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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

– Interaction. Well blood flow restriction therapy is growing in popularity
and can really help patients with leg or arm injuries
recover much faster, but as 11 News reporter
Theo Hayes found out it needs to be done properly. – A little bit yeah. – [Theo] Three times a week, for an hour, Emily Berner has therapy to heal her ACL. She tore it while playing lacrosse and her physical therapist recommended using blood restriction
therapy post surgery. – It allows us to get some really good strength gains without actually lifting 50 pounds for shoulder press or lifting 300 pounds for a
leg press, something like that. – [Theo] During the therapy, this tourniquet like device is placed over the muscle
restricting blood flow while small movements are made. – Sometimes your toes can
get a little bit tingly, not in a bad way. – [Theo] Emily is
getting her strength back without compromising the injury and the restricted blood
vessels cause the body to pump hormones that promote healing. Something Berner is eager for so that she can get back onto the field. – I think the protocol is,
no running until week 12 and then return to play is
about eight to 12 months. So its a long recovery. – [Theo] Blood restriction
therapy is growing in popularity even at gyms but doing it without a healthcare provider is not recommended. – Some people out there, that might be tying some
bands around their arms and the unfortunate thing about that is you’re not able to regulate
the pressure as well a lot of times it’s a little narrower than you would like and its
not a FDA listed device. – [Theo] Berner is hopeful she will heal in time for the senior season this fall. Theo Hayes, WBAL TV 11 News. – All right–

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