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[CC] 의사요한, Doctor John, EP16 (Full)

(Be like this every day.) There she goes again. She’s always here at 7 a.m., right? That’s right. She’s been like that
for months now, checking Dr. Cha’s vitals. What’s wrong with that? I’m saying they’re cool. Dr. Cha, who sends them daily
without fail, and Si Young, who checks them daily. Did it come? Hold on. (No new mail) It didn’t come in? I wonder what happened. It didn’t come in? How long has it been
since you spoke to him? A few days. He seemed busy. Let’s wait for a bit. Yes, let’s wait. Dr. Cha, is something wrong? You didn’t email me today.
Please get back to me. (Doctor John) (Wishing to meet someday) A woman aged 52. She was admitted for hiccups
that went on for nearly 48 hours. Hiccups might seem harmless,
but what’s important here is… That it went on for 48 hours. What can cause hiccups that last
longer than 48 hours, – Dr. Heo?
– Pardon? Normally, hiccups are caused
by irritated phrenic nerves… from abdominal inflation… or acid reflux disease. But hiccups that last
for a long time are caused… – by the brain…
– And? Myocardial infarction, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and so on. Gosh. Dr. Kim. (Dr. Yo Han’s notebook) Diagnosis is not a competition. – What else?
– Goiters, throat tumors, gastritis, gastric cancer,
pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer,
and liver diseases. Excellent. I’m sorry I’m late. Anyway, this is a real emergency.
Request tests immediately, and consult
Neurology and Pulmonology. – Yes!
– Yes, we will. What happened?
Have you heard from him? No. No calls, texts, or e-mails? Nothing. It must have slipped his mind
because he’s busy. He never forgot once
in the past three months. There’s no way it slipped his mind. Are you going to call his lab? (Dr. Lee Yoo Joon) Dr. Cha has been out of reach? All day. I’m going out. – Where are you going?
– To Dr. Cha? Right now? He’s never been out of reach
like this before. He’s been at least sending
an e-mail every day. Something must have happened. (Passenger Terminal 2,
Departures, Floor 3) – Hello?
– Hello? Hello. Who is this? My name is Kang Si Young.
I just called Dr. Cha’s cell phone. Who’s answering? This is Dr. Smith.
I’m a colleague of Dr. Cha’s. Is there any problem with him? Why can’t he answer his phone? He can’t answer his phone
right now… because he’s working on a very
important project at this moment. A project? How long will it take to finish? It’ll take a few days. Well… Could you tell him that I called? Please tell him to call me back. – Sure. No problem.
– Thank you. Dr. Cha, I was worried about you. Call me as soon as you’re
finished with your project. Please. (Call me as soon as you’re finished
with your project. Please.) You’re the only person… that ever understood me. My illness… and me as a person. My world that was
neither hot nor cold… turned warm after I met you. Why didn’t you give me an answer… when you had such a great one? Because it means… I love you. How can someone who’s leaving
confess his love? You can. You can talk about love at any time. Even more so
if you don’t know your tomorrow. I love you. I love you too. Hey, John. I did what you asked of me. Don’t worry about a thing, okay?
Just focus on getting better. Not yet? When will he… All right. No? Hey, Dr. Cha.
You’re doing well, right? It’s been a month
since I couldn’t reach you. I heard you’re busy. But I’m worried,
and I want to know how you’re doing. Please reply once you read my email. (Hey, Dr. Cha.
You’re doing well, right?) (It’s been a month since I couldn’t
reach you. I heard you’re busy.) (But I’m worried, and I want to know
how you’re doing.) (6 months later) (HSMC-mail, Login) (You have no new mails.) I have big news. What’s the big news? What is it? What’s it about? My gosh, it’s Dr. Cha! – What?
– My gosh, seriously. – What is it?
– It’s about Dr. Cha. (Dr. Cha’s New Challenge,) (the Acceleration
of Developing Pain Medication) Dr. Cha, who’s known to have
a mutated version… of the ntrk1 gene which is
the cause of CIPA, joined the medical research team… and helped accelerate
the research of medication… that’s been showing strong signs
of pain-relieving effects. I guess Dr. Cha’s doing very well. Judging by how much
he’s achieved in just one year, it’s pretty obvious
that he must be really busy. Yes, you’re right.
