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Empress Of Mars | Next Time Trailer | Doctor Who: Series 10 | BBC

There were humans on
Mars in Victorian times? No! There weren’t. Friday asked for my help. In return for what? Halt! This could be the entrance
to an Ice Warrior Hive. Friday has been using
you all along. His aim was to get back to
Mars and find his Queen. Rise, my Ice Warriors! Rise! I daresay the British
Army is more than a match for a bunch of
upright crocodiles. You don’t stand a chance
against the Ice Warriors!


  1. No More
    No More June 3, 2017

    Well that gun certainly looks painful

  2. John the Crazed
    John the Crazed June 3, 2017

    Aim for the jaws.

  3. NinjagoOC
    NinjagoOC June 3, 2017

    What's with the Cybermen theme?

  4. SolaireofAstora
    SolaireofAstora June 3, 2017

    Upright crocodiles?

    ur dead.

  5. SolaireofAstora
    SolaireofAstora June 3, 2017

    Am I the only one who liked the lie of the land

  6. Angus Jones
    Angus Jones June 3, 2017

    Has the doctor got his sight back yet in tonights episode? I have watched it but just don't know if I missed it saying he had.

  7. Angus Jones
    Angus Jones June 3, 2017

    I just can't wait for the mondasian cybermen at the end of the series and the regeneration at christmas.

  8. Schembo _
    Schembo _ June 3, 2017

    maybe the music is a hint. how did the victorians get there and get that tech? maybe time lord/cyberman interference? hmmmm

  9. naheed
    naheed June 3, 2017

    Can't wait😓

  10. alex wilkin [son of athena]
    alex wilkin [son of athena] June 3, 2017

    Are these cyber-ice-warrior-men?

  11. Khaos768
    Khaos768 June 3, 2017

    So, is that how you're gonna solve every plot now? With the power of love?? How many episodes has the power of love resolved so far… cause I kinda lost count! Must be in the dozens!

  12. Robert Green
    Robert Green June 3, 2017

    Lie of the Land was a very simple conclusion to this trilogy and even though the stakes stalled a bit this week, it was still a very fun story and quite amazing and powerful on its own. It was basically Last of the Timelords and Turn Left in concept, but with some new twists that were very interesting. And the Doctor seems to be able to use just a flash of regeneration light whenever he needs, which is new (I think he didn't use a regeneration slot though, worth noting, unless he went for the old teselecta tactic), I liked that twist as we keep learning more about the regeneration energy. There were 2 moments about Missy's dubious morality and they were absolutely refreshing from the usual Master storylines ("every villain is a hero of its story", right?). The pacing was really good, we departed from some of the more non-linear storylines which is a nice change to mix up different mechanics, and the usual dynamic trio was spot-on like always. The Monks were still some of my favorite villains this series.
    Looking forward to next week with Mark Gatiss's Empress of Mars. Really enjoying this series so far.

  13. 11jfitzpatrick
    11jfitzpatrick June 3, 2017

    What's that Cybermen theme tune doing half way in? I feel a build up to the finale coming up…

  14. Charlie Gamage
    Charlie Gamage June 3, 2017

    ice lords return!!!!

  15. Terminator Playz
    Terminator Playz June 3, 2017

    I have a theory, the empress is grand marshal skaldak's daughter, since he's has a rather high position in the ice warrior hierarchy, and he spoke many times of his daughter, so, what I'm thinking is since he has a very high duty role, so of course his daughter will follow on after him, and perhaps because her father had such a great role and was well respected for it, she will be put up into a higher role! Also how she's quite tall, and has aged, well, skaldak was trapped on earth for a few years, wasn't he?

  16. JasonisnotaRobot
    JasonisnotaRobot June 3, 2017

    0:20 Power Rangers villain anyone?

  17. chase1146
    chase1146 June 3, 2017

    Wonder if we will see skaldak

  18. Freedom Hades
    Freedom Hades June 3, 2017

    Why is there the cyberman theme?!

  19. Corban Blake
    Corban Blake June 4, 2017

    The Empress sounds like Alan Carr

    DANNYdaMANO June 4, 2017

    Why play the Cybermen music ?

