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Bullshit–Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Medication Song

They tell me my problem’s genetic, I’m born with a flaw in my brain They tell me I need medication, and force me to bury my pain BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles Their pills make me shaky and sweaty, I fear that they’re breaking my will They told me that this is quite normal, and added another new pill BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles They put me inside a straightjacket, they locked me inside of a cage They inject me with Haldol to calm me, yet wonder why I’m full of rage BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles They give me a shrink I can talk to, but she is just spiritually dead She only repeats the same question, “are you still taking your meds?” BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles They force-fed me E. Fuller Torrey, but he is sadistic and gross I asked them about Peter Breggin, they replied by increasing my dose BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles Their studies are so scientific, and based on assiduous work But they don’t share their affiliations, with Lilly and Janssen and Merck BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles They absolve all of my traumatizers, the horrors that they did to me They tell me to put it behind me, and say that I need ECT BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles I said I think I can recover, and taper off all of these meds They tell me that’s just my delusion, an illness that lives in my head BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles and miles BULLSHIT, bullshit, I’ve learned to smell
bullshit from miles


  1. Jon W
    Jon W April 22, 2014

    That is a great song!

  2. Pablo
    Pablo May 14, 2014

    The chorus is quite catchy

  3. Ian Barr
    Ian Barr May 23, 2014

    How do we make this #1 hit?

  4. SuperDelta000
    SuperDelta000 May 24, 2014

    this is the ultimate antipsychiatry song. psychiatrists are absolute scum. keep spreading the word.

  5. sixwingproductions
    sixwingproductions July 12, 2014

    mental illness may not be bullshit but how we treat it sure is.

  6. Sam Hernandez
    Sam Hernandez September 3, 2014

    Hey man you hit this on the dot!!! I agree on making this number 1 song! About time I read some remarks from real people instead of ignorant people who have no idea! Kick backs from the damn pharmaceutical comps. is how mental illness is treated! No lie, I lost my Dad to suicide because of the greed for kick backs. Beware of all meds especially when you make it known your loved one or you are not well on this med and even after I requested he be taken off! He`was never the same loving, caring, kind hearted man. I loved him very much and it was a day I will not forget, and I know many others in this world have had to experience! Great job with this sir! This actually made me smile ,its been a while since I smiled.

  7. XAEL
    XAEL September 11, 2014

    Thanks for the video Daniel. This soul-crushing slavery certainly is bullshit.

  8. Daniel Burdick
    Daniel Burdick October 2, 2014

    Drug Children because the Secret Service can't protect the President so Psychiatric clinicians must!

    Robin Williams killed himself after getting Parkinson's — so let's move to Increase the Power of Psychiatry!

    Drug USA Citizens based on questionnaires to Stop Homelessness!

    >> See Security Breach at White House on Sept. 19 2014 —

    DJ Jaffe, Fuller Torrey and Rep. Murphy want everybody in the country screened as children for incipient, early serious mental illness. Giving young children neurotropic drugs with chlorine or fluorine in them – unlike any biochemical compounds found in nature – will be great. Early treatment is best.

    Drugging pregnant women, nursing women, teens and toddlers are a great thing when it is the scourge of severe mental disorders that is being battled.

    To prevent people from scaling the white house fence and walking in a door that happens to be left unlocked – to stop people from being homeless – to prevent Fort Hood from being attacked by a lone gunman a third or fourth time – it is clear that "Trained Doctors" should use word tests, questionnaires, interview and their professional opinion to early detect all USA citizens who could be a mental health hazard. So we are told by the ilk of DJ Jaffe, Fuller Torrey and other such pharma rep propagandists.

    White House security and the Secret Service are unable to prevent people from jumping the fence and walking in the door. "Trained Doctors" need to early detect mental disease in USA children, and also screen Veterans of course.

    These "Trained Doctors" who have no Medical Lab test to confirm the presence of any one of the severe mental disorder categories in the DSM nosology.

    "Serious mental illness" according to Fuller Torrey, DJ Jaffe and Representative Murphy must receive "treatment" as ordered by Medical Professionals.

    Which psychological illnesses – rank – as severe or serious, in their statements, is never limited to stating exactly what they are referring to. At some points they will state that Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Major Depression with psychotic feature are included.

