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Dr. Amanda Vitko, Family Practice Physician at Reliant Medical Group

I really enjoy being a Family Medicine
Physician because patients let me into their lives on a daily basis. I have the
benefit of getting to know patients from infancy, until much later in life, and
this affords me the opportunity to watch them grow, throughout all life cycles –
it’s an incredibly gratifying experience as a physician. I see patients
for a variety of conditions on a daily basis; I see patients for their
well-child checks and preventive care needs, as well as their chronic medical
conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. My role in being a patient’s
physician is to be their educator. It’s very important to me that I help them
understand their medical condition, so that they can move forward and make the
best decisions for them and their lifestyle. I use technology on a regular
basis in my practice, mainly through the electronic medical record system, which
helps me see a patient’s entire record and also identify places where there may
be gaps in their care and preventative measures are identified, that can be done in the office, on that day. At Reliant, we practice in a team-based model, which means that I’m not the only
person on a patient’s team and caring for them, there’s a large group of people
behind that patient and helping to care for them. I also have a large group of
specialists that help me collaborate on my patient’s care and give them the
access that they need. I’m welcoming new patients here at Reliant and I would
love to take care of you and your family.

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