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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP14 (Full)

(Pain Management Center) Please… Please… The number you called
cannot be reached. The address is Seongjin-ro 144-2. I think a man has collapsed.
Please hurry. Seongjin-ro 144-2?
We’re on our way. How is the man’s condition? – I don’t know.
– Sorry? What did you say? I said I don’t know! He doesn’t know if he’s in pain
even when he is! (Kang Si Young) He’s a CIPA patient. The high temperature
might have given him a fever, so please bring ice packs. Take his temperature
as soon as you find him. (Emergency Medical Center) Where is Dr. Cha… – I mean, where is Cha Yo Han?
– This way, please. He’s here. Dr. Cha, are you okay? I’m fine. – What happened?
– I fell. Anything else? Do you have a fever? You have a fever. What about other things?
Have you done any tests? Everything else is fine.
It’s nothing serious. Are Gi Seok’s test results out? Like you predicted,
an abscess was found, so we put him on antibiotics. I see. Dr. Kang called you
to tell you that, but you never picked up.
That’s how she called 911. We were so scared. How is Gi Seok doing? No. Let’s go back to the hospital.
We can talk on our way there. No. You’re staying here
until your fever goes away. Don’t think
you can escape like this. (Doctor John) (A Certain Choice) Just a second. How is he? We need his phlegm test result
to be certain. But the abscess found on his MRI… is consistent with nocardiosis,
so he’s been put on antibiotics. (Lung infection common in those
with a weakened immune system) Where is Dr. Cha? He’s not in the hospital. He’s been excluded
from all medical duties. The diagnosis was done… by Dr. Cha, right? Is that right? That’s right. He sure is incredible. Yes? The ethics commission
has made a decision. Finish up with Dr. Cha first, and then suspend
the life-prolonging treatment… for Chairman Kang. (Ethics Commission’s Decision) (There are valid reasons for ending
the treatment for this patient.) (To legitimately suspend
the life-prolonging treatment…) Losing Dr. Cha… would be a great loss for us. Even after leaving the hospital, he focused on diagnosing
Lee Gi Seok. So? Chairman Kang… was devoted to producing
great doctors. I’m wondering
if we’re going against his will. To me, Dr. Cha is a time bomb. We’ve had problems
ever since he joined us. Also, do you want this turmoil to go on? We need to be done with him… before we can move on
to another matter. Let’s go. I feel completely fine now. Let’s go, Si Young. Why hasn’t he called yet? It’s him. Hold on. You want to look fine, don’t you? Dr. Cha. Can you see me? Yes, I can see you. Gi Seok. It’s Dr. Cha. Can you see him? Gi Seok. How do you feel? If you feel okay,
blink your eyes once. You’ll recover little by little. Once your pneumonia gets better, it’ll be easier to breathe. Then you’ll be taken
off the ventilator. After that, you’ll be able
to move your hands and feet. You’ll be able… to turn your head too. Thanks, Gi Seok. You must have been frightened, but you pulled through. Hang in there. Next time we meet, I want you to be healthy. Okay? You can do this, Gi Seok. Stay strong. Are you wondering why he isn’t here? He’ll be here. He will be. It just takes a little time. Doesn’t it hurt? Why would it hurt? You know it doesn’t. It looks like it hurts a lot. Does it? You can say that it hurts. Please say that it hurts. You always say you’re okay. It must be hard. You’re always concerned about me. You’re always anxious. I’m your guardian, you know. That’s my job. Let’s go in. Si Young. Thanks. You once told me… you had no idea
what you should do… if you ever quit being a doctor. I just realized… that you should treat patients
all your life. Nothing else would suit you. So please don’t get sick. (Don’t you ever get sick.) (Don’t you ever get sick.) Don’t you ever get sick. (Seoul Hanse Medical Center) (Pain Management Center) It’s absurd. How can he treat patients
if he can’t feel pain? – CIPA patient?
– He has a disease. He’s a CIPA patient. Oh, my. I can’t believe it. I saw it on “Our Famous Doctors”. – It’s unbelievable.
– He can’t feel pain? Gi Seok’s phlegm culture
test results just came out. It’s a definite diagnosis.
Did you hear? Yes. Is Dr. Cha doing okay? He’s going to stay home
and get some rest. Isn’t Dr. Cha working today? No, he won’t be treating
any patients for a while. Why all of a sudden? I came all the way here
from the countryside. I heard Dr. Cha is sick.
Is that really true? What’s wrong with him? He has that illness
where he isn’t able to feel pain. Something called
congenital insensitivity… – It was something like that.