    Do they really leave out Panic Attacks, OCD and Postpartum Depression?!  It is for the most part, all "serious," is it not? Thus lucrative patented prescription sales items that drug the brain and "suppress symptoms" (though never cure any "illness") need to be paid for by people and by the taxpayers. Surely they would also include panic attacks and postpartum depression…

    We want what is best for people! Modern treatments… to keep us all safe –and prevent homelessness!

    According to Murphy, Torry and Jaffe — If every USA Child is examined and judged by an Authority, and permanently drugged as called for, then we will all be safe and free in the USA.

    Nosology means naming system. The person that prescribes more than one lucrative psychotropic patent drug to you or your child, diagnoses, by using their judgement.

    D.S.M. diagnoses is: naming a person – as being in a descriptive category. It is naming. No Medical tests are used nor exist.

    "Trained Doctors" is a phrase in the 2014 Fuller Torry book "American Psychosis."

    With the bill HR 3717 or other such legislation they seek to increase the power, reach – and profitability – of their rigged self-serving
    version of Psychiatry.

    Any news item that is usable is grist for their propaganda mill.

    Daniel Burdick, Eugene Oregon USA


    Rigged trials of, and rigged publications on Risperdal let us know that this was a breakthrough wonder drug, "safe and more effective" than the older drugs. Especially "more effective for negative symptoms" such as  sociability. In the final scenes of "A Beautiful Mind" we see Nash –
    after years of struggling – suddenly speaking to students with pose and

    "A Beautiful Mind" with consultancy to the film by Max Fink, M.D. the Grandfather of Electroshock

    Nash demonstrates great Insight and Acceptance and Compliance just before the end of the Movie when the Nobel Prize reps have approved his attendance.

    "Would I embarrass you?

    Yes, it is possible.

    You see, I-

    I am crazy.

    I take the newer medications,

    but I still see things that are not here."

    A Beautiful Mind – The Script

    <> Take your meds and know that you are always different from normal people, defective.

    <> Then others may not stigmatize or be prejudicial.

    <> Accept and comply, no matter how bad the treatment is — it is
    better than you being unmediated around normal people like us.


    "Schizophrenia is degenerative. Some days maybe symptom-free,

    but over time, you are getting worse.

    It's a problem. That's all it is.

    It's a problem with no solution.

    And that's what I do, I solve problems.

    That's what I do best. This isn't math.

    You can't come up with a formula…

    to change the way you experience the world.

    – All I have to do is apply my mind. – There's no theorem, no proof.

    – You can't reason your way out of this. – Why not? Why can't I?

    Because your mind is where the problem is in the first place."

    We know than Ron Howard must be honest and good intentioned – because he acted the part of a nice person on the television shows, Happy Days and The Andy Griffith Show.

    Daniel Burdick – Eugene, Oregon


    Robert Whitaker's "Mad in America" Site for Bloggers

    A Beautiful Mind Commentary

    Safe Harbor Project

    William Walsh, Ph.D. — Biochemical Types
    "Advanced Nutrient Therapies for Bipolar Disorders with Dr. Walsh" – Natural Treatment for Bipolar 

    William Walsh, Ph.D. Forget Gun Control-THIS Could Stop School Shootings!
    Biochemical testing and biochemical therapies.
    Forget Gun Control-THIS Could Stop School Shootings!

    Psychiatrist Hyla Cass: First Do No Harm
    Psychiatrist Hyla Cass: First Do No Harm

    Vince Bellonzi, D.O.
    Functional vs. Mainstream Medicine
    How to Find a Doctor You Can Trust, Functional vs. Mainstream Medicine, Nutrition | The Truth Talks William Walsh, Ph.D. Nutrient Power
    Nutrient Power with Dr. Walsh – Your Health TV

  9. Jessica D.
    Jessica D. October 12, 2014

    Were you really locked up in a ward or did you make the song up?

  10. SuperDelta000
    SuperDelta000 October 20, 2014

    Hahahahahahaha absolute classic. Amazing to say the least.

  11. SuperDelta000
    SuperDelta000 November 25, 2014

    Crime and Fraud in the Mental Health Industry

    The following are crimes for which psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health practitioners have been criminally charged, convicted and/or lost their licenses.  

