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Doctor Reacts To Lady Gaga’s Disappointing Medical Statement


  1. Gabriel S.
    Gabriel S. January 16, 2020

    Not enough comments about Doctor Mike's shirt. It's closing in on him!

  2. Caroline Heartsong
    Caroline Heartsong January 16, 2020

    "Normal" people do not want to commit horrible crimes… they can't correlate with depressed or anxious people…. so something has to change…..

  3. Treat Louis With Kindness
    Treat Louis With Kindness January 16, 2020

    Lady Gaga’s a singer, she should stick to that and not interfere with the professionals of other fields 🙄🙄

  4. bryan king
    bryan king January 16, 2020

    not sure if you noticed this, but in rural america where i live doctors aren't as knowledgable as you. but they are all we have and a lot of times they are wrong but we have to trust their judgement because there is no alternative. by the time we figure out they are no good it's too late

  5. Inge G.
    Inge G. January 16, 2020

    As a psychologist, and a person who's been given inappropriate medications by a regular doctor, I feel I have to disagree. I've complained about anxiety to a general practitioner and was given strong anti-psychotic medication. Unless less specialized doctors are VERY well educated on these types of medications they should not be prescribing them. Too many regular doctors prescribe wrong medications in wrong dosages. Fortunately it isn't as difficult or expensive to get specialized treatment in my country than it is in the US.

  6. KeesaMon
    KeesaMon January 16, 2020

    these doctors want everyone on pills..this guy talks as if getting a mental issue is so normal.. as simple as pimples.. chemical pills are the only way.. no doctor admits that there are other ways to treat mental issues..

  7. Shravan Ravi
    Shravan Ravi January 16, 2020

    Doctor Mike spitting those facts!
    Ben Shapiro of medicine

  8. tiey shae
    tiey shae January 16, 2020

    do you single

  9. Armal Ali
    Armal Ali January 16, 2020

    I seeked help from a therapist and he prescribed me with Zoloft and it made me feel worse. He also prescribed me Adderall due to my ADD and that helped me out a lot. I'm glad I went to see him after my family kept telling met to go. I was afraid to loose money but I went anyways and I'm glad I did!

  10. Patsy Hay
    Patsy Hay January 16, 2020

    Never wear that shirt again haha xx

  11. Mi Les
    Mi Les January 16, 2020

    My family is horrible to me in mental health. I’m Asian.

  12. elliemayfield
    elliemayfield January 16, 2020

    My last PCP was the same doctor for my entire family. When I went in to see him for issues with headaches with light sensitivity, pain in my elbow, and general malaise (but I lamented that I only came in because Mom nagged me about it), he asked if I had a headache right then. I said yes and instantly he popped the door open a hair, dimmed the lights and asked completely off topic “how are things with your parents ? You moved back in with them right?” I burst into tears (like a normal person, clearly). Things were actually good but my anxiety and depression were running wild, completely unchecked, and I was stubbornly trying to just power through. I left that day with a RX for an anti-depressant and a realization that my mental issues WILL impact my physical life. If he had been quick to refer me to a specialist for migraines they would have missed the anxiety entirely, and they wouldn’t have thought to ask questions about the recent changes in the family (at least not as quickly) because they wouldn’t have that established relationship. I also believe he reacted to my headache so quickly BECAUSE he knew I don’t admit to pain or discomfort unless I really have too.

  13. DS -Share Your Pet's Stories
    DS -Share Your Pet's Stories January 16, 2020

    I accidentally got cotton stuck in my right ear and I made it go further inside by while trying to remove it. What should I do?? Please please please somebody answer

  14. Araki
    Araki January 16, 2020

    100% agree with Dr. Mike here. 👌🏻 My mental health journey started with my PCP prescribing antidepressants and working to help me with my anxiety, referring me to a therapist, etc. A year later she decided based on my case as a patient, I needed to be seen by a psychiatrist because she felt I needed more specialist care, and it was the right direction to send me. She was in no way incompetent! My husband also suffers from depression and anxiety but his PCP has been able to manage his situation very well, my husband doesn’t need specialized care (which makes me happy in a way), and he feels so much better now that he’s getting the care he needs from his PCP. Making a generalized statement like she did is very misleading and damaging, it really does a disservice ultimately to the PCPs out there who are more than qualified to help people with their mental illnesses.

