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Anya Koutras, MD, Family Medicine Physician – Colchester VT, The UVM Medical Center

(soft music) Hi, I’m Anya Koutras and I’m a Family Medicine doctor. (soft music) I thought I wanted to be a doctor when I was three years old and I continued in that
way really with the goal of helping people, but one
day my younger daughter when she was much younger, said to me as I was heading to work, “So you get to go to work, Mom, every day and help people” and I looked at her and I said, “Wow, she’s
figured out what I do and yeah, I get to go to
work and help people.” (soft music) As a family doctor, I
take care of all ages and I deliver babies and it’s a real honor to be a part of all the
hard and wonderful things in my patient’s lives
and it’s something that I look forward to every day. (soft music)

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