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Building an Emotionally Healthy Life

So I wanna talk about living a healthy new
life, a healthy emotional life, living a healthy emotional life. That means having a healthy
psychology, a healthy mental life, a healthy emotional life, our inner self, our soul. But it also means the various aspects of ourself. How do we live a healthy life in these areas
and how do we deal with other people that might not be so healthy? Well, remember this before we get too far
going here, even when I’m talking about dealing with “others,” really they’re lessons for ourselves
and we must never forget that. Yeah, they’re a pain in the ass, but they still are mirroring
things for us to learn. And before you get too hard on yourself and
say, “Oh God, that again, I thought I learned…” be careful, just relax. You could be a really stellar person with
just a fragment of something going on inside a fragment, a fragment of self doubt, or rejection
or whatever, and people will enter your life and people are not just mirrors. That’s a common phrase we use, people are mirrors. People are not just mirrors, they are magnifying mirrors. So they don’t just mirror stuff, they
magnify it, they blow it out of proportion, and I think we should all come with some sort
of a label when we’re born that coming into this world, objects are actually much bigger
than they are. They seem much bigger than they actually are
like playing off the words of our little rear view mirrors. So objects and issues will actually look much
larger than they really are. Think of it that way. It’s like, this is annoying, but I’m still
not doing that bad, but how do I know if I’m really not dealing with an issue, you could
say, if it really blows up a lot and often consistently, then maybe that tells you the
volume is up inside ourselves too, as far as how much we should be working on these
issues, but just take it easy on yourself. Don’t ignore issues when they arise, but take
it easy. So keep that in mind while we’re talking about
this, and and I’m gonna quickly segue into something that I’ve been talking about the
last few weeks or off and on for the last couple of months. Really, we’ve had this talk about now and
then about the role of Saturn, the planet Saturn in our lives. And I’m sorry if it’s redundant, if you’ve
already heard me talk about that a little bit, but bear with me. So Saturn is the planet. Satan is the character in a different tradition. Saturn in another tradition set in a apology. They’re all the same guy. And it’s kind of ironic because the role that
they play, it’s almost like every culture could give you a different angle of what that
consciousness is. Now in psychology, it’s called The ego. And when we talk about ego, some people say,
isn’t the ego, the thing that does this and that, and isn’t it something that’s kind of
a healthy part of you? It keeps you from burning your hand on the
stove isn’t the ego that says, stay out of danger now from spiritual psychology, the
ego is our fear based self. It is the self doubt or the self sabateur. It has no intention of helping you out in
any way. It’s only intention would seem in spiritual
psychology is, it is an evil in Christianity, a Satan, it’s an evil, but it’s kind of weird
because although it seems like an evil, it’s able in that it doesn’t mean you will, but
here’s what’s really trippy about that, that in those same systems and psychology, but
also looking into mythology when you blend all these, you go, well, which one is right? Is it a guy that lives in hell pitch work
and all that? Is it a deceiver that walks the planet and
messes with people? Is it a psychology that you… A little, is it the shadow? What is this thing? Our shadow selves, is it set a mythology and
ancient Egypt? What is it exactly think of it this way? No matter what it is, it’s more like a blend,
because all those are are looking at it from different angles. It’s more of a blend of those. And this is the trippy part I was leading
to no matter what, one thing we can learn from it, whether it’s set or Saturn, or at
soon is that like in the Book of Job in the bible, paraphrasing a lengthy book, you know,
Satan set the ego, etcetera, says To God, you know this guy named job. He’s a pretty good guy is an eat. God says, yes, he is. He, I’m pretty proud of him. I remember Jo is you and I are soul that is
trying to improve itself. So God says, I’m really proud of my child
who’s working on themselves, but you know the ego and settin Satan and all that says
To God, which is almost like you could imagine the ego talking to the divine in me or you,
any of us. It’s talking to the divine in me saying, you
think You’re so holy and you think that you can get the other part of you not the purely
divine, but the human that’s trying to become divine, you think you can get it to go in
that direction. Yes, I do. Well, not if you let me beat the heck out
of it. If you let me test it, if you let me really
work it over and make it doubt, make it go through stuff to prove that it’s spiritual,
it’ll fail the test. God says, it’s impossible for it to fail the
test forever. So it’s just a story to metaphor The Book
of job. It’s just a metaphor, but it’s amazing one,
because in the story and in all the mythologies, and then the deeper understandings is that
no matter what you wanna call evil satan, it’s on at the end of the day, it… When it tries to work its power, it’s evil
