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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP13 (1/4)

Save me. Doctor. I want to live. Save me. Save me. Dr. Cha, please promise me… that you’ll… help me recover… from this illness. I’ll do my best. I’ll give it my best. So you also… need to stay strong. Okay, I’ll stay strong. Help me. I have CIPA. Congenital insensitivity
to pain with anhidrosis. He put on a show this far. How can someone
who has CIPA treat patients? I will report him myself. Lastly, do you have anything to say
to the patients out there… who are suffering from pain? (Dr. Cha Yo Han) I have nothing to say. Pardon? There’s nothing I can say
to console their pain. But I promise that I’ll do my best
to get rid of… and reduce the pain
that they have. Dr. Cha, we just got
the test results. And the numbers are a little odd. The galactomannan value needs to be
over 0.5 to be considered positive. And he got 0.6. Why did you want to see me? Do you remember telling me
that you’ll… leave it to the patients to judge
what kind of doctor you are? You can break your bones,
cut your flesh, get a burn,
and suffer from frostbite. But you still won’t be
able to feel any pain. So how will it be possible for you
to understand your patients? Is that why it was so easy
for you to euthanize someone? Because you think of pain
as something you study… rather than something you feel? I know it’s too late
to hold a retrial, but I’m going to question
your qualifications as a doctor… on whether or not
you have the right… to care for the patients. Are you done? I’m very busy, so I’ll get going
if you’re finished. Dr. Cha. Why did you come see me
if you know about my illness… and thought I didn’t deserve
to treat patients? What did you want to check? Did you want to check if I was being
honest or hypocritical? I’m sorry, but as I told you before,
my patients are the only ones… who have the right to decide
whether I’m qualified or not. Are you confident? Are you confident that your patients
will continue to trust you… without feeling betrayed
even after they find out about you? Even in this very moment,
a patient of mine… is lying in bed unconscious. Whether I can save
that patient or not. That’s what’s important to me. How are you acquainted
with Mr. Lee Won Gil? Dr. Cha, you need to get over here. I don’t know if he’s conscious
or if his eyes are just open. I can’t check because
he can’t react to pain. Gi Seok, can you hear me? Gi Seok, I want you
to follow my finger. Gi Seok, try moving your hand. Try moving your feet. Gi Seok, I want you to blink… if you can hear me. – Locked-in syndrome.
– Locked-in syndrome. (Locked-in syndrome: A condition
where you’re conscious…) (but can’t react
to external stimulus) “Lee Won Gil”? I don’t know who he is.
Am I supposed to know him? What if… there’s a drug that allows you
to die comfortably in happiness? And what if… someone was to allow you
to use that drug? “Die in happiness”? How can there be a drug like that? Life and death aren’t that simple. If you feel the urge to die and you
see that drug right next to you, do you think
you’ll just take it and die? And even if someone wishes to die, all living beings have
an instinct to stay alive… up until the very moment
they breathe their last breath. That’s human nature,
and it doesn’t change that easily. And that’s why every living being… is very pitiful. – Hello?
– Did he admit to it? Yes. Now, all that’s left for him is
to lose his medical license. This isn’t enough to make him
lose his medical license. But we’ll at least be able
to get him fired from that hospital. Once people find out
that they were being treated… by a doctor
who can’t even feel pain, many patients will start to question
his medical diagnosis. I want you to calm down first. Let’s think about what to do. What’s there to think about? I have a lot on my mind
other than this issue. Let’s talk about this next time. Prosecutor Son. Locked-in syndrome? Yes. We must find out what caused it. Depending on the cause,
the prognosis can be good or bad. At least now he can
communicate with you… by blinking. Do you know any of
Gi Seok’s friends… whom we could ask what happened? Yes. Someone called to ask
how he’s doing. Could you ask that friend to
come to the hospital? Yes. I’ll ask him. We can relax a bit now. If we just identify the cause… What is it? It’s nothing. How much longer do I have… as a doctor? (Doctor John) (That promise of trying) – Dr. Cha.
– You’re awake. – I dozed off.
– You stayed all night? Did you get some sleep? Yes. You did a lot of studying. I found this. A research team at
Clevlend Clinic… is studying pain management… with the CIPA gene. They should have much more data… and material on CIPA cases. Shall I contact them? Why? It’s nothing. Can I
take a look at this? Yes.

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