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Doctor Who | How many seconds in eternity?

I’m old enough to know that a longer life isn’t always a better one. I think he’s immortal It’s old, really old Maybe you are older than you look And you Sir Doctor How can a man so young have eyes so old? Your eyes -When you say 900 years… -that’s my age I’m 906 Twelve hundred and something, I think, unless I’m lying I’ve lived for over 2,000 years How long was the doctor trapped inside the confession dial? Four and a half billion years. Time, time doesn’t pass The passage of time is an illusion and life is the magician. You should be in a museum or in a mausoleum After all this time Everything we saw everything we lost As far as we are aware He’s the last of his kind they’re all gone I’m the only survivor Only you ? I’m not just a Time Lord I’m the last of the Time Lords. I’m the only one left. How lonely you must be Doctor. I am alone Still on your own . Yep. Feel that that’s why I keep traveling. Is that no, I like that for you Oh, I like a nice view as much as anyone Perhaps a man only enjoys trouble when there’s nothing else left To be proved wrong But Can’t wait for the next one. I pity you. If you live long enough Lazarus, the only certainty left is that you’ll end up alone. Immortality isn’t living forever. That’s not what it feels like. Have you got family? Do you have children? No. Who needs Family? I got the whole world on my shoulders. Have you ever had children? Donna, I’ve been a father before. Immortality is everybody else dying. Lost them a long time ago. Imagine watching that happen to someone that you… They’re all dead. Can’t have been easy… outliving the people you loved. According to my journals Hell How long can I keep doing this? They break my heart. When they died that part of me died with them. So many goodbyes How can you bear it? What about you now? I’m fine. You mourn, but you live. I care, Bill, but I move on. I moved on. Better a broken heart than no heart at all. Try it you try it Pain and loss they define us as much as happiness or love. You’re on your own. By yourself? Yeah I suppose. A life this long, do you understand what it is? It’s a battle field… I’m scared. I’m so scared. …and it’s empty… Do you know who that leaves? Me! And that’s me. Just me …because everyone else has fallen. It’s not the time that matters, It’s the person. But if it’s the right person… …What a gift that would be. -Or what a curse. You have nothing Doctor. Nothing. An ancient creature. I’m gettin’ old. You look older. I am so old. A good death is the best anyone can hope for. As you happen to be immortal. Death would be a gift. I have no desire to survive this. How many seconds in eternity? Doctor explain. What is that? The tracks of my tears Oh, I’ve seen conflict like you wouldn’t believe. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I’ve lived longer, seen more, loved more and lost more. The hole they left, all the pain that filled it Do you know how many of you i could fill? No more. In the end you just get tired. My Testament it would shatter all of you. Tired of watching everything turn to dust. I have to live with that. Sometimes I think a Time Lord lives too long. All that pain and misery. And it breaks your heart. I just want to say how sorry I am. Life can be a cunning enemy. Doctor I know that something’s wrong. I can help you. Nobody can help me. But there’s no one else coming cause there’s no one else left. When I look at you, I can’t tell your past from your future and there’s so very much of both. That’s a price worth paying. Is it? You alright? -I’m always alright. See Happy That I can remember Clara Lived too Long. I can remember it all. We all carry our prisons with us. You sure he’s gonna be all right? He’s the doctor He’s very brave and he’s very silly and I think for a time he’s going to be very sad But I promise in the end He’ll be all right


  1. Zakiry
    Zakiry August 25, 2019

    But he wasn’t the last one, like couldn’t he ya know

  2. dark shadow hd
    dark shadow hd August 25, 2019

    Eternety is pure pain.

  3. Kookies and Tae
    Kookies and Tae August 25, 2019

    Ich war grad verwirrt einen deutschen Titel zu sehen 😂😂

  4. Joshua Sweetvale
    Joshua Sweetvale August 25, 2019

    Give me 200 years without decrepitude and I'd give my life as soon as I'd give you five bucks.

    Give me a a few thousand years and I'd be wondering why nothing was worth dying for.

  5. ati ita
    ati ita August 25, 2019


  6. Adamtubegaming
    Adamtubegaming August 25, 2019

    Oh it's so good and I miss sarah Jane's voice rip Elisabeth sladen

  7. Snapdragon 9600
    Snapdragon 9600 August 26, 2019

    The first twelve were a mixed bag of the weird, and the wonderful 13th doctor has all the charm and talent of a checkout operator.

  8. CocaColaFromageDK
    CocaColaFromageDK August 26, 2019

    Absolutely beautiful.

  9. teppafun23
    teppafun23 August 26, 2019

    The idea of the doctors still breaks my 💔. All that pain, all that suffering… For the survival of everybody else. Everyone you've ever loved, just gone.

  10. zaphina lillith
    zaphina lillith August 26, 2019

    This is why I’ve never wanted to live forever. Being immortal would be so cruel.

