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Aly Raisman On Dr. Larry Nassar’s Medical Treatment: I Didn’t Know It Was Abuse | Megyn Kelly TODAY


  1. Jen Vincur
    Jen Vincur February 6, 2018

    I really like Megyn, I don’t understand the problem people have with her? She’s always been very professional, non biased, even when she worked with Fox. I think she’s very good at what she does. She’s articulate, well spoken, and pretty. The three things all news personalities need to possess.

  2. Spartan James
    Spartan James February 7, 2018

    As a father of 2+ years old GYMNASTICS girl, she born to be fitness champion, I have so much anger and so sad about what happened , what can we do protect our little one from predators like Larry ? can some tell me ? My little 2 years old girl home trainings:

  3. Hilary Kaye
    Hilary Kaye February 8, 2018

    It's not that this women took so long to say anything it's that 145 women all took Years and years to ever speak on it I mean to say are they trying to tell us that that many women took that long to mention it seems really set up all of this there acting and strange that everyone is just confused on this because it seems like maybe it did happen to some people possibly who really knows because if these people wanted to use there power to create chaos they can with there power

  4. Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith February 8, 2018

    She likes attention

  5. Marit
    Marit February 8, 2018

    I honestly dislike it so bad when hosts interrupt people, goodness let her finish talking..

  6. Janise' Taylor
    Janise' Taylor February 9, 2018

    That suit ❤

  7. Fop Neus
    Fop Neus February 9, 2018


  8. Fop Neus
    Fop Neus February 9, 2018


  9. Fop Neus
    Fop Neus February 9, 2018


  10. Fop Neus
    Fop Neus February 9, 2018


  11. GozieZilla
    GozieZilla February 9, 2018

    He has child pron on his computer no more needs to be said

  12. Mr Wings
    Mr Wings February 10, 2018

    She bullshiting

  13. yup that's jess
    yup that's jess February 10, 2018

    Stop interrupting god dammit. I came to watch Aly speak not you.

  14. Sonic Youth
    Sonic Youth February 11, 2018

    Larry Nassar is a Jew…they always get away with anything…just like
    Harvey Weinstein…never give the jews total trust and power…they will
    eat you alive

  15. Picasso VVIX
    Picasso VVIX February 11, 2018

    what happens when its your own mother that does it to you? i need some help. she stole my birth certificate and ID and yeah. lol.

  16. jay mart
    jay mart February 12, 2018

    wow adds playing on the closed captions way to screw the deaf people over Today

  17. Steven Lawless
    Steven Lawless February 12, 2018

    Megyn Kelly making sure everyone knows it’s her show smh you rock Aly!

  18. kijiji93
    kijiji93 February 12, 2018

    megyn a wannabe oprah…

  19. Rj the great
    Rj the great February 14, 2018

    1:17 something tells me that Asian dude in the background is bieng abuse as we speak but it's just not his turn yet to come out and speak 😂

  20. Rj the great
    Rj the great February 14, 2018

    3:20 …. One years old ?.?

  21. Michael Nowski
    Michael Nowski February 14, 2018

    None If Nassars Victims Were Ugly…I Will Say That Much..

  22. Frank Fischer
    Frank Fischer February 15, 2018

    tough girl

  23. shigsho
    shigsho February 15, 2018

    Tell young ladies to SPEAK UP when it HAPPENS.

  24. Marcella Tran
    Marcella Tran February 19, 2018

    Incredibly proud of her. Very eloquent, outspoken, and strong-willed. Turning unfortunate events to empowering self and others.

  25. courtney cunningham
    courtney cunningham February 23, 2018


  26. sid
    sid March 4, 2018

    12 years old u don’t know that a man is placing his fingers in your vagina where u pee from, who called this girl smart?

  27. Ikid2groove !!!
    Ikid2groove !!! March 5, 2018

    Your so beautiful megyn

  28. Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail March 5, 2018

    1. dress slutty
    2. Sway suggestively
    3. entice men with provocative routines
    My conclusion = They are asking for it

  29. Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey March 7, 2018

    She's beautiful and that's the only reason I'm here

  30. Eric Cota
    Eric Cota March 8, 2018

    Why are you making her relive the abuse? You can tell she’s uncomfortable! @megynkelly

  31. ImNoOne Rikudo
    ImNoOne Rikudo March 9, 2018


  32. Frank Juppa
    Frank Juppa March 15, 2018

    what he was doing is actaully a legitimate so called medical proceure! They should have females doing this in the first place.