  15. SparkleDemon
    SparkleDemon January 16, 2020

    As a teen my doctor didn't believe I had real mental health issues and was cutting myself because I "couldn't cope with normal emotional development" and was being dramatic
    She ended up cycling me through like four different antidepressants before I found one that worked..ish… Edit: because my mother told her she was wrong and to take me seriously
    It's disturbing to know she shouldn't have even been giving them to me..
    But she was also discussing my whole families health with my grandmother so… It's safe to say I don't go to her anymore

  16. Felix Frost
    Felix Frost January 16, 2020

    Dr… I am having a hard time telling my in-laws that his kid isn’t his. How should I come at it?

  17. Golden Ninja
    Golden Ninja January 16, 2020

    Wednesday Checkup 69 should be about STD'd

  18. Charlotte Dask
    Charlotte Dask January 16, 2020

    I was prescribed an antidepressant after 2 years of therapy and 3 visits to a family doctor (the 3 visits were for physical health, blood tests, blood test results and I was given a prescription for something at a dosage me and my doctor agreed on that last visit) Continuing what I learned from my therapist and taking my medication made me better and now I'm in a place I'm able to be off the medication and still be okay 🙂 medication is okay. And having it prescribed by a family doctor is okay.

  19. Blaine Fiasco
    Blaine Fiasco January 16, 2020

    Oh no, my Queen goofed!

  20. Orri Greaves
    Orri Greaves January 16, 2020

    It is similar here in Canada trying to get help. I was prescribed antidepressants about 5 years ago by a GP at my university clinic. 4 years later I lucked out with a Dr. who did her best but finally referred me to a psychiatrist. I have been getting help for 2 years from my psychiatrist with no improvement. I recently underwent 11 ECT treatments, and when there was no improvements I began ketamine infusion treatment. Unfortunately, I was able to be fit in for 3 treatments, but the lack of psychiatrists has left a huge 2 month gap in my treatment and after a small, almost miraculous improvement, I am back to bad shape. The system is in big trouble, no wonder mental health is such a tough thing to navigate.

  21. The Mariam
    The Mariam January 16, 2020

    But who's gonna take her advice seriously? Like people are not stupid to listen to her

  22. Jesse AKACHUKWU DM
    Jesse AKACHUKWU DM January 16, 2020

    When someone who is not into medical field make some statement you can't compare it with a doctor cuz they will always what the feel is good and which is most times inaccurate. thanks doctor Mike

  23. Stefanie Ward
    Stefanie Ward January 16, 2020

    If it wasn't for my primary care doctor, I wouldn't have gotten my gallbladder issues taken care of. She is the one who knew that what my symptoms were, weren't the norm for me and had to vouch for me with SEVERAL gastro physicians until one of them FINALLY decided to take a look, because to them my symptoms weren't as severe as they were used to. My primary care doc also referred me to an amazing mental health office and worked with me on what she could until they were able to see me. Same with gynecological care.

  24. Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business January 16, 2020

    I like many people with chronic pain suffer with depression. Constant pain that prevents you from doing a lot of the things you love in life especially when youre really young when it happens can really do a number on your mental health. I've had some bad experiences with doctors but once I found one that I I felt understood me and cared and wanted to help instead of dismissing me it got a lot better. PCP's are very important and what's just as important is finding the PCP who is right for you based on your needs.

  25. Heather Cameron
    Heather Cameron January 16, 2020

    I spent this video being confused because I have no idea what Lady Gaga actually said. You can't make a food criticism if you don't quote or show what you'require actually criticising.

  26. Rae Chrest
    Rae Chrest January 16, 2020

    Bruh. "A primary care physician should NOT prescribe mental health drugs," 🤦‍♀️I have schizoaffective disorder with bioplar moods and been in the system for 20 years, I have been to every type of doctor imaginable, some of my best prescribers have been primary's, DO's and AARNP's. Go home sis your drunk.

  27. pointlessCRAYtv
    pointlessCRAYtv January 16, 2020

    Wondering if he watched the hold sit down with Oprah or saw this one statement and freaked tf out 🤨

  28. sandy
    sandy January 16, 2020

    My primary Dr recommended me to balance my anxiety bcoz I always feel fear of something and I can not sleep at night.. If I don't take medicine then I can not sleep.. Is it ok to take for long time??

