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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP11 (3/4)

(Yoo Na Yeon, I give my consent
to Yoo Ri Hye’s DNR.) May I see… her last moments? Of course. This way, ma’am. (Min Seong’s dad) Excuse me for a minute. Hello? What? What happened to him? What are you saying?
Are you saying that you lied? He’s at the hospital? I’m bringing in the emergency kit.
Please make way. Excuse me. Dr. Cha, you can’t do this. Get the intubation ready. Increase the amount of epinephrine
every three minutes. Ambu bag. Please prepare the Ambu bag. It wasn’t that… – the kid didn’t want to come.
– Then? Her husband refused to send him,
claiming that he’d be shocked. After she jumped off the rooftop,
I called him in a fit of rage. Her son heard everything. He even heard that his mom was
about to die in the ICU. Let’s go. He didn’t return home
after his lesson. His father thinks he went
to the hospital. Where in the world could he be? (Waiting Room) Have you seen this boy? No, I haven’t. – Have you?
– No, I haven’t. Have you seen this boy? No, I haven’t. Are you Min Seong? Min Seong. Are you here to see your mom? Let’s go. I think we should hurry. Don’t just stand there.
Intubate, now! What are you doing? Let her go. Not like this. There’s something she and I must do. She can’t go yet. That’s him. That’s the boy. On the camera, with Cha Yo Han. – What’s the matter?
– That boy. Is he Yoo Ri Hye’s son? Yes. What is this about? I must check something. Please. Not yet. Please. Kid. What are you doing here? Saying goodbye to Mom. Your mom? My mom went to the afterlife. A short while ago. Do you know what place it’s like? No. I don’t know yet. Then… do you know what death is? Not really. “When do you think someone dies?” “When a bullet pierces their heart?” “No.” “When they have
an incurable illness?” “No.” “When they eat toadstool soup?” “No.” Then when does someone die? When they’re forgotten
by their loved ones. That’s what they said
in the film “Coco”. So I won’t ever forget her. My mom. The prettiest person in the world. Isn’t she pretty? Are you… Yoo Ri Hye’s son? Yes. Do you know my mom? I do. What do you mean that
she went to the afterlife? The afterlife… is where people you love go. My grandmother. My grandfather. And my mom. But… – your mom…
– A while ago, she crossed over. Come this way. – Mother!
– Mom! – What’s wrong?
– Mom. – Mom.
– Wake up. – Mom!
– Do you hear me? Wake up. Mom! – Mother. Mother!
– Mom! We can administer CPR, or we can give medication. If we give her medication, how much longer can my mom survive? I can’t say for sure, but she won’t last for too long. Mom. Do you hear me? My mom… I don’t want her to die
attached to machines… or drugged out of her mind. I’d like to give her peace. Mom. Mom. You fought hard. Mom. I love you, Mom. Mom. We should let her go. Mom. Mom. Goodbye. My mom was very sick. Her face looked… – bad.
– Mom. It looked very bad. Mom. Mom. Mom. Aunt said to Dad… that Mom was in too much pain. She suffered so much… that she jumped off the roof. That’s why I… Min Seong, do you want to see Mom? I’m sure she wants to see you too. She’d love to give you a hug. For one last time… before she leaves. Let’s go to Mom. Stay here. I’ll come get you. Who are you? Mom. No way. Mom. Please open your eyes. Please. Please. Defibrillator and intubation! Here’s the defibrillator. I’ll take care of the Ambu bag. How’s the rhythm? It’s V-fib. (V-fib: Ventricular fibrillation) Defibrillator. Charge 200 joules. Charged. Step back. Shock. Check the rhythm. It’s still V-fib. Charge 200 joules. Charged. Step back. Shock. Please. – Check the rhythm.
– It’s back. Do you want to see Mom? Go to her. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.

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