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Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here’s How My Body Reacted…

(upbeat electronic music) – One of the biggest problems I ran into and this is really embarrassing
to say on camera, was. Its officially official,
four weeks of going vegan are in the books, and I’m
so happy about my goal. I have to thank you
guys for challenging me on my 30 days of keto video, and we have to give a huge
shoutout again to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video. One of the biggest
problems my patients have in eating healthy, is that it’s expensive, and with foods being 25 to
50% off on Thrive Market they make it pretty
reasonable to eat healthy. Whatever diet you’re following, you can just click the
category right there on their website, and it
preselects the foods for you so you don’t have to check
the ingredients list. And if you click the discount code below on my description box, you’re gonna get 25% off your first order, and a free 30-day trial,
that’s pretty awesome. If you’re already a member,
all you have to do is check your inbox, or your
Thrive Market homepage to see a special offer
for you every single day. How cool is that? (playful music) Just to clarify, there are many reasons why people follow a vegan diet. Moral, ethical, environmental, but information I’m gonna cover here, is only what’s related
to nutrition, and health. If you want me to talk
about those other concepts I’m happy to do so, drop me a line below and it will make a dedicated
vegan video to just that. (playful music) A vegan diet can be a very healthy diet. Whether you’re young,
old, somewhere in between pregnant, nonpregnant,
breastfeeding, not breastfeeding, basically it’s applicable
to all life stages. The reason I put that word canon there, you can follow a vegan
diet, eat vegan burgers with sugary sodas, with gummy candies, still be vegan, and that’s
not really healthy, right? And I have to say, it’s not the
only healthy diet out there. Some of the loudest voices
in the vegan community are quick to say that veganism
is the only healthy option that’s not the case, there are several other
healthy diets out there, for example The Mediterranean diet that I’m personally a fan
of, that are just as healthy, if not, healthier than the vegan diet. (playful music) I have to be honest and admit that I don’t generally recommend
vegan as my first option. I do know that its a restrictive diet, and we know restrictive diets
have high failure rates. Plus, the benefits of a vegan
diet, aren’t that much better than some of the other alternatives that are simpler to follow. When I recommend a diet, I’m trying to create the healthiest diet, but also one that’s
feasible and achievable for my patients to face
without disrupting their lives. On the other hand, if one
of my patients comes in and wants to follow a vegan diet, I’m totally in support of that, I just have to make sure that they’re adequately planning their meals, their supplementing when need be, checking their blood tests, and ideally having some
guidance either from myself or a nutritionist. (playful music) The research behind health benefits of following a vegan diet are
substantial, and high quality. If you’re following standard American diet and then switch over to a vegan diet, you’re gonna see improvement
and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, even an extension of life in some cases. And what’s most interesting is when we add some animal product into the mix, those outcomes still hold true. That’s why what I
recommend to my patients, is a plant focused diet. Meaning that they should get the majority of their calories from plants. Fruits, vegetables, legumes,
nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and a modern amount of poultry and fish, with a minimal amount of red meat. In fact, that’s the diet I follow, and recommend to my own family. The field of nutrition
research has ever changing and as we get more information,
more quality studies, we, doctors and nutritionists alike are gonna be able to give
better recommendations when it comes to a vegan
diet, a plant focused diet. All of this is susceptible to change, but its important that we
make the best decisions with the knowledge that we have on hand. The one thing that I can
say with 100% certainty is there’s no such thing as
a miracle diet for everybody. (playful music) On day one, I was excited, I was like, if I could tackle keto, I can definitely do vegan. So, when all of this
stuff from Thrive came in, I was unboxing, I was popping
out food, it looked delicious. The first point at which
I had a little hesitation, was when I ordered my
first, at-home delivery. (deep bass music) Buffalo cauliflower bites, with some kind of not real
mayo, and this is a wrap, with vegan cheese, and unchicken. What is unchicken? I was having second thoughts, and that’s not like me. If I set a goal for myself, I’m gonna do everything in
my power to meet that goal. But for some reason when
sticking into this vegan diet, I was concerned about so many things. The following week, I was leaving to MIT for the leadership conference, I was worried if they’re gonna
have vegan options available for me, I was then traveling
to Miami for a few days, all these worries started
bubbling in my head and I was really wondering, can I stick to vegan this entire month? Why should I do vegan? – Because it’s more
healthier for you, boo. – You think so?
– Yes. – But 30 days’ a long time. – Just do it! (playful music) – One of the first
obstacles I ran into on the vegan diet was undereating calories. Now, I’m partially to blame
here, ’cause I didn’t prep well and even at the opening
of this video, I said, “The healthy way to follow a vegan diet, is to adequately plan your meals.” For the first two weeks,
I have to be honest, I didn’t have much of an appetite. I’m not a huge fan of
just eating vegetables, and rice, and beans. So, I didn’t have tremendous portions, and because of that,
I was calorie deficit, I actually noticed some weight loss. What helped me tremendously to
make up those calorie deficit is eating some of these
snacks that Thrive sent over. If I didn’t have these snacks,
I’d be undereating calories the majority of the time. Long days in the hospital,
but I got my Simple Mills. These crackers, gave me
through some rough, rough days. (playful music) One of the biggest problems I ran into, and this is really