– You’re done now, sir. – What?
– We’ll call you… if you wait outside. – We’re all done here.
– Okay. Please get changed
into your patient gown. You may go now. Here you go. What’s up? They’re gathering a disciplinary
committee for Dr. Cha tomorrow. What? It’s tomorrow? That’s so fast. I know. I think they’re going to be
pretty tough on him. Is it normally this easy
to fire someone? They’ll fire him if he damaged
the hospital’s reputation. All they care about
is the hospital’s image. Then what should we do? Are we just going to watch
Dr. Cha get fired? Dr. Cha, did you get the summons? – It’s tomorrow.
– I don’t need to go, right? The committee’s going to gather
even if you don’t attend. If you don’t come, you won’t get
a chance to explain anything. – Is that okay with you?
– Yes, it’s fine. Okay, I’ll call you. By the way, do you have time today? Today? There’s someone
I’d like you to meet. Do you remember asking me who
recommended you to this hospital? I want you to meet that person. Hello, how do you feel now? Is it true? Is Dr. Cha really unable
to feel pain? – Yes.
– My goodness. That’s unbelievable. I really didn’t know that about him. Yes. Dr. Cha has CIPA. But don’t you remember
who treated your neuralgia? It was Dr. Cha. He’s a very competent doctor… Yes, exactly. I couldn’t even
open my mouth properly. And because of that,
I couldn’t eat or talk. I went through such a hard time. But how could someone who knows
nothing about pain… treat me so well? He deserves an award for that. When is he planning to return? I’d love to thank him myself. I’m the one who should thank you. Thank you so much, sir. I want everyone
to come inside. Hurry. I think I know
how we can help Dr. Cha. – How?
– Really? How can we help? I’m going to divide you
into two teams. – Here you go.
– Please fill in the form. You know Dr. Cha, right? Can you please give this a read? Once you’re done reading it,
there’s a survey… Really? Okay, thank you. Okay, bye. Sir, Dr. Cha is here. Hello, my name is Cha Yo Han. I’ve always wanted to meet you. Take a seat. Sit down. Why did you want to see me, sir? At first, you probably wanted
to become a doctor… so you could find out more
about your own illness, not because you wanted
to treat patients. I felt the same way. I wanted to know more
about this illness I had… which caused my muscles
and organs to get stiff. And I wanted to find a way
to cure it. However, I failed. Instead, I was able to come across
another method. I found a way… to get rid of pain
instead of the illness itself. Don’t you want to know what that is? Show him. Hello. Nurse. May I help you? Is there a clinical trial
for people who have… terminal cancer? The thing is, my sister
got this text yesterday. There’s going to be
a presentation… regarding a clinical trial for
patients who have terminal cancer. I’ll see you tomorrow at 5 p.m.
at Death Talks. (Death Talks) “Death Talks”. Isn’t this the gathering
you attended yesterday? “Death Talks”? (The brain waves started at beta
and displayed theta.) (It flatlined and Ms. Park Hyun Sook
passed away peacefully.) (Cherubim promises you
a painless end.) What do you think? It this the police? There’s a murderer here. Not only did he conspire to murder,
but he also… committed murder. What if I reported you
to the police… for having killed my patient? Why are you showing this to me? “Murder”? If this isn’t murder,
do you think this is salvation? “Salvation”? What’s the big deal about death? Everyone dies. But not everyone can die in peace. No one in this world… can avoid death. So why is it so bad
to want to die… in peace? If you’re put in charge
of a patient who’s in severe pain, and you happened to have this drug, what kind of choice would you make? (Son Seok Ki) (Prosecutor Son, Yoo Ri Hye
got the following text.) (There’s going to be
a presentation regarding…) (Chae Eun Jeong) Someone sent this to Yoo Ri Hye? Yes, isn’t it weird? This isn’t a common method… to gather volunteers
for a clinical trial. – When did she get the text?
– Yesterday. Then it’s today. Dr. Cha, don’t go.
I still have a lot more to say. Dr. Cha. This is what you wanted to do? You wanted to use me
to legalize euthanasia… – so you could sell that drug?
