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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP15 (Full)

Gi Seok. Live. Live, Gi Seok. – Move.
– Dr. Cha! I said move. Or he’ll die! You could be causing him more pain. Are you doing this for him? As a doctor, are you following
the decisions you made? Let Gi Seok go in peace. (Don’t you ever get sick.) Gi Seok… You’ll see him again soon, ma’am. Thank you. I’m sorry. No. Tell me if you need
help with anything. The kids who took Gi Seok
to the warehouse and hurt him… We must hold them responsible
so that they’re punished. Yes. We’ll help as best we can… to prove that medically. Be strong. Gi Seok. What should I do now, Gi Seok? (Restricted area) (Don’t you ever get sick.) Is your hand okay? Let me see. Don’t. Stop acting like my guardian. Even if there’s nothing wrong now, anything could happen. That’s the fate of patients
like me and Gi Seok. I’m already broken. I might only go downhill from here. There’s no future. – Dr. Cha.
– Don’t hang about me… and dream of a non-existing future. Don’t ruin your life. Gi Seok isn’t you. You’re not Gi Seok. You couldn’t save Gi Seok, but right now you’re alive. You’re not the only one
with an unknown future. We all live not knowing
when we’ll die. Do you hear this? The sound of a time bomb
that can go off at any moment. Tick-tock, tick-tock,
tick-tock, tick-tock. Boom! What can you do
if you’re holding a time bomb? What do you want me to do? You never said that to the patients. Even if there’s no tomorrow, you said you wouldn’t
speed up death. So why won’t you… allow yourself any hope or dreams? You want to live as well. If there’s no tomorrow, live today. That’s what I did. I lived today
as if there’s no tomorrow. That’s how I could do so much
despite being reckless. I didn’t fear tomorrow. But now, I constantly find myself
dreaming of tomorrow. I keep dreaming and worrying about
something that might not even come. It stops me
from living in the present moment. – Is it because of me?
– Yes, it’s because of you. Thanks to you, I was able to dream for the first
time and that made me happy. But… I’m going to go back… to being the person who was reckless
enough to do so many things… and didn’t fear tomorrow. I like you. I like you, Dr. Cha. That means you like me, right? What? Please go this way. How about a fever?
Do you have a fever? Please console me. I’m the one who’ll be losing you. (Doctor John) (Episode 15: The Heart
of the One Who Leaves) Two days ago, the former Minister
of Health and Welfare, Lee Won Gil,
was found dead in his house. The prosecution will soon be
updating us on the investigation. The prosecution carried out
an investigation… after having received a report
regarding an illegal drug, and his death was confirmed
during the investigation. Therefore, they will be making
an announcement… regarding the specific drug as well. We confirmed two additional victims
that passed away… due to the abuse
of the same illegal drug. And including former minister,
Lee Won Gil, we’re convinced that they were
all euthanized by a third party… or received some kind of aid
in order to commit suicide. And that’s the focus
of our investigation. Additionally, in order to obtain
evidence regarding the illegal drug, we’ve carried out
a seize and search operation. We also found out
that the two prime suspects… have already fled abroad. Thus, we requested Interpol for help
and listed them as wanted criminals. We’re also investigating
whether or not Zinmu Rijund… took part in the manufacture
and distribution… of the illegal drug. My goodness, Zinmu Rijund
must also be involved in this. How is this possible? I heard the prosecution searched
our Legal Team’s office as well. They also told me that I’ll be
getting investigated as a witness. I wonder why Lawyer Han
did something like that. Now, everything’s
finally falling into place. A lawyer that volunteered to defend
the doctor who euthanized a patient. The former Minister of Health
and Welfare… who made a pill
for euthanizing patients. What do you think they both wanted? They probably wanted our country
to legalize euthanasia. Didn’t you know anything? Didn’t you hear anything
from the minister? Do you really think I would’ve
acted like I didn’t know anything? I guess Dr. Cha
had nothing to do with this. The prosecution didn’t come
to investigate him. Why don’t you
check with him yourself? Why bother? He’s not going to stay
at our hospital anyway. If you’re so curious,
why don’t you ask him yourself? Hello? I saw the news.
I’m so shocked by what happened. It must’ve been tough. It wasn’t that tough. You told me
about the Death Talks text. And someone sent me
a crucial report. Cha Yo Han? Yes. What did he say
about the online post? He told me that it doesn’t matter. He told you that it doesn’t matter? Here you go. Dr. Cha isn’t going to return? What? Why not?
Why isn’t he coming back? Was it the hospital’s choice
or Dr. Cha’s? The hospital was going to follow
the patients’ opinions. But Dr. Cha didn’t accept it. He’s going to leave after he’s done
treating a few of his patients. This is so upsetting.