  29. Cloy Ann
    Cloy Ann January 16, 2020

    I understand you but I definitely am depressed and have anxiety!!! I have never talked to a doctor about it, but it is just rlly obvious

  30. VHGBeliever
    VHGBeliever January 16, 2020

    While I usually agree with Doctor Mike and this might be true for the US, in Europe GPs are not as well trained in mental health and even if they have the right to prescribe antidepressants they do that quite carelessly and without proper examination or knowledge. They do have a basic knowledge of mental health issues but you know there’s difference between antidepressant and antidepressant, it’s not ‘one pill fits all’ and there’s a difference between ‘depression’ ‘rough time at work’ and bigger underlying problems causing depression, and is what a GP will not be able to determine and a psychiatrist will.

  31. BotMaster21
    BotMaster21 January 16, 2020

    blocked everyhthibg lady gaga facts lmao

  32. Bleh Bloop
    Bleh Bloop January 16, 2020

    This made me so happy to finally get real facts and information out on mental health care. So much misinformation and glamorization about mental health and treatments has made people who treat and need treatment feel frustrated and unjustified. My PCP gave me anti depressants and was smart to have me think about seeing a psychologist. I am currently trying to get screened for autism by a psychologist that my PCP recommended I should do since he knows about my mental health history and issues. PCPs and seeking treatment from them is just so underestimated. They help so much.

  33. Axel Rosey
    Axel Rosey January 16, 2020

    Yeah so no GP has ever been able to help me with my mental health (no offense). They just prescribe either Wellbutrin, Lexapro or some other med I forgot the name of. Only many months of therapy even put a dent in the depression I was feeling. Meds only ever made things worse. Pretty sure in a lot of cases it works to lessen depression and doesn't actually solve the problem. Unfortunately a lot of people are so desperate that they will do anything that lessens the depression even if it isn't the best choice. I feel like that happens a lot when GP's start treating depression in an office visit.

  34. Hello Klieo
    Hello Klieo January 16, 2020

    When my blood pressure was crazy high and I had weakness and shaking on my leg and hand (I thought I was going to get a stroke), one of the things my doctor asked me was how was my mental and emotional well-being. If I was feeling stressed out or something bad happened recently. They were right, I was stressed out without realising it and that caused me all those problems. If they didn't tell me, I wouldn't have known and started managing my stress.

  35. Dat1guybruh
    Dat1guybruh January 16, 2020

    Is his upper right sleeve annoying anyone else?

  36. Mohammed Wajith
    Mohammed Wajith January 16, 2020

    Nice shirt

  37. Paul Hudkins
    Paul Hudkins January 16, 2020

    As Im listening to this im contemplating suicide. There still is no help in my area for me. But you go on and defend all those doctors. I don't trust any of them. They sit back and watch us all struggle from their gigantic fancy glass houses. Why don't you donate some of that money to the cause and move out of Chicago. Pshhhh

  38. Gkotsis Konstantinos
    Gkotsis Konstantinos January 16, 2020

    I'm not a US resident and don't know how things work over there but it amazes me that antidepressants are considered 1st line medicine care. Maybe I am mistaken but don't antidepressants just cure the symptoms and not the reason behind the need for antidepressants? Does that not mean that you must treat the reason for the anxiety or depression (even if medication is required at the same time) ? Isn't this like treating a headache with a constant flow of aspirin while never acknowledging why the headache exists ? (I could be wrong with this parallelism but I am glad to understand why line of thought is wrong). I understand that antidepressants are prescribed in many illnesses and more people are ready to accept that they are in need of them compared to the past but is there a need for such a wide use of them in USA?

  39. Jab !
    Jab ! January 16, 2020

    Thank you Dr Mike. Thank you. F celebrity advice. Stick to being entertainers. Edit: celebrities are far to vaunted and powerful in America.

  40. dmp762
    dmp762 January 16, 2020

    I don't like antidepressants as a first response. Personally I would try cognitive behavioral therapy before trying antidepressants. The psychologists that I've seen steered me away from antidepressants. CBT can get to the root of the problem, and not just treat the symptoms. Anti-depressants have side effects, especially in long term use.
    Anti-depressants do have advantages.
    They are faster acting then CBT, and you don't have to figure out what the problem is.

