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Crazy Things A Doctor Removed From Inside Person’s Body

In the spring of 2009, 72 year old Prax Sanchez
was having trouble hearing and also experiencing earaches. A hearing specialist sent him to get an MRI. Just after the scan started, Prax felt an
excruciating pain under his right eye. Meanwhile the technicians stopped the test,
saying that they were experiencing interference from the metal in his head. Prax was puzzled, he didn’t have any metal
in his head…or so he thought. The doctors looked at an older CT scan of
Prax’s head and were shocked to find something metal the size of a toothpick in the images. While leaving the doctor’s office, Prax
suddenly coughed up a 1 inch nail. The giant magnet in the MRI machine had dislodged
a nail that was stuck in Prax’s sinus cavity, sending it down his throat. Doctors thought that he might have had the
nail stuck in his head for 30 years. The doctors also told Prax when he sniffed
up the nail, membrane tissue probably formed around it. The nail might have stayed there forever without
the MRI. Although Prax did carpentry, he was bewildered
as to how he got a nail up his nose without noticing it. Some very odd and disturbing things have been
found in the human body, quite often by medical professionals. Before we go any further, let’s discuss
what this video is not about. Human beings sometimes have unusual …shall
we say inclinations…which can lead to needing medical assistance to remove items from the
lower part of their intestinal system. As many medical professionals who work in
emergency rooms can tell you, some patients seem to have carefully thought out explanations
where somehow they ‘accidentally’ fell on various objects and those items got ‘stuck’. They are visiting the hospital for a rectal
foreign body removal procedure because they are unable to remove the item on their own. Frankly we could spend a whole video discussing
this topic…but there are many forum discussions and x-ray pictures online that give veracity
to such anecdotes. However we have provided a short list culled
from the internet of items which have removed during medical exams or in some cases emergency
surgery. Admittedly most of these items aren’t disturbing
as of themselves, it’s only where you think where they were found the disturbing factor
comes into play: Barbie Doll
Buzz Lightyear Action Figure Candle
Candy Cane Carrot
Cell Phone Champagne Flute
Cucumber Egg
Eggplant Flashlight
Fork Golf Ball
Impulse Body Spray Perfume Glass Bottle Jar of Instant coffee
Jar of Peanut butter Key
Knife Light Bulb
Long Necked Glass Soda Bottle Orange
Pen Pepper Shaker
Ping Pong Ball Pint Glass
Plastic Bowling Pin Potato
Salad Tongs Salt Shaker
Screwdriver Shot Glass
Toothbrush Toy Car
Turnip Wine Cork
Zucchini Ahem. Now that we’ve settled that… Who feels like sushi? In February of 2012, the Journal of Parasitology
published a report on a 63 year old Korean woman who experienced severe needle like pain
in her mouth while eating a dish of parboiled squid. She immediately spat the squid out, but it
was too late. Upon examination by a doctor, twelve squid
spermatophores were found to have implanted themselves into the mucous membrane of the
woman’s tongue, cheek, and gingiva. The parasites were promptly removed along
with some of the woman’s damaged oral tissues. Apparently internal organs including the sperm
bag weren’t removed from the squid before meal preparation. A game played by some kids in India almost
had deadly consequences for one of the players. In 2012, 12 year old Anil Barela of Madhya
Pradesh was messing around with some friends at a local river. The kids dared one another to swallow live
fish. Anil took on the challenge. However, instead of going down Anil’s esophagus,
the 3.5 inch ( 9 cm) fish slipped down his windpipe and entered his left lung. Anil began to have trouble breathing and was
rushed to a local hospital. The doctors measured the oxygen level in Anil’s
blood at 80 percent – 18 points lower than a normal 98 percent. An x-ray showed Anil’s left lung as completely
opaque due to the foreign object lodged in it. Doctors performed an emergency bronchoscopy
and inserted a cable into Anil’s lungs. The camera showed that the fish was still
alive. Doctors then performed a 45 minute procedure
to remove the fish. Anil made a full recovery. Planning on sticking to vegetables now? In another food related mishap, in the summer
of 2010, 75 year old retired school teacher Ron Sveden felt terrible. He was chronically fatigued, had lost his
appetite and frequently had coughing spells. A lifelong smoker, Ron had been battling emphysema
for some time, but with the sudden turn in his health, he worried that he had cancer. When Ron was rushed to the hospital with a
collapsed lung, his x-rays revealed something unusual. There was 1.5-inch (3.8 cm) pea sprout growing
