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California Becomes First State To Give Illegal Immigrants Government Healthcare

and thus it became law when the governor of California signed a bill that will grant government healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants this story from Fox News California becomes first state to give taxpayer-funded health benefits to illegal immigrants now this story is actually kind of old accept the new information as if the governor's actually signed it it was passed in the state and a lot of people were wondering if it would actually get signed into law the reason being San Francisco has a human waste problem we're homeless and mentally unwell people are just you know kind of defecating in the street it's such a serious problem the city has to hire what they call a poop Patrol then you have Los Angeles with a homeless problem so bad there are concerns that bubonic plague will actually come back they've had a typhoid outbreak so people are wondering with all of these problems facing California why would they allocate funding towards the healthcare of illegal immigrants it could be political reasons I don't know there was a critique in the New York Times recently from progressives saying that LA even with a supermajority in the Democrats could not solve the homeless crisis perhaps this is just platitudes and virtuous signaling to make it seem like they're doing something when they're really not so let's read the story and then I want to talk about the concept of the California sanctuary state as it pertains to illegal immigration before we get started head over to Tim Kass calm slash done it if you'd like to support my work there are multiple options paypal crypto and physical address but of course share this video if you think it should be shared because youtube has as of May 1st stop suggesting content from independent creators for the most part well let's get to the news they say governor Gavin Newsom Democrat of California signed a bill into law on Tuesday making young illegal immigrants eligible for the Medicaid program in California making it the first state to offer such taxpayer-funded health benefits to low-income adults age 25 and younger regardless of their immitate immigration status state officials so they expected the plan to cover about 90,000 people and cost taxpayers ninety eight million dollars California already covered children 18 and younger regardless of immigration status the law will not give health insurance benefits to every 125 and younger but only those whose income is low enough to qualify newsom and fellow Democrats in the state legislature said they plan to expand coverage to more adults in the years to come advocates of the measure have called it a way to improve the health of immigrants in the state by providing them with access to the medical care they need many immigrants in the country illegally already have been enrolled for some government funded programs but they covered only emergencies and pregnancies Democrats had pushed to expand the coverage to even more adults but Newsom rejected the proposals saying it would cost about 3.4 billion dollars to provide coverage to all California adults living in the country illegally but he still has vowed to keep expanding coverage in future years now there's an important point here first what will this cover nessus be covering when we think about the homeless problem in you know San Francisco and Los Angeles you need to recognize that mental illness is a big factor drug addiction and other issues can result other addictions can result in people you know essentially causing the problems California faces it is possible there is a circuitous solution to these problems through what they're doing if a lot of the people that are homeless and a lot of the people that are you know kind of pooping in the streets or doing drugs are illegal immigrants providing health care to all young people period may prevent an expansion of the homeless crisis so it's an important point to make on its surface you will get a lot of people saying this is an insane policy you can't do this it makes no sense there are good reasons to make that argument and that's what I want to get into next but I want to make sure I stress oftentimes the solution to problems are counterintuitive and when you have a lot of people who are homeless we need to figure out why did they become homeless because sometimes the solution isn't necessarily get the homeless and put them in a home it's prevent further homelessness so that as time goes on as we you know house the homeless and deal with their mental issue that you know mental health issues we will not be increasing the number okay it's kind of like before you try and figure out where the leak in your hose is turn the water off right otherwise something to keep coming it's gonna be harder to deal with but there is a good reason to criticize this and that is the California sanctuary state law they will not allow local law enforcement to work with the feds to track down illegal immigrants and this is where things become a bit untenable well it may be that a solution to a lot of the problems with mental health poverty crime etc is to provide health care to people when you incentivize illegal immigration and say we will not work with federal authorities to have you deported you are going to have an influx of illegal immigrants you're then going to have to pay for all of that healthcare as the number of illegal immigrants expands and that can become untenable because more and more people will come because you've offered them free health care there are a lot of people who know in the u.s. if you go to an emergency room at treat you and thus there is some incentive to try and jump the border just to get to the emergency room if you've got some you know IRL appendicitis or something something needs immediate treatment you know they'll have to take care of taking advantage of our goodwill but when California says we won't work with federal law enforcement well then you're going to have a massive influx of people and that's what we're seeing some people are blaming Trump saying that because Trump says is going to put the border border well people think now's my only chance I disagree while I can understand the sentiment I believe that is a bit terse too circuitous when the simple solution is the Democrats are quite literally saying we will protect you and defend you and not deport you now they're saying we better go before the Republicans shut that down the Democrats are holding the fence up saying come on and hurry up before