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Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee Response From Father

Steven: Hi my name is Steven Machat, I’m
a citizen of the United States, and I met Per, I met Per because he went to drug rehab,
it’s called Best Drug Rehab. I was in need of trying to find an alternative method of
helping my daughter. I learned the hard way all these answers when my daughter became
inflicted with the need to do drugs. She’s been in almost every, whatever you want to
call it, I call it prisons, but she’s been in almost every one of these drug rehab prisons.
Because they make a lot of money out of you, and what they do it’s a pharmaceutical game,
they put you on these pills and then you gotta keep coming back to get the pills. So I
love my daughter, and I’ve suffered, and she’s been looking to figure out what is
her reason to live. And hopefully Margo will rebound and become the light that could shine
in her, all the kids go looking for a reason to be. A mutual friend ours, of Per’s and mine, said
Steven I may have the answer for your daughter. This is a company that does not allow them to take pills So when Margo had her latest break down, because
she’s been on the path, and she’s trying to get it together, and she’s so bright, but she
fights that bright with darkness, because she’s scared of who and what she could be. So I feel. But sooner
or later, I pray everyday she’ll step into her shoes. So I met Per, and Per said to me ‘this whole drug scene’ So with Per, my daughter went to his place,
I’ll say Feburary first, and she graduated from the school, she was off drugs, and it
was a very happy time when I went there in May, when she was working with you. To basically,
I ran around michigan, it’s lovely, I like Michigan. I had never been to Michigan. So
I thought Per’s company would help Margo with love and they allotted it to ‘don’t
you want me being here’, but Margo has demons, we all have demons, and she fell into her
demons again. And she escaped from reality and she ran off and she ended up in Charleston,
West Virginia and it broke my heart. So I ended up getting her back to Per so she could
detox. And she went back to Per and for whatever reason the personalities and everything at this place
didn’t work, or maybe Margo was basically cured. So Margo got angry she had
to be there, because I know one truth, when you’re ready to stop living on drugs, to
put shadows on your lights with ceilings, you don’t need anyone. And maybe my daughter at that
moment in time was really ready so she escaped with anger she was striking
out that she was there, and she thought things that one day she would be better. Because
I believe my daughter needs to live in love. Right now she’s in LA and was visiting with
her, I believe that I’m a father so besides believing, I’m hoping it to be true. I believe
she’s ready to move forward. And if my daughter can teach the lessons of the misery of the prison caused by drugs making no thought except being an animal, the drug makes you an animal because you have no love, it shuts it off you only have me. They end up robbing you, they end up stealing
from you and they end up piercing your heart. My daughter right now, and I thank
Per because, you know something we learned it in mathematics, a negative
and a negative can make a positive. I believe my daughter’s clean, she’s at home, she’s
working, she’s talking, she’s reading, and she’s engaging with me, she is as smart
as smart. And I hope it’s alright and I thank Per things done turn out you know see,
but if they turn out in light then theres brightness I have no problem with Per, I have no problem with what
he did, and I’m speaking as the father, give it a chance.


  1. David Charping
    David Charping October 3, 2013

    i went there works

  2. Regina Marton
    Regina Marton June 25, 2015

    It's worth watching all the Best Drug Rehabilitation graduate interviews here on Youtube and also watch a few interviews with Per Wickstrom to understand more why his centers are NOT like others. Very interesting. He used to be an addict so he knows first hand what it's like. To me, this particular video just shows that getting clean is a long-long struggle, and not only for the person with the addiction problem but for the whole family! Hope Margot will stay well forever, good luck to her!

  3. Angie Colon
    Angie Colon July 13, 2015

    The mark of a good rehab facility is it's success rate. When it comes to Best Drug Rehab, they really seem to be passionate about helping people fully recover from their addictions without the use of other medications. As stated above, most of the employees working at Best Drug rehab are former employees. This speaks volumes as these are people that have completed the program, and they now feel so strongly about the help that they received that they want to turn around and help other people overcome their addictions. Not too many rehab facilities have that kind of statistic. rehabilitation can be a tough business as people can be subjected to all kinds of things years after leaving a rehab facility and can turn to drugs again and again. It's good to know that there are facilities like this that can help people recover from those addictions.

