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Belinda Chavez, a Physician Assistant with The Everett Clinic talks about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So carpal tunnel refers to median nerve compression at the wrist. Symptoms may include: tingling or numbness along the
median nerve distribution which would be the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of
the ring finger. Patients might notice numbness or tingling at night when they’re sleeping. They might have
to wake up and shake that arm. They notice numbness and tingling in the thumb, index finger, middle finger. At that point, they may ask their family
physician for a diagnosis. They may start off with conservative
treatments such as oral anti-inflammatories or nighttime splinting. So if conservative treatment fails to improve the patient’s symptoms
as there is a surgical option — endoscopic carpal tunnel
release. The goal of treatment is to improve the
patient symptoms. Usually, relieving the numbness,
tingling. Depending on the severity of carpal tunnel we’re also trying to prevent loss of grip strength, and loss of strength in
the hand and progression of nerve damage. If the patient fails conservative
treatment, we recommend surgical decompression of the median nerve. Here at The Everett Clinic, we can offer endoscopic carpal tunnel release which is great
because it’s a smaller incision, smaller recovery time. Patients are able to get back to their
daily routines much more quickly, able to get back to work more quickly, able to take care of their kids, do what’s important to them.

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