Why is he choosing to leave? Do you think he got shocked
because of Gi Seok? I’m going to go back… to being the person who was reckless
enough to do so many things… and didn’t fear tomorrow. You all did well. Thank you. And I’m sorry for this. By any chance, did you get hired
by another hospital? – No.
– Then why are you leaving? Where are you going to go? We have patients waiting,
so let’s get to work. I’ll clear everything up
in a few days. Dr. Lee, you can take over my work. Okay. My gosh, come on. Hey! Hey! What is your problem? Hey, are you okay? Hey! Hello? 911? Someone just fainted. What did you just say? Please take me
to Hanse Medical Center. Where is the patient
named Son Seok Ki? Over there. What happened? I started feeling severe pain
while I was driving… and ended up losing consciousness. I got some pain relievers,
so I feel better now. But the pains are getting worse, so it’s getting harder
to live a normal life. You need to get hospitalized. I’ll try to find a way. Go through the procedures
to have Son Seok Ki hospitalized. Then show me his medical chart. Okay, thank you. An emergency patient
asked for Dr. Cha? Yes, he ran over to the ER
after he got a call. I’ll treat my next patient… after about 10 minutes. – Okay.
– Okay. Here’s the medical chart. (Son Seok Ki) Son Seok Ki? (Anesthesiologist Cha Yo Han
examined and decided to admit him.) How do you feel? It got better briefly… but got bad again. I reviewed your chart. You’ve already received
a lot of narcotic analgesics, so you’ll need to get
an intrathecal pump insertion. It has fewer side effects
than oral medicine… and would be more effective
in controlling the pain. Okay, I’ll get it. I’ll schedule the procedure
for tomorrow. Aren’t you going to ask? Why I chose you
when there are many hospitals… and many doctors. Because I’m tenacious? Yes, that’s right. That tenacity toward patients… is what I needed… desperately. Please be tenacious toward me too. Male patient, age 38.
Stage three stomach cancer. An intrathecal pump insertion
will be performed tomorrow. Good work today. See you tomorrow. – You too.
– You too. Are you… going to do that research? The research to find a substance
to suppress pain… using the DNA of people with CIPA. That’s right. I knew that as someone with
those genes… and as a scholar,
you’d want to participate. Is that your choice? Yes. What about me? My life changed completely
after meeting you. Did it not change for you? You said I made you dream and happy. What did you dream
and why were you happy? Answer me. Go when you must, but answer me first. Si Young. Snap out of it. Snap out of it and face reality. I don’t want to talk about
these things with you anymore. Don’t wait for my answer. We’ll begin the procedure. Shall we get ready? – Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Here we go. You need to move to the other bed.
Can you do it? Please extend your arms upward. Please take this out. It’s been a while, Cha Yo Han. I poured all my rage
and resentment into you… for letting Yoon Seong Kyu
die peacefully. But you carried on
as if everything was fine. You need to be as miserable
as I was because of his death… for me to finally feel better, but you didn’t respond at all. Why not? Tell me. Why didn’t you tell everyone… that all of it was done by a nurse
who had a grudge against a patient? I didn’t know. I found out
about the consent form… the day after he had died. Yoon Seong Kyu! Sign this. You can’t die as you please. You have no right… to die. (Yoon Seong Kyu) You could’ve told them. So why? Why? (Yoon Seong Kyu) Here you go. Are you okay? Thank you. I thought it was very strange
that he had signed… the consent form. Then I realized… you may be the family of his victim. Once I found out,
I had no reason to mention the form. I thought it was only natural that
you were angry with… what I’d done. You’d lost your child. Without venting your anger at me, how else… could you have survived the reality? I understand. And… I’m sorry for… causing such pain. I apologize. I hope that now… you can be at peace. (Seoul Hanse Medical Center) Hello? Last week,
his BP started to fluctuate. Three days ago,
his cerebral oximeter dropped too. Neurology did an EEG… and results show
he’s almost brain dead. (Aunt) (Mom) – Hello?