  21. Connor White
    Connor White June 4, 2017

    I still hate the Ice Warrior's face from Cold War – glad to see the Queen doesn't really resemble it!

  22. Andy Colgan
    Andy Colgan June 4, 2017

    can I just say that the lie of the land was the most anti climactic episode of doctor who I have ever watched? The monks had literally so much potential and the teasers looked so good and it was such a dry episode. The build up was okay but the finale was simply garbage

  23. Evan Au
    Evan Au June 4, 2017

    i havent even watched the episode yet

  24. Golden Leaf
    Golden Leaf June 4, 2017

    Lol "upright crocodiles"!!!

  25. GoblinKing
    GoblinKing June 4, 2017

    yo did the monks even speak in this episode?

  26. Unfound Films
    Unfound Films June 4, 2017

    Anyone else think the whole Lie of the land story arc was just a rehash of what they did with the silence. I mean the Monks even started shooting electricity out their fingers.

  27. xopha
    xopha June 4, 2017

    Very clearly a homage to A Princess Of Mars!

  28. SAIGA
    SAIGA June 4, 2017

    This is it! They gender swapped the ice Lord to make a bloody social statement, then it's gonna be "next time on doctor who the cybercontroller reveals his sexuality'

  29. 12345 6789
    12345 6789 June 4, 2017

    That soldier looks like he's going to be ironically annoying and arrogant.

  30. The Meh
    The Meh June 4, 2017

    Ice warriors and cyber men?

  31. M B
    M B June 4, 2017

    Ok am i the only one thinks these monks might have a connection to the exillon monks from death to the daleks

  32. ToxicityHazard-Lvl1
    ToxicityHazard-Lvl1 June 4, 2017

    The Ice Warriors cometh.

  33. Hannah who442
    Hannah who442 June 4, 2017

    is it me or were they using Cybermen music for the ice Warriors
    plot twist the ice Warriors are Cybermen

  34. Luna Sìth
    Luna Sìth June 4, 2017

    Damn when I saw the Empress in the thumbnail I thought The Shadow had returned.

  35. Crimson Doodlebear
    Crimson Doodlebear June 4, 2017

    Am very excited to see how the Doctor reacts, last time he was on Mars, he almost became the Time Lord Victorious.

  36. Clarence Loie Prima
    Clarence Loie Prima June 4, 2017

    Missy is turning good. WHAT!

  37. Just a Typical guy
    Just a Typical guy June 4, 2017


  38. THE M DEN
    THE M DEN June 4, 2017

    The Empress of the Ice Warriors looks a lot like Ice Warriors we have seen in the past (Slaar, Grand Marshall, Azaxyr)

  39. Hertfordshire_ Spotter
    Hertfordshire_ Spotter June 4, 2017

    Why are the British army on mars

  40. Mia Vox
    Mia Vox June 4, 2017

    So freaking excited for this!

  41. Oliver Pocock
    Oliver Pocock June 4, 2017

    Anyone else getting vibes of Big Finish's Fourth Doctor Adventure "Destination: Nerva". . . ?

  42. XxGinger_NinjaxX
    XxGinger_NinjaxX June 4, 2017

    this episode looks amazing

  43. Cosita Creations
    Cosita Creations June 4, 2017

    Did this weeks episode have anything to do with trump? I'm not sure if they made it clear or not

  44. NagleOliver
    NagleOliver June 4, 2017

    Anybody else prefer the old Ice Warrior gun effect with the wobbly mirror?

  45. El Shaf [MALE]
    El Shaf [MALE] June 4, 2017

    Im guessing those warriors are cybermen, the way they move looks cyberish

  46. EquestriaGuy
    EquestriaGuy June 4, 2017

    every season has at least one stinker

  47. Peppermint Yoda
    Peppermint Yoda June 4, 2017

    Been waiting for this story since the trailer for series 10. I've always loved the Ice Warriors and this will be a first of seeing a female of the species.

  48. Old Master
    Old Master June 4, 2017

    Thoughts on series 10 so far ?

  49. x x
    x x June 4, 2017

    00:18 just like some cartoon villians

  50. Revan0123
    Revan0123 June 4, 2017

    I love how people complain about the Cybermen music in this trailer for the Ice Warriors WHEN THE CLASSIC STORIES FEATURING THEM HAD 60'S CYBERMEN MUSIC AS WELL!

