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Doctor Sleep Final Trailer REACTION

I enjoyed most of The Haunting of Hill House SO MUCH that I’m excited to see what Mike Flanagan does here…


  1. Kyle Duffield
    Kyle Duffield September 8, 2019

    IT Chapter 2 made 91 million this week so your comment made no sense.

  2. Jon Dainty
    Jon Dainty September 8, 2019

    Looks interesting! My power of choice is also telekinesis! Best power in my opinion, very versatile and can be used in do many ways

  3. Braden Hogan
    Braden Hogan September 8, 2019

    Trailers look good. Bold move, sequalizing Kubrick. Hope it works out well

    Relies too heavily on nostalgia. I hope that’s just emphasized in trailers to get butts in seats

  4. Shawn johnson
    Shawn johnson September 8, 2019

    Can't Fucking Wait Love The Shining probably my Favorite movie from the 80s.

  5. Max R
    Max R September 8, 2019

    I doesn't feel fresh enough

  6. Ceyhun Tüzün
    Ceyhun Tüzün September 8, 2019

    You should watch Gerald’s game on netflix. It’s Mike Flanagan’s movie and Steven Kings property.

  7. Gary Dodd
    Gary Dodd September 8, 2019

    Grace, people dont like Ewan McGregor, who are these people? If i know any of them they are off next Decembers Christmas list….its like saying u dont like smiles and puppys, he is one of the best and Rebecca she is a Unicorn of the acting world. People are just crazy!!! Anyway just playn, like the review, much luv as always and i cant wait for this, it looks gleefully horrifying🙄

  8. blinkx1 3
    blinkx1 3 September 8, 2019

    3:52 now I want to know the Akiva Goldsman tea

  9. Grant Wilson
    Grant Wilson September 8, 2019

    Looks cheesy.

  10. RighteousBrother
    RighteousBrother September 8, 2019

    Nah, that trailer just did not do it for me, very disappointed. Looks like all the things that made the original The Shining such an effective horror movie have been ignored.

  11. Khaled Essam
    Khaled Essam September 8, 2019

    Rebecca Ferguson with that hat kinda looks like zatanna 🎩

  12. Josh Pinder
    Josh Pinder September 8, 2019

    The irony of Haunting of Hill House was for me it felt very style over substance…. The Shining and indeed all Kubrick films tend to also be style/aesthetics over any substance….. the visuals stay with you… the performances/story/dialogue feels almost non existent……. so it makes sense for him to take over the sequel to The Shining 😉 …saying that I hope it continues trend from IT Chapter 2 …. adored it 🙂 and the trailer actually looks good.

  13. Its Atekiar
    Its Atekiar September 8, 2019

    this didn't show in front of your it chapter 2 screening?

  14. painful1978
    painful1978 September 8, 2019

    Didn't want it to be that kind of films… Noooo.. Keep it simple and spooky

  15. LFC 77
    LFC 77 September 8, 2019

    It Chapter 2 had a phenomenal trailer but turns out to be a rather mediocre film, while Knives Out – on the contrary…

  16. constantine sarin
    constantine sarin September 8, 2019

    Grace make a video about zatanna casting because I heard Emilia Clarke is being considered to play her in her own movie please

  17. Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald September 8, 2019

    The Shining is back!

  18. Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald September 8, 2019

    Hope it refrences the Kubrick movie while also being a sequal to the miniseries!

  19. Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald September 8, 2019

    Rose The Hat creeps me out!

  20. Chicago Critic Gerald
    Chicago Critic Gerald September 8, 2019

    Wonder if they'll return to the Stanley hotel?

  21. John Paul Roman
    John Paul Roman September 8, 2019


  22. Juan D' Angelo
    Juan D' Angelo September 8, 2019

    I think, I think she doesn't like Akiva Goldsman

  23. Xervello
    Xervello September 8, 2019

    The ending of Hill House was beautiful and perfect. Like how a novel would conclude.