    A prison term or revoked license has not always stopped a psychiatrist from later attempting to acquire a license elsewhere or even to take up unlicensed practice or practice in a sector of the healing arts that is not regulated. Psychiatric and psychological professional associations do not police ethical breaches, violations of law or criminality in their ranks. Instead, as former president of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Paul Fink, arrogantly admitted: "It is the task of the APA to protect the earning power of psychiatrists."

    CNN Glenn Beck on Dr William Ayres, child molester

  12. CalmandCollected97
    CalmandCollected97 November 27, 2014

    Science, you should learn it.

  13. Matt Hase
    Matt Hase December 3, 2014

    Scientology smells better that psychiatry, but how do we know they don't have the same leadership?  Aren't all cults, religions and oddballs being routed into scientology though psychiatry?  Isn't it all human trafficking?

  14. Frances Farmer
    Frances Farmer December 28, 2014

    Psychiatry uses electroshock and drugs to destroy people.

  15. SuperDelta000
    SuperDelta000 December 30, 2014

    Mackler this song is a hit, i wish it was on the radio.

  16. Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson April 7, 2015

    im going on my ten year anniversary of taking psychiatric medication. wish I could go without it…. everytime I try… I end up back in the system.

  17. Robert Gass
    Robert Gass August 25, 2015

    I have video evidence of the Sertraline and Abilify tablets that I was taking conducting magnetism on my youtube account . I'm still cleansing my brain of the shell that formed over it from those meds, but the head shocks are a lot less powerful than they used to be and I'm now able to hold down two jobs. Back on the meds I had to go onto social security disability because of what they did to me. Even after the pharmaceutical companies are putting extremely disturbing warnings on the inserts, legitimate medical doctors like neurologists continue assuming the meds must be safe. It's totally demented. They've destroyed countless lives through tricking people. If the meds are that dangerous why would they be keeping them on the market? Money from mind control and duress. That's how.

  18. Christina Bunch
    Christina Bunch November 8, 2015

    I agree

  19. Sue Boy
    Sue Boy November 24, 2015

    i am dying from 6 forced shots of invega and risperidal. Look up shane clauer on facebook andtwitter ad you will see death and torture

  20. Joe McKenzie
    Joe McKenzie November 29, 2015

    hahahahaah holy shit

  21. Cojultad
    Cojultad January 26, 2016

    Round up every psychiatrist and shoot them in the back of the head. Then we shall enter the golden age of humanity

  22. scout lee
    scout lee January 29, 2016

    I relate to this so much. I've been locked in the psych ward 5 times in the past two years. And all I can say about the experiences… is that they were BUUUULLLSHIIIT

  23. Chronic Crop Circles
    Chronic Crop Circles January 31, 2016

    And yal can trust an angel over evil mad scientists its comming

  24. Jesse Rogers
    Jesse Rogers February 24, 2016

    Our society is so judgemental.

    Oh you don't like to conform? Take this fucking pill you loser.

    Autism, aspergers, depression, so many things that there are biological healing/epigenetic cures for, but our society wants people to play the fucking victim and tell them they're weird, crazy, etc. etc.

    I think the real crazy people are the fucking conformists that dwell in the matrix, that enable the pharmaceuticals to monetize off of individuals unresolved issues, just pure fuckery.

    I think our society places value on being a victim because then they can sell you something, get you hooked, tell you you're broken, etc.

    True enlightenment is transcending the matrix.

    We can biologically heal ourselves, anything else our society pushes is fucking retarded.

  25. tod kington
    tod kington February 25, 2016

    Great! thanks.

  26. damon matthews
    damon matthews February 27, 2016

    This vid contains more wisdom than any prescribing Doc I ever met. Nice one.

  27. Diane Steele
    Diane Steele March 18, 2016

    Excellent! Thank you.

  28. Frisch Regen
    Frisch Regen March 20, 2016

    I think mental health is about not feeling betrayed

  29. Travis Fisher
    Travis Fisher April 16, 2016

    this sounds like a parody of an old song, in the song they sing bullshit, bullshit, it all sounds like bullshit to me, to me it all sounds like bullshit to me. haven't heard the song in a long time though.

  30. psych smasher
    psych smasher April 26, 2016

    fuck psychiatry.

