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A Holistic Approach to Health at the Academy of Regenerative Medicine in Poland.

good morning my name is Alexander
Kerensky we are at the academy of regenerative medicine in Poland in
Townsville pujita and I would like to introduce you mr. ma
che who stay in our Center for two weeks please tell me if you enjoyed your stay
with us and what are your impressions hello my name is much of each our ski
I’m a healthy person and I do not suffer from any diseases that’s why I didn’t
come to the Academy to be treated for several years I have become interesting
in the natural healing methods of treatments I care very much for me to
live long and be healthy my main source of information about health are YouTube
videos there is a lot of information and a lot of people are recording movies a
lot of videos are recorded by people who are none now and here I find that there
are other people also we recorded health videos this is very broad knowledge and
is different from what we can learn from the doctors and various conventional
medicine centers maybe I will talk a little bit about myself I travel a lot
and I have visit 144 countries so far I have travel around the world several
times it means that you spend a month or more traveling every year yes I have gold visit all the countries
of the world and I still have to visit 49 countries so I can say that not much
left maybe tell us a bit about some interesting experience that have
happened to you I have been to many interesting places in Alaska is one such
place in my opinion Alaska is the most beautiful place in the world I have been
to I had the opportunity to fly to the Katmai National Park to watch the beers
the natural here was amazing the plane lands on the lake here yes we heard
interesting experience during such a landing on the water when we landed on
this lake no one know how he would live because this leg was very small the
pilot of the plane loved and said that we will probably have to stay here it
turned out that for the plane to take off it was necessary to drive around the
lake to accelerate into the appropriate speed then it was necessary to quickly
turn to the center of the lake so that the plane could rise up it was very
interesting experience when it comes to the travel experience related to the
health I must say that I have had several such a experience one of them
happen when we ride a bike on the one of the islands of America
suddenly something happened to my knee it was very bad pain and I couldn’t ride
my bike in any way I didn’t know what to do but local people told me to get to
the man who was curing using Chinese medicine when I went to him and lay down
with the table he drained my knee and use capping therapy it hurt me a lot and
after a first few hours I felt worse than before but in the evening I could
walk normally and feel much better they understood that when we are sick we do
not necessarily have to go to the doctor because it turns out that there are also
people who can also treat this year in January I was in the different situation
when I was in Senegal I travel with my friend through the six countries and
Senegal was the last country we traveled through the day before returning to
Poland who went to ocean show the ocean was very rough but I really liked
swimming so I decided to go into the water when I was already in the water at
some point a very large wave appeared which spread my leg and I immediately
felt that something but happened to my knee when I got out of the water at the
first the pain was not strong it in such a situation adrenalin works at the
beginning and would not feel strong pain yes that’s what’s happened it happened
before noon and in the afternoon we were supposed to visit one monument which was
located on the hill and we had to go up the stairs in the evening when we
returned to the hotel I felt for the first time in my life that I couldn’t
not raise my leg to climb the stairs when I got into the hotel room I told
that everything would slowly return to normal but next day I stay in the room
and lay in the bed when we return to Poland I immediately went to the doctor
an x-ray has been done it turns out then the ligaments in my knee were broken and
the doctor told me that in this case the only thing you can do is undergo the
operation and try to pursued me to do the surgery so I start looking for the doctor who
could do for me such a surgery best my friend work in the one of the
rehabilitation center who told me that regardless of whatever I had surgery or
not I should start my rehabilitation before
surgery I should start near habilitation now straight away after surgery it will
be easier to get back to the full fitness in my family there are three
people who have had such a surgery and I know that after surgery then is not 100%
function as before so I agree to rehabilitation and start exercising
after two weeks the physiotherapist tells me that something is wrong because
your knee is getting more and more functional what’s the date for the
surgery set or not yet I had to set this state with a month time because the
doctor said not to wait long with the decision so when I heard that I could
move my knee better I asked another physiotherapist to exam my knee so he
also stated that my knee is getting better and I have to think about if I
really want to undergo surgery I decided to quit my job for a while I started
going to the habilitation Center today an exercise for one on how far for
one 1/2 months after this time it turned out that the surgery is not needed
because my knee has regenerate this experience told me that if someone says
that the surgery is needed and one should think about whatever it is needed
I look for another solution because maybe this surgery is not needed at all
the human body has the ability to repair many problems in the organism while
sometimes if the bone is broken then you should get the most help from
the doctor yes but sometimes you have to time to think and you can find another
method instead of having to undergo surgery right away when the wave spread
my leg it may be because my tendons are too weak and something can be done to
strengthen I am 48 now and I have no health problems I run and do various
exercises but my knee twisted Road the tide it was a signal for me to think
about and maybe I should do something about my health use some method to
improve my health however the most important question is how to do it
because when I go to the doctor and say that I’m fine how can doctor help me he