  4. Andres Villamar
    Andres Villamar July 19, 2015

    Per did the right thing, with these new approach of Rehab for drug addicts, without use the placebo drugs and cutting this pharmaceutical circle, and really dedicated to the real cause, in a healthy way. Love and care and learning values through the program, and follow up their graduates to the point that they are succeding in what they will do after the program, is something that this Center offers. Once again, my admiration to the staff that dedicates to this, I guess is not an easy task, but Per and his staff are making it and carrying forward it supperbly well. Carry on!

  5. Richard Brand
    Richard Brand July 28, 2015

    Per Wickstrom is honestly a really good guy. He set up rehabilitation centers, I think three. It's actually amazing that someone would just do that. He didn't invest in something like cars or stocks and bonds, he invested in something that improved human lives. Amazing. 
    The centers are good, clean and the staff care about the patients. I know the program that he uses is very workable. It is a holistic program as well, way better than just putting patients on more and more drugs to get them off of other drugs. 
    So hats off to you Per and the best of luck to you in your success in getting others off of drugs.

  6. Marie Batkiewicz
    Marie Batkiewicz August 5, 2015

    What an uplifting story from a consistently positive parent. He is a wonderful support to his daughter by never giving up on her in her path to recovery. He understood that "everyone has their demons" ane gave continued support until the right drug rehab program was found.

  7. Kale Slankster
    Kale Slankster August 6, 2015

    This is a very touching video. I've never gone through this myself but I can see just how much she has gone through and how much pain and suffering she went though just to be were she is today. This is truly inspiring.

  8. Zsofia Hajdu
    Zsofia Hajdu October 5, 2015

    Per is amazing he did a good job with these rehabilitation centers. I have never been in this situation but I can see it works. It is very touching how the father talks about his daughter and what she went thru. He was there for his daughter and never gave up on her. Wishing the best!

  9. Walter McCormick
    Walter McCormick December 3, 2015

    I really like this guys viewpoint. More people need to have the viewpoint that it is not victims of drug abuse, it is a decision that people make. I think that this outlook on life is good, even if it is not the easiest. I also think that the program at Best Drug Rehabilitation works well based on what I have seen.

  10. Diane Marion
    Diane Marion January 12, 2016

    It's so good to see a Dad who is willing to do whatever it takes to help his child overcome drug addiction without becoming an enabler.  It must have been very hard for him to see her go through several attempts to get clean and yet falling back into her addiction.  It must be hard not to just give up as it must have been a big drain on him also.  Thank goodness they found Best Drug Rehab so that she could get the help she needed and actually get clean to where she is now doing well in life again.  She's very lucky to have such a caring parent who was willing to continue to work with her until the right solution came along.

  11. Caroll Colon
    Caroll Colon January 12, 2016

    I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a child who was suffering from addiction.  I know I would want to do everything I possibly could to get them the help they need in order to overcome this.  It's true what he says here that there are many rehab centers out there and picking the right one has got to be difficult.  Especially if you have not had success several times over.  It's really good that he was able to find Best Drug Rehab so that his daughter could get the help she needed to get well.  I hope everyone who needs this help also finds Best Drug Rehab for their loved one.

  12. Diana Carroll
    Diana Carroll February 1, 2016

    Wow, this is definitely a Dad who wanted to do whatever he could to help his daughter get through her addiction.  One thing I've noticed is that anyone going through rehab usually ends up at a point where they rebel against whatever program they are doing and I believe that this is because as they drug haze wears off, they start asserting themselves again.  It's good this Dad recognized that and did not give up but held on and got his daughter through it.  I know it's got to be hard but if you really care, you will do whatever it takes to get them where they need to be to get the help they need.

  13. Brittany Scott
    Brittany Scott February 4, 2016

    This video shows how addiction is not an individual's problem but it effects their family and friends and everybody around them. For some it takes more than one tries to get rid of their addiction and Margo is one of them. It's very hard for the family to watch the struggle, I know that from experience. I think Mr Wickstrom's facilities are among the best in the industry and they keep helping people like Margo. I hope she will stay healthy forever!