  41. google e
    google e January 16, 2020

    Primary care doctors don’t know anything about mental health. They will over diagnose or mis diagnose. People need to see a licensed counselor or a psychiatrist. If a patient has bipolar and a doctor will prescribe antidepressants for their depression, that patient will go into a manic episode. No doctors give a short questionnaire about mental health it’s not thorough enough . I disagree.

  42. ManicPixieFanGirl
    ManicPixieFanGirl January 16, 2020

    You remind me of my PCP and I feel lucky AF. It's really great to feel like they actually care about treating you.

  43. LibbyLiz
    LibbyLiz January 16, 2020

    I LOVE my primary care physician! I have Depression and OCD. I've been to a lot of doctors over the years, but she's the first one to actually get to know me and actually talk to me. She remembers me and whatever is going on with work and school despite having a lot of other patients, and we trust eachother. I am doing great with my medication and even on a lower dose. PCP's are absolutely wonderful and certainly deserve more recognition than many other specialties.

  44. Soul Smile
    Soul Smile January 16, 2020

    In Spain (where I live) Primary care doctors have no clue about mental health, unless they have personal interest in that. In fact, my best friend have a lot of issues with mental health ( self-harm, anxiety, cronic depression, try to kill herself…) and her primary doctor said to her "You are selfish if you kill yourself because you don't think about the people that love you and you daughter" and other things . And here in Spain with our public health system everybody have a Primary doctor and you can't go to specialist if you're not refered for your primary care doctor (unless you go to a private health system, something very rare here).

    I think Lady Gaga maybe was no accurate about the work of primary care doctors in USA, but definitely accurate in Spain.

  45. Amaan654
    Amaan654 January 16, 2020


  46. Gavi Taylor
    Gavi Taylor January 16, 2020

    Self DX (diagnosis) plays an important role for the chronically ill and mentally ill, as well as those who are professionally under diagnosed for different nuerotypes. There are diagnoses I would have never received if I was not certain abt which tests needed to be done to prove either the physicians or myself wrong (and it was usually physicians) because of the general dismissal I and many others face.

  47. you will never know my name
    you will never know my name January 16, 2020

    Listen to your doctors, they are smarter than you

  48. Colleen Jones
    Colleen Jones January 16, 2020

    It took me years and many different doctors and specialist to find a medication that works. I still suffer with a check list of mental health issues, not including my physical issues. I have found the medication that keeps me being able to be a functioning adult. I spent my whole childhood taking meds hoping one would work it wasn’t till I was 20 to find what works. It’s an uphill battle. I am still very broken and not fixed but I can at least function now. My fresh out of school doctor listened to me and we came up with a list of meds and through that I have been better but it wouldn’t have happened that way if I hadn’t found him.

  49. MissVasques
    MissVasques January 16, 2020

    My first thought about that gaga quote was more The idea if ”throwing” antidepressants on ppl when they in reality might not need medicine but talk with a therapist. But you did adresss that antidepressant/medicine isn’t always the first go to with mental issues depending on the individual.

  50. Kaley Gregory
    Kaley Gregory January 16, 2020

    DBT for the win!! Glad to see you promoting it 🙂

  51. Lady Tammy James
    Lady Tammy James January 16, 2020

    When I had to move for safety, I was no longer close to sexual assault mental health help. And I have spent a year trying to get an appointment with my PCP after getting insurance. I have even been through two PCP's with no appointment yet.

  52. It’s Viola Rose
    It’s Viola Rose January 16, 2020

    I feel that you and Lady Gaga both are underestimating the value of clean, healthy living in the lives of most people. Lady Gaga smokes weed 2-3 times a day, calling it her “medicine” for pain, ignoring the fact that it has been linked repeatedly to the mental health issues she’s having. Dr. Mike talks about 1 in 5 patients suffering from depression to the point of “needing” medication. Medication has side effects, and should be the last resort. In fact in the 18th century when asylums switched out shock therapy, lobotomies, and medications for hydrotherapy and “the talking cure” outcomes improved.