embarrassing to say on camera. The whole plane ride I’m
sitting next to a doctor my stomach is going (gurgles) had to ask him to stand
up like three, four times. From day one, up until
the last day of the diet, I was having tremendous gas and bloating, it’s so embarrassing to say. I mean think about this, I fly on planes, I interact with patients
for long periods of time, I sit in conferences, I can’t just be sitting
there with flatulent. I did try and isolate some ingredients to see which ones were causing this gas and bloating combination for me, but I couldn’t find out what it was. I normally eat brown rice, I normally eat vegetables,
and fruits, and beans, I expect them to go away after four weeks, but no, they stuck around. I would have to say that the vegan diet probably won’t work for me long-term. I just can’t sit there with
my stomach going (gurgles) and me wanting to pass
gas the entire time. God, that’s embarrassing. (playful music) What I didn’t know about veganism
is that there are a ton of up incoming options, for those who aren’t used to eating vegan. There are specialty restaurants
that just offer vegan foods with no animal products that remind you of foods
that you may have eaten when you ate animal products, and I thought that was really cool. On top of that, a lot of these restaurants and even some of the
products I got from Thrive tasted delicious, because of the sauces. Vegan sauces are on point. I’m loving these blue chips, but without some like sauce like I’m really digging
this primal kitchen, classic barbecue sauce. These chips just aren’t cutting it. (playful music) I’ve talked about on this channel of decision fatigue. Because you’re constantly making decisions and you’re using your willpower, its actually a finite resource. What I noticed while I was
following the vegan diet was that, I lost the
drive to go to the gym. My work ethic actually suffered, because I was putting
such a strong emphasis on sticking to vegan, when
there were so many temptations and there were things I wanted to eat. I didn’t want to hop on my
spin bike in my bedroom, I didn’t want to go to
the gym with my friends. This is really unlike
me, and it’s an obstacle I didn’t actually expect to face. When I went to the gym, I lifted fine, getting to the gym was
the actual struggle. (playful music) At the time I least expected it disaster struck, I got sick. (coughs) I started coughing, I got a sore throat, I got a low-grade fever. I went to see the doctor,
I weighed the pros and cons of starting antibiotics,
of stopping the vegan diet. I decided to stick with
conservative treatment and treat it like a viral illness. One of my favorite hacks
to treat viral illnesses, actually, symptoms of the viral illnesses, is green tea with manuka honey. (gasps) – [Woman] Patrol members be advised. – Freeze, vegan police, vegan police. – Apparently, honey is not vegan, what? I guess honey is an animal product, but man, I didn’t force
the bees to make the honey, they make it on their own. We didn’t have to milk them for it, wait. If you wanted to disqualify
my four week vegan challenge because I ate honey, so be it. (playful music) I gotta say, at this point, I was rolling, I was starting getting
into the vegan vibe, I was trying out new restaurants, I was sampling all the delicious foods that I got from Thrive, and I was excited, I was getting
close to the finish line. But I will say one of the hardest
things with the vegan diet is peer pressure. I mean, when I went out
to eat with my friends, they were annoyed to say the least that we had to choose the restaurant based on my eating preferences. I did do a decent job at trying
to pick out vegan options in not so vegan places. Look at this dedication. Greek salad, no feta, asparagus, fries.
– [Woman] Oh wait for me. – While I got this next to me, while Keith is eating this.
– [Keith] Mm. – [Woman] And I’m eating octopus – [Mike] … is eating that, octopus. (laughter) What are you eating? – Fish. – The vegan struggle’s real. (playful music) I wanna say I was really proud of myself, and it’s nice every now and then to take a challenge like this, and learn something new about yourself, in fact, I want to tell you five things that I learned not only
about the vegan diet, but also about myself during this process. One, when I didn’t plan
well, I ate very unhealthy. When I was at MIT for breakfast, I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch
with almond milk, and a banana every morning, that’s not
healthy even though it’s vegan. Two, I didn’t notice a major change in my energy level like I thought I would. I mean maybe I had a slightly
decreased energy level but we have to remember that I was sick, and in the beginning I
was undereating calories so I don’t feel its fair
to blame vegan for that. Three, surprisingly I
didn’t weaker on vegan, I was lifting strong and I felt good. But what did suffer,
was getting to the gym. I really noticed a lack of willpower when I was following
this restrictive diet. Four, when it comes to my body I lost three pounds, I dropped
from 203, to 200 pounds so there was some weight loss, probably from undereating calories. But, despite losing weight,
I didn’t feel as lean. I mean all those sauces,
all the rice that I ate, pasta, that contributed to the carb load and probably made me feel a
little bit pudgier than usual. Five, this is the big one. The real difficulty was my GI system, I mean it was a mess. The amount of gas, and
flatulence, and bloating got a, it’s like gross to even talk
about, but it was really bad. If you have that with any diet, there’s no way you’re sticking with it. And I tried taking some over-the-counter supplements for this. It did absolutely nothing. (playful music) If you’re curious or interested
in starting a vegan diet, I don’t want to dissuade you, in fact, I want to encourage you. Go talk to a dietician,
nutritionist, physician, someone who is well-versed
with vegan diets that way you could do it
the healthy, happy, safe way without hurting yourself in the process. And please, reduce the
amount of refined carbs and processed foods that you’re eating because as more research comes out, that’s the stuff that causes diseases and shortens your lifespan. Now, if you want to check
out a really cool playlist, check out my nutrition playlist
right here for some goodies. Click here, and stay happy, and healthy. (upbeat music)