may recommend it taking which means or other pills that is supplementation I am
against taking supplements when I feel healthy so for the last three years
I have been looking for information on how to do it and watch a lot of YouTube
videos once upon the time I came across your dad’s video and when I heard about
the methods he used I immediately liked them all these methods he talked about felt
that they were made specially for me and it was very important to me sometimes
when I listen to different people I analyze all this information later and I
don’t quite agree with it however in this case of this method
everything suits me since then I had such a dream to come to the Academy I
just didn’t know when it would happen this year or next at this point I should
go to Bulgaria but my whole life was so good that I couldn’t go there so it was
the best time to came here to the economy and experience all the methods
that are used at the academy there are a lot of them about 50 and at
home I do about five different methods myself and here about 50 are used in the
center I knew that using all these methods at
the same time would be very beneficial for my health that would allow me to
achieve what I was looking for living long and in good health I told my friend
pure above the Academy with whom are also travels our whole thing about the center what is
being done here and that’s such a stay at academy would definitely help him to for this I’m very happy that pure agreed
to come with me because I felt much more confident in his company my colleague
was only one week here because he had to back to work we are in touch with each
other all the time we call each other and recently he told me that he stopped
smoking before coming to the Center for two weeks I was asking him to stop
smoking smoking is not allowed in our Center a week before arriving up the
Academy wrote about himself pills so he don’t smoke in the center he stopped
smoking before arriving he also didn’t smoke in the center and now he tells me
on the phone that he no longer smokes smoking cigarettes is not a disease it
is just a habit and as my father say that instead of cigarette you can take a
baby pacifier in your mouth and can also help you to stop smoking I think he also stopped smoking because
the Academy cleanse up the whole body cleanse the liver intestines blood and
everyone has to put a lot of work into it everyone who does this here at the
center fills a lot of lightness more energy and feels better the next
important thing is that when we stimulate our body to work throughout
all the massages we’ve had here for all parts of the body to do all this you
need to work a lot there are also various herbs that we eat to nourish our
body if someone receives all this and undergoes such a cleansing of the body
as me and my colleague which was not easy at all
because from morning to evening I receive iris treatments and also puts a
lot of work for myself then after all men respect his work and what he has
done also if a person is here in the center for two weeks or more then he
learns new habits and there’s a new way of life when I did the liver cleansing I
was shocked at what I saw what my liver had expelled and it still is being
excreted I think that once a month I will carry out such a liver cleansing
also here in the center I learned how much depends on the proper function of
the liver I was not aware how much we depends on the liver sometimes we have
different ailments for example with the skin with the bond with the joints or
other parts of our body and we don’t know that this is caused by the whole
function of this several major organs our bodies one organism
and everything is connected with each other just like a car when we disconnect
the engine or battery will not be able to drive yes everyone thinks that the
heart is important in the brain but now I think the most important is the liver
yes it is one of the most important organ in the body for example I won’t
take care of my heart but now it is more important for me that the liver is
healthy when I go to the store I wonder what to buy what is healthier yes because even this organic food can
be the same as the normal one because the producer can cheat now I know that
when the liver is cleansed it will know itself what to do with these impurities
which are in the food that I eat if there is aluminum or preservatives or
other chemical compounds that are not natural the liver has such a function
and is wise enough to handle it I don’t have to do anything then provide that
liver is functional clean and function normally self-suggestion is very
important in the method use at the academy men should make contact with his
body the point is that when a person suffer from a disease of which they say
it is incurable and if get AB diagnosis it is difficult to help such a person if
the brain of such a person does not open to the information that he could be
helped and cure of such a disease if such a person is convinced that he can
be helped then the therapies were effective and the person can recover if
a person lock himself and encode in his mind information that he cannot be cured
then we cannot help such a person no matter what we do we will not be able to
help him I do not have such a problem and I have
no such a fault if I have a half problem I start to think positively and I ask
God for example for my body to regenerate and I’m certainly not worried if something happened it is the time for
a generation that’s right your father also give an example that for people who
smoke cigarette what is on the packaging of the cigarette it’s more dangerous
they written on them that smoking kills and cause cancer so just reading the
total fate is more harmful than just smoking it is the same if we drink
something that is unhealthy and we think that it would hurt us that will harm us
more just because thinking like that so when we smoke we do not think that it
hurt us which has smoke as we must so we do not think that we’re killing
ourselves in this way because then we are very badly on our body are we
satisfied with your stay in our centre yes I’m very pleased what can you tell
the person who watched us and cannot decide to come to our Center they are
ready a lot of videos about the work of our Center on the internet but
everything cannot be shown and you have to experience it yourself
there are sent if you like me who come here for prevention propose people are more and more interesting in
the issue of health and more and more people come for prevention process not
just to be treated yes but the people I met during the two
