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[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP08 (Full)

You’re his girlfriend,
aren’t you? No. Really? That’s too bad… He’s the best guy I’ve met so far. His only flaw is that he’s a bit naive
but isn’t that his appeal also? So if you get a chance,
hold onto him. Han Yeo-jin. If you want to hide in secret from now on,
he’ll be the best man for you. Two of you can have coffee together. Where did the woman go? What’s wrong? Did something happen? What did I do? Stop. What? It’s funny. If I sneeze and rip apart my wound,
I’m going to die. You’re not going to die because of
your wound but you’re dying of happiness. Excuse me? Do you like vender that much? Vender? Lavender. They say that lavender is
very effective calming your nerves. I see. The lavender is more effective
than nervous sedatives for ICU patients. I think we should present this
at the medical conference. You’re right. Why is your face turning so red? Do you have a fever? Take his temperature. What’s wrong with you guys? Of all my time including
my medical student days, I’ve never seen someone
performing CPR so hard. Do you want to die? It makes me sick just looking at them. Don’t say such useless things. They have a different path than we do. What do you mean? In this small hospital? In the same internal
medicine department? That’s enough. More? Dr. Kim is so popular. Do you feel like you’re alive now? You betrayer. I’m sorry. I had no choice. I know that you did it to save me. I was touched a little bit
but you did betray me. I’m sorry. Fine. Let’s say that
we’re even since you saved me. Yes. Thank you. But you have to pay me back
for saving you. Saving me? Black haired animals
always act this way. Do you think you survived
this on your own? I saved you by mobilizing
everyone in this hospital. Yes. I’ll be sure to pay you back. How are you going to pay me back? Well… I’m going to pay you
back somehow but this is not it. What are you doing? Speak quietly. The other nurses don’t know anything. I’m turning you to your side. To prevent bedsores
of unconscious patients, we have to change your position
like this every two hours. So I’m going to come in
once every two hours. If you need something, tell me then. And this is rice gruel. You should be able to eat
this much without the tube, right? Kim Young-mi. Leave it and go please. What is she like that? Excuse me? I’m talking about “lavender”. Did you do something wrong? What are you doing? What’s the use of me lying down
all the time when I’m fine? Are you sure you’ll be fine? As long as my wound doesn’t rip open,
there’s no problem. Alright. I’m sure you know best
since you’re a doctor. Murderer. You’ll die soon also. Soon you will also… Murderer… Boss. Oh, you came. Yes. Did you just answer me politely? Thank you, boss. Stop. Stop. You’re being awkward. I can’t get discharged now. You know that, right? Of course not… You’re a patient. Where would you go? Hello. A shot? Let’s just get discharged. A shot. Hello. We’re police. We’re looking for someone. Who are you looking for? We’ve never seen them before. You should go to the administration. We’re just coming from there
but there’s no record of them. There’s a possibility that they
got admitted using fake names. I don’t know. I don’t think
we can do help you either. Then other than surgical department,
is there another place where a patient with a gunshot wound or trauma
wound would get treatment? I’m not sure. You should check with the ICU, thoracic surgery and
orthopedic department. I see. Then do you perhaps know of
any doctor that makes house visits? Excuse me? House visits? Who would go make
house visits these days? Right? That makes no sense, right? It’s not impossible. Excuse me. You are? He’s the chief doctor in general surgery. I see. Would you be able to
give us bit of your time? Have you heard of Yong-pal? Yong-pal? It means that he’s a skillful quack. This bastard… Excuse me. This guy makes house visits
to the crime scenes. I see. As you know, the criminals have to
come to the ER for us to catch them… Are you saying that it’s difficult for you to catch them because they’re getting
treatment outside of hospital? Yes. That’s right. Then should you be looking for him
outside of the hospital? Right? But no matter how much I think about it,
he seems like a real doctor. From this hospital no less… Why would one of our doctors
do something like that? I know. Actually, the profit from it is quite good. It seems like you’re thinking
about someone. No. I don’t think we have someone
like that in our hospital. If you don’t tell us now,
you could be summoned later. Yes. Doctors. You must not say anything more. And please make a report of
the conversation you had with these gentlemen and
submit it to the security department. Yes. Wait a minute. I don’t know who you are but I think
this might be obstruction of justice. Yes. That guy is here right now. Alright. I’ll let him talk to you. Hello. Hey. You stupid bastard! Yes, team leader. If you want to get fired,
