My family have many cancers and autoimmune issues. I have a list of diagnosis for myself. Two of my daughters and granddaughter have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and one with rheumatoid arthritis . We are a mess too 🙁

  9. Chuck W
    Chuck W September 19, 2018

    You are amazing.

  10. Tracie Stroud
    Tracie Stroud September 22, 2018

    The homozygous for the C677T MTHFR is a really really big one. You need to do some research on that. There are several great MTHFR groups on facebook. Since you're homozygous, that also means that all of your kids are at least heterozygous for it as well. There are several lifestyle changes that you need to consider with that one.

  11. TheHouse Wren
    TheHouse Wren September 23, 2018

    How's your thyroid?

  12. Ceara Mhic Cuarta
    Ceara Mhic Cuarta October 10, 2018

    I have really wanted to do a 23 and Me kit because I'm adopted and only have limited info on my birthmom's side of the family. She is not a great historian! No info at all on my dad's side. Not a good story there so don't ask. I wonder if I can get a basic kit and still get all the info and send it to another site? I really do need the medical stuff. I really don't mind about the where I come from roots thing. I'm very obviously western European with my Irish white skin, freckles and strawberry blonde hair. I so much need the med info though. I have so far been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (autoimmune), Fibro (autoimmune), and Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease (autoimmune). They think I might have another immune deficiency, but sometimes it comes and goes on my testing. My allergy testing is all negative. I've tried a Celiac diet and it didn't help. I might have a sensitivity to dairy–but I might not. I'm negative for Lyme's and EBV. I might have Chronic fatigue syndrome, but I might not. They definitely don't think I will develop MS, but I have so many plaques on my MRI from chronic migraines that I don't know how they can tell. I'm a mess Evie, and I need help!

  13. Kristi Rebbert
    Kristi Rebbert October 22, 2018

    Wow this makes me want to do a Kit now so I can get this information. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Honerd Couster
    Honerd Couster November 4, 2018

    I'd think twice before I gave my DNA to government goons.

  15. Emanda Schulz
    Emanda Schulz December 22, 2018

    Where did u go for that besides 23 and me?

  16. Adele Londt
    Adele Londt January 13, 2019

    I have the MTHFR gene mutation. Specifically A1288YT. Which has links to fibro and migraine, nerve pain and chronic fatigue. Also schizophrenia and Parkinson's. Interesting! It would be so interesting to find out how many others have the same mutation. I also have the COMT mutation which also has a link to fibro I believe. I believe this one effects how you process catecholamines. Genetic links are certainly interesting.

  17. vsgmom
    vsgmom January 23, 2019

    Just putting it out there, with the family history of early heart attacks, please have your Dr monitor your cholesterol levels. There is a GENETIC high cholesterol that has nothing to do with diet. It is there from birth called Familial Hypercholesterolemia. If a parent has it, their child has a 50% chance of having it. My 12 year olds will be going on statin medications because of FH. It IS the cause of early heart attacks and again, it cannot be controlled by diet. It's literally there at birth and heavily genetic.

  18. barb hambly
    barb hambly March 19, 2019

    wow I don't think I want to know all that "junk" lol.

  19. Justin C.
    Justin C. May 16, 2019

    Look into umbilical cord stem cells for autoimmune diseases

  20. David
    David December 27, 2019

    I Evie, Ive had FM since 1982 when I was 20. Just to let ypu know thst FM is not an autoimmune disease because it does not cause inflammation. Fibromyalgia stems from the central nervous system through the pain Pathway to the brain and spinal cord and substance p. It's very complex and understanding it they now know that fibromyalgia does not cause inflammation which many doctors still believe it does so what I say is that if you're not a doctor with fibromyalgia you really are just shooting in the dark

  21. Born in the wrong time
    Born in the wrong time January 2, 2020

    Evie, Hi..I just caught your video bc I was looking into 23 & me..we strangely have some stuff in common. My Mom died on Pancreatic Cancer and died in 1 months time less than 4 years ago. My husband died 10 months later from an unwitnessed seizure. My sister died of Breast Cancer & my Dad died of liver cancer. I had many problems from 1991-2001 fibro, shingles, heart abnormalities, migraine problems, pins & needles abnormalities in my legs & arms and was shipped from Dr to Dr to find a diagnosis. I was called crazy, looking for attention & a bored housewife. BUT I KNEW I WAS SICK!!! In 1998, I developed a clearcut 100% positive case of Lyme disease…BUT…It would NOT go away..6 months of oral then IV antibiotics and I was still sick as hell. I couldn't walk a straight line. I fell over if I closed my eyes. I couldn't wash my hair in the shower bc I would fall if I closed my eyes. So they sent me to the MS clinic. I failed the VER vision test. I failed the hearing test. I had the spinal tap & the MRI. My MRI was ok, but my Spinal tap was positive and 2 weeks later driving to work…I WENT BLIND, WITH MY FIRST CASE OF OPTIC NEURITIS!!! I worked in a Dr office & I was halfway there so I just went there, said to my friends at the front desk, Get my chart & what ever Dr is free, I went Blind in my Left eye!!! 3 minutes later all 3 of my Dr's were in my room checking me. I was indeed blind with all blood behind my eye. My one Dr drove me to the Neuropthomologist & then to my MS Dr who started me on steroids in his office & admitted to the hospital. That was the 1 of 4x I had Optic Neuritis.
    My journey with this disease has actually been not as bad as other people have had it. For years it only impacted my left side, but that is no longer the case. I have had two cases of being paralyzed from the waist down & both resolved. and I had 2 cases of Transient Global Amnesia..Which is like having a stroke with no damage, but you forget everything you know except in my case I remembered my husband & kids & that's it. The first time everything came back in 6 hours, the second time was only minutes, but both were terrifying.
    I wanted to know has there been any updates on your diagnosis? If you happen to see this write me back.

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