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CONVERSATIONS: Women in Medicine

(light music) – I’m Namita Khanna. I’m an Associate Professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Emory University
School of Medicine. As a Gynecologic Oncologist, I treat women with various cancers of the
female reproductive system, like ovarian, uterine, vaginal,
vulvar or cervical cancer and other gynecologic malignancies. As an Oncologist, I feel
one of the most significant challenges as pertaining
to gynecologic cancers in women is education
about screening tests, just like the PAP test, which
is a simple screening test that identifies abnormal
cells in the cervix early on before they become cancer. I believe if women get appropriate
screening with PAP tests, we can identify cervical cancer earlier and the chances of cure
are more at that time. Women should also be
educated about the HPV test. They should be talking
to their gynecologist when it’s appropriate to
have the HPV test done. One of the significant
challenges in patients who have gynecologic
malignancy is also access to appropriate and affordable care. So, as part of the
Winship Cancer Institute, which is an NCI designated
comprehensive cancer center, we make sure our patients
get comprehensive and coordinated care in every aspect. Our patients have access
to latest clinical trials and our team of oncologists
and supportive staff make sure that our patients get the best outcome with these malignancies. It is really exciting to
see more women in medicine. We are seeing more and
more women matriculate from medical school and more
residents that are females. It is also exciting to see women choose and represent specialties that were previously
completely male dominated. I believe that this is going to lead to a more diverse physician population, which can better serve the needs of a diverse patient population. (light music)

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