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Dr. Nick Replies To “How Not To Die From Kidney Disease” Michael Greger | Plant or Animal-Based?

dr. Nick here and I’m going to answer
the issue of do we follow more of an animal-based diet when we have kidney
disorders or more of a plant-based protein diet to deal with these kidney
disorders the best answer to that is my video reply to how not to die from
kidney disease let’s chime in on dr. Greger or maybe both
prevented and treated with a plant-based diet and no wonder
kidneys are highly vascular organs Harvard researchers found three
significant dietary risk factors for declining kidney function animal protein
animal fat and cholesterol animal fat can alter the actual structure of our
kidneys based on studies like this showing plugs have had literally
clogging up the works and autopsies human kidneys and the animal protein can
have a profound effect on normal kidney function and inducing what’s called
hyper filtration increasing the workload of the kidney but not plant protein eat
a meal a tuna fish and you can see the increased pressure on the kidneys go up
within one to three hours after the meal in both non diabetics and diabetics so
we’re not talking you know adverse effects decades down the road but
literally within hours of a going into our mouth now if instead of having a
tuna salad sandwich though you have a tofu salad sandwich with the exact same
amount of protein what happens no effect dealing with plant protein is no problem
why does animal protein cause the overload reaction but not plant protein
it appears to be due to the inflammation triggered by the consumption of animal
products how do we know that because if you give a powerful anti-inflammatory
drug along with that tuna fish you can abolish the hyperfiltration protein
leakage response to meat ingestion then there’s the acid load animal foods
meat it okay so what he’s pointing out is that on a plant-based Whole Foods
diet there is no added load on the kidneys no problem even though there are
proteins within the plants however on the animal-based diet
the protein load is very toxic to the kidneys and we get a increase problem
related to the ability of the kidneys to filtrate out the byproduct of protein
metabolism so remember your kidneys are a filtering organ highly vascular as dr.
Michael Greger pointed out now let’s take a look though what he says
regarding the acidity and this is the key and why so many people are confused
about avoiding phytates and seeds and the oxalates oxalic acid in various
plants and and the pectins and beans and so forth so let’s let’s go further eggs
and dairy induce the formation of acid within the kidneys which may lead to
tubular toxicity damage to the tiny delicate ear and making tubes in the
kidney animal foods tend to be acid forming especially fish which is the
worst and pork and poultry whereas plant foods tend to be
relatively neutral or actually alkaline base forming to counteract the acid so
the key to halting the progression of chronic kidney disease might be in the
produce market rather than the pharmacy no wonder plant-based diets have been
used to treat kidney disease for decades here’s protein leakage on the
conventional low sodium diet which is what physicians would typically put
someone with declining kidney function on switched to a supplemented vegan diet
then back to conventional plant-based conventional plant-based turning on and
off kidney dysfunction like a light switch based on what was going into
their mouths okay so it becomes very clear that the plant-based Whole Foods
diet is protective of the kidneys regardless of the fact that it has
oxalic acid and phytic acid and pectins you see the fact is the body responds
much more harmfully to excess protein which is very toxic and acidic producing
which creates problems for the kidneys this is why people in the Western world
have such a high incidence of kidney and death from kidney disorders and
whereas those people on plant-based Whole Foods diets have very healthy
functioning kidneys and as he pointed out Gregor pointed out that you can put
a person on a plant-based Whole Foods diet and the kidney function improves
you can put it put them on a traditional low sodium diet animal-based and like a
light switch it gets worse back to plant base it gets
better so we now know that the best diet for those with kidney disorders is a
plant-based dr. Walter Kenton approved the best diet was rice and fruit because
it’s the lowest and protein content and in those individuals they preserve
kidney function dr. Walter Kenton errs given credit at Duke University this is
a very famous study let’s go a little bit further here I remember a case where
a good friend who I worked with Pat Walters back home gosh this goes back in
1979 80 81 around then and I was working with the Pritikin program Nathan
Pritikin and pout Walters came to work with us and it was interesting because
she pointed out that she had several kidney stones and it’s interesting that
those kidney stones essentially dissolved on a Pritikin whole food
plant-based diet that we were teaching she was shocked because the doctors were
going to do surgery she was in a lot of pain and she went on the plant-based
diet and she started passing these kidney stones and by the time they
contemplated doing surgery the stones were gone so if you want to keep be on a
healthful approach follow based on are simply healthy cookbook if you wonder
what these electrodes are I’m using Tesla Maxx to build up my muscle density
while I’m getting exercise talking to you about health simply healthy oil free
plant-based unprocessed essentially non gluten dairy free and certainly a great
