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[ENG] 용팔이, The Gang Doctor(Yong-pal), EP11 (Full)

[Episode 11] This is an emergency X-ray case, right? What happened? For some reason, no doctor wants
to do the surgery. What’s wrong? Geez, Miss Kim Young-mi! You don’t remember anything at all? Tell me your name please. Never mind. Don’t try too hard.
You will get better now. Please take the patient out. What happened? It’s a typical case of aphasia and
amnesia from brain damage. So, when will she be able to speak
and get her memory back? No one knows… But looking at her condition, it looks like she won’t be able to
recover any time soon. Isn’t it for the better? Yes, it is, but it’s bothersome. Please take care of her on the 12th floor
until the shareholders’ general meeting. Make sure that she can’t get in touch
with her family or the labor union. Can you do that for us? Yes, I’ll do that. Aphasia and amnesia? Geez…
Miss, be strong. You will get better soon. Thank you, Nurse Hwang. Excuse me?
Why would you thank me? Because you’re nice to the patients. I’ll get going now then. Have you lost your mind?
Why did you come back here? What were you thinking…? That was your farewell letter?
It was rather a call for help. Still, you shouldn’t have come here… Say you’re happy if you are. How can you smile in this situation? Don’t worry. I have a weapon to use in the fight
against Han Do-joon now. So that I can rescue you. A weapon?
What are you going to do with that? There is no place to hide for us anymore.
We can’t avoid this fight. And I won’t avoid it either. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
For letting me aboard your ship. I hope we don’t become bitter
enemies because of it. Of course not. I’ll do my best to be loyal. Now that the headaches such as restructuring company or distributing
the shares are taken care of… Should we take the next step? Of course you should. You should put out Miss Han’s
obituary notice. And also clean up the rest. Clean up? Kim Tae-hyun? What? Were you looking for me, Mrs. Lee? Dr. Kim, we don’t have any more time. Pardon? Yeo-jin’s obituary will be out soon. Get out of here quickly. Mrs. Lee, I will take care of it. I know.
You tell me that you’ll run away… Then, you’ll kill yourself. How did you know? I have good source of information, too. Dr. Kim, you don’t need
to stay with me. So get out of here quickly.
I’ll help you. What?
Do you think I’ll ask for money later? Mrs. Lee… why are you helping me? Because I like you.
I like your style, Dr. Kim. I’m sorry to say this…
But I can’t leave right now. I see.
Tell me if you change your mind. But if it’s too late, I won’t be able
to do anything. My father’s last will is in there. To get my status back, I have to go
back into that room. It’s Mr. Chairman! Welcome, Mr. Chairman! I’m glad you’re here!
Dr. Kim, come with us. Let’s begin. Pronounce her death. What are you waiting for? Patient Han Yeo-jin. Time of death, 12:20 p.m.,
September 9, 2015. Cause of death? Well… I guess it’s something like a
heart attack from hypovolemic shock. What about your sister?
Is her treatment going well? Did you prepare for the funeral? Yes, it’s complete. We’ll make it as simple as possible so
that we don’t draw attention from media. Yes, that will be good. No, Mr. Chairman. What do you mean, no? This obituary is not a simple notice of
Miss Han’s death. This obituary is an announcement to the world that Hanshin has become
completely yours. Therefore, the funeral can’t be just
a funeral but your coronation ceremony. Coronation ceremony? It cannot be a simple affair. A coronation ceremony at the funeral? You have deep thoughts. Okay then, take charge and
prepare for this. You should assist him. It’s an honor, Mr. Chairman. I will do my best to carry out this
important duty. You have to get out of here. What do you mean? I just pronounced you dead.
They will send out your obituary soon. The funeral will start today and the
burial will be tomorrow or the day after. Your identity will be revealed then. You have to get out of here. Funeral…
Maybe things will get easier. Who were the people there? What? Tell me the details of what they talked
about when you pronounced me dead. Miss Han Yeo-jin, the sister of
Chairman Han Do-joon as well as a core shareholder of the Group has
passed away this morning after a long fight with her illness. All of the employees at Hanshin Group
will take time to mourn with deep sadness. The funeral will be held in five days. And the chief mourner is
Chairman Han Do-joon. I have a question.
What’s the cause of death? As it says on the press release you
received, it was a heart attack. There is a rumor that it was suicide.