  31. psych smasher
    psych smasher April 26, 2016

    if psychiatry had there way every mentally I'll person would be gassed
    people go on here and talk about how great psychiatry is but then they never know the dark history of it. and the crimes committed by psychiatry today like my brother Kyle who's now dead because of psychiatry psychiatry has done good but the bad far out weight the good they have done and I also notice that psychiatrists are coming on here and talking shit to anti psychiatrist for all those people fuck off. we are not your bitches and we will fuck you all up

  32. lonlyhousewife
    lonlyhousewife May 29, 2016

    this is golden and needs to go viral,

  33. Storm Lightfoot
    Storm Lightfoot May 31, 2016

    me too pal. ive learnt to smell bullshit from miles and miles

  34. poopydiaper300
    poopydiaper300 June 19, 2016

    Dude, you are the SHIT. And I mean that in the sincerest, most, genuine, respectful way. Thanks for the laugh. I, too, concur. We all must stick together against the man…or in my case, the REAL, LIVE NURSE RATCHETT (Dr. Feldman at GMBC in Maryland)

  35. Mad Mike
    Mad Mike July 31, 2016


    I know there's thousands of people who feel like I do about psychiatry and it's torturous ways. I have worked tirelessly at the page END PSYCHIATRY and the petition at Causes to BAN FORCED TREATMENT and I would like to see some solidarity amongst this essential HUMAN RIGHTS movement.

    2000 people at End Psychiatry. 3,500 supporters at Causes and endless amounts of survivors and casualties of psychiatry.
    I need you all to support my efforts by SIGNING the petition and inviting your contacts to sign, RIGHT NOW.

    Do it, not for me, but because it's the right thing to do.

    Thank you.

    Psst !
    Cheatcode; Copy & paste this link EVERYWHERE, like digital activist graffiti!

    Keep smiling world.
    Dan waz ere 😉

  36. Chase Me Down the street
    Chase Me Down the street August 12, 2016

    Great tune. Psychiatry is largely BS. Chemical imbalance is my favorite. Or black and white splitting being an internal defense mechanism. Jack Starks from the Jacket.

  37. Love
    Love September 16, 2016

    Im withdrawing odd Seroquel after being on a 300mg dose for 4yrs. I am down to 12.5mgs. But having a hell of a time getting off that. Do you have any experience with withdrawing off seroquel? I love ypu video and agree 100% by the way.

  38. Dmitry Serov
    Dmitry Serov October 3, 2016

    Anyhow psychiatry kills. This is
    its purpose. Psychiatrists make no mistakes and they don't cause random,
    "unfavorable" effects. They know, how to destroy the humans nature.
    They transform a human to an alive nothing. And it quite satisfies them. They
    are the criminals. And we have to struggle with
    them as with the criminals. Don't lie to yourselves, gentlemen. Support the
    petiton This is necessary as air. It's enough to open eyes to
    understand it.

  39. Kal-El
    Kal-El October 11, 2016

    Seriously this made me laugh every single time. Just defeats a bad day haha!

  40. Jae [alias Lili]
    Jae [alias Lili] March 5, 2017

    I like the song tittle. The doctors just dope us up on meds and send us off on our ways. THESE MEDS ARE BULLSHIT!
    They give me new ones since my last 8… Ativan shots and Benydryl shots.

  41. Phoebe Sparrow Wagner
    Phoebe Sparrow Wagner March 7, 2017

    Brilliant! Thank you, Daniel !

  42. JennInLondon
    JennInLondon April 3, 2017

    Excellent. 🙂

  43. Emily Greene
    Emily Greene April 20, 2017

    Funny and yet so true with the exception of Peter Breggin. He's part of the pseudoscience sister industry of psychiatry – psychology and therapy. All three need to be got rid of.

  44. JennInLondon
    JennInLondon May 29, 2017

    Hey Daniel, just want to let you know that I appreciate your open-mindedness even when you consider your personal background and beliefs. In the conversations we've had, you've been nothing but open, kind, considerate and validating of my very real and understandable perspective. That's how people should talk with each other. Thanks for setting a good example.

  45. Everyday Psych Victims Project
    Everyday Psych Victims Project June 27, 2017

    ANTIPSYCH! Check out our channel for psych victim interviews, anti psych, and more. Added to anti psych music playlist.

  46. Dmitry Serov
    Dmitry Serov August 19, 2017

    From 8 to 12 October in Berlin will be a protest action against psychiatry. Everyone who can, must take part.