  11. BlueBerryFairy1
    BlueBerryFairy1 August 26, 2019

    Isn't the tenth doctor 6000+ … oh wrong show 😀

  12. Nyomi Infusino
    Nyomi Infusino August 26, 2019

    I'm not crying you're crying…

  13. Coloring Sauce95
    Coloring Sauce95 August 26, 2019

    I had like a 2 year break and this video made me remember it

  14. EmilyRickers
    EmilyRickers August 26, 2019

    This video is amazing, but seeing Mycroft (yes I know that's not his real name. I can't remember it) at 2:51 with blonde hair completely threw me off lol

  15. Steve Ellis Hughes
    Steve Ellis Hughes August 26, 2019

    May we pray the 14th doctor reminds us what the doctor is…the pain, immortality….yet the humanity. Remind us the emotions we shed over years. Growing up and loses doctor after doctor. Give us back what we miss bbc, what we remember, what we need. Please

  16. Red Tommy
    Red Tommy August 26, 2019

    Lol Jodie is just staring in the air most time cause shes got nothing to say

  17. Joyce M
    Joyce M August 26, 2019

    your doctor who videos always make me realize how far the doctor would go for the people he cares for (and suddenly i'm crying all over again)

  18. Mennolt van Alten
    Mennolt van Alten August 26, 2019

    I just thought of another horrible thing about the Daleks: The Doctor forever effectively destroyed the Time Lords and the Daleks to end their war. But throughout history he has to keep on seeing each and every time that the Daleks rise again, while the Time Lords do not. And each time he is reminded of that sacrifice, and of how it didn't work

  19. Helgamond Ratbone
    Helgamond Ratbone August 26, 2019

    How many seconds in eternity?? Well.. how many seconds did that last season run??

  20. Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres August 27, 2019

    Great video I loved watching it and remembering all those episodes that were so emotional and intense.

  21. Eliza Bennet
    Eliza Bennet August 27, 2019

    Gave me the feels.

  22. David Dudman
    David Dudman August 27, 2019

    Me: This is looking good! 1:04 ABORT! Jodie Whittaker doesn’t deserve to be included among the Doctors, She’s the woman who killed him and his legacy forever.

  23. Amy Carpenter
    Amy Carpenter August 27, 2019

    That was the saddest video ever.

  24. James Morrell
    James Morrell August 27, 2019

    Apparently 5 minutes and 9 seconds

  25. mitralawfalls
    mitralawfalls August 27, 2019

    this is absolutely stunning, wow.

  26. Emmabird 333
    Emmabird 333 August 27, 2019

    Your video is so sad but how awesome! 😍

  27. Gamblitz101Gaming
    Gamblitz101Gaming August 27, 2019

    This broke my Heart.

  28. Getting Dialectic
    Getting Dialectic August 27, 2019

    Without hope of resurrection, of seeing those we love again, it would be too sad.

  29. MR CP
    MR CP August 27, 2019

    0:58 Your not just a time lord your the best of the time lords David tennant

  30. Jack Heath
    Jack Heath August 27, 2019

    That was emotional

  31. Toby Bowyer
    Toby Bowyer August 27, 2019

    Hey why'd you have to go and break my heart like that XD

    "All that pain and misery, and it just made him kind"

  32. GEORGEE T Boom
    GEORGEE T Boom August 27, 2019

    Jodie just carnt act the way these guys acted out there doctors.

  33. Geoffery PM
    Geoffery PM August 27, 2019

    Now i want to watch dis
    Best trailer

  34. gallifreyraven
    gallifreyraven August 28, 2019

    this is beautiful. thank you ❤️

  35. Lucy Biermann
    Lucy Biermann August 28, 2019

    This freaking show became one of those shows that people make fun of and stuff and I just- why? It’s people who have never watched it before and known how freaking funny it is, but also how sad it is and how many times you cry during this show because of how emotionally attached you grow to them. Omg sorry I’m crying really hard rn….

  36. Beastly Box
    Beastly Box August 28, 2019

    I like there’s barely any speech from the 13th doctor as her voice is incredibly annoying and sound like she’s in a school play.

  37. Apakorn 2142
    Apakorn 2142 August 28, 2019

    Doc, every thousand years, just send a part of your soul to live a normal life. Grow, learn, love, age and die just to remember what "it" was like. Then collect that part of you, hold it deary in your heart until "it" fade away.