Is it true? Please refrain from speculative reporting. Is the list of the funeral ushers the same
as the hierarchy in the Group? Like I said earlier, I’d appreciate it if
you’d refrain from speculative reporting. I won’t take any more questions.
That’s all. Shouldn’t you be doing this
press conference? And what’s with the funeral ushers?
They took all the front seats. But you… That’s enough. Of course, my guess was right. Give me a good funeral, Do-joon.
Han Yeo-jin. What’s wrong, Mr. Secretary? Who would dare to pull such a prank? Should we trace it? This can’t be traced.
It’s the Chairman’s secure phone. What? No one knows the number except for
the few family members. His wife then? Tae-yong. What? You should operate on Chief Lee. If he doesn’t get surgery soon, he’ll die. Why don’t you do it? You’re a real doctor.
I’m a shallow materialist. Tae-hyun, we’re also frustrated,
but security won’t allow us. If you do it only after security says
okay, you won’t be a real doctor! Hey! Doctors who deal with lives have
responsibility for them. I make decisions based on the benefit
of the whole surgery department. Is that why you reported me? Because I’m not a member of
the surgery department? Reported?
What do you mean by that? Don’t say things like, “real doctor”
in front of the kids anymore. It feels more like a festival
than a funeral. It’s irresponsible.
I need to get her out of here soon. Then what about you?
How will you get out? Just watch for now.
You’re different from them. They have their own way of fighting. Will it be okay? Wait and see.
Miss Han is not weak at all. Excuse me, Nurse.
Please help me with one more thing. What? What now? We have to save Chief Lee. What? Goodness… Please rest in peace in Heaven.
I’ll gladly go to Hell. What? You don’t want to accept
my incense? The ones who vowed their loyalty
to you are supposed to wear gray ties. This is President Han Tae-seop
of Chemistry. Congratulations, Mr. Chairman. President Choi of Precision. Congratulations, Mr. Chairman. Weren’t you on Yeo-jin’s mother’s side? I sincerely hope that you’ll be generous
and forget the past. He is President Jo Yong-joon of Cement. My condolences to you, Sir. Me too. Next… Geez, my father-in-law! Mr. Chairman, please forgive my daughter. Everything is the fault of my lack
of virtue. Why are you doing this?
Sir, people are watching. Chae-young should consider her
father’s position, too. Do-joon, when people find out that I’m alive and well, won’t your whole
world turn upside down? Who the heck is this? What’s wrong, Sir? This is not Miss Han! What? She’s not? Then… is the real Miss Han… We’re all dead now. Sir! The day after tomorrow is the burial.
If the Chairman finds out… Please calm down.
We just need to find her before that. Find her? Find what? We have to find Miss Han’s body
and bring it back here. So… who on earth is this? That’s the starting point. Check the blood pressure and don’t
forget the dressing. Head Nurse. What’s going on? So… why did you do that? Excuse me?
What do you mean? Why did you identify a random corpse
as Miss Han? A random corpse? I gave you a warning though!
I’ll give you one last chance. It was Chief Lee.
Chief Lee told me to do it. He did? Yes. Chief Lee told me to bring an unidentified corpse from the morgue and switch it
with Miss Han. It’s true.
I only did what I was told to do. What are you talking about? I saw Miss Han die that day
with my own eyes! No, Miss Han didn’t die. Chief Lee made it look like she was
dead and took her somewhere. If you lie to me again, you know what
will happen to you, right? Of course. What’s going on? Can you bring this patient back to life? Pardon? He has to regain consciousness for sure.
Even just for a little while. If you tell someone who’s going to die to save someone else, why would he want
to do it? Dr. Kim Tae-hyun…
You should think about your sister. Let’s do it.
No big deal. This is President Oh from Chemical. Mr. Chairman, you should take a break. You will have to continue to greet
guests tomorrow. Should I?
I am a little tired though… I will stay here.
We reserved a hotel room for you nearby. Suction. Clamp. Another. Another. Another. One more. You shouldn’t drink so much on
a day like this. For the coronation ceremony like today, shouldn’t we have a glass of
celebratory drink? Are you happy to receive your
father-in-law’s pledge of loyalty? Okay, you won. I admit that. So, let me go now.
Stop this hostage situation. Hostage situation? Isn’t it true? You kept me here with my dad
as your hostage. That wasn’t enough, so you also have
Kim Tae-hyun as your hostage now. Let’s get a divorce. I was going to get Yeo-jin, get rich,
and do something good for my family. But now Yeo-jin is dead.