No wonder he’s been out of touch. – Yes, of course.
– Let me see him again. Dr. Cha’s lost so much weight. You’re right. He’s participating
both as a patient and a researcher. So he’s probably twice as busy. Let’s go have a drink. – Yes, let’s go have a drink.
– Okay. – Let’s go. Where should we go?
– Come on. Dr. Kang, you should understand him. Guys have trouble
doing multiple things at once. He’s right. On top of that,
he’s working on a huge project. It won’t be easy for him
to contact you every day. Yes, of course. – That’s practically impossible.
– Exactly. That’s enough. Don’t stop me. I personally think men and women… need to be like cats
when it comes to love. Cats know how to make you
feel desperate. They’re different from puppies
who are always just focused on you. Are you calling my sister a puppy? Did you just compare her to a dog? – No, that’s not what I meant.
– Are you saying she’s wrong… for giving him
unconditional attention? Why are you taking it out on me? – I like puppies too.
– Forget it. I don’t want to hear
another word from you men. Let’s drink, Si Young. I guess I’ll never be number one… to Dr. Cha. Stop crying. Don’t cry. His patients always came first. And now, he’s more focused
on his research. That mean jerk. Yes, he’s a mean jerk.
What a mean jerk. Don’t cry. Si Young, just forget about him. How can I forget about him? I can’t forget about him. Si Young, let’s go. (3 years later) “Suspected to have
acute appendicitis”. Who did this? Me. You tried your best. You should either be able
to diagnose or treat a patient. Or at least have some experience
for goodness’ sake. You’re a second-year resident. The best you could think of
was acute appendicitis? I told you that you’re not
in school anymore. The patients aren’t here
so you could practice on them. “You did a great job
for a resident.” If that’s the kind of compliment
you want to hear, – just go back to school!
– Respond to her. – We’ll try harder!
– We’ll try harder! This is so frustrating! You guys are unbelievable.
Get out of my way. Hey. What was her nickname again? – Crazy Kang.
– “Crazy Kang”? Crazy Kang Si Young. Excuse me. It’s been a while. Have you been well? Yes. (Anesthesiologist Kang Si Young) Are you a first-year fellow now? Yes. Congratulations. I saw your research results. It passed the first round
of clinical trials, right? Thanks. How is your health? It’s become a lot better. I’m fine now. I’m relieved. When did you get back to Korea? About a year ago. Why are you here, by the way? What are you doing here
at this hospital? Hello. Okay. I’ll be right there. I have to go see a patient. Sure, go ahead. (Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Establishment and Management Plans) (Objectives and Significance
of the Center) – Hospice care?
– Yes. We have only 20 beds
for hospice care at the moment. I’d like to expand it… into a hospice and palliative care
center for terminal patients. Terminal patients cannot be cured.
We can only sustain their state. And? It’s not a nursing hospital. It won’t help
the hospital’s finance either. Do we really need to provide
hospice care for terminal patients? Our goal as doctors
and a hospital… should not just be to cure diseases. We should try to improve the quality
of life for our patients as well. Death does not happen in a moment.
It is a process. It is also our task… to help patients
in their dying process. I completely agree
with Chairwoman Min. So far, we’ve been sending
patients home when we feel… there’s nothing more we can do. Now we’ll be able
to feel less guilty. I think it’s a good idea. It’s a difficult
and unprofitable business. Why is she pushing ahead with it? Exactly. Chairwoman Min tends to be
too reckless. Tae Kyung, Dr. Cha is here. – I know. Tell him to come see me.
– Okay. What’s wrong? I’m sorry I’m late. What’s the problem? She was treated by me, and she’s
suddenly having bad abdominal pain. Analgesics won’t work. The pain is gone now. – Pardon?
– Why? Are you okay now? Yes. Didn’t I tell you? One moment the pain is killing me,
the next I’m fine. Big news!
You’re not going to believe it! Sorry. Dr. Lee.
There’s no family history… of convulsive disease. Her echocardiogram,
lung and abdomen X-rays, and CT scans show
no abnormalities either. – Well…
– We’re doing… a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy
this afternoon. As we found
no abnormalities last time, we’ll do a fecal
immunochemical test… and also a stool culture this time. What is it, Dr. Heo?