just get fired by yourself. Why are you causing a ruckus
and involve me too? Excuse me? Do you know where you are right now? I’m sorry. We’ll withdraw. You should’ve said something. You didn’t need to go this far. I didn’t want to waste my breath. I guess you’d waste your breath
if you talk too much. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you. We’re busy so… If you think of a doctor
who could be doing something like that, please let us know. Yes, I understand. How many times did I tell you not to
poke around in a place like this? That bastard is in this hospital for sure. Yes. So? You’re in danger of getting fired
so what are you planning to do? What do you think? I lit a fire in
a rabbit hole so we have to wait. Yong-pal! Doctor. Is your wound better? Yes. That’s good. We were quite worried. There’s no need. Then… They probably won’t give up. Excuse me? I’m talking about that detective. I have a message for you. The Chairman invited you and
Chief Lee to dinner tonight. I hope you don’t mind. If I mind, can I not go? I’ll have the car ready for you at 5pm. Then… Wow. This might look like this
but this tastes quite addictive. When I work seven to eight hours
straight in the operating room, I crave this. When you eat this standing in the
operating room, it tastes like honey. It will taste so good since
you were starving for 3 years. Just try one bite. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Who could have known that Chief Lee
would pull something like that? But you survived. You have to stay alive first. I’m kind of tired. I want to be alone. Is it because you couldn’t escape
from the hospital yet? No. It’s because I’m tired. Let’s leave when your body feels better. But first… I said I want to be alone. I know that you risked
your life and saved me. I know I shouldn’t be like this
but I keep hating you. Now I won’t be able to
get back to my life again. Is this because you couldn’t go
on President Go’s side? Whoever it is… Once your health is back,
you can go back out to the world… You really are naive. Power is not justice. I’m now a dead person and the power
will get reorganized again. As long as Han Do-hoon and
President Go join forces together, there is no room for me. It’s because I’m their common enemy. Even if I come back from the dead,
I’ll just be a powerless ordinary citizen. The press will be controlled and the authorities will hand me
over to Han Do-joon. And with the excuse of holding
those who are responsible, several people from hospital
administration will get hurt. You’re probably the one
Who will get hurt the most. And I’ll get locked up again or killed. Then should I really have handed you
over to President Go? Probably. Can’t you tell even after you saw it? They’re both alligators
that wanted to rip you apart. I’m an alligator too. An alligator should live
among the alligators. And because of you,
I’ve pushed out of the water. Welcome. Hello, Ma’am. Thank you for inviting us. You don’t need to thank me. I’m sure you’re not comfortable
getting summoned like this. That’s right. Please take Chief Lee with you. I’ll take Dr. Kim with me. Of course. Please get it. There are only two reasons
he’s summoning you to the house. He wants to buy you off or threaten you. Maybe both… Don’t get scared. Why would I get scared…? There’s no reason for me to get scared. If he’s trying to buy me off,
I’ll be thankful. You’re so cute. Welcome. Chairman. It’s an honor to be invited. What honor… I just wanted to
have a meal together. Come and sit down. Yes, sir. Good job. Thank you. Yes. Are you feeling better? Yes. I’m fine thanks to you, Chairman. Thanks to me? It’s probably thanks to my wife. Isn’t being thankful to your wife the same
thing as being thankful to you? Since you hung around with gangsters,
you know how to talk back. Good job. Thank you. Gangsters? I didn’t see you like that. You must be kind of scary. Right? This is guy is a scary man. He especially cares for
his younger sister fiercely. Hurry up and send your sister to the US. Excuse me. She should receive treatment. I heard she doesn’t have much time. Thank you, Chairman. I guess he’s trying to buy me off. Why are you so thankful? I heard even if it wasn’t for me, President Go was planning to
send her to the US. No, sir. How could I dare…? Fine. You made a right decision. You’re on the right side. That guy… He’s different on
the inside than the outside. Don’t you think so, honey? Oh my… Really? President Go? I guess he was like that… How is the Director? Yes. He’s recovering well. This guy is up and
about even after getting shot. How come he’s still lying around
after getting stabbed by a small knife. I guess since he was kind of old… Then tell him to retire and
just get a lot of rest. You can be the Director. Excuse me? No. How could I dare…? You don’t have to be that humble. You were already planning
to be the Director. Well, I was thinking that later… But since the Director is still strong… Alright. I won’t tattle on