  24. Retro Tony
    Retro Tony September 8, 2019

    Rose the Hat: “hi there”

    Danny aka Obi-Wan: “Hello there”

  25. Kace KTV
    Kace KTV September 8, 2019

    Wait Haunting on Hill House ending was bad!?!? i mean maybe i'll have to rewatch i was too busy crying most the episode

  26. Paul Castle
    Paul Castle September 8, 2019

    Nope. Looks like a generic Netflix movie of the week. Take away the constant Shining callbacks and there’s nothing there. EM is miscast, the support looks bland and there’s not one shred of tension or atmosphere to be seen. This will flop.

  27. Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry September 8, 2019

    Who hates Obi Wan?

  28. Jonny Brown
    Jonny Brown September 8, 2019

    Grace! How have you not reacted to or uploaded the Birds of Prey teaser!?

  29. V J
    V J September 8, 2019

    Went to see IT as double bill & saw this. 1st made me question why would he go back? This does help to answer that, with many ideas but will it follow through? Linking to the movie (which changed Kings vision) has a lot of risks too, wouldn't one of the things that stayed in the Overlook Hotel be his father?

  30. virtualee2000
    virtualee2000 September 8, 2019

    Sooo, like most films churned out of Hollywood lately, it's really all about the adventures of a young girl, over and over again. Where is the male representation?

  31. S B
    S B September 8, 2019

    WB should've marketed this like Disney for the latest Star Wars movie and showed clips from famous scenes in The Shining film as a tie in.

  32. chaosXpert
    chaosXpert September 8, 2019

    3:20 RWBY poster!

  33. Orlando Torres
    Orlando Torres September 8, 2019

    3:55 hahahahahahahah I`m gagging

  34. Brian
    Brian September 8, 2019

    That music 🙂

  35. Renatenha
    Renatenha September 8, 2019

    I thought IT was doing ok at the box office

  36. Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer
    Kaos The Cosmic Reviewer September 8, 2019

    doctor sleep
    watched the trailer
    fell asleep

  37. Mustafa Khan
    Mustafa Khan September 8, 2019

    The dialogue was so cringe but looks good

  38. David Datura
    David Datura September 8, 2019

    Of course I haven’t seen Joker yet. But so far this year WB movie offerings have been very weak. And if the trailers for this are anything to go by, I don’t have much hope for Doctor Sleep either, despite a very cool sounding title!

  39. Richie Burke
    Richie Burke September 9, 2019

    As always you can check out more videos, RIGHT NOW!! ❤️

  40. Michael Evans
    Michael Evans September 9, 2019

    Loved this trailer. It feels like the story is moving into new territory.

  41. MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback September 9, 2019

    Maybe the ghosts from that hotel can help Ewan's character fight against the evil group.

  42. Martin Larrivee
    Martin Larrivee September 9, 2019

    I’m not feeling it. Looks like a cheap tv serie and doesn’t look at all like the shining.

  43. Ben BamBoo
    Ben BamBoo September 9, 2019

    2:51 A young Mr. Hallorann? Holy shit that's some good casting.

  44. Thepiefreak527 Pie tribe
    Thepiefreak527 Pie tribe September 9, 2019


  45. resurgam75
    resurgam75 September 9, 2019

    This doesn't feel like The Shining at all, it's not the same world to me.

  46. Arxevius
    Arxevius September 9, 2019

    I dont like horror movie trailers with bombastic music

  47. JaKBaLL TV
    JaKBaLL TV September 9, 2019

    Why haven't you done a reaction to Birds Of Prey trailer?? it's been out several days now

  48. Supreme Being
    Supreme Being September 9, 2019

    Does this movie take place in the Shining universe? Is it a sequel?

  49. rosebuddesign635
    rosebuddesign635 September 9, 2019

    I'm not convince. They talk too much.

  50. Ariful islam
    Ariful islam September 9, 2019

    Looks very different to shining……kinda franchise building ……not that it's bad. Just looks superhero horror mash up .

  51. Aki Kolehmainen
    Aki Kolehmainen September 9, 2019

    Throwbacks to the original were by far the best part of the trailer. That tells a lot how powerful Kubrick's craft was.