  14. Rocky Dee
    Rocky Dee February 5, 2016

    What an incredible video, so much truth and realness. This father really loves his daughter. He understands how the demons work and has been effected by this. Not everyone has this kind of support. As a former addict, this really hit me because he said so much truth that really hit home. Per seems like a great person, not giving up on MArgo and being there for the good and the bad. Seems like he really cares. It's so interesting and crazy at the same time that there are treatment programs that still give drugs for drugs. Methadone and suboxone for heroin and continuing to put more and more money in the wrong peoples pockets. Best Drug Rehab uses the holistic method and I think that is so important. No crutches, just knowledge and tools to be able to live a happy and healthy life. It is nice that they give second and third chances to patients a well. Very uplifting and positive video.

  15. Madison Chelin
    Madison Chelin February 22, 2016

    Wow!   It's got to be really hard for a parent to see his kid going through addiction and not being able to handle it.  And then when they do find someplace to send them, they don't get the help they need, so you have to try again.  Thank goodness this dad was willing to keep trying and keep pushing to get his daughter the help she needed.  Also thank goodness someplace like Best Drug Rehab exists for him to find.  There are so many places out there, I bet it's hard to find a good one.  I'm so glad to see that she is doing well and now and back to kiving her life drug free.  Well done dad for not giving up on her.

  16. Charlotte Evans
    Charlotte Evans February 24, 2016

    It must be so hard to see your child struggling with addiction. For some people one stunt in a rehab facility is enough, for others it takes a few tries. Even the best facilities can't guarantee that the program will work or that it will work at the first time. Sometimes they must try again and again and it's nobody's fault. I believe Best Drug Rehab is an excellet facility and they help so many people to get a second chance. I hope Margo will stay clean and have a healthy, happy life!

  17. Molly Smith
    Molly Smith February 24, 2016

    It's hard to watch this father's testimonial and not be inspired by the great work Best Drug Rehabilitation is doing for drug addicts and alcoholics everywhere. The facility believes in the idea that addiction affects not just the individual, but the family unit, the neighborhood and the entire community, and Best Drug Rehabilitation has developed a variety of substance abuse treatment programs geared towards helping addicts repair relationships torn apart by addiction and finally achieve lasting recovery. From 12-Step group to holistic treatment methods like art therapy and spiritual counseling, Best Drug Rehabilitation has it all. I would definitely recommend this rehab to anyone struggling with a debilitating addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  18. Vega Jessica
    Vega Jessica February 25, 2016

    This father really loves his daughter. It is so nice how he talks about his daughter. My opinion is that family always should be supportive like this father. It means and helps a lot when an addicted person has the family have their back.

  19. Gabriella Soldi
    Gabriella Soldi February 25, 2016

    Wow, what a touching video. Coming from a parent of a recovered addict, this bought so much emotion to me. I can relate to him and I can also relate the personality traits he explains in his daughter, to my son.. Drug addiction is a very serious problem, but there is always something much deeper rooted in the person whom is using. They have problems or insecurities and underlying issues that they must dive into in order to see the light. This was exactly the case with my son. He was a hyperactive, awkward child who had a hard time fitting in. I put him on prescription drugs after a recommendation from the school because he had trouble focusing. This led to him using other drugs and eventually had to pull him from high school and put him in rehab. Thank God I found BDR. They got him off drugs, but more importantly, they helped him get to know himself and face his fears and bring out the light in him that he was hiding. The man explaining that drugs rob you of all your love and feelings and the only thing that moves you is drugs really hit home. When my son was at his worst, it felt as if he had no soul behind his eyes. He cared about nothing and he was numb. I Cant thank BDR enough to have my son back. Give it a chance.

  20. Didi Smith
    Didi Smith March 1, 2016

    Wow, this Dad really went the distance to help his daughter get through her addiction treatment. It's really good to see that he never gave up and kept pushing her to not give up, even though she was not successful in some of the programs she went through. Thanks goodness he found Best Drug Rehab so he could get her into a good program where she could be successful. You never know what it will take to help someone get through this, you just need to get pushing until you find the right program. Best Drug Rehab is really it, they will take the person and work out a program tailored to them so they address everything they need to to be successful. I like this facility.