    Likewise, people in Asia are living longer and it’s easy to see why. Radio Daiso is a workout meant to be done every morning with modifications for people who are elderly or disabled. People are encouraged to eat healthy foods and sugary treats are rarely to never available. Programs exist that have young families without parents or grandparents adopting elderly people into their homes.

    Holistic medicine is important. The full person must be considered, not just the physiology. And while we’ve studied the brain just enough to understand which connections to sever, in order to take away someone’s sadness, free will, or sex drive….but we haven’t mapped the brain.

    Talk therapy, massage, hydro therapy and other forms of holistic medicine have positive outcomes compared to throwing pills at a patient, and hoping they work.

    Psychiatric issues can be gauzed but they can’t be cured with medication alone.

  53. egsviola54
    egsviola54 January 16, 2020

    Your shirt is too small. Looks like it's almost choking you

  54. AkiliG
    AkiliG January 16, 2020

    A primary care physician gave me my antidepressants and it's been one of the most helpful things a doctor has ever done for me, and I have also seen specialists and psychiatrists several times. I appreciate all of the medical practitioners in my life but that primary care doctor literally saved my life and I feel thankful to her every day when I take my Symbalta 🤣

  55. RoseyBlu
    RoseyBlu January 16, 2020

    My PCP prescribed me antidepressants with no mention of seeking mental health. I've been on Zoloft, Valium, and Trazadone even Tramadol which that's meant for pain 🤔

  56. Sayphex
    Sayphex January 16, 2020

    The hole video I was clueless what was Lady Gaga's medical statement.

  57. Lady Monster
    Lady Monster January 16, 2020

    At least she's talking about all that stuff and trying to help people with this

  58. Hope Franklin
    Hope Franklin January 16, 2020

    @Doctor Mike Sorry if I'm impatient, but when will my question be answered? I have adhd.

  59. Karin Bitóová
    Karin Bitóová January 16, 2020

    I have a different experience. People in the comment section agree with you Doctor Mike, but when my GP found out I was taking antidepressants and going to a psychiatrist, she just said: "Why should you be depressed? Because of schol?" So it depends. Not all doctors are good and have the capacity, I'm sorry. My specialist was a sweetheart though. And doctors here, where I moved, let a boy who tried to kill himself leave the hospital and be without a psychiatrist or meds (the didn't want to give him ANY) for a month, because she was on a vacation. He tried to kill himself again. I do believe there are some great, great doctors out there, but what I've seen so far is absolutely horrible. There should be some test in the first place to determine whether a doctor AS A PERSON is able to do his job.

  60. Niënna
    Niënna January 16, 2020

    I think the 'quote' can be taking in an other way. I think she tried to say, that a lot of primary care doctors are prescribing antidepressant to fast, without thinking about it. And therefore, a lot of people should go to a psychiatrist to have a good talk instead of taking antidepressant. In my country (Belgium), I feel like it's been giving way too fast. Everyone is pushing you to take antidepressant if you just not feel well. That is not right, antidepressant must only giving with actual correct signs of depression, not if you're going through a burn-out or just a bad time. I think she was trying to say this. But that's how I see it 🙂 I'm not saying our primary care doctors are bad, oh nononono… because my doctor have been supporting me for years now (going through bad burn-outs, CFS, …), and not once he prescribed me antidepressant, cause I don't have depression… It's a great doctor! 🙂

  61. Wilo 23
    Wilo 23 January 16, 2020

    You make a fair case. However, I still believe antidepressants should preferably not be prescribed by a family medicin doctor. These are medications that keep being updated and changed. Not all family medicin doctors keep up to date with that. Although it is a crucial first step into getting help. I am all for giving help in the meantime. But I still believe patients should be referred after. Help from a family medicin doctor is ofcourse still better than not getting any help at all. I just don’t see it as a long term solution or one step thing. Family medicin doctors should be the first step not the last.

