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Convening the Industry: The Surescripts Network Alliance™ (Full)

The Surescripts Network Alliance is
really critical to pulling together all of the necessary stakeholders to solve
some of the greatest pain points we have as an industry. The Surescripts network
is the dark matter in the healthcare universe it connects so many various data points better than anyone else and provides
information on contemporaneous basis that all of us can use and all of us
need. We as a company actually, can’t achieve anything without partners all across the network. These are people that are coming together, companies that are coming together that have very parochial interests but on the other hand do things to make the bigger picture come to life. And when we do that and we
facilitate that and we convene that that’s pretty powerful. It’s been a phenomenal relationship very partnered, very good friends, and
very good colleagues working together to solve a common industry challenge and we get to voice concerns and solve challenges together and then follow my
roadmap on how we gonna go tackle bigger problems in the industry together. For example, prescription accuracy is a big shared problem. You know, something that that prescribers can’t solve by themselves and that pharmacist can’t solve by themselves but when we bring the
representation from EHRs and and pharmacies and the health systems and
the provider together then they can come to some really great results. And when that happens, patients benefit. Is there any better outcome for an alliance than that? Not in my mind. Ultimately pulling this network
together not only helps solve the industry problems and makes things
better for physicians but it really gets us to what I think we’re all really most
passionate about is “How do we get the care best for our patients?” and “How do we get that best patient experience?” By bringing all of us together and keeping
the patients in mind really we all win when that works

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