What have you been trying to say? The thing is, Dr. Cha is
at our hospital right now. Dr. Cha? Right now? Yes. Someone saw him. Unbelievable.
When did he get back from the US? Will he work here again? I’m not sure about that. But from what I heard,
he looks amazing. He was always handsome,
but he’s become a lot fitter now. Anyway,
he looks absolutely charismatic now. I’m not even surprised. His research became
such a huge success. His drug won an exclusive contract
with a big American company. – Let me take this patient.
– She’s my patient. Please let me take her. I want to keep myself busy today. Are you okay? Do you hear me? – Ma’am.
– Are you okay? – Ma’am.
– Something… Ma’am, how is your pain? She complained of sudden nausea. Yes. Now she has
convulsive stomach pain. Let me take a look. Did she fall asleep? What could it be? – Well…
– Do you have an idea? I don’t. But why don’t we ask
Dr. Cha’s opinion? – Dr. Cha’s opinion?
– Yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but who is this Dr. Cha? You guys might not know,
but he is a true legend. His nickname was Dr. 10 Seconds. He could diagnose
any patient right away. That brings back memories. In those days, I couldn’t even
eat chicken breast freely. Now that he’s been brought up,
should we really try? Try what? Can’t we
do anything on our own? We did fine until now! Right, doctor? What? Yes, we did fine. What got into her? Did you see Dr. Cha? You did. What did he say?
When did he come back? A year ago. A year ago? Why did he show up
after years of silence? – It’s been a while.
– It has, Chairwoman Min. I heard you passed the first round
of FDA’s screening. Congratulations. Thank you. (Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Establishment and Management Plans) (Objectives and Significance
of the Center) You want to put together
a palliative care team? Yes. I’ll put together a team… that can manage pain and
the psychological aspects of care. Unfortunately, us doctors can’t cure death. But… we can do something greater. We can soothe
the minds and bodies… of dying patients. I’d like you to head
the pain management side. What do you think? – Hello?
– Dr. Cha? Yes. Did you see Dr. Kang? Yes, finally. Briefly, a while ago. Dr. Cha. We’re trying to
diagnose this patient. Really? She woke up. You woke up. – How are you feeling?
– How long did I sleep? For about an hour. That’s nothing.
I once slept for 12 hours straight. – 12 hours straight?
– Yes. By the way, when can I eat? Eat slowly. Thank you, Doctor. You’ve been like this
for more than 10 years now? You feel stomach pain
about five times a day. The pain can last anywhere
between 1 minute to 5 minutes. But it is not accompanied
by vomiting, diarrhea, or fever. After the symptoms appear,
you fall asleep. But you’ve never lost consciousness. Lately, various symptoms… such as mild stomach pain and
abdominal inflation have appeared. Sometimes, you experience severe
stomach pain along with nausea. – That’s right.
– The test results are out. They’re normal, right? Yes. Both the CBC and chemistry
came out normal. Let me see. Her digestive enzyme levels are
all normal too. I told you. All the tests I’ve done so far
came out normal. Do you believe what I say? Every hospital says… it must be irritable bowel syndrome
or psychosomatic illness. Some doctors even suspected
Munchausen syndrome. (A mental disorder where the patient
fakes illness to gain sympathy) It must be because
most test results come out normal. Exactly. So do you think I’m lying or not? There’s something
one of our professors said. “Remember this.” “The cause might be unknown,
but no pain is without a cause.” I never know
when my pain will come back. So I feel anxious all the time. “Not now.” “Please let me suffer
in a little while.” That’s what I pray. Doctor. Please set me free. I beg you. We’ll do everything we can. Please hang in there. When you’re done eating,
let’s go do some more tests. Okay. What is it? It’s all in English.
Are you good at English? It’s from my friend, and I was going
to skip it because it’s in English. But then I saw Dr. Cha’s name
right here. What is it even about? What is it? Come with me for a second. Three months into his research
in the US, Dr. Cha almost died from PCP. (A lung infection
caused by a fungus) That’s exactly
when you lost contact with him. – So?
– He almost died. That’s why he couldn’t talk to you. After he recovered,
he focused on his research. He might not have much time left,
so he wanted to give it his all. That’s very like him. I know that. Still, isn’t it understandable that
he was out of reach at that time? At that time, yes.