it shuts let's read a little bit about this from politifact so this is a bit a bit of an old story but because of the sanctuary state log being a bit older I want to make sure I can separate to the best of my ability fact from fiction now I want to stress politie politifact is actually a bit biased plain and simple but we'll read this and I will give you my personal thoughts on what they what they claim and my views on how sanctuary states you know will affect these bills they write there's perhaps no more controversial or mischaracterized piece of recent legislation in California than the sanctuary state law critics describe it as lawlessness an example of the Democratic controlled state going rogue and preventing local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents to deport undocumented residents the law said at bail 54 and also known as the California Values Act was signed last year by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown supporters say it was designed to encourage undocumented Californians to trust the police and report crimes in their neighborhoods rather than viewing local law enforcement as an immigration force so so I want to stop here and say it's actually a good argument it is um I don't think it gets to the deeper ramifications of what will come from this but it is true that when it comes to car accidents for instance there is a whether it's a legit problem or not it's something that's often brought up an illegal immigrant will get to an accident and then flee the scene because they're scared of being deported or crimes will persist because nobody wants to actually report them the same is true in black-market circumstances if someone is selling pot right and they witness a serious crime they're not going to report it because they were doing something illegal at the time they don't get in trouble they want to avoid police at all cost and so it's one of the reasons I'm actually against you know drug prohibition in general Oh like legalize it restrict it control it when you when you push it into black markets that's when you breed crime and lawlessness because you have basically said anything you do in this matter is outside the law so to stress not a bad argument but the problem is it will incentivize more illegal immigration thus not actually solving the problem expanding it if you if you offer illegal immigrants health care it's an incentive come here and we will give you health care if you're a certain age and of a certain income if you say don't worry our cops won't work with eisah deport you people will feel it's a good opportunity to come now the original problem you faced was that illegal immigrants aren't reporting crimes because they're scared of being deported this bill may actually incentivize illegal immigrants to report crimes but it simultaneously will increase the amount of illegal immigrants thus increasing the problem of people who don't want to report crimes and then you're gonna spend money on their health care therein lies the deeper problem with the idea of sanctuary cities what I see from many on the left is an emotional reaction and here is the problem I don't know what determines what the tribes are left or right conservative-liberal all I know is that when it comes to Solutions I agree with many people on the left the problem is we don't agree for the same reasons why should we have like a sanctuary city law well they say there's a good reason right that you want illegal immigrants to report crimes when you look at the nuance of an issue sometimes the solutions are counterintuitive let's take a look at something like the minimum wage increase I think in some circumstances it absolutely does make sense though I don't think a blanket federal $15 increase to $15 makes sense I believe there are many circumstances where certain sectors and certain jurisdictions will need to increase a minimum wage the problem with the left is they say money for everyone hold on we agree on where we want to get but your proposal makes no sense okay it's an emotional reaction not a logical one take for instance something like universal health care I am 100% in favor of government of taxpayer-funded government you know supplied universal health care hold on I believe abolishing private insurance for everybody makes literally no sense especially when people are happy with what they have thus the the more apt solution today is probably expanding a public option that people can buy into to create market pressure if big businesses are forced to compete with lower cost of government health care perhaps that will cause a change so I think we have to move in reform steps so thus when I see the left say something like Institute universal care peer it's like okay okay stop I agree but how do we get there sit down and talk with me what we end up seeing now with these bills is that is them saying we can't have sick people what we'll hold on we're expanding this to everybody not just illegal immigrants okay so it is for California citizens too but what are you gonna do about the ever-expanding amount of illegal immigrants that are flooding the borders and are going to strain that system perhaps it should be health care benefits to everyone under 25 for citizens wouldn't that make more sense but the emotional reaction is everyone deserves health care it's a human right therefore you expand your limited resources to everybody and eventually you can't afford anymore New York is facing infrastructure crisis budget crisis it doesn't make sense to add an influx of more people when they can't support their transit system the that the MTA in New York is failing it's falling apart skhul app Singh they're struggling to fix it the L train which connects Williamsburg the hipster neighborhood to Manhattan is gonna be shut down soon and now they want to add more people saying you know New York is for everybody it's already pushed to its limit you need to fix these things first or otherwise nothing functions in the end uh I'll leave it there I'm not gonna do a big rant on you know left versus right function you know or whatever the point is I see holes in this plan I see an emotional reaction where people want to do nice things for people and I can I can respect it and understand it but I think you're wrong and we need to sit down and figure to actually how to actually solve these problems so anyway stick around more segments to come and I will see you all in a few minutes you


  1. Aston Martin
    Aston Martin July 11, 2019

    Hahaha have fun paying for illegals dumbass CA taxpayers.. You voted them into office and this what you get.

