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Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Urinary Tract Infections

[Music] hi I’m dr. Natasha Boyan I’m a family physician at one medical we’re an innovative primary care organization and today i’m chatting all about urinary tract infections why are you t is so common UTIs are really common in cisgendered females because our urethra so the hole that our urine comes out of it’s a little bit shorter and so it becomes easy for bacteria that naturally exist on our bodies to climb up our little pee hole and cause an infection in general our urine should be sterile so it should be bacteria free but bacteria can easily get in there why are you tea is more common in pregnancy one of the big reasons is because our hormones change in pregnancy and it actually makes it harder for our bladder to squeeze out urine and so what ends up happening is that women are sitting with urine in their bladder and that can become a breeding ground for bacteria and so that can actually cause UTIs another thing that happens in pregnancy is the tube between the bladder and the kidneys actually dilates and gets bigger and so it becomes a little bit easier for bacteria to crawl up into your kidneys and kind of cause that infection and then one of the other things that happens in pregnancy is about 70% of women in pregnancy will get glucose which is sugar inside their urine and when they get sugar in their urine bacteria love to feast on that sugar and so they’re more prone to getting urinary tract infections an important thing to remember about UTI in pregnancy is you don’t necessarily use the same antibiotics that you use when you’re not pregnant because it might not be safe for the fetus so certainly if you get a UTI in pregnancy you should see your gynecologist or your primary care provider can UTI is spread UTIs are not sexually transmitted infections so they’re not contagious you cannot pass it to another person that being said UTIs are caused by E coli and other bacteria that naturally exist on our bodies and we do tell people you know you probably won’t want to have sex when you have a urinary tract infection because the pelvic area is feeling a little bit in it’s a little bit uncomfortable so it makes sense to wait until after your ute UTI is cleared before you have sex when do UTIs go away without antibiotics this is a little bit of a myth so I have a lot of patients who will tell me they felt the start of a UTI they drank a lot of water and a lot of cranberry juice and their UTI resolved the reality is cranberry juice has this component that makes it harder for e.coli to attach on to our bladder walls so yes cranberry juice can help with UTIs but when you have a full-blown UTI and lots of bacteria that cranberry juice is just not gonna cut it so for most UTIs you actually do need to take antibiotics to get them cleared certainly there are some instances especially at the beginning of a UTI when that bacteria is just starting to climb up your bladder that’s when you likely are able to clear it out and flush it out by drinking water one thing I do caution patients about though there are a lot of over-the-counter products for UTIs and they claim to treat UTIs but what they really do is they’re kind of numbing up our your refill tract and you think that you’re feeling better but the reality is now you’re just numb and you’re not feeling that burning sensation but you might still have bacteria in your bladder so the most important thing I can say is that if you feel symptoms of a UTI if you feel burning with urination if you’re peeing a lot more than usual if you have an urgency to go urinate definitely see a healthcare professional should all UTIs be treated with antibiotics yes if you have a urinary tract infection and you’ve gotten a urine culture and it’s growing out bacteria it’s really hard to get that to resolve on its own so you should see your primary care doctor and you should get antibiotics to treat that what is the difference between a UTI and urea plasma so a UTI is usually bacteria like e-coli it’s something that generally exists in our system anyway urea plasma is also a bacteria that a lot of people have in their system but when ecoli gets into your urine it will cause an infection it is not supposed to be there you’re gonna symptoms but meanwhile with urea plasma you might have that in your urine and you may or may not feel symptoms we do think it’s good to differentiate and get tested most of the time when people have symptoms though that is actually a bacterial UTI when should a UTI go away UTI is generally start to feel better within about a day or two of starting antibiotics but the reality is you need to take the full dose of antibiotics to make sure that every single bacteria is killed that generally would be about three to seven days depending on the antibiotic that you have if you start taking an antibiotic and you’re still feeling UTI symptoms you’re still feeling burning it’s really painful you can see your healthcare provider and they can often give you medications that will numb the urethral tract as you’re starting to recover will a UTI test show an STD that’s a tricky one a UTI test is a urine culture that’s supposed to grow bacteria and it grows out bacteria like e-coli an STI test is also a urine but it’s a different kind of urine that we run we run a thing called in that and basically what we’re testing is we’re testing the DNA of the bacteria so if you’re looking for something like chlamydia or gonorrhea it’s important to let your primary care provider know that you want to be tested for STI is because that test that they’re running for your urine might not necessarily find sti’s how do you t-i-is happen there are a couple of different ways that UTIs happen one really common way is ecoli or other bacteria gets into the urethra which is where we urinate out of there’s a couple of different things that put us at risk of UTIs one is sexual activity when we’re having sexual activity we end up moving bacteria that naturally exists in our genitals and it ends up moving into the urethra another risk factor for getting UTIs is if you’re somebody whose Anatomy just has your urethra a little bit closer to your rectum our general gut just has a lot of bacteria and so bacteria can exist around our rectum this is why I tell my patients make sure you wipe front to back after you void and don’t wipe back to front another risk factor for UTIs is going through menopause so when women go through menopause their estrogen levels change their vaginal flora changes and they might be less adept at fighting UTIs they might get UTIs more because urine is sitting in their bladder a little bit longer it’s not being squeezed out and then the last risk factor is using spermicides when we use spermicides it kills sperm but it can also kill good bacteria in our genital area that’s often fighting bad bacteria so we tell people who are prone to UTIs don’t use spermicides just put that on the shelf because there’s other better ways to prevent pregnancy can UTIs kill you unfortunately yes if a UTI is untreated it can be really dangerous UTIs can keep moving through your organs they can move into your kidneys UTIs can end up in your bloodstream and that bacteria is called urosepsis when someone gets urosepsis it’s very dangerous to their lives and I don’t want to scare anyone it is really uncommon to die from a UTI so when you get a UTI don’t just blow it off make sure that you get professional help and you get that treated we see UTIs all the time in healthcare it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s very easy to treat and actually you don’t necessarily need to see a doctor in person to get it treated a lot of primary care providers like in our group will treat people’s UTIs virtually if they know they’ve got the symptoms if they’ve had it before so definitely you reach out to someone that you trust a trusted health care provider and let’s get that UTI taken care of [Music] you


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