  47. Marko Tora
    Marko Tora October 6, 2017

    Drugs work very different with very different people. I would not say it is all bullshit. When drug wont work then its bullshit.

  48. VocaloidsRock
    VocaloidsRock October 27, 2017

    The moral of the story is simple…stay the fuck away from psychiatrists and any other mental health "professionals"…these mental health professionals pretend they have some secret knowledge of the human mind and behavior, and they pretend they can solve your mental issues…but what they are just full of bullshit. Going to psychiatrist and having one of these shrinks prescribe you medications will do you no good. In fact, it will just make your problems worse because these medications are about as effective as sugar pills…they do you no good whatsoever. Plus these meds have plenty of negative side-effects and are addictive.

  49. Tiemans Pace
    Tiemans Pace November 15, 2017

    Thank you for spreading this message. Most people do not know any of the truths we are trying to get across regarding these major social problems. Society needs to cut psychiatry. It will save really a lot of money for the whole planet. And it will save a lot of lives and minds that don't need to be played with for money as well as just play. many people knowingly use mental illness,(no such thing), as an excuse to be asses and as ways for corrupt organizations like the medical society and the court system to commit and get away with crimes of many kinds. Those people are the psychopaths they are calling everyone else. Their whole concept of reality is pathetically disruptive positive thinking. I'm not religious, but those people are evil. Think about it. They make a living and killing,(literally), out of saying bad things about our minds. If their career was about saying good things about the minds' abilities and strengths it would be worth it. But they are messed up and disruptive to the well being of the Human and God knows what else creatures minds they can think of. They attack individuals in the cruelest inhumane ways possible. They do not attack faulty social patterns and try to make things better for everyone. They attack individuals. Like gangster bully mentality.

  50. Nathan Grundler
    Nathan Grundler January 11, 2018

    These fuckers will surely pay for their evil deeds

  51. ComeAlivewithMK
    ComeAlivewithMK January 30, 2018

    You got that right!

  52. Nakasasama
    Nakasasama February 7, 2018

    I was placed in a psyche hospital twice, once when I was 14 and the second when I was 15. I was quiet frankly out of it the second time around. I ended up on Mellaril and a few months later tegretol. After about a year I ended up not bothering anymore with it. I am now 44 years old.

  53. falconelly
    falconelly February 11, 2018

    I'm cured now thankyou

  54. Sky 4
    Sky 4 February 16, 2018

    hey remember the American days of trying to get yourself killed was street drugs, running with wrong crowd and unprotected sex? Now its just speaking up about your experiences as a victim in mental health…Hmmm .you really want to support this especially now Vice President Pence is deemed mentally ill in U.S.A…💩

  55. blink
    blink March 2, 2018

    Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love u

  56. AlmightyMan01
    AlmightyMan01 March 3, 2018

    i agree with the sentiments but bullshit bullshit also puts me in mind of the government and the disturbing people who create the laws for these and why the needs of the many (us) outweight the needs of the few (shrinks)

  57. Katarina Baird
    Katarina Baird March 18, 2018

    As someone who came off her meds about 8 weeks ago and all the doctors have done is try to put me back on them. I love his song

  58. Unified Spontaneity
    Unified Spontaneity April 7, 2018


  59. TT Tonic
    TT Tonic April 12, 2018

    That was just sublime. Honest. Real. Talk. Fucking hilarious with it. Bravo Daniel 👏👏👏

  60. tony villani
    tony villani April 20, 2018

    To Daniel Mackler . — that is great and truthful song ,and ;
    I can see you are right onto the psychosis of Psychiatry , and;
    unfortunately many Psychiatrists , – suffer from psychosis , -that they acquired and foolishly obtained from their University Training .
    Think about it for a minute ,- ;
    students at Universities study learn to be Psychiatrists , however ;
    when the Student start out at University they are using the simple "how?" "what?" " when?" and "why?" questions and strategies , and ;
    that makes lots of sense , because ;
    when using the simple "how?" "what?" " when?" and "why?" questions , then ;
    we all get answers we all can understand , however ;
    about 50 years ago , -Big Pharma and the Psychiatrists Associations , Hijacked the Universities , to;
    deliberately confuse and indoctrinate Psychiatry Students , with;
    1000,s and 1000,s of bits of overload false information , that ;
    is deliberately designed to confuse and complicate Psychiatry Students , because ;
    Big Pharma gets to sell drugs to people for a potential lifetime , and ;
    the Psychiatrists Association needs to have unwell patients to feed work to the new Psychiatrists entering the workforce .