  2. James Gall
    James Gall July 11, 2019

    EVERY STATE gives taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal immigrants, Tim.

    It's called an "Emergency Room".
    This is why we need to deport people who aren't paying into the system and are here illegally siphoning benefits.

  3. Zexion Almasy
    Zexion Almasy July 11, 2019

    Tim, if you restrict or limit something, that also makes a black market

  4. Two Sheds Johnson
    Two Sheds Johnson July 11, 2019

    The most immorally warped part of this bill that offers young illegals free health care is that it's funded by actual legal citizens that don't get health insurance. California re-instated the mandate for getting insurance…and if you don't do so, you get taxed (fined) $695. So, legal citizens who ARE FORCED to pay for health insurance WILL BE FINED for not doing so, which pays for the health insurance of non-citizens coming here illegally.

    I live in CA…and it's truly a shit show.

  5. Balisongs for Breakfast
    Balisongs for Breakfast July 11, 2019

    this is such a disgrace… we should be ashamed as Americans that this is happening

  6. Turin Thalion
    Turin Thalion July 11, 2019

    Just let that state become its own country already, they basically act like they are already.

  7. rastabarwell
    rastabarwell July 11, 2019

    Socialists will destroy western nations. Illegal vermin get it free, workers have to pay the bill, as well as their own private healthcare. Nothing is free, only for the freeloaders.

  8. Andrew Stoll
    Andrew Stoll July 11, 2019

    #Calexitnow ……….

  9. Nimue
    Nimue July 11, 2019

    Lmao taking our money to pay for other countries citizens while our citizens are fucked. They hate Americans. This is the beginning of the inevitable explosion before theres a fucking civil war. All part of the plan tho

  10. Captain Concernicus
    Captain Concernicus July 11, 2019

    "counter intuitive" California is trying to subvert our expectations.

  11. S Des
    S Des July 11, 2019

    "Politifact is a bit biased". Thank you Captain Understatement.

    In other news, Michael Moore is a bit out of shape.

  12. localpsychosis main
    localpsychosis main July 11, 2019

    Best be only using California taxpayer money I don't want my taxes going to someone who isn't a citizen of my beloved country not right at all considering some of the guys I work with can't afford healthcare while working 45 plued hours a week

  13. Rebecca Ramjohn
    Rebecca Ramjohn July 11, 2019

    Venezuela remastered v1.0

  14. ST7A Bad Karma
    ST7A Bad Karma July 11, 2019

    But CA can’t spend those funds on homeless American citizens that are crapping all over city streets? 🤡🌎

  15. Sandi216
    Sandi216 July 11, 2019

    ALL Americans will pay for this, not only Californians

    PS California just voted to allocate
    $5-MILLION to care for HOMELESS PETS!

  16. Bobby Dog Bear
    Bobby Dog Bear July 11, 2019

    If commies understood resources are limited they wouldn’t be commies. They’re under the impression that charging people to see a doctor is like charging people to breath air.

  17. Wrighthouse Productions
    Wrighthouse Productions July 11, 2019

    Remember in the 1978 Superman film how Lex Luthor was going to make the west coast fall into the sea and use the desert land to make a whole new west coast (Costa De Lex)? What we didn’t realize is that he was the true hero of the film.

    Also that business about illegal immigrants getting into car accidents and fleeing the scene is very true. It happened to me.

  18. Bobby Dog Bear
    Bobby Dog Bear July 11, 2019

    Half of all crashes in LA are hit and run. Why stick around when you aren't here legally and don't have insurance?

  19. rentme2011
    rentme2011 July 11, 2019

    10:09 “lower cost government healthcare”

    Haha is that a joke?? Sounds more like an oxymoron to me

  20. Chad Butler
    Chad Butler July 11, 2019

    San Francisco definitely has a human waste problem. It's own government.

  21. bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 July 11, 2019

    Free dental and medical for MS-13

  22. amrcombs
    amrcombs July 11, 2019

    I fail to see how increasing healthcare to immigrants helps to decrease homelessness.

  23. Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell July 11, 2019

    Let me tell you the story of a young nation that allowed open borders to create more jobs for a specific region. Eventually the immigrant population outnumbered the native population in the region by 4:1 and this country lost the region in its entirety.

    The country is Mexico and the region is Texas.

    We already know the outcome of an open border policy. Mexico tried it and lost Texas in 1836.

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