But what about after he recovered? He’s been in Korea for a year now.
How could he never… Forget it. There’s no point now. (Have you done
a brainwave test on her?) Have you done
a brainwave test on her? Hello. Dr. Cha, is this you? Both the CBC and chemistry
came out normal. Let me see. Her digestive enzyme levels are
all normal too. What do you mean? Did you do a general brainwave test? Or did she… take it before? Last year, another hospital did
a brain MRI and brainwave test. And the result? They found nothing amiss. – Was it a general brainwave test?
– Yes. It was a general brainwave test. Monitor her brainwaves for 24 hours. Why didn’t you? I told you to tell me
if you’re sick. You were so sick
that you almost died. Didn’t you think of me? You could’ve died. How could you not even tell me? For three years,
I was sure of nothing. My health, or the time I had left. But… I was sure of only one thing. I believed that our love
wouldn’t end so easily. I didn’t want to repeat that. When I recovered my health
and when I could convince you too, I wanted to return then. Sorry, Si Young. I’m sorry. But… I don’t think you have time
to shed tears. Go to your patient. Go and do as I suggested. Monitor her brainwaves for 24 hours. Why… do you want me to do that? She complained
of a sudden stomach ache, which then suddenly went away. After that, although
she remains conscious, she suddenly falls asleep. If no painkillers work on her, and yet all her test results
come back normal… On the 24-hour brainwave monitor, if we see epileptic waves
when her stomach aches, it’s abdominal epilepsy. It’s a possibility. All the symptoms make sense. We never thought
it could be epilepsy. That’s why painkillers and
digestive medicines didn’t work. An anti-seizure drug
will work dramatically on her. It would. – Dr. Cha!
– Dr. Cha! – Dr. Cha!
– Dr. Cha! How long has it been?
I missed you so much. Why didn’t you call us?
We waited for you to call. I missed you two a lot too. I missed you so much. Dr. Cha. You looked so frail in the photo. I missed you so much, Dr. Cha. – Okay.
– I missed you. – Abdominal epilepsy?
– Yes. I asked her, and no one monitored
her brainwaves for 24 hours. Shall we contact Neurology? Yes, let’s do it now. Dr. Lee. – What is it?
– We met Dr. Cha. Where? Is he really back? He is. He’ll join us for dinner. We should get together.
Matong, Matong. Matong. What’s the matter? I’m so pleased. I missed Dr. Cha so much. – Me too.
– Me too. My gosh… – I’ll call Neurology.
– Okay. Doctor. Good luck. We’ll check the results in 24 hours. We want to see
if you show signs of epilepsy. It can be uncomfortable. I can do anything
if it’s for a diagnosis. See you later. – Matong, Matong, let’s go!
– Matong, Matong, let’s go! Our dear Dr. Cha. Tell us the truth. Did you not miss us? Why wouldn’t he have?
That’s against the rules. There’s no team like ours. Exactly. You coldly left us when we tried
so hard to make you stay. He wasn’t cold. He left to do some amazing research. And how beautiful are the results? That’s right.
Using his own rare genes, he developed a painkiller. Come on, Dr. Heo. So, I get that you were really busy. Why didn’t you drop us a text? You’d been back for a year
and we had no idea. What? Excuse me. Don’t stop me. Why do you
always ruin our team dinners? – Don’t stop me.
– Dr. Heo. Dr. Heo. Okay. See you tomorrow. And… I missed you. Bye. Good. I should get going. – Right now?
– Yes. Wait, Dr. Cha. Tell us just one thing. Are you coming back? You’ll work with us, won’t you? Not really. Then what?
Will we not see you again? Why not? Must we work together to meet up? It was good to see you all.
I’ll see you again. I’ll take you home. My car’s at the hospital. Bye. See you. Don’t get up. Stay. Drink up. Drink up. Someone like him… must get a lot of offers. I guess there’s no going back. Whatever the reality, it’s about how we feel. Dr. Cha watched all along. He watched you for the whole year. Dr. Cha did? What? Was this photoshopped? By whom? Dr. Heo did. What? You knew all along? Do you think he didn’t call me
for the whole year? I knew everything. You did? Then was the crying an act? Gosh, I got goosebumps.
