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Adding an Allergy or Adverse Reaction Communicare Train IT Medical

This video is for users of Communicare, and will demonstrate how to add an allergy or adverse reaction to a client
file. To record an allergy or adverse reaction in Communicare, start by opening the ‘Client file’. At the bottom left of the main summary, ‘click’ on the ‘New
adverse reaction’ button. Select where ‘Information was provided from’, ‘Health
care provider’, ‘Subject of care’, or ‘Carer’. Select the tab that best suits the type
of reaction to be entered, ‘Drug class’, ‘Generic drug’, ‘Drug brand’ or ‘Non drug’. Enter the first few characters of the item into the search field, as you type a list
is displayed matching the search. ‘Click’ on an item to select it. ‘Tick’ the box
below to ‘Include other drugs of the same substance class’ for warnings. Next enter the ‘Certainty’ of reaction, this is optional, along with the ‘Date of exposure’
and ‘Date of onset’. Date of onset can be entered as ‘Not known’, as a ‘Year’ only or
‘Year and month’ only. Next select a ‘Reaction type’, ‘Allergic reaction’ or ‘Non allergic reaction’. Enter ‘Clinical manifestations’ by typing the first few characters and then selecting. Select the severity of the reaction from the drop-down list. Finally enter the ‘Reaction status’, ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ and
‘Rechallenge’ information. ‘Save’ to enter. If a client has no known adverse reactions
you can ‘tick’ the ‘Nil known’ box. Correctly recording allergies in
Communicare is important to ensure client safety and to reduce the risk of
medication errors. Recording information into the adverse reaction module is a
digital health and general practice standard and ensures that information
will be clearly visible on the main summary to alert all staff who access
the clinical record. The prescribing module in Communicare is also linked to
the adverse reaction module ensuring that clinicians receive a warning if
attempting to prescribe a medication associated with a recorded reaction.
Information recorded in the adverse reaction module will also automatically
populate whenever client information is transferred externally, for example on
referral letters and on patient summaries. This video outlined how to add an allergy or adverse reaction to a client file in Communicare. For more
details including practice exercises and case studies please refer to the
Communicare learning workbook that accompanies these videos

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