  62. unfriendme
    unfriendme January 16, 2020

    My mum has bipolar and she got her medication from primary care

  63. John Myer
    John Myer January 16, 2020

    Dr Mike. Pia Wurtzback is single now

  64. Bina Turtle
    Bina Turtle January 16, 2020

    I sat in front of my primary care doctor crying my eyes out – my mom thought I had low iron level that caused my exhaustion and had made an appointment for me. He simply pulled out a list with ten questions and asked me each one of them. When I answered almost all of them with yes he calmly said „You have a major depression. Don’t worry. Medication and cognitive behavior therapy will help. Do you want me to prescribe you some meds?“

  65. Shane redgate
    Shane redgate January 16, 2020

    What to do if i have agoraphobia and cant make it to the doctors? 😔😭😖😖🥴

  66. Leela Bella
    Leela Bella January 16, 2020

    My PCP no longer prescribes antidepressants or anything for anxiety. Citing the opioid epidemic. 🙄 I got referred to the local mental health center. A 4 month wait. Then, once they put me on antidepressants and low dose anti anxiolytics, I was hospitalized for a physical health problem. I was in ICU for days. My appointment with my psychiatrist (med refill appointment only) had to be canceled and rescheduled. They gave myself and my family the wrong date. I also received no confirmation call like I usually did. I went in the day they told me to. Apparently they meant to tell me to come in the day prior. They dropped me. I then went cold turkey on lexapro and Xanax and I honestly have no idea how I made it out alive. I bottomed out into the worst depression I’ve ever had in my life. Panic attacks multiple times a day. They offered to let me come back if I went before their board and apologized…they would then vote on if I “deserved” to come back. Apologize for what? Canceling because I was in ICU with internal bleeding? Being given the wrong date for my rescheduled appointment? Obviously I never went back. I still struggle greatly with depression and anxiety but how can I trust a place like that when they have shown how easily they drop patients? I’d give anything for my PCP to prescribe even Zoloft again.

  67. alex unger
    alex unger January 16, 2020

    Mental health (not serious brain and psychiatric problems) but mental health in general is a result of a bad way of life.

  68. Aerrin Longheart
    Aerrin Longheart January 16, 2020

    I didn't hear anything about what lady gaga said. It would have been nice if I got at least an idea of what this video was correcting without needing to go find out what lady gaga said to oprah.

  69. Just ire nada
    Just ire nada January 16, 2020

    But counterpoint, from personal experience, I was extremely depressed for 8 years. Suicidal for most of that time. I was in a very dangerous state of mind most of the time for basically a decade. 5 years into that 8 years I went into my primary care doctor for treatment. They recommended some psychiatrists. Eventually I got medicated. It took until 2019 for me to get on the right medications that made me not suicidal like 99% of the time. It took 8 years to get to that point. In all of that time I had many opportunities to kill myself. In the waiting, in the experimentation, in the process… that’s where things can go really badly.

  70. burns0100
    burns0100 January 16, 2020

    A big issue in this day and age is that people are more willing to accept talk show information as fact and not sit down and talk to their doctor. Bad enough that people google things and then believe that's exactly what they have. It should be more so that talk shows raise the question and google helps give you an idea but your doctor or a specialist should be the final say or at least the major say, doctors can be wrong and its ok to get a second or third opinion on some matters.

    This way of seeing something from one source and believing it to be true is effecting people in so many ways in so many different aspects of life, from News to Health to things we see online and I wish we could break the cycle and get people back to using multiple sources of information and looking to people who are trained and licensed to give the correct or best information possible.

    Doctor Mike goes a long way to helping this slowly and I agree with this video entirely.

  71. EmiRachelNatalie
    EmiRachelNatalie January 16, 2020

    Love Gaga but I don't agree with alot of what celebrities have to say…like everyone else,

  72. Wibble Wobble
    Wibble Wobble January 16, 2020

    Fun fact tho Dr Mike- something i'm sure YOU would 100% miss if someone came to you complaining of depression or anxiety or both. *it takes SEVEN to NINE YEARS of misdiagnosis to get a semi accurate dx of a dissociative disorder*. HOWEVER- you (according to the dsm criterion) can self diangose or be told bu those around you of time loss or alters switching etc as seen in DID and use that as your first step into getting help…. I went to drs and was told i needed to be on antidepressants forever cos i was and i quote "Just one of those people"… BULLSHIT!!!! Dr's are paid by pharma companies to give out their 'meds' and as such they just hand them out willy nilly as a cure all…. NEWSFASH- THERE ARE NO DRUGS THAT CURE DID or even TREAT IT! Despite that EVERY psychiatrist will tell you or put you on. Eg seroquel. Its all bullshit that's been proven to be incorrect…and in the proceeding 8 YEARS of seeing drs for various reasons and explaining that i have DID- not a single dr even knew what it was…. DR's are NOT the best place to get help. Neither are "therapists" unless they are trauma aware and treat trauma primarily.

