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COLD SHOWERS 💧 Boost Your Mental Health (Part 1)(Cold Shower Therapy Benefits)

oh hey everyone back here again with
another video if you listen to my podcast you know that I’m very
passionate about mental and spiritual health and I truly believe that our most
valuable asset is our mental health today I wanted to share five of my best
brain boosting activities and I would also like to challenge you
guys to try doing all five of these things every single day for 30 days and
leave a comment letting me know how you feel and if you notice a difference in
your overall well-being mental state and mental health so far today I’m having
like a pretty awesome day I woke up at 4:30 in the morning that never happens
but I woke up with so much energy and full of creative ideas like seriously my
creative ideas is what woke me up this morning and I got out of bed pulled out
my notebook started writing down all these ideas that just kept flowing to me
and one thing that I have learned over the past year by really taking the time
to improve my mental health and to take care of my brain and to expand my
consciousness my awareness and grow in ways where I feel like I am really
discovering what it means to feel balanced when you can bring together
your mind your body and your soul and when that comes together it is just
powerful and this morning was just one of those days where I was really able to
see how much all these different things that I have been incorporating into my
life or the over the past year have really improved my overall well-being
how I feel about myself I feel so much more clarity tapped into that creative
flow of energy and I just feel good first I suggest you start out with my
podcast episodes that I just did it is episode number 61 the official first
episode of season 4 of the wanna be balanced podcast and it’s all about
being consistent so start by listening to that episode and it will help you
learn how to use these five things each day and be consistent with them over a
long period of time you can find it on iTunes or all my
episodes are also on my website wanna be balanced calm the links will also be in
the description of this post now before I get started go ahead and take a minute
to subscribe to my channel I post a new video each week I also upload a new
podcast episode each week and you can find me on Instagram but if you
subscribe to my channel be sure to click on the Bell because that’s the only way
that YouTube will notify you of my new video also I have a free printable this
will help you track your progress and being consistent with these five brain
boosting tips and exercises if you go to wanna be balanced calm slash brain
boosting calendar you can download this printable and hang it up in your
bathroom next to your bed wherever you see it every day so you can remind
yourself to be consistent with these five things all right number one is
actually my favorite one I should probably end with this one but it is my
favorite one because I have noticed a huge difference since I’ve been doing
this one thing and that is taking a cold shower every single day and I’ve been
trying to work my way up to it by going longer and longer this morning I think I
did like 10 minutes in the cold shower and it was early morning and I washed my
hair so my hair is wet I don’t always wash my hair so it’s it’s easier to do
the cold shower if I don’t get my hair wet but on the days where I wash my hair
it’s intense you’re doing those may be colder okay ready there are so many benefits to taking
cold showers and I never knew of these benefits otherwise I think I would have
made more of an effort of jumping in the lake all these years with my kids I mean
I’ve been such a baby and I always tell my kids no I’ll just watch you guys okay
like it’s just too cold for me but now being a little more educated on the
benefits of jumping in a cold pool cold baths cold lake taking a cold shower I
feel a lot more motivation to push myself to do it so a cold shower can
definitely increase your mental alertness that’s kind of a given it has
been known to fight depression and anxiety researchers say that a cold
shower is expected to send an overwhelming amount of electrical
impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain which could result
in an antidepressant effect it activates your nervous system and it can also
increase production of the beta endorphins or the feel-good molecules
that will give you a sense of well-being I do notice a greater sense of
well-being almost immediately after I take the cold
shower it’s just so invigorating I feel good I’m awake not to mention my hair
feels a lot silkier and my skin feels a lot smoother which I always thought that
the hotter the better for the skin to like get rid of all the oils and to feel
the most clean I would take really hot showers or soak in a hot bath but I’ve
noticed a huge difference in the way my skin feels since taking cold showers
every single day

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  1. Christine McMeo
    Christine McMeo September 6, 2019

    You two are very brave!!! I couldn’t do that. 😅

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