– I have the same illness. I have the same illness
as the minister. The illness that makes me
get trapped in my own body. The illness that kills my body
even though my mind is healthy. For patients like me, that drug is our only hope. Myung Oh. Myung Oh, listen to me. Okay? This causes a whole new issue
that’s not related to euthanasia. Will that drug… only go to the doctors
and patients who need it? Anyone can die
and anyone can kill with it. People won’t want to
save or cure anymore. I wanted to help… patients like me. I’m sorry that you’re sick. But you… don’t want to help patients. You wanted to help yourself. Dr. Cha! Dr. Cha! It’s Gi Seok. Save him. Dad. No. What’s the big deal about death? Mom. You fought hard. I love you, Mom. It hurts. It hurts so much. Stop. Dad’s in too much pain. Speeding up death
to bring comfort… is different from
doing so to take a life! I’m… not a doctor who kills. Save me. Doctor, I want to live. Do you know what death is? When they’re forgotten
by their loved ones. Sir. Let’s set things up. Call the doctor. Yes, sir. I will. At Death Talks? If something like the Cherubim
video happens, Death Talks… could become a murder site. Shall we set off? There’s not much time. (New message from Cha Yo Han) (127, Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu) “127, Seongbuk-dong, Seongbuk-gu”? It’s ex-minister
Lee Won Gil’s address. What is this? I said it’s ex-minister
Lee Won Gil’s address. Why did you send me… Do you know something? You once told me about a drug. What if… there’s a drug that allows you
to die comfortably in happiness? – Cherubim.
– Cherubim. Did you see the video? Yes. – You knew about the drug.
– Yes. So what? What connection
does Cherubim… have with ex-minister Lee? Ex-minister Lee
showed me that video, and the location
he did so was his house. Isn’t that enough? Arrest him quick. Why me? Why are you telling me this? Considering who you’re up against, I need someone to
investigate obsessively… without giving into suppression. Your obsessiveness. Use it in this case, not against me. We must leave immediately
in two teams. Someone saw the Cherubim video
at ex-minister Lee Won Gil’s home. We’ll go there.
You go to Death Talks. – Call the local precinct for help.
– Okay. Sir. Where did you get the tip? – That’s a secret.
– Pardon? I must protect my sources. Let’s go. I understand. Take care of the rest for me, doctor. (Doctor) (Cherubim) Death… is a majestic grace
that relieves us… from all pain and sadness. Goodbye, my friend. (Cherubim) No one is answering. Wait here until I call for you. Yes, sir. He’s dead. (Cherubim) Hi. How are things over there? They sent a mass text
cancelling the gathering. But one of the members is gone. Is he missing? It’s too early to say, but he was here with the others… and disappeared
right before we arrived. We can’t reach him. Track his phone, identify him, and go to his home
and his relatives’. Yes, sir. Doctor. Thank you… for letting me die peacefully. This drug, Cherubim, is different from
all other euthanasia drugs. To the very end, this will make you feel happy. Hello. Doctor. Have some water. I’m Jung Chan Seok,
Zinmu Rijund’s sales manager. Hanse’s Pain Management Center
will change completely. I think the doctor was just here. If… the euthanasia law isn’t passed, this drug will be of no use. Our mission… is to provide the drug… the patient needs when they need it. Let’s wait for that time to come, doctor. Yes, sir. (Cherubim) – Yes?
– Ex-minister Lee Won Gil. He’s dead. We must check… but I think the cause
of death is Cherubim. What about Han Myung Oh? We’re looking for him. I need to get your statement. – Come to my office tomorrow.
– Sure. I have a question. Cherubim. Why did you reject it? If I were to obtain such a drug, I wouldn’t cling to find answers, think, or worry endlessly. About what? What I can do for a patient… whose hope is fading. I wouldn’t care to think anymore. Most doctors would end up like that. So would most patient’s families… and patients. Sir. Oh, right. I’m sorry. About… the post on your hospital’s website. That doesn’t matter. I found this. A research team at
Clevlend Clinic… is studying pain management
with the CIPA gene. Kang Si Young. Thank you. Next time we meet, I want you to be healthy. (Dear Professor Cha Yo Han) (First of all, thank you
for showing your interest…) (in our research and
applying for the position.) (I reviewed your career and
research achievements deeply,) (and it seems like…) (that the research we are doing
and your background is a good fit.) (So I hope you will
join our research lab.) (I would like
to have a detailed discussion…) (with you to join
in future research.) (Kang Si Young) Hello? How are you? I’m fine. The disciplinary committee
hasn’t met yet. No one knows the result. That’s important, but your health is
even more important. Let’s exercise together from now on. Dr. Cha. Si Young. Yes? I told you before. That I’d try not to make you worry. Yes. Don’t worry about me too much. Don’t talk
as if I do nothing but worry. You do. I’m being hopeful, not worrying. I want to live… a long, healthy life
with the person I like. – I know.