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  69. kenlogin1
    kenlogin1 September 1, 2019

    A doctor saying over the counter medicine doesn't work 🤫

  70. Danielle M. Gibson
    Danielle M. Gibson September 1, 2019

    You are so much fun!

  71. madison cherry
    madison cherry September 1, 2019

    Mike: eating vegan made me fart.

  72. Kira Christie
    Kira Christie September 1, 2019

    I would personally love to see you try the low FODMAP diet.

  73. Christina Klausen
    Christina Klausen September 1, 2019

    It’s not a diet,it’s a lifestyle 🙃

  74. Anastasia Dyka
    Anastasia Dyka September 1, 2019

    Have you seen the movie "what the health" ? If yes, what do you think about it?. If not, you should really watch it. Would be interesting to know your opinion on that.

  75. Dominick Douglas
    Dominick Douglas September 2, 2019

    Hello Doc, two things that might offer an interesting nutritional perspective!
    1) You mentioned gas+bloating and, as someone who has been vegan for 3 years, I struggled similarly. One thing that really helped me was consuming more fermented foods! I read that the fermented products help break down all the fiber. Adding kombucha, kimchi, and other probiotic foods helped me a lot
    2) From a nutritional stand point, you didn’t mention a lot about macronutrients or vitamins+minerals. I think it’s important to discuss this b/c eating proper carbs, fats, and proteins is something everyone can benefit from. Crackers, cereals, and chips aren’t typically nutrient dense BUT dried fruits, nuts, and oats (I love quinoa flakes) are much better ways to get flavor and nutrition out of your snacking. ((they are also just as quick))

  76. Jamie-Lee
    Jamie-Lee September 2, 2019

    A doctor is embarrassed talking about flatulence? Experiencing it, sure, but talking about it? Didn't expect that.

  77. Danny Knight
    Danny Knight September 2, 2019

    Is better to have a low meat diet, than vegan. That’s what the food pirámide is for.

  78. Danny Knight
    Danny Knight September 2, 2019

    The vegan cheese may be the gas culprit

  79. Just some Guy
    Just some Guy September 3, 2019

    Only one diet proven to reverse coronary heart disease.

    Of course you can eat an unhealthy vegan diet, which is why to be healthy, I recommend to my friends who want to be healthy a whole foods plant based diet, supplementation of B12 and D3, and monitering your nutrition closely to make sure you are hitting all your macros and micros(which everyone should do anyway).

    Of course, I'm an ethical vegan, so Im fine with people if they want to eat junk food all day if they want, so long as they don't consume animal products.