  21. White Christina
    White Christina March 3, 2016

    That`s how all the father should be in this situation. I`m glad he never gave up on her daughter and they found Best Drug Rehabilitation and she got the help that she needed. I hope now she`s alright and living a healthy and happy life.

  22. Cassandra Diaz
    Cassandra Diaz March 8, 2016

    Margo is so lucky to have a Dad willing to go the distance for her and keep trying even through several bad experiences.  I am sure drug addiction is very hard to overcome.  I remember when I quit smoking, it was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life and it took several attempts before I was successful.  I'm sure coming off of drugs has to be even harder than that.  I know having my son in my corner when I was doing this helped out tremendously so know having her Dad there for her must have helped to keep her going and pushing through to success.  I'm glad that they were able to find Best Drug Rehab and get started with their program so she could finally have success and able to get back to doing well in life again.

  23. Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza March 9, 2016

    The Best drug rehab is an amazing treatment facility for anyone looking to turn their or a loved ones life around. The team at Best Drug rehab employ a holistic and healthy approach to overcoming addiction. They work to improve the overall life of the patient. Best Drug Rehab does not simply address the addiction, but the patient as a whole. This program creates sober, contributing members of society. After graduation the program even offers some of the graduates positions in the center. The in-house promotions creates an environment of employees who truly understand the pain and suffering that addiction causes. The testimonial from this father provides clear support for this treatment center. Contact Best Drug Rehab immediately if you or a loved one is suffering from a drug addiction.

  24. Wilson Kate
    Wilson Kate March 10, 2016

    I wish everybody had dad like him.He is stands on his daughter side and support her no matter what. This is a real father and daughter relationship. It`s always should be like that. I`m glad he found BDR . Congratulation to his daughter too she did an amazing job as well. I hope she is doing great in life and she`ll stay healthy.

  25. Deana Richards
    Deana Richards March 15, 2016

    I really like that this Dad did not give up on his daughter and did whatever it took in order to get her the help she needed.  I know if I were in the same position with my kid, I would do the same.  What's even better is that they were able to find Best Drug Rehab in order to do this.  I think this facility has one of the best rehab programs around.  They really work with the person in front of them and work out a program for each individual so that whatever needs to be addressed for that person, gets addressed by that person.  All of this together really gives the person a much better chance of being successful in their program so they can go back to living life free of their addiction.  I would definitely take a look at this place.

  26. Rose Baker
    Rose Baker March 17, 2016

    OMG! This video made me cry. I wish I had a father like him but unfortunately our relationship never was like this. Respect him for all the thing he did for his daughter, always being on her side and never gave up on her. She is a lucky girl having such a loving father on her side. Thank God they found Best Drug Rehabilitation and she got all the help she needed. I wish her the best in life! congratulations!

  27. Meg Maloney
    Meg Maloney March 23, 2016

    How awesome is it to hear a dad talk about the trouble his daughter was facing, and see how hard he worked to get her the help she needed? He never gave up on her, and that's why he sent her to Best Drug Rehabilitation, where she could receive holistic treatment from a team of trained addiction recovery professionals. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, treatment addresses all aspects of addiction, including the physical, emotional and spiritual, which is designed to improve clients' chances of achieving lasting recovery. It's important to understand that addiction impacts not just the addict himself or herself, but the entire family, and that's one thing BDR is definitely committed to – healing the family unit. Definitely check out Best Drug Rehabilitation if you need help recovering from a substance abuse problem – it's one of the best programs out there!

  28. Crystal Brown
    Crystal Brown March 24, 2016

    It`s a blessing when you have somebody by your side who wants to help you and who always wants the best for you. I`m glad it happened to her, too. And she accepted the help and came to Best Drug Rehabilitation to get help. He is such a good father. And I can tell he is so proud of his daughter for all she went through.Thank you BDR for sharing this story with us.

