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AdvantageCare Physicians | Faces of Care: Dr. Nicole Thomas

They’ve dedicated their lives to caring for
us. But they’re also our neighbors, avid travelers,
sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. This is their story, “Faces of Care”. My name is Nicole Thomas Sealley, I am a family
practitioner. I wanted to become a doctor for community
care. But some of that stems from when I was three
or four years old. My dad will always tell the story that I had
my first micro-biology kit and I’m dissecting bees and all excited about it. So a love for science and also just taking
care of people just kind of blended for me to become a physician later on in life. And for that reason I love taking care of
families, from birth all the way up to a hundred and three, I think is my oldest patient right
now so it’s very rewarding. Seeing patients that go from one age range,
from fifteen to ninety keeps your day very diverse, I mean you can have so many different
conditions come in and walk through the door, you never really get bored with what your
doing. And young patients are invigorating and the
older patients keep you humble. And they’re just a great group of people to
so it keeps the day pretty pleasant and diverse, nice flow and you never really get bored. I do like to travel, so another hobby that
I do partake in would be traveling to different places. I actually just booked a trip to Cabo so I’m
trying to do more of that. I am somewhat of an artist so I do like to
paint. And I guess my patients don’t know that about
me. I went to a paint night, it was great because
you don’t really get to dive into your talents until you get to dive into it. Seeing patients get better never gets old. That’s one of those things that you can see
a million times and it’s like watching your favorite movie over and over again. When you have a patient that you’ve treated
and they come back in and they say, “doc, I feel so much better”. It’s a reward that is kind of difficult to

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