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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP16 (2/4)

(3 years later) “Suspected to have
acute appendicitis”. Who did this? Me. You tried your best. You should either be able
to diagnose or treat a patient. Or at least have some experience
for goodness’ sake. You’re a second-year resident. The best you could think of
was acute appendicitis? I told you that you’re not
in school anymore. The patients aren’t here
so you could practice on them. “You did a great job
for a resident.” If that’s the kind of compliment
you want to hear, – just go back to school!
– Respond to her. – We’ll try harder!
– We’ll try harder! This is so frustrating! You guys are unbelievable.
Get out of my way. Hey. What was her nickname again? – Crazy Kang.
– “Crazy Kang”? Crazy Kang Si Young. Excuse me. It’s been a while. Have you been well? Yes. (Anesthesiologist Kang Si Young) Are you a first-year fellow now? Yes. Congratulations. I saw your research results. It passed the first round
of clinical trials, right? Thanks. How is your health? It’s become a lot better. I’m fine now. I’m relieved. When did you get back to Korea? About a year ago. Why are you here, by the way? What are you doing here
at this hospital? Hello. Okay. I’ll be right there. I have to go see a patient. Sure, go ahead. (Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Establishment and Management Plans) (Objectives and Significance
of the Center) – Hospice care?
– Yes. We have only 20 beds
for hospice care at the moment. I’d like to expand it… into a hospice and palliative care
center for terminal patients. Terminal patients cannot be cured.
We can only sustain their state. And? It’s not a nursing hospital. It won’t help
the hospital’s finance either. Do we really need to provide
hospice care for terminal patients? Our goal as doctors
and a hospital… should not just be to cure diseases. We should try to improve the quality
of life for our patients as well. Death does not happen in a moment.
It is a process. It is also our task… to help patients
in their dying process. I completely agree
with Chairwoman Min. So far, we’ve been sending
patients home when we feel… there’s nothing more we can do. Now we’ll be able
to feel less guilty. I think it’s a good idea. It’s a difficult
and unprofitable business. Why is she pushing ahead with it? Exactly. Chairwoman Min tends to be
too reckless. Tae Kyung, Dr. Cha is here. – I know. Tell him to come see me.
– Okay. What’s wrong? I’m sorry I’m late. What’s the problem? She was treated by me, and she’s
suddenly having bad abdominal pain. Analgesics won’t work. The pain is gone now. – Pardon?
– Why? Are you okay now? Yes. Didn’t I tell you? One moment the pain is killing me,
the next I’m fine. Big news!
You’re not going to believe it! Sorry. Dr. Lee.
There’s no family history… of convulsive disease. Her echocardiogram,
lung and abdomen X-rays, and CT scans show
no abnormalities either. – Well…
– We’re doing… a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy
this afternoon. As we found
no abnormalities last time, we’ll do a fecal
immunochemical test… and also a stool culture this time. What is it, Dr. Heo?
What have you been trying to say? The thing is, Dr. Cha is
at our hospital right now. Dr. Cha? Right now? Yes. Someone saw him. Unbelievable.
When did he get back from the US? Will he work here again? I’m not sure about that. But from what I heard,
he looks amazing. He was always handsome,
but he’s become a lot fitter now. Anyway,
he looks absolutely charismatic now. I’m not even surprised. His research became
such a huge success. His drug won an exclusive contract
with a big American company. – Let me take this patient.
– She’s my patient. Please let me take her. I want to keep myself busy today. Are you okay? Do you hear me? – Ma’am.
– Are you okay? – Ma’am.
– Something… Ma’am, how is your pain? She complained of sudden nausea. Yes. Now she has
convulsive stomach pain. Let me take a look. Did she fall asleep? What could it be? – Well…
– Do you have an idea? I don’t. But why don’t we ask
Dr. Cha’s opinion? – Dr. Cha’s opinion?
– Yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but who is this Dr. Cha? You guys might not know,
but he is a true legend. His nickname was Dr. 10 Seconds. He could diagnose
any patient right away. That brings back memories. In those days, I couldn’t even
eat chicken breast freely. Now that he’s been brought up,
should we really try? Try what? Can’t we
do anything on our own? We did fine until now! Right, doctor? What? Yes, we did fine. What got into her? Did you see Dr. Cha? You did. What did he say?
When did he come back? A year ago. A year ago? Why did he show up
after years of silence? – It’s been a while.
– It has, Chairwoman Min. I heard you passed the first round
of FDA’s screening. Congratulations. Thank you. (Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Establishment and Management Plans) (Objectives and Significance
of the Center) You want to put together
a palliative care team? Yes. I’ll put together a team… that can manage pain and
the psychological aspects of care. Unfortunately, us doctors can’t cure death. But… we can do something greater. We can soothe
the minds and bodies… of dying patients. I’d like you to head
the pain management side. What do you think?

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