  29. Julie Praxton
    Julie Praxton March 31, 2016

    I loved to watch this video. It tells you everything about relations and how strong love is. If you`re loved and you have a loving family together everything is possible. This video is the proof of that.

  30. Réka Járik
    Réka Járik April 10, 2016

    Very nice dad and he really takes care of his daughter and I am very glad he found the right place for her to get a good rehab program and that it did work for her. It is very essential I think that the family finds the right rehab center for their loved once. Even if the person decides to get clean and wants to change his life for the better, it matters what support the person has, in terms of family and friends, and also to find the best rehab there is like the Best Drug Rehab center. This center really takes care of their people to get the best service and that they really become free of the addiction. They have an awesome program too that is more holistic and more tailor made for each undividuals needs. Everyone who goes through the program, does not fall back into the addiction, as the also address the reason they started drugs in the first place. Nice to hear good stories like this, and very nice dad who definitelly helped her daughter to get through and did the best he could for her, and she is awesome too for going through all of it, must have been hard.

  31. Lucy F Bush
    Lucy F Bush April 14, 2016

    All my respect to this father for standing on his daughter side and never give up on her. I say it`s so important to have a loving family in this situation, because if they don`t support you then who will? Thank God they found the right place to turn into and she received the help what she needed. Thanks Best Drug Rehabilitation for being there for your patients! Congratulations to her! She did an amazing job.

  32. Katie Burke
    Katie Burke April 21, 2016

    Congratulation to her for being so strong to do all that for her health and big respect to the father!

  33. Yannis Talbi
    Yannis Talbi April 27, 2016

    He is a very nice father for trying to find the best sokution for his daughter. Addiction really affects all the family and everyone close to the addict. For those who are searching for a good workable drug and addiction rehab center for their loved once, I highly recommend Best Drug rehab 100%! This place stands out from other rehab centers with their modern and holistic approach. Here after the phisical rehab they find cause and the reason of addiction, and they give great life skills for the addicts that they can use later, to do better so they will not have to touch drugs again. They learn how to think differently, how to identify triggers and handle those or avoid them, also learn anger management. And since it is a hard thing after an addiction to get back to real life, they also give some like skills in the form of courses to the addicts, which include GED preparations, time management, parenting skills an financial management. They also put a big importance on fitness, therefore they have even a fitness program. There is also a possibilty for spiritual therapy and even music therapy, which can be very effective. I can honestly say that this inpatient program is one of the best out there, and the only one that addresses so many issues, and not just issues that are directly connected to the addiction, but also all other aspects. And they truly weed out the bottom of the addiction, they handle it from the core, so the addict does not reuse after they saw what started it in the first place. So i highly recomment best drug rehab center, if you know someone struggling, help them by redirecting them to this awesome place, with a great team, nice and very competent staff as well.

  34. Johanna Thomson
    Johanna Thomson May 19, 2016

    Such a great father. I love how he speaks about his daughter and i like the fact he never gave up on her and he is always there for her. I`m glad that she came to Best Drug Rehabilitation to get the special help that she needed. Thanks BDR for you help and for saving her life. Congratulation to her for all the hard work she did for her recovery She did an amazing job. I hope she`ll stay healthy!

  35. Amanda McCormick
    Amanda McCormick May 24, 2016

    Watching a loved one going through drug addiction has to be one of hardest things a person can do! Not to say that a person who is on drugs is not a an extremely hard experience, because it is! But watching someone is extremely hard. This is father is very passionate about helping his daughter to overcome her decision to continue to take drugs. Yes all people need help in life and with the choices they have made that did not pan out. But once a person has reached where they need help with overcoming drugs, the Best Drug Rehab can help with that! You should check them out and see if they can help you or your loved ones!

  36. Agnes Robinson
    Agnes Robinson May 26, 2016

    All my respect to this great father. He was so strong to watch his daughter struggle but he never gave up on her and finally he found BDR where his daughter got the help she needed. It`s so touching how he talk about the whole situation. I wish the best both of them.

