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Dear Nessie’s Pore Shrinking Laser | Seoul Guide Medical

Hello everyone! It’s me and gosh, we have a lot to catch up on if you guys follow me on Instagram. You will know that I flew back to Korea two weeks ago and you would have seen all about that on my Instagram stories Which I tell you I have been updating a lot more frequently than I have been with YouTube but something that I’ve battled with ever Since my teenage years is the size of my pores And so one of the things that I did whilst I was in the beauty capital of the world Aka South Korea was get a skin treatment, of course I’ve looked up for you guys, but just wanted to pop in and say hi Long time no see and let’s get started with the video Everyone and my way to get a skincare treatment Really good treatments are kind of specific right because the lasers work on different wavelengths So if we give you the face tightening one, it’s not gonna have much effect on your pores But if you want the pores, it’ll have a little tightening effect, but not really a lifting effect But what it will do is it will resurface the lines and wrinkles So if you want pores and lines You can do something like a Fraxel Fraxel dual laser, if you want something like a lifting That’s a completely separate kind of the treatment So would you prefer to focus on lifting and tightening or kind of fine lines and wrinkles and pores? boys a Little bit but really that has to do with the amount of volume inside of this mouth line area So although it can smooth it out a little bit. That’s more of the lifting Glaser and at the same time filler Do you see how you have some pigmentation issues here? Yeah and some like acne scarring This helps with that too. But what happens is that it will bring the pigmentation out to the surface So it’ll get worse before it gets better. Okay? when you do this treatment for a couple of days two or three days your face is a little red, but these Pigmentation areas will come out to the surface it takes some time They might even scab over and fall off within the next four five six days Okay. Oh my god This laser without numbing cream is not doable, okay? Numbing cream in number two. This clinic pacifically gives you a painkiller. You’re an injection It’s not it’s not painful Injection. I feel like if you don’t do the injection, it’s pretty painful. It’s just a painkiller It’ll make you feel actually quite happy people that get it moms as well. So I feel so good and it doesn’t hurt okay, but yeah, if you don’t do it you’re gonna have to Even if you have not in cream on so the injection is really recommended. Okay, I guess I’m getting an injection. Okay? Before we continue checkout soul guide medical calm after watching this video for more information Hi guys, I am currently at Imola Skin Clinic You guys have been seeing this guy talking, but I haven’t introduced him yet this is Tony Tony Medina and he is the CEO of soul guide medical who are helping me with this process today and He’s just gonna give us a little explanation of what we’re gonna be doing. Right right everybody My name is Tony. So she’s going to go in and have the Fraxel dual laser and the process is like this She’s gonna go in and she’s gonna get a little neck and head massage to kind of warm up her face Then she’s gonna have her face cleansed and she’s gonna have numbing cream place on the face after about thirty minutes She’s going to go into the Laser room And in the laser room, she’s gonna get an injection for pain tolerance Which makes you feel real nice nothing to worry about? And then she’s gonna get the laser treatment done after she’s done that she’s gonna take a little bit of break and it’ll be nice and Over many times with this treatment you’re going to have to get some kind of skin peeling or something done in this case we’ve decided not to do that her case is sexually very Severe sorry, it’s a little severe. So we’re going to go with a very very strong version of the laser So you going to meet the first part our consultants are here to take care of you So they’re gonna walk with you every step of the way. Mm-hmm. Thank you Just finish skinny that size so tired I’m done Just finished applying my numbing cream and this plastic mask on I’m gonna have to wait for 20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect And then I think we’re gonna go get my needle My injection for the pain I can already feel the numbing cream beginning to work. My lips are losing the feeling already. Okay Maybe I want to be able to speak anymore. Later They gave me a massage before us and I just felt all the stress leaving my body. Oh my god, it feels so good I’m gonna see you guys in 20 minutes My pain injection If you like I’m in hospital nobody urgency, I don’t know to say I Need that Currently in the laser room about to get my Fraxel just waiting minute with this finish I’m gonna start my mouth is amazing. Probably it’s because of the numbing cream made my mouth Smile Right, it’d be like a layer which you will protect your skin and Today you would like to wash your face over anything because tomorrow morning when you wake up You can just pull that off in lingerie, please. Peel it off. It’s gonna be like a layer my mom Yeah, but very very thin Let’s go back to your room My entire face feel so numb and swollen Young yodelin, I just finished with my skin care treatment you can see my face is all red and I cannot smile properly or talk properly because I still have a numbing cream on How do I look guys? The things we do for beauty right now. I look like I have a really bad sunburn but Really? This is going to make my skin condition a lot better. I’m really glad I got that pain injection I’m done with skincare treatment heading outside again. I’m gonna go grab some lunch Hello everyone checking in with you guys one week first treatment my skin was really rough It had this grid pattern on it from the laser. But now as you guys can see one week later My skin is a lot smoother my friends even notice a reduction of my pore size Which also goes to show how big my paws were before but now I just feel a lot more confident my best skin So if any of you guys were interested in getting similar treatments, I’ll leave links and contact details down below But I hope you guys enjoyed following along so many of you have been asking if I’ll be doing vlogmas and unfortunately My answer is no currently Smack bang in the middle of my finals period but I am working on getting a lot more exciting content out to you guys not Quiet vlogmas, but I will be updating a lot more frequently this month. So keep an eye out for that Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one and y’all Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery skin dental vision correction and other medical treatments Soil guide medical is here to find you the best doctors the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult at Seoul guide medical comm for a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with Airport pick-up Accommodations in clinic translations aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at Soul guide medical comm for more information sole guide medical. Happy patients always