  33. LooLooL
    LooLooL April 2, 2018

    Larry did nothing wrong lol who wouldn’t

  34. k
    k April 6, 2018

    Also when you’re young and you think you’re the only one who you think this is happening to, you feel reluctant to speak out because you don’t want any negative attention you especially when you’re trying to fight for that gold. And as victim you do make excuses that it’s fine because you would never have thought something like this would happen to you.

  35. _savannah_is_here _
    _savannah_is_here _ April 8, 2018

    Larry Nassar, He sexually abused these women! In which some are my role models. Simone Biles is an amazing person and she is my role model! And what Nassar did to her and over 140 other women, is disgusting, gross, Andy just plain horrible! These women are not “victims” they are brave, strong, and beautiful for speaking against this man! And they are fighters!!! The women, for who have been abused or hurt, can wear whatever they want! They are not to be told what to do. Nor should anything that is a wrongful doing be done to them. These women are Powerful!

  36. tubenachos
    tubenachos April 8, 2018

    Dang Aly is fine

  37. Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson April 14, 2018

    Wow, she is cashing in on this.

  38. Kelly Crouch
    Kelly Crouch April 25, 2018

    Parents…. train your children to recognize what is inappropriate and report it to YOU!!! And to know that anyone can be a perpetrator!!!

  39. POF 415
    POF 415 April 25, 2018

    Megyn ignorant cant kelly…….shut up already!

  40. rachray83
    rachray83 April 27, 2018

    everyone writes a book these days

  41. daniel fox
    daniel fox April 29, 2018

    like to have a threesome wow

  42. Cassidy
    Cassidy April 30, 2018

    she looks so beautiful awh

  43. David Garland
    David Garland May 8, 2018

    If she didn't know it was abuse, why is she so distressed about it now? Not to be insensitive but I just don't understand it.

  44. Flutter Bize
    Flutter Bize May 13, 2018

    Have the enablers, those who knew – been properly (legally) held accountable? They are just as bad if not worse than Larry Nassar.

  45. Denise Moore
    Denise Moore May 19, 2018

    If you were molested as a child by him diddent it hurt your private part real bad every time he hit the back of it with his private part or was it some other form of sexual abuse I don't understand

  46. BeastMode22
    BeastMode22 May 23, 2018

    Aly is hot. 😍 😍 😍.

  47. Alexa Skye
    Alexa Skye May 28, 2018

    I love her she’s so strong

  48. vijay surendran
    vijay surendran June 11, 2018

    Medical "treatment"..

    FREEDOMVOICE777 June 11, 2018


  50. luisqsk
    luisqsk June 13, 2018

    You don't interrupt your own interviewees!!

  51. Jimmi Jones
    Jimmi Jones June 13, 2018

    Why is she always wearing the same outfit?

  52. Jimmi Jones
    Jimmi Jones June 13, 2018

    There's no way this guy did this in front of all these people including parents for so long. This is garbage. Boil a frog slowly

  53. EvilShake101
    EvilShake101 June 20, 2018

    What irony. This is what America gets for becoming a Zionist playground for degenerate behavior

  54. Toya
    Toya June 21, 2018

    Thumbs down this video because of the interviewer constant interruptions.

  55. Nav j
    Nav j June 29, 2018

    Maroon 5

  56. Darko Šićarov
    Darko Šićarov September 4, 2018

    "I want to be the greatest and win an Olympic medal🥇, you could freely touch my female parts"?!??!!? Its clearly he is a monster, but doing the same thing to teenagers for 30 years and no one to say something about it??? 💵💵💵

  57. Affirm Grasp
    Affirm Grasp September 9, 2018

    Let the healing begin…

  58. Michael Coletti
    Michael Coletti September 14, 2018

    Not sure if bringing Kevin Spacey into the picture was warranted lmao.

  59. Eurt Ekow
    Eurt Ekow October 10, 2018

    If he was black, black peoples would be defending him.

  60. Stan Schurman
    Stan Schurman December 11, 2018

    Jeez Mygan, just let her talk. Stop interrupting.

  61. Sushanth Rameshan
    Sushanth Rameshan December 18, 2018

    i just left the video when she names Spacey.

  62. Maya Papaya
    Maya Papaya December 21, 2018

    175 years in prison for that disgusting pervert.

  63. FunFishie
    FunFishie December 27, 2018

    That was a very rushed, topical interview to a very big case.