powers like in a movie when it tries to work at evil powers, I become a better person. When I exercise my psychology, my spiritual
psychology, my soul, my free will my power to choose God when I do that, if I just say,
oh, you know, I believe in God. There’s an argument that says, how do you
know you believe if you’re never tested? So Saturn does that Saturn does is the planet
that symbolizes bringing our stuff around again and again. And so the beautiful thing about Saturn when
you see it from that perspective is it’s not seen as an evil plant. We don’t tell our children. Hello, Boys and Girls in a classroom. You’re learning about the planets in our solar
system. Astronomy class really 101, basic, and here
are the planets in our solar system. And this one right here is called Saturn. It’s an evil one, you don’t even wanna have
pictures of it, you should take a marker and scribble out a picture of it when you look
at the solar system ’cause it’s evil, which would be like a fundamentalist view of the
planets because you’re shaming satan, you shame Saturn. But from a deeper perspective, a higher perspective
you wouldn’t do that you would say instead. Wow. If I think of evil as something that tests
me which it does, then maybe it’s good. Some people would say, maybe it’s good to
be careful. First of all, it isn’t anything at all. It’s not a good or a bad. It’s actually part of our dream, and we’re
actually hole and perfect. But in our dream, we conjure up this belief
that we’re imperfect, and therefore we also agreed to allow this thing to test us. The good news is spirit in us and around a
spirit says, I’m rooting you on. I’m at the finish line saying, “Come on. You can do it.”The ego is saying, “I’m hoping
you’ll fail forever.” Well, the good news is that we passed the
test the very first second we thought we separated from God, it all became over because the law
of grace was one. We chose back in the beginning of time. The bad news is time. It seems to still be existing because time
seems to exist. All it is as holographic heads that we’ve
put on that we’re looking at a video game called life. So it doesn’t really do us any good to go,
oh, I pass this test. Oh, I fell this to and get all worked up over
it. The bottom line is in the back of our minds
guys, no matter what you’re dealing with and you watch things on the news and there’s people,
tragedies, and catastrophes, and I’m not saying, don’t pitch in. Absolutely, help where you can. I’m saying that reading the back of your mind,
Remember when your child doesn’t get good grades, and when you hear of a loved one who’s
taking their own life, and these things that go on and dramas, health issues, very terrible
diseases that going in the back of your mind and thank God these are tests. We’ve already passed just in the back of your
mind and thank God all as well. And that’s why some traditions will say, whether
it’s a Jewish, whether it’s Christians, philosophers to mystics and so on, why they tell you to
a firm laws and names like the name Jesus Christ. I affirmed that in the name of Jesus Christ. This has no effect on me. They’re not just kind of pushing religion
on you. They’re pushing the power, you could call
it The magic, but it means it in the real sense, the beautiful magic of dispelling something
that seems to have been there by calling in what Jesus Christ, because his names in the
bible, no, because the guide Jesus who accepted he was Christ completely woke up and we’re
all connected you and manages of everybody. We’re all connected. So he’s a part of us that already woke up. So he’s able to say, since I woke up, If you
invoke my name, my name will bring a frequency into your situation and shatter it, and that’s
been promised even to the Israelites call upon the lord. Jesus is just an embodiment of the lord. Jesus is just a being that chose to become
one with the lord, the holy spirit. So in some timeframes in the bible, they call
it God, john, he way. And so in other times, they’re gonna call
it the Holy spirit. Other times, Jesus, it’s not like your varying
religion should help you pick which one you’re gonna call up on, recognize that they’re all
the same. The beauty about Jesus is that he’s like us. He’s a brother. He’s not just a consciousness that seems hard
for me to reach, ’cause it seems abstract. He’s one of us that pulled it off. So even if it were one of you became completely
awake, it would be worth hearing what you had to say in terms of your advice on how
we and the rest of us might be able to do that, just like I have something to share
when I do these presentations or teach or write, or whatever I do. That’s just an expression of my choosing consistently
to stay in alignment. It’s not to the capacity at all of what Jesus
completely accepted. We wrestle with the human self. What’s amazing with Jesus is he came to the
complete recognition that there is no more a human self to argue it. There’s no ego out, that’s not where I’m at
yet. That’s not where you’re at yet. Does say, however, respect teachers who are
further along that path never worship them. I’ve said this before, on these presentations. But guys, there are teachers out there that
they claim to have reached some body and enlightenment and oneness, and they’re… Wow. And they all speak very softly, ’cause that
confirms it. If I sound like quite chain cane, then I might
have an ancient wisdom to be stow upon you. And I’m like, hey, he’s going on on how you