  1. Sophia Namias
    Sophia Namias January 13, 2020

    The after-treatment pictures looks amazing! The treatment worked well on her!

  2. Tammy Wesiger
    Tammy Wesiger January 13, 2020

    She is beautiful and so cute!!

  3. Benjamin Chan
    Benjamin Chan January 13, 2020

    Cool~!! She kinda have a glow on her skin in the after treatment pictures

  4. Sarah Kmieciak
    Sarah Kmieciak January 14, 2020

    She became a ray of sunshine after this treatment! So cute

  5. Cheenee Vince Cruz
    Cheenee Vince Cruz January 14, 2020

    Wow i'm impressed. The English consultant explained it so well.

  6. France Holmes
    France Holmes January 14, 2020

    A numbing cream and a pain injection together? Is it too painful?

  7. Nerra Prado
    Nerra Prado January 14, 2020

    Do I need extra for the massage, numbing cream, injection and other extra services or are they part of the treatment price?

  8. Darienne Lee
    Darienne Lee January 14, 2020

    Nessie is soooo white. Love how her consultation with Tony went. He seems to know a lot of things!

  9. Tati A.
    Tati A. January 14, 2020

    The redness is so visible after the procedure. Peeling off her mask is soooo satisfying!

  10. Kady Holte
    Kady Holte January 14, 2020

    Nessie paying attention to her consultant while he was discussing the procedures is me listening to my fave teacher! But wait, plot twist, he is the CEO.

  11. Jillian Blanco
    Jillian Blanco January 14, 2020

    Is she Korean? I feel like her skin already has a Korean glow.

  12. Maggie Gonzales
    Maggie Gonzales January 14, 2020

    What a great improvement! I love her photos at the end. Look so gorg!!

  13. Cher Mitchelle
    Cher Mitchelle January 14, 2020

    Is the pain injection optional? I would think it's a good idea too.

  14. Tiffany.bercher
    Tiffany.bercher January 15, 2020

    oooh the music is so classy and relaxing in the clinic. Perfect environment for some pampering

  15. Emile Tom
    Emile Tom January 15, 2020

    Wow she is very swollen and red! Is that normal?

  16. tommy the train
    tommy the train January 15, 2020

    Wow! Her pores look smaller indeed. Such a great improvement.

  17. 정도훈
    정도훈 January 15, 2020

    The tight layer applied to her skin after the laser is so interesting! I've never seen something like that before

  18. Helena Meier
    Helena Meier January 15, 2020

    her red face at the end looks cute!

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