in his lung. Much like Anil, doctors thought that while
eating peas, one simply went down the wrong pipe and lodged in Ron’s lung instead of
ending up in his stomach. Roy was relieved to find out that he didn’t
have cancer and was also amazed. He couldn’t remember the last time he has
eaten fresh peas either. Apparently when a pea germinates, it simply
needs a warm, wet place to begin to sprout. The pea shoot was removed from Ron’s lung
by a thoracic surgeon. As a joke, the hospital staff served Ron peas
as a part of his first meal after the operation. Ron took the joke in stride and ate them. Ron’s not the only person to have had a
plant grow in their lungs. In 2009, Russian doctors operated on 28 year
old Artyom Sidorkin, expecting to remove a tumor and allegedly found a 2 inch (5 cm)
fir seedling sprouting in his lung. Obviously, the results of ingesting non food
items can be very dangerous. 52 year old Margaret Daalman of the Netherlands
showed up at the hospital complaining of a stomach ache. Upon viewing x-rays of her stomach doctors
were dumbfounded to see a large mass of silverware. When going in for surgery, Margaret explained
to the doctors that often when she sat down to eat, she couldn’t help herself; she would
ignore the meal and feast on the cutlery instead. Margaret had previously been diagnosed with
borderline personality disorder which left her with an urge to eat non food items. The surgery removed 78 spoons and forks from
Margaret’s stomach. However no knives were found; Margaret was
never interested in eating those and she couldn’t explain why. Margaret made a full recovery and underwent
therapy for her predilection.Margaret’s not the only one to suffer this strange affliction
though, doctors have removed a variety of items that patients have ingested. Common non food snacks are magnets, coins
and chalk. In 2014, a teenage girl from Kyrgyzstan’s
bad habit almost ended her life. Though her stomach was swollen, 18 year old
Ayperi Alekseeva kept losing weight and was dangerously dehydrated and malnourished. She couldn’t keep any food down, even just
drinking water brought about terrible pains. Doctors struggled to diagnose her at first
and then figured out the culprit. A massive hairball was blocking her digestive
system. Ayperi had to be transported to a large hospital
in the capital city of Bishkek for emergency life saving surgery to remove the 9lbs (4.1
kg) hairball. The hairball formed due to Ayperi’s proclivity
to chew on and eat her hair and pieces of bits of wool she found on the carpet at home. Apparently during surgery, her stomach was
so distended, hair began to ooze out as soon as the wall of Ayperi’s stomach was cut. Despite looking through 50 years of records,
the doctors said they were unable to find any other cases that involved a hairball this
large. You heard correctly, not other cases involving
a hairball, other cases involving a hairball this large. Sometimes after a vacation you end up feeling
more stressed then if you had just stayed at work. In the summer of 2007, Aaron Dallas of Carbondale,
Colorado visited the town of Orange Walk, Belize to assist with a mountain bike race. Upon returning home, he developed large, painful
bumps on his head that bled and oozed. His doctor thought they were fly bites that
would eventually heal up. But the bumps wouldn’t heal. Aaron visited a specialist who thought he
might have shingles, a painful rash caused by the varicella-zoster virus–the same virus
that causes chickenpox. Aaron tried several different creams and ointments
but to no avail. Weeks went by, Aaron started getting flashes
of pain that would send him to his knees. It felt like spikes were being driven into
his skull. Then the lumps started throbbing and moving… Aaron thought he was going crazy, he could
even hear the lumps. Another visit to a doctor brought about the
revelation that Aaron’s scalp was infested with botfly larvae. Medical staff numbed Aaron’s head and extracted
5 fingernail sized maggots. Most likely Aaron with bitten by a mosquito
carrying botfly eggs. Mosquitoes, stable flies, and other insects
are used by female bot flies to disseminate their eggs to various hosts. In this case the host was Aaron. Aaron’s not the only person who’s brought
home an unexpected souvenir after a vacation. During the summer of 2013, the Franklin family
of Aliso Viejo, California went on a camping trip to Spooner’s Cove beach on the central
Californian coast. Four year old Paul fell and scraped his right
knee on rock. His parents cleaned up the small cut and put
a bandaid on it. However, the wound kept seeping and never
seemed to scab over. A week later Paul fell on the knee again when
ice skating, further opening the wound. His mother, once again cleaned and redressed
the cut. Over the next few weeks Paul’s knee became