  52. Luis Daza
    Luis Daza September 9, 2019

    kinda funny McGregor portrays kids that eventually grow up. Would be funny if the kid in Winnie pooh was the same from the shinning and the stories were connected lol

  53. Kelii Yamashita
    Kelii Yamashita September 9, 2019

    I was hoping that Roses hat was on the side of their head. It was supposed defy logic how is stayed on. Plus Abra I feel is mis-casted.

  54. fourth1000
    fourth1000 September 9, 2019

    Movie looks bad. The cinematography looks like a cheap Netflix tv show…. like Hill House.
    This movie follows up kubricks movie— a man who choice in cinematography is studied by film enthusiast.

  55. Anthony Huntington
    Anthony Huntington September 9, 2019

    Looks pretty good ,I was wondering if the Overlook would still be standing as it does at the of Kubrick's film vs the novel where it gets destroyed ,also Halloran who dies in Kubrick's film survived in the novels and seems to be used as a ghost advisor here ,overall I like the cast and hope it works out

  56. muckymucks
    muckymucks September 9, 2019

    Jessica Chastain is great. Intersteller, The Martian. The only reason I bothered finish watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix was because of her.

  57. Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott September 9, 2019

    I honestly thought the ending of Haunting of Hill House was heartbreakingly beautiful. Just my opinion though.

  58. wolfman571
    wolfman571 September 9, 2019

    I, for one, am very happy to be living in the McGregor-sance

  59. Pavo
    Pavo September 9, 2019

    You know what will be really scary? When Stanley Kubrick claws his way out of the grave and kills the people who made this lame sequel to his classic.

  60. jeffrey dahmere
    jeffrey dahmere September 9, 2019

    I ain’t give a damn about marketing or the box office just make great movies and this looks great

  61. Luke Harrap
    Luke Harrap September 9, 2019

    That poster will be great at my local cinema, they have mirrors across from the posters in the way in 😛

  62. cholo acosta
    cholo acosta September 9, 2019

    Yo solo vine a ver el cuadro de RWBY

  63. David Barry
    David Barry September 9, 2019

    Love grace, would listen to her no matter what she talked about ha.

  64. Zeluth
    Zeluth September 9, 2019

    Please don't take offence, Grace, but I use your videos to sleep right now.

  65. speedingahead
    speedingahead September 9, 2019

    Warner’s current strategy regarding trailers is actually good. Let’s hope that Doctor Sleep ends up being an surprise hit for them though

  66. Andrew Pragasam
    Andrew Pragasam September 9, 2019

    Seeing Akiva Goldsman's name attached scared me way more than the trailer.

  67. Aash Aaron
    Aash Aaron September 9, 2019

    It looks like two movies cut together? Like a IT hyper-reality horror and The Shinning which was always scarier coz its like a realistic drama about madness – it looks gimmicky – I don't even think I would have called it Dr Sleep (Probably just REDRUM) I'll see it but all that Strange People sucking smoke souls out is really weird and not scary…

  68. Seb Sandford
    Seb Sandford September 9, 2019

    i think the trailer is very cinematic and haunting at the same time. with some of the shots in that trailer, it's like i'm watching the shining all over again. can't wait to watch Doctor Sleep. 🙂

  69. tgarnett25
    tgarnett25 September 9, 2019

    I like Ewan McGregor, and the Stanley Kubrick film. It’s impressive how they recreated those sets. They really punched a hole in the fabric of time. At this point I’m cautiously optimistic.

  70. Debo4735 X
    Debo4735 X September 9, 2019

    Grace, you hate on Jessica Chastain so much, she may have grounds for a defamation case. Lmao 😅🤔

  71. Thomas Gritzmacher
    Thomas Gritzmacher September 9, 2019

    What a good looking piece of crap.

  72. sesh 17
    sesh 17 September 9, 2019

    don't really care about the actors compared to a great movie

  73. Banana Lana
    Banana Lana September 9, 2019

    Good choice Grace picking telekinesis if I had it all the bras in the world mysteriously Open just for ventilation purposes✌️✌️❤️

  74. Horrornado
    Horrornado September 9, 2019

    This looks really bad. It looks like a scary movie that thinks it's a superhero film.

