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Doctor Dud in Punny Allergy

Please, come in. Sit down.
Thank you. What can I do for you today?
Well doctor, it seems my allergies are acting up again.
Are you on some medication? Yes, I’m using medroxyprogesterone.
A drug with such a long name. Must be quite a mouthful.
Please, doctor, I’m allergic to puns. That’s a terrible cough you’ve got. Consumption
be done about it? Doctor, please, help me.
Did you have eggs for breakfast? Eggs?
Yes, you’re full of yokes. It’s too punny. You’re killing me.
Now you’re doing it. Nothing but pun and games. Oh my goodness. That was a grave allergy,
wasn’t it? Grave allergy.
I’m such a joke, oh dear. I’m so funny.


  1. TakeTheL L
    TakeTheL L May 30, 2015

    I like

  2. TakeTheL L
    TakeTheL L May 30, 2015


  3. SnIpE CSGO
    SnIpE CSGO May 31, 2015

    Grave allergy lol ! xd

  4. SnIpE CSGO
    SnIpE CSGO May 31, 2015

    That laugh too thou 😀

  5. DekStarHDGaming
    DekStarHDGaming June 21, 2015

    LOL gaming channel overload

  6. Lanny Indrayani
    Lanny Indrayani August 31, 2015

    Lucky he is my teacher

  7. Michael S
    Michael S December 6, 2017

    When martin makes cringey puns

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