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Dr. Linden Fornoff – Boys Town National Research Hospital

My name is Linden Fornoff, I’m a
pediatric neurosurgeon here at Boys Town National Research Hospital and I joined
the hospital in 2019. I chose pediatric neurosurgery because I
think that the kids are wonderful. I love the interactions with the kids and their
parents and I think that kids have a way different outlook on medicine and
healing and that whole process. Neurosurgery to me is taking care of
patients with either brain, spine, or peripheral nerve diseases.
Peripheral nerves are the nerves that go into your arms or your legs, help you
move about. And then brain or spine or really anything in that spectrum whether
it be spine bones or the spinal cord, skull bones or brain tissue, itself. I
especially am drawn to spinal dysraphism, or disorders, congenital disorders
of the spine. I really like cranial facial abnormalities, so cranial vault
reconstructions, epilepsy, hydrocephalus and then I have a special interest in
brain tumors as well. I think kids are so resilient and I think that they really
look at things in kind of a black or white way which is refreshing and
they’re so honest, they keep you honest. It’s fun to play around with them in
clinic and really get to see them throughout the years as they grow and
progress and really form those relationships with the patients and the
families. I think gaining the trust of parents and the patient are very
important and very important for any neurosurgeon or surgeon, in general.
I try to be as open and honest as possible and use terms that I think that
everyone can kind of understand and comprehend. I try and make this process
not scary and try to let them know that I’ll be there with them every step
of the way.

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