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Dr. Fahim Farhat, Sugar Land, Texas Family Medicine Physician

– Hi, I’m Dr. Fahim Farhat. I’m a Family Physician
at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. I had a calling as a child
growing up in a war-torn area in Lebanon and I wanted
to help other people. And I grew up taking care of my mom who was chronically ill and I got into medicine and I love it and I have passion for what I do. As a Family Physician I’m able
to take care of many people, different age groups and
actually I have families that I’ve taken care of for generations. And I enjoy seeing families knowing their stories, their little things in life that really matters to
them and to me as well. I love Kelsey-Seybold as a group. I enjoy working with a lot
of physicians side by side, whether in primary care
or in specialty care. I love the culture, the collegiality, the looking after each
other and helping out, taking care of as many
patients as possible in a very cost-efficient way. Patients can see me on a given day and they can get their
tests done under one roof. They can even see the specialist without having to go to different places and they love it. Also the advantage of
electronic medical records and the MyKelsey online app and messaging will help really cut down the time and improve the efficiency
of seeing patients and the taking care of them. It’s really fun. Kelsey has been a great family
for me for over 25 years and I’m planning to
continue to work for Kelsey until I retire.

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