  73. Wafflemonster33
    Wafflemonster33 January 16, 2020

    You know it’s gonna he serious when there’s no beewoop

  74. Rebekkah Long
    Rebekkah Long January 16, 2020

    This green shirt with the brown tie😍😍 mmmmmm. You looking tasty.

  75. Major Angel
    Major Angel January 16, 2020

    Mental health issues brought on by medication pushed on them by big pharma drug pushing doctors.

  76. miftahul jannat waziha
    miftahul jannat waziha January 16, 2020

    your eyeshadow is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. lunams7
    lunams7 January 16, 2020

    I appreciate this video. It was very informative. But I wish more doctors were like this. Not all doctors follow up and sometimes it is hard to get a hold of a primary care physician because they have so many patients or are just burnt out. Another problem that, I am currently struggling with, is for those who live and work outside their home coutryside and can't find a good PCP or even someone who is trained at helping those with mental medical needs. I think this should be a topic talked about not only in the US but globally too.

  78. AannW Rootbeer
    AannW Rootbeer January 16, 2020

    My primary care doctor is the one that saw the anxiety and depression. She saw it when I was still in denial about it. 🤷‍♀️

  79. Nikki Nightmare
    Nikki Nightmare January 16, 2020

    Please do a video on the recent ban of textured breast implants, and how the growing trend of BIA-AlCL is now up to 830+ diagnosed women worldwide. That is the number of women who have a man made cancer from breast implants. – jjst since 2019.10 million women worldwide have breast implants, but more women than ever before are getting them removed because they’re making us deathly ill. I was a perfectly healthy 20 year old until I got silicone implants. I had a silent rupture, less than 5 years having them. By the time I got them removed, (less than 5 years) I now am diagnosed with Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, I have a 5.9×5.1×5.5 hepatic adenoma, severe IBS, functional dyspepsia, fibromyalgia, multidirectional instability of my non dominant shoulder, helicobacter pylori positive, persistent depressive disorder, chronic infections, kidney lesion1cm, spleen lesion.5cm, milena. Liver ALT 599 with implants, 3 weeks after removal of implants, dropped to 299. Still have elevated CRP and sedimentation rate. Still lots of inflammation, they don’t know where it’s coming from, but all of my labs improved after removing the implants. But now I’m left with POTS. And these other diagnoses’. I’m not the only one; there are 100,000+ in one other group alone, and there are thousands of groups. Silicone was banned in 2006, and then allowed back, due to overwhelming industry pressure. We are guinea pigs. We are suffering. Nobody is listening. We need your voice.

  80. Melvin
    Melvin January 16, 2020

    You're amazing for doing this. I find it quite brave that you do your best to make this into a discussion.

    I wish more doctors had a strong following since more science-based healthcare advice would be heard.

  81. Laura's lovely ASMR
    Laura's lovely ASMR January 16, 2020

    Ughhh anti depressants numb you out. As soon as you get off them your issues will come back again. I get taking them if you're in a really hard place but I think they should be a last resort.

  82. Guillermo Sandoval JR
    Guillermo Sandoval JR January 16, 2020

    Dr. Mike was like, “Lady Gaga…False!” While wearing a shirt and tie like Dwight from The Office.

  83. Chawndel
    Chawndel January 16, 2020

    My primary care provider is a nurse practitioner, but I trust her. I don't trust strangers with my inner most thoughts. I tried therapists, but I never got to the point where I could really open up because I was seriously burned in the past. Too many times of betrayed trust. I would rather talk to the person I know I can trust. And, as with any other condition, if she feels out of her element, she consults with doctors who have more experience.

    Not only that, but she was able to notice that I was in a state of depression & anxiety when a psychiatrist wouldn't have. Changes in my weight and vitals led to discussion of eating & sleeping habits. Led to discovering I needed help when I wouldn't have thought to seek treatment.