  37. Elizabeth Connor
    Elizabeth Connor May 26, 2016

    It's really hard watching someone you love become addicted to drugs. Their whole life becomes something no one thought it could be. Watching as they go through rehab after rehab and continually relapse, it's extremely difficult to do. That this father is so focused on his daughter's recovery is amazing. It's really great to see how much he loves his daughter. You can tell he just wants her doing well. I'm glad he found Per and got his daughter the help she needed.

  38. Dana Walker
    Dana Walker June 2, 2016

    I just loved watching this video how this great father is talking about his daughter and her addiction. It is just so nice that he wanted to help her and he did it too. He never gave up on his daughter. Such a good father. respect to him! And congratulation to both of them for this amazing work they both did for his daughter.

  39. Loretta Marion
    Loretta Marion June 15, 2016

    It is so great that this girl had such a caring Dad who was willing to do whatever it took to help get his daughter through rehab no matter what he had to do or where he had to go to get it done.  No matter how many times it took to get the result that he wanted.  She is very lucky to have him as now she can go on with her life being clean and sober.  It just shows that sometimes you have to be tough in order to get a product no matter how hard it might be to do.

  40. Kerry
    Kerry June 23, 2016

    Wow, that was an eye opener! What this man said about so many of these "prisons" in the name of help do is put one on another drug and make them dependent…that is so insane. I knew a person who once went through that a very long time ago, but I didn't know that was still being done by these creeps. Betrayal of help is the worse and these places ought to be so shut down. I am glad there are good rehab places for people…this dad because of his love for his daughter did not give up…nor did she which is highly commendable that she kept trying. I certainly hope she remains healthy and happy. Good job!

  41. Sandra Carter
    Sandra Carter June 23, 2016

    Thank you Best Drug Rehabilitation for being there for your patients and help them through difficult time. I`m so glad that they find BDR and she received the help she needed. And it is so good to see that she has a father like him. He never gave up on her and he always has been there to help his little daughter. I can imagine that it means a lot to her and it helped a lot too. When you know you have people who love you no matter what you`ll realize that you have to do something for them too. And in this case she did she came to Best Drug Rehabilitation she went through rehab and got healthy. I hope she is still healthy and found her path.

  42. Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones June 24, 2016

    Wow what an amazing father who takes great care of his daughter happy he found best drug rehabilitation and was able to get his daughter the help she needed.

  43. Damien Taylor
    Damien Taylor June 30, 2016

    She is lucky to have a father like him. And he is such a great person. I think all the families and father should be the same. Never give up on your child and help your kid no matter what happens.

  44. Ashley Billson
    Ashley Billson July 7, 2016

    He is truly a caring father, and it is so great that he oit such a great deal into this, and was looking to find the best place for his daughter. It is very hard to watch someone who is addicted and see them destroying themselves and the worst is when you go and put them in a rehab, they ask for help, but that they just give her more drugs and oh, that is vicious cyrcle, really the best is to get off drugs is to get off drugs, not to get on others once, what does that even chage? Some of these crazy drugs have even worst side effects, like crazy. Anyways it is great that he has found the right place for her, in time, and she is getting great help now what she needs. She is already a hero for not giving up and keep going to finding the best place and just keep going, thy are both very strong people and this is a really nice story of theirs!

  45. Victor White
    Victor White July 21, 2016

    Such an inspirational father, so wonderful that he found best drug rehabilitation for his daughter. You can see how caring of a father he is how much he loves her and wanted to get her the best care she needed. At best drug rehabilitation they are amazing I love how they don't give you more drugs in order to get off of drugs like some other facilities do. They let you pick what treatment plan that works best for you. The staff members are phenomenal at what they do and caring. So happy this father got his daughter the help she needed.