guys do it. I feel embodied and I don’t wanna go that
doesn’t sell it. I need to speak softly. It’s ’cause that’s get my hair along and speak
softly and where certain things so that people really buy it. I’m not into that, because most of those people
that have those claims, and I’ve said this, that when they have to make those claims,
it usually confirms I’s not true, especially since I’ve known a lot of them and they’re
far from it. It’s a sad kind of thing. I just filmed this week a movie or contribution
to a movie. That’s gonna be coming out and I’m not gonna
speak specifically about what it’s called or who’s doing it, ’cause I don’t know if
that’s okay for them that I do that. But it’s not because I’m not wanting to promote
it. I think it’s a wonderful project. One of those movies you see come out, spiritual
movies that come out. And this one is gonna be on inspiration, channeling,
channels and so on. Spiritual teachers we’ll call it, around the
world. And there are dozens and dozens and dozens
and dozens that got interviewed. I forget, it might have been hundreds or whatever,
honestly. It’s interesting to have sat with the director
and filmmaker, because, much to some people’s dismay, but it’s a reality, to sit with this
man with such an innocence and an integrity. He got this inspire inspiration to do this
project. He goes and launches into it. Next thing he knows he’s running smack dab
into people that think they’re celebrities. “Oh, I’m a major channel. I’m a this. God speaks to me. The 80th dimension speaks. I’m in touch with the Pleidians. I’m in touch with whomever.” They channel different things that, all this
wow stuff. And he said he went to interview one, it was
arranged, it was scheduled. The person I think was paid, and so forth,
because they’re being paid. Nos, nI’m not being paid to do that movie
’cause I wouldn’t wanna do that, unless certain circumstances… But I don’t think we should all do it because
we’re getting paid. I think we should see it as a contribution
to something greater. And so we might even pay to be a part of that
because it’s such a beautiful thing to be part of. Anyway, he says, he goes to interview the
person and they… They’re on stage in their grandiosity aren’t
I amazing, ’cause I’m channeling something amazing, which he isn’t really… But I come off stage and the guy’s going,
“Okay, hi. Nice to see so and so that his schedule to
be with you now and the room’s over here where we’re gonna do the interviewing. And he says, oh, you know what? I’m really tight. I don’t have time and walks away. No, not even an apology. Actually. It was just more like, there’s no time. We’re not doing that and walks away and this
person, this is a human being left. Just standing there. I find it to be like silly. It’s ridiculous that you would treat somebody
like that. But this film maker said, I kind of didn’t
know what to do. Maybe I guess it’s okay. Maybe they were tie. I said, no, no, no, no. First of all, it’s scheduled well, but maybe
they’re tired ’cause they were just teaching not on a wait a second. I don’t come off a stage and say, the people
are riffraff treat people like the riff raff. So sometimes it can be challenging to keep
going and keep going and keep go, teach, and teach, and teach, and workshops. This was only a couple of our thing. I’ve done things for five days straight, 120
hours a day. You’re supposed to be fed by spirit. If you’re truly plugged in, it’s supposed
to be going, oh, I was just visiting God and, oh my God a My drained. The Lord is such a psychic vampire. That’s not the way this works. You’re supposed to be plugging in when you’re
done or you’re like You’re charged. So I explained to him, I said, no, don’t make
excuses for the person. It’s okay. They do. That’s their thing, but don’t assume that
all those excuses are tangible and that this person just ’cause they call themselves something
that they’re special, that they’re an elite of some kind. As soon as you have a gift guys, whether it’s
a psychological, a psychic gift, an intuitive, a healing gift, or I don’t care, it could
be surgeon or motherhood, whatever. You have a gift at that very gift can become
pride before a fall. So we have to not just go well, now that I
got the stamp that says, I’m a CEO, or I’m a psychic, or doesn’t mean you’re suddenly
immune to the need to look at yourself and watch yourself. To explain that, simply what I said to this
person was we should never grow out of being able to watch ourselves objectively to check
in in other words, and here’s what would happen for me. If I walked away from that guy who was there,
he’s flown long distance to be at my lecture and he’s waiting in the wings for me to finish
greet me in the back and do an interview for an hour or so. If I walked away from that person, if I’m
spiritual, I should be looking at that going, what am I doing and why? What’s behind this? If I’m not spiritual, I don’t really care. I don’t have time for you. You’re not important enough. That’s the ego based human. But there’s another way we should all be able
to stop and go, what is up with this? Did I really just walk away from somebody? And I’m not saying what’s right or wrong? What I’m gonna say is, can you look within
and come out clean when you check in? Can you say that was the right thing to do? Because if I came out and I said, hey, there
I see you, you know, and they said, you know how Im ready for your interview with that