– You don’t know. You don’t know anything. I apologize. (Don’t you ever get sick.) Why should you apologize? Go to bed. It’s late. Sleep well. Sweet dreams. You too. (Statement, Cha Yo Han) We searched
ex-minister Lee’s home… and Zinmu Rijund. We found nothing on Cherubim. They made the drug,
so there must be a chemical formula. In someone’s head. Lawyer Han… left Korea yesterday
with Jung Chan Seok. – Jung Chan Seok?
– Yes. Zinmu Rijund’s sales manager. He used to be a doctor
in the Netherlands. He got interested in
the euthanasia law, came here, and helped develop Cherubim. We asked Interpol to get them both. What? Do you have something to say? Last night, I got these text messages. (I thought about what you said.
That I tried to help myself.) I thought about what you said. That I tried to help myself. The ex-minister and I
had other options… if it were just about us. We could just go to a country
that allows euthanasia. But… there are many people… who can’t afford to go
or don’t have the opportunity to. To them, Cherubim is their only hope. I’ll leave that hope intact. (Incheon International Airport) Until… the day comes when I can help them. I’ll take a photo. As evidence. Also, one of Death Talks’ members… was found dead
in Gyeonggi Province’s mountain. (Cherubim) The moment he died, did he really feel at ease? It may seem like a peaceful death, but I think… he felt lonely. He was alone, without family, in a place that became
a crime scene. I’d like to go if we’re done. Thank you. I kept my options open. Be careful. You’re in no condition… to work too hard. (Subject of disciplinary action) We’ll start
the disciplinary committee… against Cha Yo Han
at the Pain Management Center. Doctor Cha will not be present. Half of those present
must vote to pass a verdict. If it’s a tie, the director has the casting vote. Let’s begin. (Yes) (No) (Yes) (Vote on disciplinary action) (No) They started. What now? We must go in before it’s over. We’re ready. Good job. Isn’t that them? We have an unexpected result. The number of votes… (Agree: 8, Disagree: 8) is equally divided. That means you have the final call. Yes. Here’s my decision. Cha Yo Han
at the Pain Management Center… shall be dismissed… Wait! What’s going on?
How dare you come in here? Excuse us. But… it’s not just us here. What? Hello, Mr. Choi. I’m Kang Si Young
at Hanse’s Pain Management Center. Hello, Father Yu. It’s Kang Mi Rae. How are you? I’d like to speak to
Mr. Joo Hyung Woo. I called to ask… for a favor regarding
Dr. Cha Yo Han. I called to ask for a favor. Really? He’s overseas right now? When does he return? Hello. I’m Joo Hyung Woo.
Dr. Cha diagnosed me… with myasthenia gravis
and I’m in recovery. I’m Yu Deok Kyu. Dr. Cha
diagnosed me with melioidosis… and I’m fully recovered. I’m Choi Seung Won.
Dr. Cha diagnosed me… with zoster sine herpete
and freed me from pain. I’m Choi Seung Won’s daughter
Choi Seul Ah. I’m the mother of Lee Gi Seok,
a patient here… who suffers from
the same illness as Dr. Cha. My son was unconscious. Thanks to Dr. Cha, he was diagnosed
and is now being treated. This committee
didn’t gather to hear you speak. There are hospital’s rules
that must be followed. What is a hospital? Isn’t it where doctors
cure patients? How can you say
the patients’ voice doesn’t count? We represent the patients… and demand that
Dr. Cha should be allowed to return. We gave an interview
before coming in here. Why did you gather to do this? We’re here because
we heard Hanse Medical Center… banned a skilled doctor
who really cares for his patients… from seeing them
just because he has CIPA. Is that skilled doctor… the one who diagnosed you last time? Dr. Cha Yo Han? Yes. He’s a doctor
that patients truly need. (“Joo Hyung Woo Gives Interview
Outside Hanse Medical Center”) When a hospital fires a doctor
the patients want, what do you think will happen? Time will tell. The patients want him? You’re just a few
and it’s not your call. There aren’t just a few. These are petitions requesting… Dr. Cha’s return
signed by our patients. If you agree, please sign it. Can you sign this? Please sign and say yes. – Thank you.
– Thank you. (Petition) – I signed mine.
