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Dr. Tamara Walker Harper – Garden Park Physician Group

(lively music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Tamara Walker Harper. I’m a pediatrician here at the Pediatric Center of Gulf Port. We’re affiliated with
Garden Park Medical Center where we serve as pediatricians on staff and we’ll follow your baby
from the newborn nursery until they transition into adulthood. I guess my simple answer
for why pediatrics is just because kids are fun. Fun, fun, fun, there’s
not a day that goes by that I don’t leave the office
with something to share, something to laugh about. But overall it’s their
resilience, their innocence, and their honesty that
functions as my daily motivation that gives me the ability to serve in my best capacity as a pediatrician, to advocate for their
well-being and their health. So our most frequent
visits are our well visits. We follow them from
infancy and pretty much every two months for the
first two years of life and then we typically see them every six months to a year after
that for their well visits. And then obviously for
our same-day appointments or our sick appointments, we’re following them for
fevers, for sore throats, for body aches, for my child
just doesn’t feel well today, my child isn’t eating well today, my child isn’t smiling today and I don’t know what’s
wrong with my child today. We’re there as an
extension of their family and when we get into serious illnesses, obviously we’re there to
offer support as well. So I do truly consider it
an honor and a privilege to serve and to get to
share in the families’ lives and then my patients’
lives as they transition from infancy until adulthood. And so for them to entrust me with that and to say, “This is the
person that I’m gonna call when I’m scared, when I don’t know what’s going on with my child.” You know, I’m happy that they trust me to be able to offer that support and to offer that reassurance for them as we go through a healing
process if they’re ill. (lively music)

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