you to the Director. Let’s eat. Honey, do you remember? The first time I met you was
a BBQ party in New York. Really? You probably don’t remember. I only came because
Yeo-jin wanted to come. That’s right. Seong-hoon was there too. You were quite popular with students
who were staying abroad. You weren’t really interested with Yeo-jin’s step-brother who used to
run errands to the office. Isn’t that true? I was kind of popular, wasn’t I? Father should’ve sent me to
study abroad too. Why did he object
when it wasn’t that expensive? Well, he considered me
as Yeo-jin’s servant… He probably didn’t want me to be
among the children of the rich people. Actually, I’m the eldest son of my father
but in the Hanshin Group, I’m just a bastard son that rolled in. That’s why even a daughter from an insignificant family
weren’t interested in me. Chairman. Maybe you should
stop drinking the liquor. Anyway, I feel bad for Yeo-jin. But I guess it turned out well. She went to be with Seong-hoon
that she missed so much. Now that you think about it, I guess I send them both
away with my hands. Chairman. I think you
drank too much liquor. Liquor? I’m fine. I have to drink on a day like this. When am I supposed to drink then? Don’t you think so? And what if I drink some? The people who are here are
all my accomplices. And to be honest, did I kill her directly? Did I even give her
a strange shot even once? Don’t you think so? Yes. You’re right. See? If need be these guys will die too. Then it’d be fine. I’m just kidding. Why are you guys so scared? You’re going to end up dying in
Han Do-joon’s hand. Director Lee. Yes. Don’t worry too much. We’re going to have
Yeo-jin’s funeral soon. And then cremate her. Then it will be finished clean. Thank you. Soon? There’s not much time. We’ll cremate her and
send her to the Catholic Church where Seong-hoon’s remains are ensconced. They wanted to get married there. We should bury her next to Seong-hoon. I should at least do that much
as her older brother. Don’t you think so? Yes, of course. If Seong-hoon that brat
just kept his promise to me, he wouldn’t have died like that. Chairman. Please go inside now. You’re drunk. Please go inside for today. Hey. I’m not drunk. Then we’ll get… Chief Lee. Please leave first. I have something to
talk about with Dr. Kim. Yes. I will. What did you think? I was right, wasn’t I? Buying you off and threatening you… Why don’t you be nicer to the Chairman? I think he’s starving for affection. What? Starving for affection? You’re right. He’s starved for affection. You really are a doctor. But what to do? I don’t have any affection
left in me to give to him. Actually, I’m starving for affection myself. What do you think? Would you give some to me? This is the first time you look a bit pitiful. By the way,
what kind of a person was Seong-hoon? Choi Seong-hoon… He really was a cool guy. He was tall, handsome and smart. But he was the eldest son of
Daejung Group on top of that. What’s left to say? If it wasn’t for Daejung Group, he would’ve been
a perfect match for Yeo-jin. Someone that we couldn’t
dare to even look at… But those two recognized
each other and fell in love. The kind of love that
no one could covet… Yeo-jin. Are you awake? Yeo-jin. What happened to him? Where is he? I’m sorry. Dad. You took away the
most important person from me. Goodbye. I’m going to take away the
most important person to you. No. Yeo-jin! Yeo-jin! While she’s sleeping like this, she looks exactly like
my lovely daughter from before. Mr. Director. Yes. Until I die… Don’t wake her up. Excuse me? You can do that, right? I could do that but… I’m asking you. Until I die, I want her stay
as my pretty daughter. She wants to die because
she doesn’t want to see me. Once I die,
she won’t try to kill herself. Yes. I’ll follow your orders. But I don’t understand. How did the former Chairman
know how long he’d live… He was already on the
last stage of pancreatic cancer. And father created a restricted area
that Yeo-jin is sleeping in… No. He died 6 months after he created an amazing castle
for the sleeping princess. Yeo-jin couldn’t wake up ever again. Of course it was Han Do-joon’s ruse. That’s right. Maybe my husband’s words are right. She really wanted to go
to Seong-hoon’s side. Maybe it was for the best… I see. She loved him enough to
kill herself to be with him. By the way, why is your face… Oh my… You like Yeo-jin, didn’t you? No. It’s not like that. No wonder… Well, you were monopolizing a prince
who was rich and pretty. So why not? So you should also love the Chairman
who is rich and handsome. Love is just love anyways. Do you know the first thing I felt
when I went up to the twelfth floor? The people on the twelfth floor are
more of a crybaby than those who are on the lower floors. I’m going to go. Where is this? What are you doing? We’re going to escape. This is what you wanted. Where are we going? You’ll see once you get there. This is… Stop the car! Stop the car! No way. Get out. What is this? That’s right.