    It's meant to be an easter egg guys…

  51. andysbg77
    andysbg77 June 4, 2017

    Is the Empress of the Racnoss returning as Empress of the Ice Warriors ?;-)

  52. TheBritishGuyFromTheSouth
    TheBritishGuyFromTheSouth June 4, 2017

    I have to say the special effects in this upcoming episode do look atrocious

  53. Simplify Simple
    Simplify Simple June 4, 2017

    Anyone else remember the ice warriors before this????

  54. LazerDuck
    LazerDuck June 4, 2017

    0:30 ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THEY TURNED HIM INTO A BALL. I was so hyped for this episode but it just looks like power rangers now.

  55. matt housley
    matt housley June 4, 2017

    At 0:19 is that the actress who plays the Empress of the Racnoss?

  56. High Velocity
    High Velocity June 4, 2017

    That was an extremely brutal death 0:29

  57. George Back
    George Back June 4, 2017

    Same voice actor as The Empress Of The Racnoss? 😀

  58. MrKalius
    MrKalius June 4, 2017

    Yes! The Ice Warriors. I've been waiting for these to come back.


    great it is like the cold war episode,here we go again geronimo

  60. AnarchyPizza
    AnarchyPizza June 4, 2017

    0:18 To 0:22

  61. Peylix-Ohm
    Peylix-Ohm June 4, 2017

    It bothers that she is calling them Ice Warriors.

  62. 11jfitzpatrick
    11jfitzpatrick June 4, 2017

    I feel like these ice warriors are something to do with The Cybermen… They pounded their chest like a cyberman, walked like a cyberman, shot their weapon from their arm like a cyberman oh and then there's the cyberman theme… Not a coincidencez

  63. Vilja Elo
    Vilja Elo June 4, 2017

    They seem to really hype up the finale. I'm guessing the original Mondasian Cybermen sort of evolve at different speeds since their ship is stuck in the event horizon of a black hole and that would mean there's hell of a lot time dilation going on.

    If Doctor Who is doing time dilation, that is.

  64. N 8
    N 8 June 4, 2017

    What if the so called Victorians are Mondasian?

  65. Good Tomato
    Good Tomato June 4, 2017

    I can't wait for this episode

  66. Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf June 4, 2017

    As awesome as the trailer looks, why the Cyberman music? Or is that their way of hinting they'll be in it as well?

  67. claradoc oslock
    claradoc oslock June 4, 2017

    Loved the recent episode!

    Did anyone else hear Ten and Elevens music in the episode!? Loved it!

  68. stvnbchmn
    stvnbchmn June 4, 2017

    The Doctor is on the side of liberty and freedom, whoever the invaders are. 🙂 The trailers does make the leader of the human army a big face jerk.

  69. mad hatter gamer
    mad hatter gamer June 4, 2017

    Did the wicked witch of the west decide to wear crocodile skin? XD

  70. Postman Chat
    Postman Chat June 4, 2017

    Sorry but I absolutely can't stand bill

  71. Thomas
    Thomas June 4, 2017

    Who also thought of 1984 in the last episode?!

  72. ZigZag2000
    ZigZag2000 June 4, 2017

    Who would love to see Cybermen and Ice Warriors face off? I know I would.

  73. Raymond Li
    Raymond Li June 4, 2017

    I want them to introduce The Other on the TV series.

  74. Alan Coker
    Alan Coker June 5, 2017

    sounds like arachnos queen

  75. LuvNotH8
    LuvNotH8 June 5, 2017

    And the Cybermen's old theme was used for the yeti once, it's no big deal.

  76. Operation Origins
    Operation Origins June 5, 2017

    I feel the need to point something out, back in the episode "dark water" when the doctor asks missy "which time lord?" She replies "the one you left for dead" now if the last time the doctor saw the master back in 'the end of time' when the master got sent back into the time war along with the time lord, the doctor didn't really leave him for dead now did he? What if that's the event we're going to see in 'The Doctor Falls' when John Simms master returns? What are your thoughts in this?

