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Come shopping with me at Shoppers Drug Mart

Hey world, hey YouTube! Celeste here. How you doin..? I hope you’re doing well! My goodness, guys it is cold! It’s freezing. Apparently, there’s freezing rain happening right now in Toronto. So guys, it’s a lazy Sunday, you’re joining me on some errands. I’ve run out of toiletries
I’ve run out of makeup. so we are going to do some shopping together. Okay
fortunately enough, we actually live in a building where there’s a Shoppers Drug
Mart and a Metro right underneath where we live so I don’t need to get
in a car or public transport or anything I just walk like two minutes and I. Am. Here. So one of the things I actually need right now is contact cleaning solution. In case you didn’t know I am actually a contact
lenses wearer.. right here… yeah they’re clear so this is actually the real color for my eye
but I do wear clear lenses because I’m blind as a bat without them! So when I
was 10 years old that’s when I knew that’s when we realized that I need
glasses. I had glasses from when I was 10 to 14 and I have been wearing contacts
pretty much since since I was in grade 9. to now every now and then I do man my
glasses but yeah I need a contact cleaning solution to clean these puppies..
Guys, the next thing I need was dry shampoo for all those days when I
couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair I need trash camping and the other thing I
need is I need makeup what and I make up one mobile solution of some sort like I
really need them cuz it’s getting pretty bad in that sometimes I don’t really
take much care and taking the makeup off my face three days later I still have
like mascara that’s like three days a whole so we need to fix know what products to get not really I’m
just gonna find something that does the job and it is cheap wish me luck okay guys we’re leaving toilet race for
a second and we’re going to kitchen dishwashing liquid it’s essential we
need clean dishes so all these YouTube makeup artists have been like blasting
so many products as we all know and a few of them I wrote down I’m checking
them out cuz I need powder I need an eye brow pencil and product okay so I’m
walking around and who do I run into just hi everybody
how’s it going shank is awesome just always helping me here in shop is he’s
my shop is truck much don’t give away my secret okay now I’m going home
I’ve got all my goodies what would you want to pop into another area yeah I
want to talk with you you know if I was to be completely
honest with you I have had such a huge week I’ve had a huge weekend on so many
different levels physically emotionally mentally spiritually it’s just been like
massively and today I took the time to rest I rested I slept I read I was still
I did things for me and I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with
making bread there are too many people out there glamourizing but busy life and
they where busyness like it’s a badge of honor or something like it’s okay to be
busy it’s okay to be hustling and doing what it is that you do but if you don’t
take care of yourself if you don’t take time to read
you will seriously burn yourself so I just wouldn’t come to you if you feel
that it’s February and you’re ready feel like getting stressed and you feel like
you’re getting burned out or whatever take the time to rest because no one
else is going to do that for you you need to do that for yourself know your
value know that hey as much as you want to go
jeong-ho and you want to go forward sometimes you just need to rest and you
just need to be educated so hey this week take care of your note if you
physically need to rest emotionally and mentally you feel like spiritually if you feel like maybe take a few moments to rest Thank You Ranger i Fifi happy
much love


  1. Ministry Of Home
    Ministry Of Home February 16, 2018

    I'll come shopping with you any time!

  2. Ministry Of Home
    Ministry Of Home February 16, 2018

    Youre awesome. You hit the nail on the head. Doing nothing well is a really good habit. Self care is so important. Sleeping til your not tired. Reading a whole book. Eating yummy food. Jesus said "light and easy". There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. It's drama and hype free. Walk lightly. Love you my girl xo

    REVIEWSONTHERUN February 16, 2018

    Good video

  4. Farrahside Chat
    Farrahside Chat March 13, 2018

    Thanks for bringing us along with you…now i gotta make my own list of shopping essentials lol Yasss rest is needed, being still recharges you…so good

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