I have no reason to live this way. Life is short. So I’ll get a few pennies for my
alimony and get out. Alimony? Alimony, whatever… If there is alimony,
you should give it to me. You will never be able to escape
my grasp. Why do you hold on to your wife
who won’t even sleep with you? Because I love her. What?
Love? Honey, what’s wrong with you?
You don’t love me. You’re just obsessed with me. Obsessed?
Sure, maybe. Since everyone I loved abandoned me. My mom abandoned me
when I was little. She committed suicide at a rehab
center for alcoholics in New York. My father who got remarried ended
up abandoning me. My stepmother I loved
more than my own mother abandoned me after
she had Yeo-jin. Do you know what happened to them? I buried all of them with my own hands. It’s time to bury Yeo-jin now. No one can abandon me now.
Until I abandon them. Before I got married to you,
there was someone I loved. He was from an ordinary family that
owned a small business. He was a kind man.
And I was pregnant with his baby. Wife of a wealthy chairman?
I didn’t want that at all. But my father was going to marry his
daughter off to his master’s son. Do you know what my father did to him
after being forced by his master? His family went bankrupt…
And he ended up committing suicide. He left a note saying that he was sorry
for not being able to protect me. And, I erased his baby. Do you understand?
You’re not a victim. You’ve always been an aggressor.
I will never have your child. You can kill me but you can’t have me.
Ever. So, you’re the one who ran a
background check on Chae-young? Yes. Then you… must have known all about
Chae-young’s past. So why didn’t you tell me? Because the late Chairman ordered
me to keep quiet… I’m sure he did. Mr. Chairman, forgive me.
I had no choice. Sure, you didn’t have a choice. Thank you, Mr. Chairman!
For your understanding… But now that I think about it, you knew
a lot more than I thought. When construction of a pyramid is complete, won’t all the workers who know
the pyramid’s secrets be buried? Pyramid?
That’s right, a pyramid. Yes, we should bury them.
All of them. I’ve been mistreating you too much.
Right? No, Sir!
I’ve always been grateful for your grace. Grateful? You didn’t look down on me? Okay. You can leave. Bring my passport to Incheon Airport
immediately. If you don’t, you’ll also end up dead
by Han Do-joon. Han Yeo-jin. I’m sure Miss Han is alive.
She’s trying to go abroad. We don’t have time.
I’ll call ahead. You go to the secretary’s office and
take Miss Han’s passport to the airport. Alert the police, the airlines,
and the Ministry of Justice. Take all the security guards at
the hospital to the airport. We have to block every possible exit.
We must catch her! Hurry! Yes, sir.
But the guards on the 12th floor… The 12th floor?
The 12th floor is no interest now. What’s the use of guarding
an empty room? If we don’t catch Miss Han,
you and I are dead anyway. Go to the airport now!
– Got it! Everyone on 12th, come with me. Where are they all going? Did something happen again? It’s the first time that there is no guard
in front of the restricted area. Miss Han is not there anymore. Tie. Cut. You can finish it, right? Yes. Why do you have your bandage off? The breeze is so nice. Did something good happen? Surgery went well. Surgery?
What surgery? Just surgery. Let me have your cellphone. What for? Mrs. Lee, please take me away.
I need to get out of the hospital. Okay. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. What’s this? Tae-hyun, I have a favor to ask. I’m asking what this is. Escape from the hospital. What? Escape?
What about you? All of the security guards at the hospital
must’ve gone to the airport by now. Now is your chance. Are you kidding me? How can I go and leave you
behind here? Tae-hyun, I have to finish this fight. And you have to do something for me
from outside. Don’t lie to me.
You’re trying to get me out. You know I don’t lie. You’re the only one who can do what
I’m about to ask. Please help me. What is it? Will you… marry me? Listen carefully.
Please marry me. And become my heir and
my legal guardian. And protect me from Han Do-joon. Okay, I will. Don’t answer so lightly. You need to think about this carefully… This is my answer after careful thought. Yes, we’re here.
Got it. Hurry up. Yes. Please marry me. And become my heir and
my legal guardian. And protect me from Han Do-joon. Doctor! You can’t leave. What are you waiting for instead
of getting in? See? It’s simple. Mrs. Lee, please go to Incheon Airport. What? Now?