  38. irem mldrn
    irem mldrn August 28, 2019

    The only show made me cry. And now, i don’t even watch new episodes, 13th wasn’t a good idea. I watch old episodes and crying

  39. Aaron imbragulio
    Aaron imbragulio August 28, 2019

    The doctor was the only man who I didn't know who truly could make me cry or inspire me weather it's all he's lost or the fact he just keeps getting back up no matter how hard life has hit him no matter how many times he's been brought to his knees yet he still pushes and gets back up the 9th-12th where truly great to watch and experience I miss that part of time know it all just feels like there's no spark that pulls me twords the 13th

  40. ginonovanta
    ginonovanta August 28, 2019

    except he's never been the only one left

  41. ABEL
    ABEL August 28, 2019

    Doctor who must never die as a show somehow it’s as beautiful as it has always been

  42. Christian
    Christian August 28, 2019

    this is beautiful and the editing is amazing, and i wish that the thirteen doctor was written to reflect half of the personality she has in the context of this video instead of a wasted opportunity/great actor like it actually was.

  43. SaintKind
    SaintKind August 28, 2019

    I'm so moved

  44. markmason13
    markmason13 August 28, 2019

    This was a fitting end to what was a very good tv show RIP (good) Doctor Who.

  45. Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders August 28, 2019

    Really spoil the video including Whittaker, every time she speaks it takes one out of it; loved the “see, happy” from Smile though that’s brilliant!

  46. Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson August 29, 2019

    Alright, this convinced me. I need to catch up and stay with it.

  47. Raya Schilke
    Raya Schilke August 29, 2019

    what did i do to deserve to be attacked like this

  48. Ross MacFadyen
    Ross MacFadyen August 29, 2019

    This channels fuckin excellent

  49. No More
    No More August 29, 2019

    This actually made me choke up.

  50. Arwen Scott
    Arwen Scott August 29, 2019

    Suddenly I want 13 to see Amy and Rory again even if it lasts an episode

  51. Toast
    Toast August 29, 2019

    "Time, time doesn't pass. The passage of time is a illusion and life is the magician"

  52. Ireland Crabtree
    Ireland Crabtree August 29, 2019

    I love this show. It makes me so happy, yet so sad. I miss the complexity of The Doctor. I only got a few episodes into Jodie's series, but I couldn't watch anymore. I have nothing against her, but the writing is terrible. The Doctor can be fun, but The Doctor also needs to be serious at times, and with Jodie's version, I'm not seeing that. Hopefully the writers can do better.

  53. space pidgeon
    space pidgeon August 29, 2019

    Wait james corden was in doctor who? Hes been in everything now lmao

  54. laughinator :D
    laughinator :D August 30, 2019

    “Dying.. dying is a gift”

  55. Paper and Think
    Paper and Think August 30, 2019

    This real done HECKED me up

  56. Lani Gooley
    Lani Gooley August 30, 2019

    Heyyyy I'm stressy and depressy now

  57. Marsh ;-;
    Marsh ;-; August 30, 2019

    My YouTube is really going for the fucking throat right now, I DIDN'T NEED YOU TO SUGGEST STUFF THAT RIPS MY FUCKING HEART OUT YOUTUBE.

  58. Dimmysimmy123
    Dimmysimmy123 August 30, 2019

    the 13th doctor shouldve had an arc about being depressed about no matter how many people she saves, people keep dying

  59. guy guyson
    guy guyson August 30, 2019

    This is excellent.

  60. CL CrystaLight
    CL CrystaLight August 30, 2019


  61. dankulous memeulous
    dankulous memeulous August 30, 2019

    I wouldn't like to be the immortal on earth. In heaven everyone is immortal so that's way better

  62. Bleep Bloop
    Bleep Bloop August 30, 2019

    I completely forgot what Doctor Who had done for me as a kid, those where damn good times

  63. Max Love
    Max Love August 30, 2019

    I feel like 12 was such a combination. A bit of 9-10-11. But Peter showed it so well, he went from the fiery character of 9 to the one who moved on (11) and the heroic like 10. But with a sense of his own character.

  64. Alex Wambugu
    Alex Wambugu August 31, 2019


  65. Abraham Zuniga
    Abraham Zuniga August 31, 2019

    How old is the doctor then

  66. Melonology
    Melonology September 2, 2019

    You and Slyfer2812 are probably the best at creating these kind of videos. Thank you for the feels. 🙂

  67. Darren Tulloch
    Darren Tulloch September 2, 2019

    Show shoulda ended after David.

  68. Banshee Queen
    Banshee Queen September 3, 2019

    omg i was so confused as to why there was a woman talking until i remembered that the had changed the gender 😂

  69. Gnevo Tenь
    Gnevo Tenь September 3, 2019

    Больше, пожалуйста!

  70. Traolach Hegarty
    Traolach Hegarty September 4, 2019

    It's truly one of the best written shows imo

  71. Alice Lu
    Alice Lu September 6, 2019

    are these crazy?

  72. Saksham Chandra
    Saksham Chandra September 7, 2019

    Tennant saying 'I don't wanna go' and Matt Smith dropping his bow tie.💔

  73. Sal amander
    Sal amander September 8, 2019

    This video is soooo beautiful and so damn heartbreaking and emotional all at the same time.
    Legit smiling and crying…. So beautiful!!