  61. Lordwarship
    Lordwarship April 25, 2018

    Truth, this guy's awesome haha.

  62. Mc Hobbit
    Mc Hobbit May 1, 2018

    Without medication I was often anxious, but able to distract myself by writing and creative things more often than not. On medication, all my creativity was gone and I was straight up MISERABLE. I'm not a super social person so if I couldn't write or be creative otherwise, all I could do is stare at a TV or computer screen. I felt dumb and useless and about ten times worse. They'd rather I be a thoughtless, dumb little worker bee than a creative person with a brain but no thanks.

  63. Miss Lady
    Miss Lady July 9, 2018

    Stumbled across this video and my first reaction to bullshit was laughing 😆 I’ve always read the prescription warnings before thinking about taking any. Then I realize I don’t need a pill to make me happy or define how I feel. Thanks for the video 👍🏽

  64. Carmen DeAngelo
    Carmen DeAngelo August 9, 2018

    OMG 😀

  65. masturball
    masturball August 10, 2018

    Love this channel and the high quality content on here. You keep it real! Please check out a channel called @AaronClarey. He is a consultant on YouTube and he desperately needs your insight as a expert in psychotherapy! I will tell him to check out your channel as well. The cross traffic will be insane!

  66. Geneva Merrick
    Geneva Merrick August 14, 2018

    Pitifully funny….so glad I stayed away from it…

  67. White light
    White light August 14, 2018

    Sick sick sick. I still carry so much anger because of these people.

  68. Pablo Valle
    Pablo Valle September 26, 2018

    this song is quite catchy

  69. Ernie Pianezza
    Ernie Pianezza October 12, 2018

    Ordering drugs is all about $$$ Years ago my therapist wanted me to go on something for depression. I said no, that my depression was situational, not chemical, & that talk therapy does the job for me! She said how about short term? I said no! She said ok………

  70. da ni
    da ni November 13, 2018

    Bullshit Bullshit I've learned to smell Bullshit from Miles…and Miles xD

  71. M G B
    M G B November 14, 2018

    LOL good song. Reminds me of Ernest. I smell bullshit from miles away and they don't see me coming. I will share this.👍😀💨💟✌

  72. Dave Sims
    Dave Sims November 14, 2018

    I love your song! I can’t help but think of the melody for “my Bonnie lies over the ocean“ when I hear it

  73. jvamasada1
    jvamasada1 December 2, 2018

    Szkoda że nie ma wersji Polskiej tych piosenek

  74. Carol Jenny
    Carol Jenny December 15, 2018

    I know that it sounds far fetched, but, everything is ENERGY, and someone who is trained in energy healing (pranic healing MCKS) can PULL OUT what are called karmic seeds in the back parts of the chakras (energy wheels) and take out TRAUMA. Not kidding. It is called energetic psycho therapy. I have been a healer and have seen pretty immediate changes for better lives the very next day. Things like grief, can be pulled out and things like anxiety attacks can be GONE. Not kidding. I no longer serve as a healer, but, there are many PRANIC FREE CLINICS . You can go to pranic (make sure it is MCKS) and find where clinics are happening.

    ABOCHITO December 22, 2018

    I like the little heads on the shoulders that suddenly appear for the falsetto chorus.

  76. IMMORTAL ³³
    IMMORTAL ³³ January 14, 2019


  77. IMMORTAL ³³
    IMMORTAL ³³ January 16, 2019

    Psychiatry is a satanic power for destroy christians and all truth.

  78. Galderik
    Galderik February 24, 2019

    Psychiatrists are criminals and need to be locked up.

  79. frenchgemini
    frenchgemini February 24, 2019

    You are a talented genius. I completely understand your language. They psychiatric industry is just jealous of your talent.

  80. James Robert Clark
    James Robert Clark March 6, 2019

    Dude you rock.