source of whole natural nutrition our next segment I’d like I’d like to
talk briefly about the story of kidney stones and oxalic acid so let’s continue
with that segment here and I’ll pick it up right now here we go if our body isn’t buffering the acid
form from our diet with our bones how is it neutralizing the acid maybe with our
muscles our blood gets more acidic as we age as our kidney function declines and
this may be a reason we lose muscle mass as we get older the modern Western diet
based on animal product generates an acid load that may cause a lifespan
state of unnoticed and growing metabolic acidosis and this chronic low-level died
dependent metabolic acidosis might contribute to the progressive shrinking
of our muscle mass as we age see muscle wasting appears to be an adaptive
response to acidosis when our muscles break down amino acids are released into
the bloodstream our liver can then take these amino acids and make something
called glutamine with which our kidneys can use to get rid of the excess acid
and indeed in this three-year study those over age 65 eating alkaline diets
were better able to preserve their muscle mass okay so I’m now over the age
of 65 and I’m using Tesla Macs I use strength endurance training and I do a
plant-based a low protein diet by maybe most of your standards but actually
adequate and sufficient in nutrient and nitrogen retention so I get all the
protein I need but what’s great about this is these foods that are plant-based
are rich in potassium fruit vegetables and they favored the preservation of
muscle mass as we get older men and women are often confused and they’re
told they need more protein as they get older which is quite the opposite the
more animal protein you take in the more muscle density you lose
because of the acidity that’s right highly acidic conditions cause muscle
wasting so you’ve got to get on a whole plant-based foods diet add intense
exercise and muscle stimulation and of course hormonal balance and this is
going to get you the best results isn’t that amazing I wanted to show you
briefly the microscope picture her in the back because what we’re referring to
is the bloodstream and the red blood cells and the background the blood the
serum were we either have an acidic or an alkaline base we want to meet be more
towards a neutral seven point two to seven point four if we’re too acidic
under seven point two we start losing calcium magnesium zinc and now we know
we start losing muscle mass if we’re in the slightly alkaline seven point two to
seven point four range or in an excellent range for the blood
chemistry’s so keep in mind then I’m monitoring the scientific levels these
journals I know Michael Greger in his YouTube
reply testing your diet with pea and purple cabbage is has about 2,500
medical journals they review every couple months and so I’m always
fascinating to hear the general public and how they’re so misled by the meat
and dairy industry to think we need more animal protein when in reality we’re
getting too much protein as it goes so let’s go a little bit further about this
testing of the urine and the pee which they think maybe because the alkaline
producing in fruits and vegetables helped relieve the mild acidosis that
occurs with the ingestion of the standard American diet but show me a
study in which fruits and vegetables aren’t associated with health benefits
so when the latest review asks does an alkaline diet benefit health if you’re
asking does a diet low in meat eggs and dairy all acid producing and high in
fruits and vegetables with lots of dark green leafies well then of course the
answer is yes and alkaline diet benefits health but if you’re asking doesn’t
matter what the pH of your pee is whether your urine is acid
regardless what actually goes into your mouth then the answer is actually still
yes it does matter but the accepted benefits of having alkaline urine appear
limited to two areas lower risk of kidney stones and better uric acid
clearance we knew about the kidney stones but okay so that’s very important
to hear lower risk of kidney stones when you go to a plant-based Whole Foods diet
and you cut out the animal centered diet if you occasionally animal product okay
that’s your choice but the healthier you’re going to be the healthier your
kidneys the healthier your bones because bones also lose calcium magnesium zinc
due to the high acidity the kidneys cannot handle all the acidity and that
increases likelihood of more calcium going through the kidneys and that
calcium can lodge into what we call kidney stones so don’t be worried about
plant-based the use of phytic acid the oxalic acids and now the latest scare is
pectins in plants because over the course of months your body adjusts and
it will start absorbing sufficient minerals long-term studies over one year
have been reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition we go back
where dr. James Anderson was observing these concerns and phenomena and we know
that the plant-based whole food with beans peas fruits and vegetables is the
way to go so if your doctors telling you you have a kidney problem you have
kidney stones and get off the plant-based foods
refer this video to him there’s tons of research now to substantiate a
plant-based Whole Foods diet is healthy for the kidneys and protective the
kidneys an Alan Bates diet is what can lead to kidney disorders and kidney
damage and premature death so let’s go a little bit further the uric acid data is
new researchers found that alkalinization of the urine is effective
for removing uric acid from the body and if you remember uric acid is bad stuff