weeks in the center are mostly older than me who came here to be treated
these are people who have been struggling with the some serious health
problems for a long time and have been treated by many different doctors
disparities these people continue to get sick for five or ten years and they only
change doctors and nothing changes these are people from Poland the United States
Costa Rica Germany so there are people from all over the world and all these
people say the same thing how long can you walk from at one doctor to another
and everyone will say something different or put up another diagnosis
and the number of drugs they take is constantly increasing at such a time the
decision is made that these people no longer wants to live like that then such
people start looking for another options to help themself then for example they
find a specialist in the spine and hurts and it turns out that there is no much
opportunity to heal in an alternative way but when you find information about
the center like this and watch a few videos and see that there are not only
few different methods of help but 30 40 and more each of these support options
is different from those offered by doctor
they are not medicine they are not surgical procedures and then you start
to wonder that something is wrong here the person is shocked that there is a
place where you can use so many methods at once and in the short time all these
people I met here none of them say that something does not suit them dispute the
fact that everyone can be tried not everyone could expect that there will be
so many activities from morning to evening every day and this can cause
fatigue everyone who undergo this method did not say that was dissatisfied but
something had hurt someone or something was wrong on the contrary they are very
happy that they came here that they are here to fix a health problem you need to
act on the whole body we need to cleanse the body strang it
and provide all the necessary elements and the body will slowly repair itself
in addition when I know that I will be able to do some of this method at home
and in addition I can also call to the Academy at any time if I have any
questions even yesterday I talked with your father on the phone to ask
something and there was no problem I got the answer and everything was clear to
me and I receive help I meant electro-stimulation which we
have here almost every day I know now that I will buy such a device so that I
can use it myself also at home after what I have learned here at the
Academy it will be very easy now every person now I encouraged to come
here because you will certainly receive a lot of practical information here what
to do in order to not give in to what doctors want to offer us I will mention
one more important matter or people who live and still take any medicine will do
anything to stop using it yes there is a such a possibility when we cleanse
ourselves all the time we will slowly reduce the amount of medication we take all this information opens people eyes
that you can take care of your health differently holistically when our eyes
hurt or we have a poor eyesight it does not mean that we should only treat the
eyes because it may be a problem with the liver or something else or the
disease of the whole organism therefore we should look at the health
problem differently look at what we eat and what we do and
not worry everyone who stay here going to understand it all by themselves that’s why we train all our patients and
explain why all this is done and what proflex is to do yourself at home this
is very important because such a man has sufficient knowledge to cope alone in
many situation alone at home if someone gets a high temperature or catch a cold
they don’t have to buy any medication and more they just know how to help
themselves not sure Ali now I just thought that when I am at
home or traveling and something happens to me I will not be afraid of it because
I have more knowledge in possibilities to help myself the main thing is that in
basic mattress I can help myself without the help of doctors such a wellness
helps a lot and with such a knowledge one can always help himself when you on
the desert or in the mountains then you have more chance to survive unless there
is already a really serious situation as I’m sometimes did when I travel I don’t
stay at the hotel I just try to visit and see as much as possible and
sometimes you have to sleep in the place where there is no civilization and you
have to manage somehow these are all additional skills that we can use when
we are in difficult situations once I had the opportunity to swim in a cold
water in Antarctic for which I got a certificate but I had to quickly decide
whatever to do it but I thought that such a chance may not happen again so
when I got into such a water I told I would die the water had the temperature
one degree above zero but now I didn’t think again now I take
such above the cold water every day and my record is 15 times from the SONA to
the shower and then immerse myself in nice water and I do it without any
problem now you like it yes I like it and now when I next time pass the
mountain stream I will undress and cross the river
without a problem because I already have experienced such hardening of the body
would cold water teach me a lot and I am hardened it and I’m not afraid of cold
water and more each person in our Center overcomes a weakness not only through
the treatments in cold water but also by other metals how do you compare your
stay at the academy with your other experience it is very interesting
experience and I do not regret that I’m came here and if I was in the similar
situation and had to choose I would choose to come here again at the very
beginning I was joking that if someone offered me a trip around the world for
free or coming here I would choose to come here to the Academy and it happen
it and I can go on the trip around the world later thank you very much for
coming to us and I wish you that you would implement your plan to the end and
visit all the countries of the world thank you to everyone who watched us and
we conveyed everyone to come to visit us as you can hear people from many
countries of the world come to us and we help everyone who needs help so we think
that we can also help you and it is worth to think about and not wait until
the state of your health deteriorates because it’s best to come and help
yourself by prevention then treat serious disease later thank you very
much for watching see you soon

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