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Connecticut Children’s – Physician Spotlight: Ching Lau, MD

Well I have always wanted to be a doctor But not exactly sure what kind of doctor And I got involved in cancer research before I Finished my clinical years in medical school So I figured that I would continue to be in the oncology field But then during the clinical rotations. I did Pediatrics that I really enjoyed partly because I have very good mentors, and I could see how our Care of the children could have a very long lasting impact in their lives That’s when I made up my mind that I should be doing pediatric oncology. Hi. I’m Dr. Ching Lau I’m the division head of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Connecticut Children’s. Pediatric oncology probably Is very research centered and so it makes it you know very rewarding for me to integrate The research component with the patient care component and we can take something that looks very simple and straightforward on the surface And then when you take a little deeper it actually is much more complicated than you think and yet the knowledge that you acquired during that research actually can help improve the Outcome of the patient’s lives so that that to me is very rewarding I felt that there’s a very tangible way That I could help people If I’m a doctor especially with kids the Relationship you develop over the time that you’re taking care of them. It’s also Very amazing and rewarding. Our existing team of Doctors and nurses here that are already doing amazing work so I felt that I fit in here very nicely and An opportunity to do something really novel here, so that’s why I’m here. In a way even though we are specialists but we also function as You know general pediatricians in their lives during that period of time and so that bond that we establish It’s also very rewarding

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