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A Great Medical Miracle

Since Rambam healthcare campus in Haifa
became the first hospital in Israel to use the revolutionary focused ultrasound
technology for the treatment of essential tremor 50 patients have regained control over their lives one of those patients is Haya Mandelbell a 64 years old baker from a small city near Haifa Haya suffered from severe
Parkinsonian tremor for over 10 years and was unable to do even simple work in her bakery last week, 9 months after she recieved the
revolutionary focused ultrasound treatment at Rambam she came back to the hospital for a visit,
carrying traditional Hannukah doughnuts so far we’ve treated patients with tremor we’ve treated patients with
essential tremor that have tremor and patients with Parkinson’s disease that have tremor we hope in the future, I think in the near future,
to treat other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease patients with Parkinson’s disease
have slowness, have rigidity we have the ability today to treat these symptoms,
and we’re gonna do it really soon


  1. Roberto Martin
    Roberto Martin February 1, 2017

    Te iubesc, Israel! Domnul, sa aduca sanatatea nu numai la 50 ci la 550, si mai la mai multi pacienti. Respect!

  2. Joyce Pustilnik
    Joyce Pustilnik February 20, 2017

    Israel does it again. Another amazing medical breakthrough. This one for curing essential tremor. No surgery. It is life changing and amazing. Israel is a light unto the world.

  3. Lusian
    Lusian August 1, 2017

    The background music is very annoying!

  4. As Far As The Eye Can See
    As Far As The Eye Can See August 1, 2017

    I love you, Israel! Lord, bring health not only to 50, but to 550, and to more patients. Respect!

  5. sdftrd
    sdftrd July 3, 2018

    Amazing breakthrough! I have PD and I am willing to try anything.

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