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Dana Granberg, MD – Physician Profile

I’m Dana Granberg and I practice family medicine at Barry Pointe Family Care. Family medicine in particular I like because I like dealing with a vast variety of patient issues. I am big on preventive care I think “a stitch in time saves nine” with a lot of things including health. And so I prefer patients actively engaged and a participating partner. Some of my patients have seen me through two pregnancies y’know, have been my patient for a long time and you watch these kids grow up and it’s pretty cool when they come in for the first time without their mom and you realize how long you’ve been in practice. But that’s probably my favorite part is just the people I work with and the people that I get to work for which is the patient. We try to build everything around the patient and we’re learning and we’re growing. One of the things I did in my first three years of practice was we had quick care visits where right after lunch my first three visits were quick in-and-out appointments that mom knew that she could come in quickly and leave and I didn’t have to approve that schedule change I made that schedule change simply put because patients had a request and so it’s nice when you can respond to patient concerns and respond to patient input a little bit more when you’re your own boss.

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