  74. roaa is overthinking
    roaa is overthinking September 9, 2019

    excuse me, what is River Song, chopped liver?

  75. Potatro tatro
    Potatro tatro September 10, 2019

    Jodie is so uncharismatic and lacking in gravitas compared to the others. In direct comparison to them in a video like this it shows so much

  76. NightCore Psyko
    NightCore Psyko September 12, 2019

    This is shit the new one is not the doctor so fuck off fucking twat

  77. R O
    R O September 12, 2019

    This is horrible, but when Doctor Who finally ends for good I really hope the Doctor dies, for real and permanently. He deserves it. Yes, happiness in life is a wonderful thing, but he serves to have peace and finally be dead. I hope he gets it.

  78. Valentino Impresos
    Valentino Impresos September 12, 2019

    please add Spanish subtitles

  79. Dawn Blade
    Dawn Blade September 15, 2019

    "We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people, all through our lives. And that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me."
    11th Doctor – Matt Smith

  80. Savage Panda
    Savage Panda September 17, 2019

    Seems a good show… Anyone who watched it already?

  81. Savage Panda
    Savage Panda September 17, 2019

    Still I would like to be immortal

  82. sinamatik Evren
    sinamatik Evren September 17, 2019

    niye her seferinde ağlıyorum ya )= why do I cry every time? )=

  83. William Winder
    William Winder September 18, 2019

    How many seconds in eternity?
    There was a man once who was able to count them all.

  84. missmiley78
    missmiley78 September 19, 2019

    Gosh it breaks my heart how lonely the doctor is how many compainions and people hes lost even the last of his own kind so sad how it must feel 😥😞 it makes me tear up and breaks my heart up inside

  85. bytheway
    bytheway September 20, 2019

    I am binge-watching Doctor Who edits and crying my eyes out, not sure if it's good for me but thank you for making this. It reminds me how much I love Doctor Who

  86. Valeriexhedwig
    Valeriexhedwig September 22, 2019

    “It’s not the time that matter, it’s the person” n “immortality is where everybody else dies”.

  87. LuhhMayah
    LuhhMayah September 22, 2019

    I hate the fact that they brought in a female doctor because there are so many different people that would've been better like they could've given a chance to a black doctor or like a Asian/Korean doctor but instead they've brought in a female…I liked it better with male doctors… Just saying.

    Pls no hate because my ops is my ops

  88. Neo Dynmix
    Neo Dynmix September 24, 2019

    I didn't watch after Matt, so is it worth for watching ?

  89. LordOfIllusion
    LordOfIllusion September 25, 2019

    Absolutely beautiful! Every time I watch this I cry because Doctor who is such a layered show you sometimes forget the truly raw pain the doctor carries with him through every lifetime.

  90. daisiella12
    daisiella12 September 25, 2019

    This is beautiful!

  91. balev
    balev September 26, 2019

    i watched this before watching doctor who, was probably during august? and i'm finally watching this after finishing season 10. my god, all the flashbacks to all these scenes. so much to compact. i want to rewatch it all over again, perhaps when i watch season 11 first 🙂

  92. Fatmoloji Tv
    Fatmoloji Tv October 5, 2019

    Doctor is perfect😞💕

  93. Martin Bridge
    Martin Bridge October 6, 2019

    Close your eyes for just a second, then open them. That's how long eternity is. Because if you don't remember the first thousand billion years, then you won't feel the next trillion until the heat death of the universe.

  94. Xzavier jackson
    Xzavier jackson October 7, 2019

    Geez how have I not see this show 😅 ugh I regret not watching this now 😓 I really hope this comes back on Netflix

  95. Лиля Лягушка
    Лиля Лягушка October 7, 2019

    Божечки😢 Это так прекрасно!

    Как? Как вы убираете музыку из серий наложенную на реплики?

  96. Ceinwen Cooke
    Ceinwen Cooke October 9, 2019

    "How many have died in your name?"

    Too many

  97. FireWolfGamer
    FireWolfGamer October 10, 2019

    There is only one problem with the 13th doctor. It’s the script. There is no drama no threat no scare no loss nothing interesting. And it is only politically correct which I don’t have a problem with but I think it’s too much emphasis

  98. Jada Taylor
    Jada Taylor October 11, 2019

    Who else is hiding in the comments???

  99. Void Jockey
    Void Jockey October 11, 2019

    It is ironic that a scene not from this behemoth of a show but rather its spin-off "Torchwood" sums this whole conundrum up perfectly. There an elderly woman looked at Captain Jack Harkness, another pseudo-immortal, and said: "Your eyes… They are to old for your face. That means you don't belong here. You don't belong anywhere."

  100. 周楠
    周楠 October 12, 2019

    "Live too long!",how much has he being gone through so that he said:"Move on!"

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