  46. Ben Jet
    Ben Jet July 27, 2016

    This father’s story really hits home for so many of us who have struggled with having a family member or loved one who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I read a study once from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), that there are about twenty-three million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Twenty-three million! And for every drug or alcohol addict that there is, you know there has to be at least three or four if not more family members, siblings, parents, children, spouses, or loved ones who are really closely connected to that person. So when you put it that way, about one out of every four Americans in this nation is severely affected by the substance abuses of another, (like in the above video), and one in ever eleven Americans is actually actively addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    We often forget about the other people in an addict’s life who are struggling and suffering because of the substance abuse habits of that addict, but these things are very real and very true. I’ve seen too many families who have been completely torn apart by the addiction of just one family member. I couldn’t be more relieved that this man was able to get his daughter into Best Drug Rehabilitation. He was one of the lucky ones, and it’s easy to see how thankful he is for this success.

    What this father said about not being able to find a rehab program that did not use drugs within the rehab center also really struck a chord with me. That has got to be one of the most impressive things about Best Drug Rehabilitation. Way too many rehab centers today have such a huge focus on using other, prescription drugs in their rehab centers to help their clients get off of the drugs and alcohols that they are addicted to. This is pretty shortsighted though. How can one possibly expect to create a lasting recovery for another person if he or she is just using drugs as a part of the rehabilitation program? Why get clients hooked on other drugs in an effort to ween them off of the drugs that they are currently on? Why not just do it drug free?

    I think a lot of rehab centers are starting to realize the error in this technique, and it would seem that Best Drug Rehabilitation, a center that has always been totally drug free, is pioneering the way for more holistic, drug-free rehab centers to follow. I couldn't be more impressed with them, and this video is just a perfect representation of what the team of counselors and staff at this center is really all about, and that is holistic, drug-free, total, complete, and permanent drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

  47. Kay Cee
    Kay Cee August 18, 2016

    This is the most beautiful thing when your family is on your side an no matter what they are never going to give up on you. That`s what we see in this video. Such a great story, and such a great father. Now this is a real father daughter relationship that`s how it always should be. Congratulation to her on her good job and I wish both of them a great, happy life.

  48. Mary Worth
    Mary Worth August 31, 2016

    What a great guy.  We should all be so lucky to have a father like this.  He didn't give up on her and kept trying until he was able to find the right place to send his daughter where she could finally get the help she needed to be successful in her recovery.  Thank goodness for Best Drug Rehab for being there and being able to offer her the program she needed to get through her addiction recovery.  You never know what it will take to finally succeed in this so you can never give up hope.  Keep pushing through until you find the program that will work for you.

  49. Withaya Savessri
    Withaya Savessri October 1, 2016

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  50. Chris Marion
    Chris Marion October 4, 2016

    It really must be hard for Dad to watch his daughter going through this pain.  I know, like him, I would try to do everything I possibly could to help her.  I know it must have been tough when she went through several programs and shortly relapsed back into doing drugs again.  I'm not sure I would have been able to keep finding new programs to try but his daughter is so lucky that he did.  He is lucky also that he was able to find Best Drug Rehab to send her to.  They have such a great program and have had much success in helping people overcome their addictions.  The holistic program they offer really helps people to overcome their addiction without the chance of becoming addicted to the drugs used to handle their addiction.  They also make sure that whatever you need in order to be successful is available to you.  The staff work night and day to make sure you are doing well and are getting through their program.  I'm so glad this Dad was able to experience this for his daughter and that his daughter was able to get the help she needed in order to overcome her addiction and to know be doing well in life again.   Everyone should have this experience when they need it.

  51. Diane Leonard
    Diane Leonard November 9, 2016

    It really must be hard for Dad to watch his daughter going through this pain.  I know, like him, I would try to do everything I possibly could to help her.  I know it must have been tough when she went through several programs and shortly relapsed back into doing drugs again.  I'm not sure I would have been able to keep finding new programs to try but his daughter is so lucky that he did.  He is lucky also that he was able to find Best Drug Rehab to send her to.  They have such a great program and have had much success in helping people overcome their addictions.  The holistic program they offer really helps people to overcome their addiction without the chance of becoming addicted to the drugs used to handle their addiction.  They also make sure that whatever you need in order to be successful is available to you.  The staff work night and day to make sure you are doing well and are getting through their program.  I'm so glad this Dad was able to experience this for his daughter and that his daughter was able to get the help she needed in order to overcome her addiction and to know be doing well in life again.   Everyone should have this experience when they need it.

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