came swollen and infected. He began to limp. Thinking he had a staph infection, his parents
took him to the doctor. At first a 10 day course of antibiotics seems
to improve the infection, but then it flared up again. The cut began seeping pus and a small black
lump grew under Paul’s skin. His mother worried that the wound was becoming
necrotic. Against doctor’s advice, she squeezed the
lump and an odd looking tiny rock popped out of Paul’s knee. His mother took a closer look at the pebble,
noticing a swirl pattern. She realized it was a tiny snail- and it was
alive. The Franklins figured that there were snail
eggs on the rock Paul scraped his knee on. Paul’s parents let him keep the snail as
a pet and he named it Turbo after the cartoon snail. We could go on and on about the various insects,
larvae, tape worms and spiders that have been discovered and removed from people. Ears and nose seem to be especially popular
hiding places, perhaps because of the easy access. However, we’ll spare you and leave it to
your imagination. In 2015, Estela Meléndez, a 91-year-old resident
of La Boca, Chile went to the hospital after a fall. She had an x-ray and was told by doctors that
she had a tumor in her abdomen and needed surgery. A second x-ray was ordered for confirmation
and it revealed something shocking–the mass was not a tumor, but a fetus. For the last 60 years Estela had a lump in
her abdomen, but didn’t know that she was carrying a lithopedion–or stone baby. It’s a rare phenomena that occurs when a fetus
dies during pregnancy and is too large to be reabsorbed by the mother. As part of a foreign body reaction, the fetus
calcifies on the outside, protecting the mother’s body from dead tissue and preventing infection. There have been about 300 cases of known lithopedion
worldwide with the calcified fetus being carried for an average of twenty-two years. In several cases, the mother was able to become
pregnant again and gave birth to children without incident. In the case of Estela, as the mass was only
sometimes uncomfortable, but not causing serious pain, medical professionals decided not to
proceed with surgery. However, sometimes doctors do remove a lithopedion. In 2009, 92 year old
Huang Yijun from China had a 60 year old fetus removed. In 1948, when she was 31 she became pregnant
only to find out that she had a rare condition. Instead of implanting in the uterus as normal,
her pregnancy was ectopic with the egg implanting outside her Fallopian tubes causing what is
known as an “abdominal pregnancy”. The fetus soon passed away and doctors told
Huang Yijun to get it removed to avoid any potential future health problems. Unfortunately, the surgery was expensive and
Huang simply didn’t have the money. So she ignored her condition until she was
able to have it removed some 60 years later. Our last story of something disturbing removed
from a person’s body is about an interesting and creepy medical phenomena which is estimated
to occur in 1 in 500,000 live births. All his life Sanju Bhagat of Nagpur, India
had breathing problems and a protruding belly. Over time his stomach swelled even further,
making him look like he was 9 months pregnant. One night in June of 1999, his breathing problems
got worse and an ambulance rushed the 36 year old farmer to the hospital. Doctors began to operate, thinking that Sanju
had a large tumor pressing on his diaphragm. As they cut into Sanju’s stomach, unexpectedly
gallons of liquid gushed out. Then the doctors found something unsettling. Sanju had a ‘twin’. In his stomach there was a half formed fetus
with hair, bones and developed hands with long fingernails. Sanju had one of the world’s rarest and
most bizarre medical conditions — fetus in fetu. It’s an extremely rare development abnormality
that occurs early in pregnancy when a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. The parasitic twin leeches off the dominant
twin as the fetuses continue to grow. Usually, both fetuses die before birth from
the strain of sharing a placenta. However in some cases, such as Sanju’s the
host twin survives and is born. It is possible for the trapped fetus to survive
past birth by forming an umbilical cordlike structure that leaches its twin’s blood supply. Fewer than 90 cases of fetus in fetu have
been recorded in medical literature though. Sanju’s case is even more unusual because
no one suspected Bhagat had a twin inside him for 36 years. After surgery Sanju’s ability to breathe
improved and he made a full recovery. As a kid Sanju had been bullied and teased
that he was pregnant. Ironically, his tormentors were sort of right. Dare we ask- have you ever had anything disturbing
removed from your body? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
Doctors Remove Live Cockroach From a Woman’s Skull! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!


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