  77. A R
    A R June 5, 2017

    I think a lot of people need to stop whining about the Cyberman theme. I think they just used it to show what kind of badass, strong, fearless fighters the ice warriors are, withe Cyberman theme because of the similarities. It shows how civilised and far the ice warrior army has come and how no one stands a chance against them, or maybe that they just didn't have army other soundtrack to represent that… SORRY 😂😂😂

  78. Master Of Recipe
    Master Of Recipe June 5, 2017

    Honestly, I'm really not a fan of Pearl Mackie's acting. That is just my opinion but other than that, the series has been pretty solid.

  79. GussyT17
    GussyT17 June 5, 2017

    Finally, so excited for this episode. Ice Warriors back properly

  80. Liberal Destroyer 9000
    Liberal Destroyer 9000 June 5, 2017

    So… the Ice Warrior is called Friday or did I hear that incorrectly?

  81. Fi
    Fi June 5, 2017

    Plot twist: Cybermen show up and take over both planets because the cyberman music is playing!!!!!

  82. Joseph Tong
    Joseph Tong June 5, 2017

    Bruh did that guy fold up at the end 😂😂😂

  83. Salil Bhatnagar
    Salil Bhatnagar June 5, 2017

    I have a theory. So The Doctor fight the Ice Warriors and those soldiers kill them off. One escapes and crashes on Earth. That one was then involved in the 11th doctors episode.

  84. Mayo Tango131
    Mayo Tango131 June 6, 2017

    Thank goodness that Mark Gatiss gives us this and not a sequel to his mediocre "Sleep No More".

  85. Danielle Botdorf
    Danielle Botdorf June 6, 2017

    I hope we see scaldak again

  86. Paradox Machine
    Paradox Machine June 6, 2017

    the master should have a cameo at the end of one of the next episodes to start build on how he's coming back

  87. Mike Baker
    Mike Baker June 6, 2017

    I have a feeling that the cybermen, Mondasian or not, are in the background story of this episode, somehow, and it's a lead-up to their return in a few episodes.

  88. Davros Oswald
    Davros Oswald June 6, 2017


  89. Joe DiMaggio
    Joe DiMaggio June 7, 2017

    was that actor at the end the same person who played hook on once upon a time?

  90. PompeyJack2010
    PompeyJack2010 June 7, 2017

    I have a feeling that Faraday picks up these Victorian soldiers unexpectedly then uses them to awaken his empress or bring her to power. He then realises The Doctor arrives and plays off that these soldiers are invading so he can get his empress. Then when he does the Ice Warriors try to invade Earth and kill the soldiers

  91. Kratos 25
    Kratos 25 June 7, 2017

    I think The Doctor'll became The Master in his new regeneration. It'll be a fantastic surprise.

  92. PepperBeatz
    PepperBeatz June 7, 2017

    Ehm… Why this cyberman music?

  93. YourFriendlyNeighborhood Spider-Monkey
    YourFriendlyNeighborhood Spider-Monkey June 7, 2017

    Ik that queen .

  94. Simon Brown
    Simon Brown June 7, 2017

    Sounds like the actor who plays the empress of racnoss plays empress of mars???

  95. Felix Cuthbert
    Felix Cuthbert June 7, 2017

    Thats not Sarah Paris, is it ?

  96. Adam Thacker
    Adam Thacker June 8, 2017

    I think I'll like dis

  97. MaskedMan66
    MaskedMan66 June 12, 2017

    Couple of big problems here:

    The Ice Warriors never yell.

    The Ice Warriors don't call themselves Ice Warriors.

  98. Dalek Shockwave
    Dalek Shockwave June 12, 2017

    When i saw the series 10 trailer i thought the ice empress would be a male high ranking ice warrior.

  99. White Loda
    White Loda June 16, 2017

    This is the niсeist moviе i еver seе!!! I аdvisе eeevеrуbоoоodу tо watch it 🙂

  100. Nouvelle Terre
    Nouvelle Terre August 14, 2018

    Hilariously, there were humans on mars as early at 75,000 years ago. Truth. How do I know that? Every one will know eventually. Best to just call me "Crazy" for now, eh? Funny how these type of silly stories makes their way into human entertainment. Deep down on a subconscious level, we do remember. Many humans right now had past life times on Mars a long time ago.

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