You could be an actor. Why didn’t you tell us? He was still being treated, and he exercised so hard. He only recently
regained his health. But he always had you on his mind! Dr. Cha. I just couldn’t forget you. I couldn’t find anyone like you. Don’t leave anymore. Don’t go anywhere. Stay by my side. I will. Kang Si Young. I love you. No cucumbers, please. – Enjoy your meal.
– Thanks. (Kang Si Young) I’m so late! Stay strong. (Kang Si Young) Hello? I’m nearby. I’ll be right there. Hello. – It has been a while.
– It has. Under the current law, we can put a stop to unnecessary
life-prolonging treatment. Since the law regards life,
rather than permitting, the focus should be on limiting. That limiting could obstruct
the right not to be in pain. Supplying nutrients and drugs… sometimes even postpone death. An increase in
the scope of those rights… could turn society into one
that forces death. Before hasty and drastic changes,
our society must first… gain a more mature awareness
of death itself. Everyone here respects life, which is why no one should
give up easily, or left to suffer in pain
for too long. I believe that hospice and
palliative care is neutral ground. Yes. What terminal cancer patients
need the most is not treatment, but care. Looking after. Yes. I agree with that. To terminally ill patients,
the end of their lives… isn’t dying. It must be to live
while death approaches. Are you back for good? Yes. The painkiller you developed. Will I be able to use it one day? Our center’s waiting for it too. I hope it helps. How are you? I don’t know how much I have left, but I’m living just fine. See you again. Sure. We will. Dr. Cha said no? Why? He doesn’t think
he must remain at our center. Many other doctors can do that. If the drug he developed
is commercialized, we’ll be able to use it. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t envy having 100 doctors
like him. The doctors are on their way.
Hang in there. – Help her up.
– Okay. Take this medicine. What is this? The 24-hour brainwave test showed… clear epileptic waves
when your stomach hurts. You have stomach epilepsy. The anti-seizure medicine
will dull the pain. We’ll have to see, but the serious symptoms
will go away. Then am I free now? The medicine will help you
go about your everyday life. Thank you, doctor. Thank you. Did you talk to Dr. Cha yesterday? Yes. Sorry for not telling you
for a year. Mi Rae told me off real bad. You said Dr. Cha asked. I understand. Thank you. If he didn’t have you to talk to, he’d have been so lonely. Did you hear where he works now? – Yes.
– Shall we all visit one day? After you. Let’s go. We’re almost there. (We’re almost there.) (Healing Clinic) I told you not to,
but you smoke in secret. When will you quit? You always complain
about pain. Lie down. – Did you pee well?
– Yes. Good. What? (We’re almost there.) I’m a doctor. What did you say? To those awaiting death
at the end of their lives, what they need more than
painkillers that don’t work… I see your nipples. It is someone who
understands their suffering. Don’t skip your meals
and exercise is a must, okay? Goodbye, sir. And… No smoking. The comfort that their pain is
shared by someone. (Healing Clinic) His cancer has spread to his larynx, so his voice is damaged.
How can you understand him so well? – Hi.
– Hi. I can’t understand him well either, but I just try my best. Who knows what he said today
will be his last words? – Dr. Cha!
– Dr. Cha! Guys! Welcome. Where should we start? I’m sure
there’s a lot to do around here. In Hanse Wish Club, we’ve been getting many certificates
and receiving a lot of training. We’re good at cleaning
and doing the laundry too. Can I go around the ward
and take wishes from the patients? You can do whatever you want.
I won’t stop you. Start! Let’s go! Let’s go this way. Sir, you look so stiff. Try to put on a big smile. Here we go. 1, 2, 3. One more. What’s your name? Relax. This might sting a little. Let me check your blood sugar level.
Give me your hand. Are you okay? It hurts. Let me play a song on the piano
for you. I’m not that good,
but please listen. It’s a fun song. All right. Pain is the proof of life. Pain lives inside us. Our lives come to an end with pain. Having someone next to you
to share your pain with… reduces your pain… and gives you the courage
to embrace your pain. Recognizing and sharing
someone else’s pain. That is my last prescription
for our pain that stays with us… as long as we live. (Doctor John) (Thank you for watching
Doctor John so far.)


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