  80. Darris Hawks
    Darris Hawks September 3, 2019

    I read that the Mediterranean diet's founding study (?idk what to call it) was retracted after it was revealed that some of the data was collected in a comically bad way. So now it's just, like, a regular diet and not particularly special.
    Is that accurate?

  81. Cjdjdjdjjd Dnndmd
    Cjdjdjdjjd Dnndmd September 3, 2019

    do only eating junk food

  82. kamila ahmedzai
    kamila ahmedzai September 3, 2019

    you should try fasting for 30 days

  83. tawnyasue
    tawnyasue September 4, 2019

    Ethical Vegan for 19 yrs….perfect health at 50. It is the BEST lifestyle because it is CRUELTY FREE.

  84. Tabitha Collins
    Tabitha Collins September 5, 2019

    I’m a vegetarian who is trying to become vegan but like no lie I already have a lot of respect for you because you’re a great doctor but the fact that you went vegan for 30 days not wanting to do it is amazing😂 Most vegan junk food is not healthy just like regular food (a vegan burger is not much better than a regular one) so it’s important to eat a lot of raw stuff or else you just work against yourself

  85. Robyn-Cherry Seigler
    Robyn-Cherry Seigler September 5, 2019

    Yes please! Do have a video covering the ethical, moral, and environmental impact of the agricultural and dairy industries.

  86. Joey Villeneuve
    Joey Villeneuve September 5, 2019

    Just watched 3 straight "diet test" videos from doctor mike…all 3 of them seem to have the same overall review in the end.

    1) there are benefits and down sides to all of them
    2) planning meals is key
    3) short term is good, long term isn't sustainable
    4) proper balanced diet with lower carb intake is the way to go.

  87. mobabyhomeslice
    mobabyhomeslice September 6, 2019

    “A vegan diet CAN be a very healthy diet….The reason I put that word “can” in there: You can follow a vegan diet with vegan burgers, with sugary sodas, with gummy candies, still be vegan…and that’s not really healthy, right? And I have to say…it’s not the ONLY healthy diet out there!”

    THANK YOU, Dr. Mike!!!

  88. Kayla Menn
    Kayla Menn September 6, 2019

    Have you ever heard of the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating? Essentially having the body focus on burning one fuel at a time (fat or healthy carb) and anchoring everything around protein to maintain a level blood sugar. Would love to hear you do a trial and review of that eating lifestyle!

  89. Andrea Rae
    Andrea Rae September 7, 2019

    THE VEGAN STRUGGLE IS REAL? WE MIGHT HAVE FISHLESS OCEANS BY 2048…. But yeah keep encouraging people. Fuck this doctor.

  90. Tharun Sonti
    Tharun Sonti September 7, 2019

    Dr.Mike have you seen this video from Dr.Kim Williams a recent past president of the American College of Cardiology about diet and cardiovascular mortality? Love to get your thoughts!

  91. Daniel Kroeger
    Daniel Kroeger September 7, 2019

    This guy makes it sound like the idea of biting into an apple is a challenging lifestyle.

  92. Jassy McCoy
    Jassy McCoy September 8, 2019

    My sister cant eat red meat so we eat a lot of chicken

  93. Music & Makeup
    Music & Makeup September 9, 2019

    It was the lack of meat that gave u the bad side affects, ur body has to get used to it.

  94. JonInfect
    JonInfect September 9, 2019


    You've encouraged me to quit smoking and drinking, start eating healthy and being a better me. Just started watching your videos and admire you for sharing your knowledge =) thank you

  95. singh indian
    singh indian September 9, 2019

    Passing gas is good for you

  96. Joanie Slosar
    Joanie Slosar September 9, 2019

    Hey u should do a vid on factory farming it’s horrible for everyone but the corporate rich boys

  97. Lynsey L
    Lynsey L September 10, 2019

    3 years vegan, never felt better physically and mentally, eczema completely gone, aligned my actions with my morals and will never look back 💚

  98. Sam Owens
    Sam Owens September 10, 2019

    aa caught you. Cinnoman toast crunch had vitiman de3 which contains SHEEPS WOOL

  99. Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis September 11, 2019

    Vegans: You're healthier if you don't eat meat
    Me: tries vegan diet, body begins to shut down
    Me: Attempted murder is illegal you darn vegans, *pulls steak off grill and eats it with my hands*. Ahhh…sweet salvation

  100. Jessica
    Jessica September 11, 2019

    Gummy candies usually have gelatin, which makes them not vegan.

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