– Did you? Thanks. Thank you. (Petition) (Kwon Seo Jin) (Petition) (Kim Ho Jun) Well done, everyone. Thank you so much
for coming over to help. Don’t thank me. I had to come. He’s right. Thank you
for asking me to come. I’ll pray that Gi Seok
gets better soon. Thank you. Well done. Good job. The most-searched
keyword right now is… Hanse Medical Center. The second is Joo Hyung Woo. The third is CIPA. “Lee Gi Seok has
the same illness as Dr. Cha.” “Shouldn’t Dr. Cha be allowed to
treat him until he recovers?” That’s the public sentiment. Director Kang cares most about
what people think. He’ll vote to bring Dr. Cha back, don’t you think? Let’s wait and see. Hello? What? Lee Gi Seok? Wait here, ma’am. (Restricted area) You aren’t reacting to
the current treatment. The only other option… is a high-dosage pulse therapy. If it further weakens
your immune system, you won’t be able to take it. Why did you gather to do this? We’re here because
we heard Hanse Medical Center… banned a skilled doctor
who really cares for his patients… from seeing them
just because he has CIPA. Is that skilled doctor… the one who diagnosed you last time? Dr. Cha Yo Han? Yes. He’s a doctor that
patients truly need. Not just me,
but many patients think so. We plan to tell the hospital staff. You did so much. I went to so many hospitals. No one could help
and the pain worsened. – No doctor or family…
– Yes? Doctor? Gi Seok can’t open his eyes. Pupillary reflex is slow. Vitals were stable so we
took him off medication, but he developed bradycardia… and his BP is rising. It’s 160… – In relaxation phase?
– 76. I think the brain pressure’s rising. Raise his breathing
and put him on mannitol. (Mannitol reduces brain pressure.) I’ll come right over. (Gyeongseo University Hospital) Hanse Medical Center, please. – Doctor.
– How is he? His pupils are fully dilated. (Sign of brain damage) Drain the abscess
or he’ll lose his brain. Call Neurosurgery… and book an OR. And… get his mother’s consent. (Restricted area) We can insert a tube… to drain the abscess
and reduce the pressure. But the pus is spread
throughout the brain, and we can’t get it all. The brain stem
is too risky to touch. We can’t guarantee his brain… will fully function
after the surgery. You know we can’t control
the pressure with medication alone. Surgery is the only option. Will the operation… make him better? He has serious neurological issues. Whether he’ll go back to being
the Gi Seok you knew, we can’t say for sure. If he doesn’t get surgery now, he might become brain-dead. The surgery requested by
Anesthesiology has no point. Hello. (Operating Room Status) – Dr. Cha.
– Why don’t we have an OR ready? I just got a call. The department is
still discussing it. Ma’am. – You signed a surgery consent form?
– Yes. Gi Seok will have surgery now. What are you doing?
Move him right now. Dr. Cha. As you know,
the location is really bad. You have to think rationally
about how dangerous it is… and how likely he is to recover. “How dangerous it is”? Without surgery, he’ll die. Switch to an Ambu bag. What are you doing? The rapid increase of his brain
pressure is damaging his brain. He needs to get surgery
before he becomes brain-dead. I saw his charts. You know he’s unlikely
to recover from surgery. If he doesn’t get surgery, instead of being unlikely
to recover, he won’t recover at all. Even if he recovers,
he won’t go back to being normal. In the worst-case scenario, he’ll have to spend the rest
of his life in that state. Is the Ambu bag ready? – Move.
– Dr. Cha. I said, move. If we don’t do it, he’ll die. You might inflict even more pain. Are you really doing this
for the patient? Is this really consistent… with the judgments
you’ve made so far… as a doctor? Move. His guardian gave her consent. So move. Gi Seok. Gi Seok. It’s bradycardia. His blood pressure is 65 over 20. His SpO2 is 80. Give him one ampoule of atropine. Gi Seok. He’s not responding. Epinephrine. Gi Seok. Ma’am, you can’t enter. Please wait here. Let’s go in! (Restricted Area) Gi Seok. Let me do it. Dr. Cha, let me take over. Gi Seok’s guardian
wants to talk to you. Doctor. Live. Live, Gi Seok. Please live. Gi Seok. Dr. Cha. Stop. Gi Seok’s mother wants you to stop. She doesn’t want him
to have surgery. Gi Seok. Live. Live, Gi Seok. Gi Seok. Hang in there. Next time we meet, I want you to be healthy. Do you… have the same disease as me? Just like you. All right. Just like me. Let him go now. (Don’t you ever get sick.) (Doctor John) Aren’t you going to ask me… why I chose you? Yes? Why don’t you ask him directly? Why would I? He’s not going to stay
at our hospital anyway. Si Young! Wake up. Why would I go there? If you don’t,
you might regret it later. I’m sorry.
I should have told you earlier.


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