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Dr. Raval demonstrates Restylane filler injection

– Good morning. So we’re gonna do another
Restylane injection to the lower eyes. This is our patient Rick. And he’s a great example, or a great patient for us to use because Rick actually had a
treatment seven years ago to his lower eyes and we often tell patients that sometimes this filler can last a long time. Even though it has an FDA
indication saying it lasts only a year or up to a year. You can see along the most
medial part of his lower eyelid that he still has some filler present. So we’re gonna do a
touch up injection today. But, really I’m gonna be
focusing on some volume loss that he has out here. And then maybe extend
on to his anterior cheek in this area as well. So, we’re just gonna
show how simple this is. Again, very quick procedure. You can come in during your lunch hour and have it done. Here we go. Okay, it’s as simple as that. What I’m gonna do is we’re gonna finish more, give some
more on this outside and then continue on the other side.

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