– Hello? I’ll be right there. (Stepping stone to sharing life) I’m so scared. Let’s go, Mi Rae. Let’s see Dad. The hospital’s ethics
commission deliberated. They decided to… take him off the ventilator. We wanted to tell you two… after the decision was made. His BP started to fluctuate
a few days ago, and now his
cerebral oximeter’s falling. Yesterday, his EEG was negative. Dad. You fought well. Well done. I’ll miss you a lot. Now rest in peace. Thank you, doctor. Sure. Take care. Doctor. The day of the accident,
I found an organ donor card… in Dad’s wallet. He won’t be able to donate many, but I think that
it’s his final wish. We made them together. We should do it. It’s something… only someone who is brain dead
can do. (Operating Room) Dad. Don’t worry about us. Rest in peace. We’ll meet again. Dad. Goodbye. Let’s have a moment of silence. The donor has been loved… and will be missed by many. He left us today, after spreading flowers of love
around the world. May the love
shared by the deceased… spread far and wide. May the deceased rest in peace. (Kang Yi Soo) I was always afraid… of saying goodbye to you. But now I’m more afraid
of being left alone. Dad. How many goodbyes
will I have to say in my life? How afraid… will I be every time? (Cha Young Hoon) Mi Rae and Si Young are taking
this week off, just so you know. By the way, have you heard anything
from Dr. Cha? He never showed up
at the funeral either. I was expecting him. Actually… He’s leaving today. (Kang Si Young) (Kang Si Young) Mi Rae. I want to move back here. Can I do that? Of course. Welcome back. I’m sorry, Si Young. I’m so sorry. No. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, Si Young. (Dr. Lee) Take it. Hi. I’m at my sister’s place. Right now? Okay. Si Young, let’s go out and eat. Dr. Lee wants to eat with us. – You go ahead.
– Come with me. You haven’t eaten much in days. Do you know how you look right now? I’ll stay home. I want to rest. I don’t think I can eat anything. Get up. Go out and eat. Hurry. He did a lot for us today.
Please thank him for me. I’ll bring something back for you. By the way… Get some rest then. You feel weak after a funeral. You should eat a lot. Eat. I’m more worried about Si Young. She looks haggard. I heard Dr. Cha is leaving today. Is he really leaving like this? I’m sure something happened
between the two, but I can’t bring myself to ask her. I can’t believe Dr. Cha. How can he be so cold to Si Young? She’s letting both Dad
and Dr. Cha go. He’s leaving like this
because it’s too much for her. Without a word? Without seeing Si Young? You’re so frustrating. How so? Are you siding with Dr. Cha? Why would I take sides? Is there something
you didn’t tell me? There is. What is it? Lee Yoo Joon! Si Young. Get up. – What is it?
– Look at me. What’s going on? Dr. Cha will board very soon. You have to go. – I won’t go.
– You must go. I won’t.
Why should I go to the airport? If you don’t go,
you might regret it later. There’s a reason you must go. Sorry. I should’ve told you sooner. Dr. Cha told me not to. The day Dad died, Dr. Cha was next to you. Then… the person who was with Dad
until the end… was Dr. Cha? (Terminal 2, Departures 3rd floor) (Kang Si Young) (Kang Si Young) (Kang Si Young) You made me happy. And because of you,
I learned to love. My life, the work I do, and you, Cha Yo Han. I wanted to tell you that. You’re the only person… that ever understood me. My illness… and me as a person. My world that was
neither hot nor cold… turned warm after I met you. Why didn’t you give me an answer
when you had such a great one? Because it means… I love you. How can someone who’s leaving
confess his love? You can. You can talk about love at any time. Even more so
if you don’t know your tomorrow. I love you. I love you too. (Seoul Hanse Medical Center) (Mail Login) (You have 1 new mail.) (Inbox) (November 10 vitals) (Sender: Cha Yo Han
Recipient: Kang Si Young) (Body temperature) (November 10 vitals) (November 10, 2019) Be like this every day. (Be like this every day.) Once the board votes,
which is just a formality, this office will officially
become yours. I’m finally dropping the “acting”
in “acting chairman”. Yes, Mr. Chairman. Now, we must prepare to open… a pain management center
for VIP clients. We should attract foreigners
as well, befitting of the global times. Of course.
We’ll start making the preparations. Are there more candidates
by any chance? Then we would’ve noticed
someone meeting board members… to try to win over their votes. But we haven’t seen any of that. – Run for chairman?
– Yes. Many people are worried
that if the acting chairman… becomes the chairman, the hospital
won’t be managed properly… in line with Yi Soo’s wishes. Tae Kyung. I think they want you… to be the new chairman. What do you think? Hey. Did you pull an all-nighter? There she goes again. She’s always here at 7 a.m., right? That’s right. She’s been like that
for months now, checking Dr. Cha’s vitals. What’s wrong with that? I’m saying they’re cool. Dr. Cha, who sends them daily
without fail, and Si Young, who checks them daily. How romantic. True love. I’m jealous. How is he today? Did it come in? Hold on. (No new mail) (Cha Yo Han’s mailbox) (No new mail) It didn’t come in? I wonder what happened. It didn’t come in? (Dr. Cha Yo Han) How long has it been
since you spoke to him? A few days. He seemed busy. Let’s wait for a bit. Yes, let’s wait. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Dr. Cha, is something wrong? You didn’t email me today.
Please get back to me. (You didn’t email me today.
Please get back to me.) (No new mail)


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