person would have said, well, listen, I was listening to your lecture and God, you suck. You’re terrible. I don’t agree with anything you had to say. I can’t believe these people are even here
to… I too, would walk away. And I would then feel totally clean about
it because you’re telling me we’re not in congruence with one another, and your attitude
doesn’t seem like one I wanna interview with and put me in your movie. See, that’s different. It’s not what’s right or wrong. It’s whether you can ask yourself if what
your behavior is righteous. Could you honestly say that this was the spiritual
thing to do? And this person, when they came off stage,
they have their handlers, their body guards, and just kinda wise, at a stink in celebrity
mount, you’re here to serve God. That’s what it means. When we say Serve God, I don’t need to sound
too exaggerated, but in a sense, we’re at the lowest wrong meaning we’re serving. We’re not here to go look how cool I am. And it’s great that we get lifted up. It’s great that people buy books. It’s great that you have an income from all
that is wonderful. Prosperity is good, healthiness is good, but
sometimes we take it all bit too far, and I think we need to take responsibility when
we take it too far, because if I make a dollar is nice to have, but if I make a dollar more
important than a person, I’ve totally blown it. And every master has explained that if a piece
of paper that’s literally paper than something like this or a tri, an object made of metal,
as Jesus calls him in the course of Erica’s these little buttons of metal, when that becomes
more important than a heart and soul people that come to Jesus and they say, there’s somebody
laying here sick, they can’t walk. Can you help him? He didn’t say, no. I don’t have interest in you. Pay me more money. He didn’t do that. Buddha didn’t do that. Mother race didn’t do that. So I just, for me, I kinda go, I’ve gotta
keep a certain value. There are certain quality of checking in and
things are going to sometimes be coming up that makes us say no to certain things. So all this said, be aware that good or bad,
whatever you wanna call it, are you passing your tests. And that’s all that matters because you check
in and you say it’s not about what evil tested you. Well, it was Satan this time, so I wasn’t
gonna be able to pass it. My brother and I, I could pass those tests,
but not something darker or more sinister. We’re capable of surpassing every test easily. We actually are immune to it all ultimately,
but we just don’t feel like it. We don’t remember that. So in that sense, people that challenge you
are giving you an opportunity to say, wow, is this where my whatever ends today is this
where my service and love in, is this where my responsibility ends never stop checking
in and seeing what’s right for you when something’s not right, it gets pushed on, you be willing
to say no. And on that note, that’s where we start dealing
with narcissists and the ego is the ultimate narcissist. I’m not saying that person’s narcissistic,
and I’m not all the ego is in all of us, so we’re all capable of being anything crazy
and saying, we’re all capable of being anything, but there are some people that embody more
of the narcissist and the term nurses is actually an inaccurate one. Often psychology took Mythological terms like
NARCIS a flower, but it’s also a mythological character, psyche, mythological character
eros, these are characters, And so psychology to apply them or attached to to mental types,
emotional type, psychological types of people. And they’re not always really accurate. It just then it all gets pin. So when you say someone’s a narcissist, we
say That’s a really self centered person with almost no conscious. It’s really not no conscience, it’s no awareness
or care about anybody else, but themselves. And the reason they applied that to people
is because in the mythology, they say, North looks into the water. He wouldn’t love anyone, but he looks in the
water and he fell in love with his own image. That is like 1% of The story. The story is actually where the narcissist
is actually not a bad guy at all. He was actually cursed because of an angry
deity, who was ticked off at him for not doing something they wanted. Curses him and he’s incapable then of loving
others, even though he wants to. He doesn’t know how, so it’s really… And people love him, he’s beautiful, he’s
good and people love him, but he doesn’t know quite how to safely love them back. So it’s really a beautiful story in a sense. But that would be taking away from the point
here and the point of what most people wanna hear, which is the narcissist is kind of a
self centered person. Yes, fine. And those types, as well as what we call psychic
vampires, energy vampires, the classic term is psychic vampires, and what is a vampire,
and that’s where the whole story about vampires came from. It was actually starting from a psychological
experience when people would feel a predatory beings, even astral beings that literally
drain your energy when you’re dealing with evil entities. But when we call them psychic vampires, Once
Upon a dark shadow topic, that became stories of Dracula and so on. But in modern terms, we call them energy vampires
and other terms, because we realize it’s not just at night and is not just Astro beings,
there are people we run into that just drain us, they seem to be able to grant is, the
Good News is, remember this technically, you should not be able to be drained by anyone