  64. melvin bernardes
    melvin bernardes December 27, 2018

    bad interviewer

  65. X Nine69_
    X Nine69_ January 6, 2019

    she is so beautiful 😍

  66. 1 love south. black n white
    1 love south. black n white January 22, 2019

    Look at them hot red and black high heel

  67. 1 love south. black n white
    1 love south. black n white January 22, 2019

    I hate magget kelly!💩

  68. Avril Lavigne is the prettiest woman on earth!
    Avril Lavigne is the prettiest woman on earth! January 25, 2019

    Everyone leave the host alone, they give 3-5 minutes for the juiciest stories it is her job to edit it and shorten it and get as much info out in that time. It’s a hard job and she did it well. To put out all that info fast and flawlessly!

  69. Big Smoke
    Big Smoke February 1, 2019

    Aly Raisman is so hot ,,, from a Brit.

  70. Mercedes Mathis
    Mercedes Mathis February 4, 2019

    let her talk, geez.

  71. Mark Breland
    Mark Breland February 7, 2019

    LOL America is beyond delusional

  72. Sandeep Gusain
    Sandeep Gusain March 4, 2019

    Love from india

  73. Cheryl Cheung
    Cheryl Cheung April 4, 2019

    I dislike this emcee.. annoying and fake !

  74. Victoria Gorrin
    Victoria Gorrin April 7, 2019

    the interviewer is so wrong! the fact that she would compare or add to the image of one of the greatest accomplishments they've had the idea that is the same as raising their voice against abuse, I feel could have such a bad impact on the girls, like turning a great memory into maybe seeing the picture and remembering the abuse, its crazy.

  75. Haroon Zaheer
    Haroon Zaheer April 9, 2019

    Why interview her if your going to keep interrupting her. Bad host period

  76. Daria B
    Daria B April 14, 2019

    How did he have time to molest 1000s of girls? And why didn't it leak years ago if it was happening to so many? I'm just curious, i believe them 100%. Don't misunderstand. I really just can't get over how he physically had the time to do this to all these girls. He had a job and his own family too. It just shocks me,even if ppl covered it up, that SO many voices weren't heard years ago??? Can anyone help me understand this better??

  77. Roseann Estrada
    Roseann Estrada April 25, 2019

    Shez real pretty

  78. Abbey Karma
    Abbey Karma April 26, 2019

    Incredible how beautiful the blonde woman is!!

  79. Lisana Honh
    Lisana Honh May 23, 2019

    every video with this host just puts me off can she get fired already?

  80. Kawhi Leonard I
    Kawhi Leonard I July 23, 2019

    how does this have only 5.6k likes ?

  81. CadeCrash BrownieOreo
    CadeCrash BrownieOreo July 23, 2019

    So disturbing. Can't imagine what the victims are going threw and went threw. Just horrific. Can't comprehend how someone can do such things. We need to have someone force to understand this sick evil person so we can find some blue print to prevent this from happening and to have this sick sick people come forward and say I'm sick and I need help . Anyway to prevent/treat a someone from becoming a narcissist psychopath sociopath like Larry Nassar . Or are people just born that way and can't or can be helped if they asked for help ? Doesn't make sense for a sociopath to ask for help . Maybe recognize the symptoms but in this case the system failed . The victims did there job but everyone else failed them . Some own parents . I feel so bad for the dad that took his life cause he couldn't live knowing how much his daughter suffered cause he did believe her and I can't imagine the pain. My parents didn't believe me just for some little things and it hurts but this just shows you that parents are not always right and need to listen to there kids . This case brings so many questions society. Maybe we need death penalty or some torture for pedifilers and Larry Nassar ? Maybe people like this can't never be helped, it's a born cancer that can't be detected until it's just late like this case ? I hope some doctor can help Larry to help us figure out a way to stop the next Larry nassar from becoming . We have a suicide hotline ? Can we have something like that for people like Larry nassar before they start? There could be people out there that want help and are ashamed and afraid to ask
    for it ? helping people like Larry Nassar before them becoming Larry nassar is helping our kids from becoming victims like these victims in this case . I hope we can do something..

  82. labyrinthodont 6
    labyrinthodont 6 July 30, 2019

    He touched some vajayjays. So what?

  83. NoOffenseBut
    NoOffenseBut August 4, 2019

    kevin spacey and young boys? wtf?? it was a 18 yr old and their texts were proved to be deleted and they were the one manipulating the facts in order to frame kevin for wrongful acts. wow… lost respect for this talk show host. Doesn't even know what she's talking about on her show.