  84. Hey, It's Just A Random Girl
    Hey, It's Just A Random Girl January 16, 2020

    You know it's serious when there's no "pee-woop!"

  85. Thatguyinthecorner L
    Thatguyinthecorner L January 16, 2020

    Bro talk about goop

  86. Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith January 16, 2020

    Aspiring occupational psychologist here! Love you!x

  87. Haley Beaty
    Haley Beaty January 16, 2020

    Question for you Dr. Mike! I was seeing a psychiatrist for dysthymia and GAD. When diagnosing me, she was explaining there’s a book that psychiatrists go by when diagnosing patients and you only have to show 5 symptoms of any mental disorder to be given that diagnosis. I know for a fact this is what she told me, as she was the same psychiatrist my boyfriend at the time was seeing (we were in the army and she was the only psychiatrist on post). In your experience is this true? Because 5 symptoms doesn’t seem like much as a lot of mental disorders have similar symptoms and can be associated with other mental disorders.

  88. Wibble Wobble
    Wibble Wobble January 16, 2020

    I've seen 30+ family doctors in my life and not a single one of them even KNEW what Dissociative Identity Disorder was. And they all usher you away with a fist full of antidepressants as soon as they hear "ptsd" come out of your mouth too. Regardless of you saying you won't take them and don't want them cos they don't work and are a bandaid. Dr's are NOT like you as a general population Mike. You've got rose coloured glasses on.

  89. Alyssa Larsen
    Alyssa Larsen January 16, 2020

    Will you react to my strange addiction please omg

  90. Miss Craze
    Miss Craze January 16, 2020

    Thank you for saying not every patient needs medication/ antidepressants!

  91. Julie B
    Julie B January 16, 2020

    I know that Fibromyalgia is not a mental illness!! I wish you would have spoke on that!! Gaga sounded like a zombie .

  92. Dudok22
    Dudok22 January 16, 2020

    There is a reason why doctors don't treat themselves when they have an illness

  93. nick james
    nick james January 16, 2020

    I would listen to celebrities medical advice over their political opinion lol.

  94. Stacey King
    Stacey King January 16, 2020

    Our equivalent of a PCP in Australia is just known as a GP. I'm not sure of how things go in the States, but here in Australia, over medicating is now becoming standard.
    I saw a GP who on the first visitation prescribed me anti-anxiety medication. Three weeks later, no changes, we had a follow up appointment, he immediately upped my dosage.
    Three weeks later another check up, I was then swapped to an anti-depressant. Dosages went up and down and so on, and I wasn't happy with the treatment.
    I switched doctors, and the next I saw was treating me for BPD – a diagnosis I had never received, and immediately prescribed medication.

    While I agree not only psychiatrists should prescribe, I feel like the public health system is overburdened, and instead of getting the proper care I should,
    it's often a revolving door practice, of getting patients in and out as quick as possible. This also applies to the doctors at these practices. It's not uncommon that every few months,
    the doctors at the clinic will have changed, and they will have used their job in the public health sector to trade up for a private health care job.

    I'm not bashing on doctors. I couldn't imagine a more stressful and demanding career, and I do understand how things fall to the side, and how sometimes effective care isn't a possibility,
    regardless of a doctors intent. I do think over prescribing can be just as, or even more detrimental than not though, and it's a real problem.

  95. Keep it Ahunnid
    Keep it Ahunnid January 16, 2020

    Ur hotter than lady Gaga Dr🔥👌🏻

  96. Introware L
    Introware L January 16, 2020

    Thank God Lady Gaga doesn't know this channel unless -, –

  97. zmillah
    zmillah January 16, 2020

    You need a bigger sized shirt.

  98. s 3
    s 3 January 16, 2020

    Heyyyyyyy!!! Where’s peeeeeewhooop?

  99. Kanika Garal
    Kanika Garal January 16, 2020

    U can self diagnose ur mental health issue but u should never self medicate. U don't know the extent of ur problem and what meds or treatment u need.

  100. Heather Belletete
    Heather Belletete January 16, 2020

    My son was having complications from depression and we were uninsured. I am so grateful that our family care physician was able to correctly diagnose and treat my son without sending us to a psychiatrist because we were self-pay and truly wouldn't have been able to afford continuing care under a specialist.

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