or anything. So even though you can sort of pick on the
nurses or the psyche rappers or those types, Oh my God, that person’s as nurses is that
person. Energy is an energy drain true. Perhaps in this world, it seems true and you
might be right in that sense, but why don’t we ask ourselves why we’re even susceptible? The only reason they can sink their psycho
teeth into our psychic arteries is because on some level we’re weak enough. In other words, it’s a co dependent relationship. And I know most of you already know that,
and then you say, but how do I break it? You don’t break it by snapping off their psychic
teeth. What you do is you become immune healed of
my weaknesses. My self doubt, my own issues makes me impervious
my art’s called the armor of the lord your arm. You become bright. You can go into dark places be around dark
people and feel immune. Do not try this at home, boys and girls, because
if you’re not actually ready, if you’re not actually in that state of immunity, you’ll
get all messed up. So don’t force this upon yourself in time. What can you do until then? Yes. Surround yourself with white light. Stay out of those circumstances when you can
and forgive. When you see somebody’s tried to mess with
you. A pull energy from you do your best to bless
them for them, send them on their way, but stay away from them. That’s the triage version of it. That’s in the trenches version of it. That’s how you do it, but I’m not gonna leave
it at that where I always have to just push away. People that are this way and cautiously push
them all away. We have to ask ourselves at some point, Am
I getting any better at this? And if you’re not getting any better than
you are actually suffering from a negligence here on your part, because you do need to
work and get stronger and stronger. Grounding helps when you’re around psychic
vampires, energy drains. You know how to know that they’re doing it. First of all, you might get feedback if people
may be careful that might give you some insight, but also when you feel tired after a person’s
around, which can be anybody, I can do a talk like this and you could just be like trying
to keep up with me and feel, Oh God, I’m exhausted. That’s different. You go and run a few miles and you feel tired. That’s different. There’s positive where you feel like work
like, wow, your psyche muscles got worked. Your mind got worked, your physical muscles
got worked and you feel a little tired from it, swimming some laps or whatever You do. You get a little time that’s different. This is a drain on the inside and it almost
then because it’s pulled out your unplugged inside, it’s almost like having chronic fatigue
you get unplugged and then your other energy resources, your meridians and your muscles,
and you start to feel drained as well, because the foundation to them gets taken kind of
pulled out from under you. So you have to be really careful about these
things. But the psychic ban pies and things like people
like that, you watch, because one way to know somebody’s a psychic vampire is over negativity. Constant content, negativity. Oh, you gotta watch out for this. Oh, you gotta be careful of that. Oh, I heard you can’t trust that. Oh, I went to a chiropractor. Oh my God, I would never go to one is… I heard one client of a Chirac died. Once I heard this happened before character,
I knew I really felt bad form. He was completely stepped in ostracized, almost
run out of a town because a client passed away had really nothing to do with him because
the guy already had some issues going on and the arteries and vertebra on the neck. But it happened. And I know none of this more than once. I know massage therapists that have had people
pass away. And so you’ll get this announcement from the
ego based world watch out, man, ’cause in history, there must be like 100 people that
have passed away on the table of a chiropractor. Watch out. Really how many surgeons have lost people. How many doctors who is supposed to just put
a ammeter under your done and people still die. Now, they won’t tell you that in comparison
because they’re trying to keep you away from Healthy things. So you gotta be careful with this A bit. But people that negative negative negative
you, I’m not saying there isn’t at least maybe a fabric of truth, a fiber of truth there,
but don’t buy into it all the time and don’t become one of them. See it. If you are one and say, I know, wait from
now on, wait a minute, I’m gonna say it more tactfully. Now I’ve heard this, but I could be mistaken. Even just allow people a chance to hear another
side instead of just flooding them with negativity. But if people do that around, you be careful. Be the one in the room when people are doing
the… Let’s have a gathering of psychic vampires,
all rising people be the one that says, you know, that’s funny ’cause I’ve heard differently. I took… I remember in a class once where students
were, I was taking kind of a survey of people that had tried out different things, and it
was you. The question was on holistic health, holistic
medicine. I asked folks and people were like, Oh yeah,
yeah, you know, definitely into it. But there was somebody there that went, I
don’t know, man, I’ve heard somebody that went to a so called holistic doctor, and they
got really sick. And I watched… I watched the room and people were like, oh,
oh, I better not do that. Then I’ve ever think twice about going to
one of those. And I thought, he’s not amazing. You know this little vampire, this little