  84. MohoNoCap
    MohoNoCap August 8, 2019

    Reporter of trash

  85. connie rahim
    connie rahim August 16, 2019

    anybody know if aly likes girls?????

  86. John Dew
    John Dew August 24, 2019

    He shouldnt be addressed as Dr anymore

  87. CALI 5050LOVE
    CALI 5050LOVE August 24, 2019

    How did he end up "alone in hotel room" with them girls?? Someone'$ to blame…

  88. Teresa Rowe
    Teresa Rowe August 26, 2019

    I can’t stand this LADDYY WTF

  89. Christine Deepa
    Christine Deepa September 11, 2019

    Exactly, victim should not be allowed to tell it all. No one will tell them the truth. Just see the death rule, if death doesn't die. No people will tell the truth. No one will be allowed to expose anything. How on earth is it possible? Death never dies everywhere. You are surrounded with awesome human beings rightiousness was totally replaced. It's like heaven on earth. criminals live shamelessly eating commodes. No laws, no rightiousness.nothing. huge mass murderers.

  90. Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan September 23, 2019

    Are the backstage audience trained actors?

  91. Clyde Cromey
    Clyde Cromey October 2, 2019

    When did they realize that Larry was abusing them? After their boyfriend did the same type of treatments in the bedroom?

  92. tampajohn
    tampajohn October 15, 2019

    She is so incredibly beautiful and strong.

  93. Lara Muscat
    Lara Muscat November 20, 2019

    This abuse happened for so many years because of various reasons. What I can't stand is when outsiders blame the gymnasts and say, "Why didn't they speak up?". So let me give you a number of reasons:
    1. For many the abuse started when they were still children or young teenagers and they didn't comprehend what was going on and they truly believed that what he was doing was medical practice.
    2. Sometimes, the child's parents or some other coach would be in the room. The fact that there was an adult there who didn't realise what was going on, how was the gymnast able to think that it was wrong?
    3. Over the years, starting from 1988, some gymnasts did report Nassar's abuse but no legal action was taken and some adults in whom they confided turned a blind eye.
    4. Larry Nassar was a renowned doctor, he had been the National gymnastics doctor for YEARS. Everyone praised him, everyone loved him. How were these young girls going to say that someone whom all coaches admired was abusing them?
    5. The culture of silence and fear created by USAG, especially at the Karolyi Ranch made Nassar seem like the nicest person. The coaches were tough, strict, and many of them abusive. This made Nassar seem like the right person in whom to confide. At the Karolyi Ranch the food was disgusting and the gymnasts used to starve themselves. Larry was the one who brought them food, grooming them. He also let them compete injured which many gymnasts were thankful for. Mckayla Maroney even said that if it weren't for him she wouldn't have competed at the Olympics with a broken toe.
    6. Many coaches didn't use to believe their gymnasts when they said they were in pain. How were these gymnasts going to tell them that the national team doctor was abusing them?
    7. Martha Karolyi and other coaches made it clear that anyone who was problematic or difficult was going to be taken off the national team. Aly Raisman said that for this reason the gymnasts were afraid to ask for a bar of soap at the Karolyi Ranch. These young girls had their dreams in the hands of powerful adults who could end their Olympic dreams with a snap of their fingers. Nobody wanted to be the problematic gymnast. Hence, everyone stayed silent.

    My point is, this culture of FEAR gave way to a culture of SILENCE and that is why many gymnasts never spoke up. They had to SACRIFICE so much for their Olympic dreams, and some didn't even make it. The fact that Nassar, this abusive system and coaches completely destroyed these girls mentally, physically and emotionally hurts my heart.

    I hope change is in order. It needs to be.

  94. Bill McElgunn
    Bill McElgunn December 1, 2019

    She needs to stop interrupting

  95. Keep Going
    Keep Going December 4, 2019


  96. Exited Aardvark
    Exited Aardvark December 5, 2019

    Why do the captions start as being relevant to the subject but turn into Crest and Hellman’s advertisements?

  97. #JulioJones 11
    #JulioJones 11 December 17, 2019

    Megyn Kelly: Why haven't you come sooner to victim
    My Response; Megyn Kelly? How and why can't you not get fired any sooner?

  98. epicbehavior
    epicbehavior December 20, 2019

    Prostitution is legal as long as you film it.

  99. Jess Freeman
    Jess Freeman December 21, 2019

    The 322 dislikes are probably defense attorneys

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