potentially increasing one’s risk of fatal stroke heart disease and death so
those eating plant-based diets are at an advantage
the average vegetarian diet is alkaline producing and the average meat-eating
diet is as producing even though there are some
acid producing acid forming meat substitutes like some of the corn
products they’re not as bad as something like tuna and they’re typically consumed
in smaller quantities than meat consumers consume meat as the protein in
plants is usually accompanied by much more potassium which is alkalizing there
is good reason to meet protein means preferably from plant sources and if you
actually measure urine pH those eating strictly plant-based diets have the
greatest advantage significantly more alkaline urine than omnivores how can
you tell what your urine pH is okay so what he’s pointing out is plant based
closer to vegan are healthier their pH of the urine is more alkaline when they
start to add eggs and dairy loc to ovale they start to becoming more acidic and
of course when they’re omnivores eating essentially as much meat as plant-based
foods but you have to understand when people are omnivore they’re getting
calorically more nooch more calories that is a higher percentage of protein
when they’re omnivores so even if it looks like your plate is filled with say
half of that stools and fruit and half meats and cheese and eggs and stuff the
half of the meat cheese and eggs is so clerkly dense by percentage you’re
getting far more acidity far more damaging effects on the kidneys so
realistically the more you strive towards plant-based Whole Foods the
better we created a plant-based slim blend protein product that is balanced
in the proteins based on the nutrient and we didn’t increase to high levels
like some of these plant protein foods or animal protein foods because we knew
the high animal that that is the high percentage of protein was not in your
best interest it’s better to be closer to the balanced organic non-gmo slim
blend protein the best way to go but let’s hear this last part about how they
measure the urine and it’s kind of fascinating using purple cabbage well
you can be all boring and order from pH paper strips to pee on or you can use
what you should have right now in your crisper a purple cabbage okay so you can
use the pH strips which we use at the office and you can pee on the strips and
I’ll show if you’re acidic or alkaline and you can also check your saliva for
acidity or alkalinity let’s go further though and see how he does it with the
purple cabbage everyone should have a red or purple cabbage in their fridge
since it’s one of the best nutrition bangs for our buck but you can also do
science with it you can either boil some until the water turns deep purple or a
quicker safer way since you’re not dealing with hot liquids is to just
blend some raw in your blender with some water for that gorgeous purple and then
just strain out the solids then what you do with that royal purple liquid is you
pour it in the toilet bowl after you pee you can imagine how much fun kids have
with this if it stays purple your urine is acidic and you should eat more dark
green leafy vegetables if the toilet bowl turns pink your urine is really
acidic and you should eat more dark green leafy vegetables you’re looking
for blue if it turns blue that means your urine is neutral or even
alkalyn if it’s sky-blue and that means you should continue to eat more dark
green leafy vegetables okay so that was pretty clear the blue is the direction
you want to go that means your more alkaline when you have cabbage they’re
mixed in the toilet bowl and as you pee you can see the hue or the color of
course it’s fun because he’s talking about kids will get a kick out of this
simple experiment and methodology speaking of kids I’m gonna go take a
healthy plant-based Whole Foods lunch to my son at school right now and I wanted
to thank you for tuning in please share and please comment because I’m the one
that usually will reply if you have questions in YouTube and on iTunes
certainly you can pose your questions and comments we really appreciate you
sharing and engaging because this is a message that everyone needs to know
kidney failure kidney disease is a leading cause of death and so many
athletes are abusing or overusing the consumption of protein notice that
Tennessee Titans I’ve heard have about 14 of their players including the
lineman that have gone Platt base that’s pretty exciting more and more athletes
are getting the message less inflammation preserving muscle density
as you age and certainly an athlete needs to preserve that muscle density
all of us stand to benefit so guys get the message switch over to slim blend
protein go to our website you’ll find out about the benefits of organic
non-gmo over 20 different whole nutrients involved along with the great
source of natural protein you mixed into your smoothies or just make sure you eat
whole plant-based foods based on our simply healthy cookbook the incredible
recipes are available now check it out and remember register for the coming
event at nick delgado calm that’s nick delgado calm and we’re gonna have a
special power of the mind all this week because everything starts with the power
the mind to get you consistent on track and be totally healthy bye everyone
be strong be well


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    Jackson Dellana January 15, 2020

    Dr. Nick! Is it possible that vegans need less zinc and calcium due to this less acidic state?

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    Isn't something like that Tesla Max kill Bruce Lee?

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