kind of a Judas dropped into the mix and just messed with everybody’s mind, this little
evil moment. And I’m moseying, the purport person is hopeless
and evil. I’m saying, it’s an evil that does that. So watch yourselves, not to buy into that,
but another thing to watch, not only the negativity, but when they say, God, I’m struggling with
finances and you go, Oh my God, this is like a miracle. I know somebody that’s hiring. Oh no. I don’t think I could do that. That’s full time. I was looking for a job maybe part time. Oh, okay. Somebody else has… I know where there’s a part time. Oh, but that’s at that end of town. I don’t like going there. Oh, oh, okay. Well, there’s this other job over there. Yeah. No, I’ve heard about that business. I didn’t like the owner. Well, snuff ut, everything. You give them, they could change their lives,
watch those types of people that you’re… One of them get out of that, heal it. But when you’re around it, try to bring light. But usually the vapers prefer living in the
dark. You know, you don’t usually see a APRE movie
where some character comes in and says, hey, all of you, you know how you’ve all been kind
of living in the dark. You only come out at night and you kind of
wear dark clothes all the time and suck blood from people. There’s this really trippy thing you may wanna
try out. It’s called light, hold still everybody stand,
watch this, and open all the blind and the curtains, and they don’t all just go, let
us breathe this in. This is a fantastic experience. That’s not how these movies go. They get all freaky, and that’s what’s gonna
happen when you try to bring light to some of these people. They may not hit, like I just said, they may
not go through all the melodrama, but inside they are. They’re pissed at you. They’re angry that you’re not allowing them
to just pour their toxicity all over. Everyone know. You’ve gotta just take time to see the different… See that type of energy, the psychic vampires. I remember a family member saying once when
I had children, it’s when I had one or two, I don’t remember. But I remember this family members saying,
why don’t you bring the children by? And I’m not kidding. They said, I’m not feeling well, and I would
like to maybe get some energy from them. I thought, wow, that is so cool. Did that statement was so blunt. So blatant, it’s like, that was beautiful. I’m gonna have to remember that this is like
Now 30 years ago, but it’s just so beautiful, so obvious that somebody would not even recognize
what they’re saying, bring the children. I’d like to. They have energy. I’d like to get some energy ’cause I’m sick. It’s like, wow, pretty cool and pretty cool. Not real. Pretty cool that you can see it, but not so
cool that people actually live that way. So when your energy’s bright, people wanna
drain it. When your energy is low, they’ll still take
the last out of you, because the ego goes by their survival of the fittest. The ego will do anything to survive yet another
day. So it’ll take whatever energy, yes, it will
draw light from bright souls take life from right souls in fact. But even if a person’s low on energy, they’ll
still try to take what’s left of’em, but more often than not, they do try to take. And that’s why when you say I’m kinda struggling,
a cedar might say, yeah, I Know What You mean. They’re just gonna kinda agree with that. When you say things are going great, they
wanna take it the opposite extent, because when your energy goes down, you just think
their comment took you down. I was real excited. I said, I just signed up for school and this
person said, Oh God, did you know the student loans are one of the worst things that cause
suicide rates and now watch what happened? Oh, you just felt kind of bummed erudite and
so on, kind of deflated. But did you ever think about this when someone
closing a line that they flames you, did you ever wonder where the inflate went to where
the energy go? Where did the vibe, the light excitement,
whatever you wanna call it or did it go? Trust me, that person, although they don’t
have things out and they’re not with straws just sucking away the energy from you energetically. They’re pulling it from you. They will walk away. I’m not saying this is conscious, almost never. Is it conscious when it’s conscious vampirism,
then you actually have somebody practicing black magic. This is almost always unconscious. And what wired is, they’re gonna walk away
and an hour from now, they’re gonna wonder they can’t sleep because they’re so energized. They’re not gonna say, Oh my God, this might
be so and so’s energy I’m gonna call them. And I’m so sorry that I took that energy for
me, ’cause that would be called apologizing and making amends, which could give you some
of your spirit back. That’s not how they typically do it. They’re typically gonna just notice, wow,
I feel energized. They’re gonna be quite happy about it. It’s just kinda strange. I feel kind of low and you might even think
Something’s wrong with you, but nothing’s wrong with you. You’re not going crazy, you’re waking up,
you’re starting to recognize that something’s wrong with this picture. And maybe I need to just kind of steer clear
of certain people and energies for now. There will come a time when you’re quite immune
to energies. I feel plugged in to spirit. I do. I feel plugged in, not better than anyone,
just I feel plugged in. It’s my own experience. And I almost never feel drained by people,