What do you mean? Do you want to go abroad? If you’re busy, I’ll take a cab. Miss Kim Young-mi,
where are you going? That’s the restricted area. Let her. She can’t get in anyway. True. Now that Miss Han is gone,
all the security guards left, too. I know I shouldn’t say this but to be honest, I feel at ease now that
Miss Han is gone. I know. I guess you thought of me when
the situation got dire. What?
Are you embarrassed to admit it? Mrs. Lee, I’m really thankful
that you saved me. That’s enough.
I was happy that you called me for help. Where will you go?
The States? Where your sister is? Mrs. Lee, I’m really thankful that you
helped me and saved me. I will pay back for your kindness
somehow, but… Right, the States will be good for you.
Hang out there for a bit. I’ll follow you soon. I’ll get a divorce. Then Han Do-joon won’t have a reason
to bother you anymore. So hang in there just for a bit. You can’t be… getting a divorce
because of me… Why else would I get a divorce? I… have someone that I love. You’re lying. I checked. What? If everyone else went to the airport,
you should come to my room. Your room? You’re the owner of that room.
And you’re the key to the room. How have you been? I’m sorry that I haven’t visited
you often. She was destined to die this way. She’ll die in a coma, so she won’t
feel any pain. If you can’t walk to the throne,
you can’t sit on the throne either. The seat you’re going to sit in is
the queen’s seat. Yeo-jin…
Have you been well? If you are watching this, it means you
found your room on your own. Therefore, you are qualified to become
the owner of this room. Also, you’re qualified to become the
owner of Hanshin Group. And if you’re watching this,
it means I’m not around anymore. What a relief it is! You don’t need to kill yourself
to get back at me. What? Are you upset? You tried to kill yourself because
you hated me… So now you must feel relieved. So please don’t kill yourself anymore. I’m sorry, Yeo-jin. This is the only way I could save you. It hurt me so much when you said that you’d steal away the person
I loved the most. But at least you knew that the person
I loved the most was you. Thank you. Once I leave,
I know Do-joon won’t wake you up. I have no choice but to leave without
doing anything about him. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you
to the end. Yeo-jin, listen carefully to what
I’m about to tell you. And you don’t need to be in shock
or be in pain anymore. You just need to know the truth. As a matter of fact, I knew
that you were dating Choi Sung-hoon from Daejung Group
for a while. Do-joon! Sorry, I’ll see you after we get back
from honeymoon! Of course I was worried but you were
smart and had good judgment. So, I decided to trust you and wait
for you. A while before your accident, I started receiving reports
of suspicious activity. I found out that Choi Sang-hoon was
communicating secretly with Do-joon. He approached you on purpose. He had received secret information
on the new business Hanshin Group had invested
a lot of money in. He was going to set you up
on false charges and have Do-joon kick you out
of this society. But Sang-hoon got greedy and wanted
to get both the secret info and you. In the end, he was killed by Do-joon. The accident that day… Kill them both. That’s because Do-joon ordered that
you both be killed. No, it can’t be true! No! No! Did you hear something? No. What’s Director Sohn doing here? You have to get strong now.
That’s why I created this room for you. And I have a big gift for you
that will help you. I will hand it over to you now.
Look on your lower right side. On that USB, are the detailed records
of Hanshin Group’s slush fund that was created through related companies
and how it was used to fund lobbying in the political circle. I’m sure you know what this means. If it gets out that you have the USB
in your hands, none of the presidents of Hanshin Group’s related companies
or any of the government officials would dare to fight you. Therefore, the one with the information can become the real owner of Hanshin
Group. Of course, once I leave,
Do-joon will do his best to find it. But he will never be able to have it.
Because he is not the heir to Hanshin. It looks like I don’t have any more
time left. I will deliver my final words to you now. People were doubtful to the end. I really loved your mom with all my heart.
That’s how I was able to protect Hanshin. Yeo-jin…
I love you. Please protect Hanshin. We have to block every exit!
We must catch her! Hurry up! Yes, sir.
But the guards on the 12th floor… The 12th floor? The 12th floor is no
interest anymore. What’s the use of guarding
an empty room? If we don’t catch Miss Han, you and
I are dead anyway. Go to the airport now! Got it! Then you should come to my room. Well, I’m here as you ordered. What will you do now? You became a mouse trapped in
a pot on your own. On your knees. Kim Tae-hyun? I’ll kill him. Hurry up and run! You can’t do that! You want to get married? Hello, sister-in-law!
I’ll have Tae-hyun. I will go to the funeral. The Han Yeo-jin you used
to know is dead.


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