  75. matthewtron 86
    matthewtron 86 September 9, 2019

    The Haunting with catherine zeta jones and lili taylor the BEST. I can't see anyone remaking that movie and that beautiful castle and the music and atmosphere. The tv show was NOTHING compared to 1999 movie.

  76. Tony Randall
    Tony Randall September 9, 2019

    Comes out around my birthday and looking forward to it.

  77. Angelo Hernandez
    Angelo Hernandez September 9, 2019

    Like your OOTD Grace! 😉 plan on doing any meetups on the west coast?

  78. Waltham1892
    Waltham1892 September 9, 2019

    Rose the Hat says, "hello…be seeing you soon".

  79. peter wright
    peter wright September 9, 2019

    Let's just hope it's scary because The Shining movie was as scary as a turd in a microwave.

  80. David Kelly
    David Kelly September 9, 2019

    Stanley would be rolling in his grave. Like you I will watch it but not optimistic at all.

  81. Dwain Madison
    Dwain Madison September 9, 2019

    Definitely gonna see it.

  82. TheJlook2000
    TheJlook2000 September 9, 2019

    feels like a tv movie – was going to say hallmark channel but went to that website to check if thats the channel i was thinking …. Do they clone the male actors on hallmark channel ??? weird . Anyway this trailer seems by the numbers.

  83. AdventuresInPortland
    AdventuresInPortland September 9, 2019

    It looks ok. I'd probably watch it on netflix, if it comes to netflix.

  84. Matthew Delano
    Matthew Delano September 9, 2019

    If you have powerful enough telekinesis there is virtually no power you do not have.

  85. Michael Erickson
    Michael Erickson September 9, 2019

    The Shining meets True Blood

  86. LunaTic
    LunaTic September 9, 2019

    Grace and I like the same super powers. 🤩💪

  87. Phoenix King
    Phoenix King September 9, 2019

    I forgot this was a thing

  88. Denenterprieses or whats left of it
    Denenterprieses or whats left of it September 9, 2019

    true grace these trailers make the film seem weak not from a horror perspective but from the perspective of watching the shining this feels like a generic horror movie the way its cut and edited

  89. golgo 13
    golgo 13 September 10, 2019

    ewans american accent has gotten better.

  90. Joanna Espino
    Joanna Espino September 10, 2019

    Huge fan of Ewan and Rebecca, can’t wait 🙌🏻

  91. Den Smith
    Den Smith September 10, 2019

    The trailer didn't do it for me…they just had to put a little black girl in there with a black guy that resembles the cook from the first one that has the same powers just to be culture conscience role reversal off the original film, they wearing stupid hats for some reason, that one lady has smoke coming from her mouth like a succubus, they are going to fuck this up just like every new Star Wars sequel. when will it end with crappy sequels with no worthy script writing, putting some kids in a adult themed movie even though it worked with the original with hope kids will drag out their parents to see it.

  92. Jason Dreibeblis
    Jason Dreibeblis September 10, 2019

    I remember reading somewhere that he had a slightly different ending in mind for hill house, but then changed it to something more happy

  93. Lincoln7Echo
    Lincoln7Echo September 10, 2019

    They went crazy with the flashbacks in "IT Ch. 2," I hope they cool it somewhat for this sequel.

  94. DPEART6475
    DPEART6475 September 10, 2019

    At 3:54 Grace Randoplh: "What is Akiva Goldsmith doing in there….ehh" So right this guy helped to kill the the Transformers Franchise and killed off the original Batman movie series by writing Batman Forever and following it up with Batman and Robin

  95. Eliseo Palestina
    Eliseo Palestina September 10, 2019

    Your so Beautiful

  96. WWG1WGA! USA
    WWG1WGA! USA September 11, 2019

    Finally a movie to look forward to.

  97. Tushar Dev
    Tushar Dev September 12, 2019

    Most I loved it all

  98. Libby Putny
    Libby Putny September 12, 2019

    Dead by daylight theme song was ripped off omg

  99. Mark Fry
    Mark Fry September 12, 2019

    Yes, but will the alphabet soup people be represented?

  100. Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln September 13, 2019

    Woahhh can’t wait to watch!

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