because I have it together inside enough to not blame constantly, everybody draining. I don’t have a lot of holes in my aura for
people to stick straws into. But I will say this. It was the early 1990s. One day I was standing in a room, and I had
gone into this room a few times. It was a store, and I started noticing something
shifting, and then I tuned into it and I know this is going to sound a bit out there, but
I could actually feel energy going out of my eyes, my body, out my eyes, and towards
the ceiling. And I thought, Oh my God, I can see what’s
happening, psychically clairvoyently, I could tell. The whole ceiling was filled with fluorescent
lights, and I had not heard people’s thoughts and opinions about fluorescent lights and
their effects on the energy systems and all that, but I actually could feel that happening. So I knew that there was validity to why some
people say God, even electromagnetic fields and phone electric towers. Yeah. Those things, they mess with our energy fields. We’re capable of being immune to it all. Honestly, God on our side, what’s their to
fear. But we’re not always totally plugged into
God. So I’m just owning that I noticed that, for me, it’s rare enough to
where I notice it. For some people that happens so often, they
don’t even know or care anymore. I don’t mean that they don’t care, they would
like to care, but they don’t even know that it’s happening. So they don’t even do anything about it. They don’t even catch on to it. It’s kind of a bummer that it’s that way,
but it is. So in your own life. Look at your life. Look at what you can work on ground yourself,
more clear yourself, more practice, love, and forgiveness. That’s what makes you immune to such people,
but in the time between now and then set some healthy boundaries. One thing I’m gonna share in closing is, it’s
a very kind of an interesting concept. Imagine that everything in the universe is
connected, but even more so imagine that everything out there is mirroring us. So again, the narcissist, the psychic vampire,
Satan, Saturn, all these things. They’re all mirroring lessons. Now, even if they’re bad guys out there, even
if there is something called evil, whether it is or isn’t, my job with it is to pass
my test, whether it’s Satan coming to test you or your ego, you still have the same goal,
which is to come through this to say, you know, I’m just, I’m gonna survive as I can
do this. I know I can do this. That’s your job. That’s the divine in you. That says, of course, if God’s with me, what
could be against me? So the last thing I’m sharing here, that is
picture, for example, the solar system and the planets moving. And here you are in the middle living, son
and earth, and so… But even though the sun is Essen of the universe
in terms of cosmology and astronomy, the earth is where you’re at. And so we’re living in a eco system, a spiritual
ecosystem with all these planets and the whole universe, for sure. But just using the solar system, when you
look at it and you say, oh, look, there’s planets, but what if those planets are actually
mirroring me? What if they’re me? What if my soul doesn’t end here? My soul is as big as the solar system. Let’s say now the planets aren’t happening
out there. They’re happening in here. So where is Saturn? Where’s Mercury? Oh, God. Mercury retrograde, all full moon. All of that’s happening within me. If I don’t like a full moon, I’ve just condemned
a part of myself if I hiss When Mercury goes retrograde and cuss when Mercury goes retrograde,
what’s that mean? That’s an unhealed part of myself. So even in our family systems and even our
political systems, as crazy as all these can be at times, they’re all a part of me. They’re all cells within my system, my whole
being. Te solar system’s only really one particle
of me, the whole universe is just one part of me. I’m bigger than the universe. Any one of us. Our soul is bigger than the universe, but
that’s too far out. Just call this, then an exercise in imagination. And so all of a sudden, all the planets are
within me, and when they move, when they conflict with one another, when they go conjunct, when
they go direct, when they go This way, that way, those are parts of me going direct, that
are conjunct, or squared. Those are parts of me. So when my chart says, here’s my birth chart,
there it is. It says, here’s how things were in me. The moment I was born, not how I was yesterday
or tomorrow, but it’s when I was born. Now, it’s called a natal chart for a reason. Now, how are you gonna deal with that? “Oh, I can’t do anything, cause I’m fated. According to my natal chart, this is happening
and that’s retrograde, and that’s squared, whatever, whatever. It’s like, no, no, no, wait, that’s how it
was. That’s how I was. Now, it’s time to me to move forward into
a new life. So remember, all of this is happening. Globally. We’re all moving into a new life. Personally, you should be aware of that, and
doing, getting on board. Ride the wave, man. Don’t let it knock you over, but if it does,
then bobble underground, here and there, try not to get too beat up on the sand under the
water. Eventually try to get to the surface and do
what you can to start swimming now. If you get toppled, but try not to get toppled. And if you get toppled more than once, why? Why did you not hear the wave coming? Jesus was saying, how is it you know how to
