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Claire’s Mom Says Claire Is Her Inspiration – The Good Doctor

We don’t need
to talk about that. Hmm, I think we do. You’ve been taking care of
your mother for a long time. That’s a pattern you both
need to break out of. I know I haven’t always
been there for you, and I just — I —
[ Sighs ] I’m trying
to change that. I know, Mom. I’m good.
Everything is fine. Dr. Donovan:
And your first surgery? Is that this afternoon? It’s… Actually, it’s not. Um… [ Sighs ] I arranged
a psych consult without
the mother’s permission, so I got thrown off
the case. How could the hospital
allow that? What is wrong
with them? After how hard
you’ve worked, I just — It’s okay, Mom.
They kind of had to. That must be
a big disappointment — It is. Anything else,
Claire? [ Sighs ]
I’m upset, humiliated, so, so mad
at my patient’s mother for not taking care
of her daughter. [ Inhales shakily,
sighs ] And I —
I’m relieved. I’m so, so relieved
to have that weight off of me, and that makes me
feel like a fraud. Don’t you say that. How can I be so scared to do something
I’ve wanted for so long? Because things that matter
are scary. That’s how I feel
about coming here, talking about my life
and our relationship. What if I can’t fix it? What if I can’t make up for all the times
I’ve let you down? And then I think… …”Just be like Claire.” ♪ Because nothing
stops you — ever. You see what you want, and you go after it
with everything you’ve got. ♪ You are an inspiration. You’re my inspiration. ♪ Claire: [ Sighs ]


  1. jacob maxwell231
    jacob maxwell231 October 8, 2019


  2. Anthony Mendez
    Anthony Mendez October 8, 2019


    As sad as the ending was, knowing that Claire and her mother have made up and that her mother stated that she was an inspiration to her is something that one can take solace in at the end of the day even though Breeze slipped up and died through drunk driving. I feel so bad for Claire as she had two watch two suicides and now this.

  3. MangoJackFruit
    MangoJackFruit October 8, 2019

    I cried HARD in this episode.

  4. phathu nekhavhambe
    phathu nekhavhambe October 8, 2019

    Who's chopping onions😢

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