This is where you and Choi Seong-hoon wanted to
get married at. I thought that this will be
the best place for me to take you too. The end of your lost memory… Now you’re free. Get your act together here and
go back to the world of alligators. Chairman Han is going to treat my sister. You jerk. That’s right. I’m a jerk. Now that you took care of
your sister’s medical cost, am I a burden to you? That’s right. You’re very burdensome. If I keep hiding you at the hospital, I’m afraid that it will become
too dangerous for me. Here. Use this to call President Go or
the Swiss bank. Do whatever you want. I’m going to go. I understand. Thanks. This is a number that
no one knows right now but as soon as you call someone,
they’ll be able to trace your location. Think of this as your one last chance
and think carefully. I will. You. Why are you doing this? You and I are from different worlds. I was confused for a little while. And I don’t want to be jealous of
someone who’s dead. How do you make a call? This. You just have to press this. Where did that car
by the entrance come from? It was there when I left too. Has it been there all day? Is it parked illegally? It looked like the driver is inside. Should I go take a look? Yes. Go ahead. Yong-pal. Yeo-jin. You… Say something
if you answered the phone. If you don’t run over here in 30 seconds,
I’ll never see you again. Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin. Yeo-jin? How dare you call me Yeo-jin? I’m not sure
if we’re doing the right thing. Will they come back? I don’t know. Since you’re in a pitiful situation, I allowed you to stay here but our church
doesn’t have a great facility. No, Father. Thank you. Should I reserve a room for you nearby? So that two of you can stay together… Father. Well… The two of them are… Since you said you
have to hide from others, we can’t do that either… We won’t stay here long. We’ll leave once
she regains her strength. Okay. Then there’s no other choice. You follow me. It’s the next room. But you can’t do anything strange. Excuse me? The two of you at night… Of course not. Please leave the lamp on
since its dark. I will. He seems like a good person. Yes. He’s a good person. It’s just borrowed clothes. I’m not sure it will fit you. Thank you. Nurse Hwang. It’s going to make it
difficult for me if you keep doing this. I’m sure it is. It’s already been two days. I can’t wait any longer. If you don’t bring me back
beside Yeo-jin… If you don’t reinstate me
back to my position, it will get even more difficult for you. Beside Yeo-jin? Where are you right now? Let’s meet and talk. What are you going to do
after meeting me? Do you think I’m stupid? If you keep this up, I’m going to tell them
everything you’ve done up until now… Hello. Hello. There are people that will understand
with words and there are people that don’t. Isn’t that right? President Go. You came. Please sit down. President Go. Did you trace my cell phone? I just took care of it for you since it looked like you were
in a difficult position. Tracing the cell phone of Chairman’s employee is the same as tracing the
Chairman’s cell phone. Don’t you think so? That’s enough. I allowed it. Chairman. Nurse Hwang faithfully
cooperated with us all this time. You didn’t need to go that far… Once the pyramid is completed,
isn’t it obvious that everyone that knows the maze of the pyramid
gets buried together? Pyramid? That’s right. Pyramid. You’re right. We have to bury everyone. Tae-hyun. Don’t hate the one who is dead. Me? What did I…? He died because of me. Because he loved me. That memory is still
so vivid in my mind. I’m sure 3 years might be enough time
for the scars of others to heal but I had the same memory
everyday for the past 3 years. I see. Would you wait for me? Until my scars heal a little bit more. I have something I didn’t tell you yet. The police pursued me to
Hanshin hospital. And Han Do-joon is going to
have your funeral soon. I can’t deceive them
that you’re dead until then. They’re going to find out. Is that why you were trying to
get me out of the hospital forcefully? Yeah. Then what were you planning to do? Me? I’m a doctor. I still have gangster clients
that are desperately waiting for me… By the way, were you going to
really leave if I didn’t call you? Then what about you? Why did you call me? What are you going to do
with all the alligators? I don’t know. I pressed it by mistake. Let’s not lie to each other. You said I could only
make one phone call. The call that I can only
make once in the world… That’s you.


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