read the signs of the weather and you guys don’t know how to read internal signs? That’s what he was saying. How is it you know how to see it’s gonna be
a rainy day tomorrow? How do you not know how to look inside and
see the coming times, which is that spirit Christ has been born and it’s awakening in
every one of us. So Saturn, Mercury, they’re not just out there,
they’re in here, but so then is Christ. And so then is all forms of evil. It’s within ourselves until we heal it, until
we let it know we’re not here to be controlled by it. One way to do that is to say, it’s like Saturn
coming into my life, bringing up issues, Mercury, going retrograde, bringing up issues. What can I learn from that? Instead of, Oh God, I might as well give up,
what can I learn from this time? Okay, Mercury’s going retrograde. Great time for me to work on being more clear
in my communications. Ah, Saturn retrograde. Let me work on this, or that, or the other. So make the best of all these times. I pray as always that this has made good sense,
but make the best of these times. Because the only reason, currently, Saturn’s
doing what it’s doing beautifully. So really just working us over, but Satan
represents the Satan in the tree, tempting Adam and Eve. It’s just trying to test us. And I’m not saying its intentions are good,
because it’s an energy. It’s just a thought system. It’s not good or bad. It’s just doing what it does. But in the metaphor, It tempts Adam and Eve,
and they blew it. They failed, and they didn’t take responsibility. So why would you wanna repeat the loss, the
fall in the Garden of not taking responsibility? Because Adam and Eve, in a split second, could
have taken responsibility for the mythological biting from the apple from the tree of death,
the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the tree of judgment. We died spiritually. So that’s the tree of death. But there’s a tree of life, and all they had
to do was own that they bit from this one, and they would have been given the fruit from
the tree of life, called forgiveness, and they would have been done, in that story. And instead, we have history that is, you
could say thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and even billions of years old now. It can all come to a close. But don’t talk about Adam and Eve doing that
when we’re still doing it every day. Stop, take responsibility for the lessons
Mercury brings, full moons brings, my talks, bring your best friend, your worst enemy,
whatever these people do. Let’s find a way to find peace, our best form
of peace. An interesting thing happened just recently,
just a short version of it, is I ran into somebody that caused a lot of harm to a lot
of people in Sedona a few years back. They’re part of a small contingent, a few
people that just… That’s what they’re kinda hateful. And running into this person, it was an interesting
thing because I’ll just call it in the mythology or in a metaphor kind of a story. This person was in a position of coming to
unity of Sedona to get something a little light yet they don’t like us and so on. So it was my tendency in this story to try
to reach out to them and say, look, I know you don’t like to be around us. You don’t like us because whatever your trip
is all about, I understand that. Is there something we can do that you can
take with you that not like a spica per, but is there something you can take with you that
you can practice this thing that you see here, that you love that this light, but you can’t
bring yourself to apologize for the harms you caused, is there something we can do to
help you take this with you? And I’m not gonna tell you the answer. I’m just gonna say, are you always willing
to do what you can to Send light to people? Even if they’ve been harmful, that would be
a good thing. I’m not saying put yourself in harms way that’s
unhealthy. And I’m not saying, oh, you should enable
people’s behaviors if they’re hurtful, that’s unhealthy. But what can I do to bring the most good to
each situation? So there you have it. I pray this meant something to you and might
help you in some way, or help you in a way that you can also share it with others. Remember when you share anything I have taught,
share it as your truth. Don’t say There’s this Michael guy, the Michael,
Michael, Michael… Don’t don’t promote me, even though that sounds
kind of weird. Don’t promote me. Don’t sell people on me. Talk about it as though it’s you and your
experience. It’s something you believe and practice in
your own life and talk to them about how it works for you. You don’t have to sell them on me. If there’s a time that comes when they say,
where do you hear about this? Fine, then answer, honestly, but I don’t say
these things to try to gather students, chelahs, disciples, or whatever. I’m a disciple of Christ consciousness, and
I encourage you to be one as well. I may be further along in that, but that’s
what I am. I would not call myself my own… Something, and having my disciples, that doesn’t
make any sense. Why would anybody want to be a disciple of
a being lesser than Christ? It doesn’t make any sense. Just join me in the discipleship of Christ
consciousness, and let’s all revel in that. Marvel in that. Let’s all celebrate that and give thanks for
that. Yes, I’ll play the role in teaching this and
that. But let’s remember, I’m only playing a role,
and there’s something far greater that we’re all heading towards within ourselves and cosmically.


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