  81. Gloria Nicolosi
    Gloria Nicolosi March 7, 2019

    The song good

  82. Jack Hartnett
    Jack Hartnett March 8, 2019

    Haha, this is great! Music maybe the most popular thing in the world, if you spaced the chorus with a couple more verses each time then I think it has some real viral potential. It's already funny, but maybe could use some more specific criticisms directed at psypharm, the industry, logical fallacies, idk, even more jokes etc. Maybe another rework? I could suggest some lines that may go well with the melody if it interests you at all. I very much doubt I could make a piece sound as good.

  83. #ResistBlueISIS AikenCountySC is corrupt!
    #ResistBlueISIS AikenCountySC is corrupt! March 8, 2019

    I needed that laugh. Lolololol

  84. My Amygdalae Are Scared
    My Amygdalae Are Scared March 19, 2019

    This needs to be on I tunes lol

  85. Galderik
    Galderik March 26, 2019

    Uaaahahahahahahahahaha 🤣

  86. MikeSpeaks
    MikeSpeaks March 28, 2019

    can we please do a collab

  87. Dobroski Belirsiz
    Dobroski Belirsiz April 23, 2019

    The fact that there is psychiatry, whan are the "medication" lots of information here:

  88. frenchgemini
    frenchgemini April 25, 2019

    Being coerced and forced to consume anti-psychotics lead to constipation, where I can't shit for weeks, and when I finally do shit, I shit like a bull!

  89. Lenore Paduano
    Lenore Paduano April 27, 2019

    🤣 LOL…WELL DONE! I've been on ativan and seroquel for 12 years. Antidepressants gave me seizures! Stopped that long ago. Tapering off benzos…hard. Have most symptoms of MS . thx for a lighter side approach to such a horrible misstreatment of humanity.

  90. marlon leoleo
    marlon leoleo May 4, 2019

    risperidone made me impotent for life. I hate those monster companies and elite.

  91. Dobroski Belirsiz
    Dobroski Belirsiz May 14, 2019

    Psychiatrists are criminals. Their goals are criminal, the tasks they undertake to solve. And it is necessary to fight them as criminals. Of forced a of psychiatry has long need to to banned by law.

  92. Dobroski Belirsiz
    Dobroski Belirsiz June 9, 2019

    In Israel, the blogger Rafael Elkovets is in a mental hospital. He sharply criticized a member of the city municipality of Tiberias. It seems even threatened him. For this, he forcibly placed in a mental hospital. There were protests for his release. But all attempts led to nothing.

  93. Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams June 21, 2019


  94. Magnus Iversen
    Magnus Iversen June 23, 2019

    I really don't like this video. Alot of mentally ill people are watching your videos and they can get againts psychiatry because of this. Psychiatry have helped me and people I know. They have talked to me about my problems, how to fix my wekanesses and given me advice. They have also said that I should take meds, but I havn't yet. They are doing the right thing for you, atleast the psychiatrist that I know. They do what they know best, they are not fricking sadist that wants to hurt you. Many insane people would go out on the streets and many suicides woud be comitted if it wasn't for meds and psychotherapy.

  95. _. useless ._. human ._
    _. useless ._. human ._ June 26, 2019

    Lol I’m fucking done with therapy, psychiatry, and wards. Years of this bullshit hasn’t changed a thing.

  96. frenchgemini
    frenchgemini July 3, 2019

    I too have learned to swallow pills with no water, and in my personal experience so far, it's been very hard to get a cup of water at Acute Psychiatric Service at Hennepin Healthcare formerly known as Hennepin County Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The nursing is mostly too busy and very rude, so sometimes I manage to sneak out of the cell and find the sink where thankfully the water was working and I was able to scoop some into my palms to drink. God forbid I wouldn't doubt some people drink the toilet water.

  97. frenchgemini
    frenchgemini July 3, 2019

    I was forced to take Risperdal injections via Jarvis Order in Minnesota, and as soon as the med went under my skin it felt like fire burning me. Worse than a mosquito bite or Bald Faced Hornet sting.

  98. Galderik
    Galderik August 14, 2019


  99. ONE TWO
    ONE TWO August 20, 2019

    Remember that you don''t speak for all of us. Psychiatry gave me my life back.

  100. Zeke Krahlin
    Zeke Krahlin September 9, 2019

    Someone just posted this song on Reddit, here:

    So I just watched/listened to it, and I must say: BRAVO! You have your latest subscriber in me, so thanks.

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